Old Journal

4/30/06 - I had a weird day today. I went to the mall and then I decided to goto church. After
that, I had my interview I had to get too. As I was driving towards the highland area. A few
thoughts crossed my mind. I was kinda of reminiscing about the old days . Me and the ex was
here alot. I drove by the place we used to go on walks on the mississippi river blvd and
seeing things like  blockbuster, Snyders, etc. It made me kind of sad. I guess I just
remembered how much I used to smile back then. I guess I just lost my smile. Anyways, the
interview went well. After that I met up with Lynn, and we went to the beer bust at the VFW. I
was worried since she was pregnant that the smoke would be very bad, but it wasn't that
smokey thank goodness. I am glad shes happy and she seems confident about whats shes
about to get into. Positive attitudes always will succeed. I don't get to see her much  since
shes living in Spicer.

4/29/06 - Ok, I think I went to the bathroom like 3 times this morning. I was kinda pissed off
that I didn't have much to drink and I felt like I had a rough night of drinking. It must be old
age I guess. I had alot of weird calls today on my cell phone. Basically I had a job interview
on Sunday. At punch pizza. I thought it was kind of weird to have an interview on a Sunday,
but I didn't think anything of it. Later on I had to pick up Becky from Lakeville, since her friend
Monte got jumped in Minneapolis and I guess he is knocked up on Novocaine right now.
Went to the VFW and played poker, like I always do. Went to Oleary's and Rachael's
birthday party. I had alot of fun there. It was nice seeing Jim, Sara and Rolly and the whole
gang again.

4/28/06 - It was really tough getting out of bed today. Dropping my brother and his wife at the
airport at 4am really made me very very tired. Today, went farely well, I been waiting for our
kickball shirts to arrive. They obviously didn't come today. Tonight, I drove down to Burnsville
for Mary's birthday. We were all at Benchwarmer Bobs. Funny how everyone knows about
that place except me. I have never heard of it at all. I didn't have too many drinks tonight. I
been really trying to just ease up on the drinking. I got home and felt like crap. I obviously
went to bed early tonight.

4/27/06 - I woke up today, wondering what day it was today. I have been so out of it lately.
After work today, went out to Vickie's outting for her last day at Ol Mexico. I had a tall
strawberry margarita. It was a fun time. After that, I went to kickball and had a scrimmage
against Mary's team. We lost by a run, but I think it was a good learning curve for the team.
They got some in game experience. Me and Joey went to Ruby Tuesdays afterwards. I really
needed a drink after the game. I wasn't feeling well from drinking at happy hour. I am glad
Mcdonalds was able to settle my tummy. Tomorrow morning I will have to wake up very
early(4am) to bring my brother to the airport. I am going to be so tired.

4/26/06 - Lately, I can't help but notice,my financial troubles have gotten the best of me. I
always seem to do a good job of getting out of the rut I am in, but I just can't gain any
ground. I know its late spring right now and I told people I  would be slowing down. I think I am
ready to do it. Work was pretty busy today, with Scott out of the office. After work I saw
American Dreamz. Mandy Moore was in it. It was a really bad movie, which I expected. Very
bad actually. After that had dinner at the Mermaid. My body is tired and tonight I am going to
bed early. So thats that.

4/25/06 - What a difference a day makes. Today I was a bit down. I found out that the reason
I didn't get my state taxes back was because I had a outstanding balance on one of my
loans. After work today I went to go get some happy hour at FRIDAYS. Usually me and Becky
go there atleast twice a week. The stupid bartender guy should recognize us, but I guess
not. After that Went to the VFW for some poker. I lost right away, but I got in on a side table.
Winner gets $25 bucks. Well I ended up chopping with Vitali. I was so tired and I think once I
got home I literally passed out. Tomorrow is going to be an odd day. I can just feel it. One
thing to note about today though. Today I noticed that everybody is already thinking

