3-17-2018 St patty day
It was a fun day for me. But I had fun celebrating. I didn't go to down town st paul.
Like previous years. But figured I would go with the safer route.

3-10-2018 Cruise Day 7
I have to say, it was a really good trip. I had a hard time relaxing, but eventually I
was able to. The food was good. The excursion was fun. It was a quite an adventure.
But now its time to get back to normal life.

3-03-2018 Cruise Day 1
The anticipation was over whelming. I was pretty excited when we were on the ship. It
was huge and the rooms were bigger than I expected. We did get a mini suite with

3-02-2018 Miami Day 2
We kinda hung out by the beach and just literally relaxed all day. I walked along the
shore in south beach. We went to a few fun bars. It was a fun time. But everything is
so expensive.

3-01-2018 Miami Dn the weather was really nice. I really liked the sun and it wasn't
too terribly hot. But I was eventually work down by the sun. Once we got checked into
the Hilton hotel. It was nice to just go out and enjoy the night