4/24/06 - I was feeling a bitch sluggish today. For lunch me and Danielle went to Keys Cafe. I
have never eaten there before, but I heard the have good breakfast. It was ok, it was alittle
spendy. Today was also a birthday day. Brad's g/f Rose turned 21 today. Congrats!!! After
work I went home and lounged. Ended up going to the Blue Fox. I did farely well, but I got
eliminated. I think Marco was next out of our group who was eliminated. Lindsey made it to
the top 10, I think she got top 7, so she got a free invite to the NSPT Invitational. Only those
who have a card can play. I had a few cards to use. Anyways, Me and Lindsey ended up
getting to the final table. Thats pretty good, since there was a total of 55 players. Lindsey
was 5th out. She told me to not worry about her waiting around, but I couldn't help it, even if
"Las Vegas" was on the line. I looked to my left and she wasn't there, so I ended up going all
in with a crappy hand(3 clubs, 9 clubs), my trademark. Oh well it was a late night. Hopefully I
got enough energy tomorrow.

4/23/06 - I had Old Country buffet today. I forgot how disgusting that place really is. Its
always packed and busy. I guess for $7.99, your getting your moneys worth I guess. I picked
up my nephews today from my sisters house. Basically they came over and they were
supposed to help me with the lawn. They played video games instead. I basically cleaned
most of the whole back yard by my self. The family came over and we had a bbq in the
backyard on the deck. It was nice bonding time. I guess I am not used to this thing called
bonding time. But I guess its nice and it makes me happy. Oh well, I am happy anyways no
matter what.

4/22/06 - So I woke up early today. At lets say 10am. I basically tried to clean my old room.
Maybe I can live in there again. After that, I went to Kenwood park to get the annual outdoor
dodgeball season going. I did extremely well I thought. It was some good excercise for 2
hours. At this point. I still have not ate anything yet for today. It is now 5pm. I went home and
showered and made my way to the VFW. It was kind of funny since, I usually come somewhat
dressed up. I was in athletic pants and a t-shirt with my glasses. I did farely well but just
ended up losing. Made my way to Becky and Jamies after that. They had a little gathering at
their house. A nice night of casual drinking. Makes, the wallet not spend so much money.       

4/21/06 - TGIF, thats all I have to say about that. Went to happy hour at Fridays. Then went
to Mary's bday poker event at her house. I bought a party trey. You know, those treys with
salami cheese and crackers. For some reason I love those. I was the first out of poker. I was
actually trying. Just got some bad beats I guess. Then went out to meet up with everyone in
NE. Then we all made our way to The Gay 90's. I am not a fan of that place. Trust me on
that. I drove Katrina home and basically met up with Emily to have a late night food run.

4/20/06 - I once again wake up to sunny skies. I kept checking the weather just incase there
was a chance it might not rain. I knew it was going to rain, but I didn't know if it would rain
during practice. My tummy has been hurting lately. It seems what ever I feed it, it just
grumbles horribly. I am thinking of getting it checked out soon. Today we had our first
practice and I was happy with the outcome. I feel we have a chance to make a good run. We
will need to get as much practice time in as we can. It is ever so important to just get a feel of
the game of kickball. I know it sounds simple but its something you just have to get a feel of.
after practice, we went to the Corner Bar for some drinks. Our team will need some tweaking
but I feel we will have a good shot to win the divison.

4/19/06 - I woke up expecting it to be cloudy and dark outside. I guess it was sunny instead. I
was all confused, I enjoyed the nice sunlight anyways. It does make me happy. I was listenng
to Dave Ryan in the morning show and they were talking about scientology. I don't want to
knock religions or anything but I thought it was a joke. Maybe its my catholic side taking over.
So today I finally had my first real gyro from Dino's. Scott convinced me to go. I guess the
last time I had any type of lamb was from a gyro from a vending machine back in my TCF
days. I realized today that, I just want to stop going out so much. I had the opportunity to goto
Legends tonight and I decided not to go. i am quite proud of my self. I was going to watch a
cheap movie today, but there just wasn't anything good at Roseville 4. Although financially I
screwed up again. I am behind in bills. Someday I will figure out this money thing. I guess, I
am paying my dues now. Even though I am kinda of poor right now. I still have the ability to
keep smiling and keep living my life.

4/18/06 - There was something missing today. I looked outside and i realized I have that
weird empty feeling. Ok I was a bit hungry when I woke up today. I never eat breakfast and I
was just starving. I tried to not eat, cause I didn't want to mess up my lunch. Speaking of
lunch, I brought in food from home and ate it. Went for a nice little bike ride during lunch. I
went about 6 miles. I was a bit tired and I basically sat at my chair at work. At kickball
practice, I got hit in the face right on my right eye, it stings, but it will go away. I got home
early tonight and I was just bored. I am kind of excited to see lightning in the sky. I guess its
rainy season. I think tomorrow I am going to take it easy, my body isn't healing as fast
anymore and I really need to just relax.

4/17/06 - There are days when some people feel like a blonde, but today. I was just being
very slow about everything. I kept thinking it was Wednesday for some odd reason. I had left
over pizza for lunch. Danielle wanted to go eat and everybody knows I love to keep eating.
So we went to DQ. I was craving a slushee, but I guess there called arctic something these
days. Later that day, my dad was thanking me for getting the family together for Easter. I
didn't know what to say. It was so weird for me to get a thank you. I guess, it was a father son
moment. This is why I am back home, I am trying to get all those moments I missed when I
was younger. Went to the Blue fox for poker tonight. Jen, Lindsey ande Marco were also
there. we basically went there to buy time, before we went to the VFW for Mary's B-day. I
didn't drink much all night. The waitress was kind of confused on why I only had a drink. I told
her I am trying to slow down. Also, the fact that my partner in crime was missing.

4/16/06 - Easter Sunday, how exciting. I woke up early to go to church. Yes I been going to
church alot lately. Got home and tried doing some laundry. The past week I been living at
other peoples houses and I am sleeping in my old tiny room I had when I was younger. I
guess the thing is we have to move all of our junk from the flood now. I am warn down, from
not sleeping in my old bed. My dad bought alot of dungeness crab for dinner. Everyone was
able to make it. I got to see my little nephew Cameron. He seem's to not like to let me hold
him. I decided to stay home tonight. Just trying to get recharged again. I am still waiting for
Delilah to call me back. She hasn't yet. I think its time to give up on her. I thought this would
finally be the one, I guess I was wrong.

4/15/06 - Jamie was having an outting at her parents house in East Bethel. They have a nice
little beach volleyball court in their backyard. I did farely well but I got tired really easilly and I
couldn't jump in the sand. My parents really wanted me to goto church at night. So I went,
and it was a long two hours. After that I went to the VFW to see who was around. After that I
went to Mary's bonfire. It was fun times there. It will be the last bonfire there since, Mary will
be moving out of that place. Tonight, I just wanted to get home and relax.

4/14/06 - Friday, good Friday that is. I woke up early and I knew it was just way to early for
me. I wanted to get more rest in. I went to TIES to meet up with Mario and Dan. we were
going to play some basketball at Falcon park. We played a long game of 21 tip. After that I
took Marion in some one on one basketball. I beat him, but I could barely breath afterwards.
After that, I went to visit Mary at her coffee shop by the VFW. Then I made my way to
Brooklyn Park. Cooked Dinner at Katrinas place. I was in the mood for cooking. Weird I know.
After that Me, Katrina and Becky went to Elsie's. It was Becky's dad last game for bowling.
After that we went to the Yacht Club, then to Blondies back in Brooklyn Park. This guy
named Pat joined us up there. Tonight, I was having trouble enjoying the night. This is two
nights in a row. I guess maybe I am just getting bored somehow.

4/13/06 - I felt kind of different today. Today on my first drive to work with prescription
glasses I noticed everything. I felt like I was missing out on some of the beauties in life. Ok,
not too much, but maybe just a little bit. Today, me and Scott had lunch with Sara and how
can I forget. Little 5 week old Sandra Jean fish, aka guppy. Since Sara's last name is fish.
She was so cute. After work today went to The corner bar, but Heather wasn't scheduled
today, so I ate at this Saigon restaraunt in the Roseville Commons area. I had some pho, but
it was not good at all. Tonight, my dodgeball finale. Ended up being a nightmare. We were
the number one see and we lost in the first round, the problem was, it was best out of three
in the first round. There for its really a coin flip. We lost the first game. Luckilly it was double
elimination. We won the 2nd match against another team. We ran out of magic though. The
3rd team we played, they just beat us. Even though there was arguing. How ironic, Tony Cu
decides to show up in the last minute of the game, dominated for a for a bit. How fitting was it
for me to be the last guy left, when my retirement was on the line. I got out. Fate set it up
perfectly, I guess I am happy for it. For some odd reason. We went to Psycho Suzies and
had drinks with the team, I couldn't help but notice. There were 4 guys I have never seen
before. That someone knew on the team. They were pissing me off all night. Just there rude
comments, I tried to keep my mouth shut. But I just didn't want to start stuff, cause there were
4 guys who thought they were cool, even though they are just pure losers. Stupid fuckers.
trust me I am not one to judge, ok I do judge, but your fucking losers. Don't make fun of other
people god damn it..

4/12/06 - I felt like crap today at work. I was so sick. I really got to ease down on the drinking.
I mean I am kinda poor these days. With $400 coming right out of my account due to credit
cards. I made a quick visit home to see how the house was coming along. Doesn't seem like
much, but those idiots ripped out the lower walls, they said insurance said it had to be done
just incase it leaked into those areas. I stayed over at Becky and Jamies again. Tonight I
picked up my glasses. Yes glasses so I can see. I know its been long over due. I will have to
sport them off tomorrow. They look hot.

4/11/06 - Things went by pretty fast today. I just wanted to end quick. I went to the VFW after
work. I did well, I made it to the final table. I got 4th place. People were cheering me on again.
I don't know why everyone loves me so much. I hung around and got pretty wasted. Joe
Lance ended up coming up after he got done doing what ever he was doing. Tonight I was
staying at Becky and Jamies. The homeless Tony tour begins hahaha.

4/10/06 - I came home today and saw cops and news trucks all over the place. Looks like the
quickie mart across the street from me, their was a robbing or a stabbing. Too top that off, I
was trying to get into my drive way, but it was blocked by trucks. This time, it was the
cleaning service cleaning the house. They ripped out all the carpet down stairs. Those idiots
even put my wet clothes into a bag with my clean clothes. Fricking morons I tell you. I didn't
have anywhere to sleep tonight. So I just stayed over at Andy's I have a feeling I will be
sleeping at friends houses alot. Anyways, we shot some hoops today, I sucked pretty bad. I
am just trying to get into shape again.

4/09/06 - Today is Andy's Birthday. He is now 25. I made it too church today. I actually went,
and my dad was surprised to see me. He does alot fo church work there and I think he was
very proud of me. After that I went to Target to buy a basketball. I wanted to shoot more
hoops this summer, since the previous two summers I have been slacking. I went to go play
at the park and I played a game and ran with some pretty good players. I did alot better then
I thought I did, but my jumpers were very inconsistent. My inside game was surprising very
good. Me, Andy and Jenni went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Had a few wings and drinks and left.
Ok, I said it that way, cause Jenni gets mad at me when I keep the journal short about that I
guess. We then went to Cub Foods for some shopping, I been trying to eat healthy again.

4/08/06 - I went to work today, yes it was Saturday, but I had to do a few things. I had lunch
with Danielle at Quiznos, I was hungry. Also, I love that place. After that I went to go shopping
for Andy's Birthday present. I got him a few shirts. I also saw, The "Bench warmers" today. It
was very funny. After that, went to Fridays with Becky. Seems like I been to Fridays alot
lately. Katrina and Jamie came after that. We all went to Saprina's housewarming/Birthday for
her kids. After that, back to the Vfw. I played in the 2nd session, I tried to lose right away.
Andy finally arrived and we made our way to a house party. It was Meghan's birthday. Shes
Erin's roommate, which is friends with Barb, well thats how I know that, haha. It was a big
party, but a very small apartment. Uptown is in walking distance, so we went to Williams. I
ended up staying the night at Andy and Jenni's place cause I knew I was too drunk to drive.

4/07/06 - This was probably the worst day at work ever. I was stressed, I even thought I lost
the company money, enough to probably get me fired or other people too. After work I went
home and then went to Fridays. Got some good happy hour in. After that, something
happened that I havn't really done before. Let me continue the story, we went to Applebees
for more drinks. Our waitress's name was Delilah, yes kind of like 102.9. Well I liked her and
for once it was someone I wanted to get their number. The first time I tried, she was at the
register, but her coworker, some dude. Was asking her if they should fill up the togo treys full
or not full all the way. I guess timing wasn't right for me, I always have had bad timing. I
walked back to our booth feeling like a failure. I sent everyone to the car and I wanted to ask
her again with just me and her. I finally did, it was pretty quirky how I did, you will just have to
ask me. Anyways, for the first time ever. I got a girls number. Exciting....

4/06/06 - My back has been hurting lately. I think thats why I can't get out of bed. I need a
new mattress. My good one is still at my sisters place. I don't have a big enough truck to haul
it. Today me and Scott went to The HP seminar thingy. It was quite boring, very boring
actually. I did notice a hottie though. Anyways, after work today I went and took an alternative
route home. It took me double amount of time for me to get home. Stupid Tony!! Tonight at
dodgeball, we won 4 to 3. This was by far the toughest opponent we have faced. They
probably were better, but we just out played them. It was a fun night though. Proud of the
team for playing hard. I did't go out to the VFW tonight, I guess I am kind of poor. Well I am
just trying to pretend I am poor. I gotta learn how to save better. I am a whopping 25 now. I
need to find girls for kickball tournament on Saturday. Thats gonna be my number one

4/05/06 - I didn't end up biking to work. I woke up and checked the weather and it was a cold
35 degrees outside. On my lunch today, me and Danielle went on a bike ride. I was hoping
this would stop my huge hunger for food. Since I am always hungry lately. It did work until I
got back, but I was very hungry. I was able to tame my appetite. After work, I went home and
lounged on my bed. Then It was time to goto the Mermaid and get a few drinks. It was
cowboy Matt's bday and he just got back from months of being in Arizona. I miss Heather
from AZ now that I think about it, but I guess that is also the past these days. Oh I forgot to
mention, I was at Mcdonalds for dinner tonight and there was a parent with his little son. I
didn't know what they were talking about, but I realized the father was only seeing his son for
a short amount of time. I guess this was part of what rights the father gets for seeing his
child. I thought it was sad, and he was trying to tell his 13 year old son everything about him.
Makes me wonder what it would be like. Just pondering I guess.

4/04/06 - Today I felt sick again in the morning. Today for lunch I had arby's 5 for 5.9f.
Ocourse I ate it all. Making me feel even more sick. I faced a fear of mine today. I saw a
picture of my ex's boyfriend. I guess, all this time, i was worried he would be better then me
and I wouldn't be able to deal with it. I was wrong, Tony Cu got him beat peeps. Its just the
fact that it wasn't my picture there next to her. Oh well. I can finally close the book. I know I
am better, physically and personally. Tomorrow I decided I am going to bike to work.I know I
am crazy, but hey I am www.tonycu.com I am fricking amazing. Its only a hilly 10 mile bike ride
there and another 10 miles home.

4/03/06 - This morning I wasn't feeling so good. I think I might have over ate last night, but
my tummy isn't agreeing with anything right now. I took it easy today. I felt the need to just
relax. No t.v no computer, just alot of nice quiet tony time. I learned a new quote today, it
goes like this... "if you don't let go of your past, you wont have your future". I thought about it
and it made sense to me. So now I will promote that.

4/02/06 - Today I went to church, well I tried too. I havn't gone in a very very long time. Like
maybe a year I think. Anyways I met up with Andy at Target, since Jen and Andy were having
turkey for dinner. So I lounged there the whole day. I was a bit tired from the weekend of fun.
The turkey turned out great and I was just stuffed. Amy came over and we played pigged
out. I think thats what its called. Tonight I got home and I was just bloated from all the eating
and drinking from the weekend. Next weekend will be Andy's bday. So I better take it easy
this week.

4/01/06 - The day after the birthday evening. Wow was I pretty hung over. I woke up around
1pm I think. Me and Becky went to go get lunch at PF Changs, I don't like that place I
decided. Then we made our way towards the VFW. I made it to the final table only to just
lose. I think Jen, Andy's g/f finally made an appearance at the VFW. Quite an odd scene.
Well anyways. We all went to Old Mexico afterwards. Got 2 for 1's on strawberry margaritas.
That was a good time.
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