Old Journal

4-30-07 I got a new laptop today. That was kind of exciting. I had lunch at subway today. I am
trying to eat alot more healthy as of late. I was feeling a little tired today. I guess I am just
catching up on things. I was in a weird mood today. I was just in a I don't give a crap mood. I
am just getting tired of things. I guess people will just have to learn that these days I have my
own agenda. After work I went to the grocery store and got me and my dad some crab legs
and steak. I was feeling very hungry today. I just got to stay home and relax. The next few
days things will be picking up for me. I got some muscle rub for all my aches and pain. I tried to
stay off my feet as much as possible. I watched alot of tv tonight. I guess I really miss doing
that. I think I need to go to bed early more. It sure effects my mood.

4-29-07 Waking up was a pain today. I havn't had much sleep as of late. I got to the kickball
fields and we had 4 teams. So we did a round robin format. We lost the first 2 games. But
ended up winning the last game. With the runs againstor what not. we got to play in
the championship. We lost, but it was just fun running around for 4 games today. Afterwards
we went to the vfw. Drank beers since it was a beerbust. Just bs'd for awhile. I was so
dehydrated and tired. We went to saxon togo bowling. I only bowled two games tonight. I
got home and just lounged. Something is wrong. I feel very tired and been a bit bored lately. I
just need some time alone right now. Just been so busy. I can't wait to just goto bed and get
ready for tomorrow.

4-28-07 I woke up today and I was just itching to do something. I guess the whole NY busy life
style kinda took over. I went to go over to Joeys. Her kids were over and I kinda missed them
since I havn't seen them in a very long time. I went to the redbox and got
Happy Feet. I havn't seen that penguin movie. Afterwards I went to NE minneapolis and went
to Shaws. Heather and Steve were having there beerbust there so
ofcourse I like to goto beer busts. I drank beer for the firs time in a very long time. Went to the
railroad station, some bar on hiawatha and minnehaha. It was Rachael's bday outting so I had
to make sure I was there. Went to Hopkins, met some cool new peeps
named Nicole and Blake. I guess Blake is, dad is Luther car dealerships son.

4-27-07 Today was kind of an interesting day. I ate at good earth today. Which was a bit
different then I was used too. It was pretty healthy food, now that I think about it. I ate a
shrimp sandwich of some sort. After work today. I went to happy hour at ol mexico. Perhaps
for the last time. I had one margarita. I then went to cub foods to get some beef for the grill. I
saw a sale sign for hamburger meat. So I bought it. Went to Peter and Laurens bonfire. The
burgers I bought was kinda gross. We looked at the ingridients and it say beef
hearts and soy and something else. I just forced it down. Had to get my moneys worth.

4/26/07 Sorry I been neglecting on the journal writing lately. Just been very busy and tired. All I
can think about is food right now. I want food. I was watching this dumb t.v. show I forgot
what it was called, but I think it rotted my brain. I miss t.v. I must have more tv. I think this will
be exciting come next thursday for kickball. I just can't wait. We might not do that well. But I
am glad to just have fun with the gang. I sucked tonight at the legion. I been so bored lately
and I think its good for me to get outside again. I hate the smokey air there anyways. It was
nice to see Tim again. I am surprised he came.

4/25/07 Poker was ok today. I guess I wasn't really in the mood to play lately. I don't know
what the reason is. Just maybe, I have done it for over a year straight and maybe I am burnt
out or maybe I just don't need it anymore. Whatever the case I don't know. I been thinking
about taking another vacation later this year. I have alot on my mind again. Nothing bad, just
excited to do lots of things this summer. I was thinking about maybe trying to learn how to
swim, but I just don't like the damn water. tonight I got home early and just watched some tv.
It was great. I got to just make things easy. Which is something I wanted to do.

4/24/07 I wanted to do something kinda athletic today. I realize I am unable to do so. I did 10
push ups and I was hurting. That isn't a good sign at all. For lunch today we ate at house of
Wongs. Its been a long time since I ate at that place. There usually only old people there, but I
pigged out a bit. In a very healthy way ofcourse. I been thinking of my next vacation spot. I
am thinking either las vegas or seattle. I havn't been to the NW portion of the US just yet. After
work I went over to andy and Jenni's and had burgers and hotdogs. first time I ate ground beef
in a very very long time. Ever since I stopped eating at Mcdonalds and Burger King. I have felt a
bit healtihier. Afterwards, I went home and did some laundry. I tried to do some cleaning, but I
still have trouble walking. I think I literally screwed my feet up big time. I want to go jog or do
some excercises, but I just can't its frustrating. I got so much going on and with sports coming
soon. I don't know how I will be able to stand at the end of the day.

4/23/07 I got a little scare when I was driving my car today. It just seemed a bit sluggish.
Hopefully it was just heavy rain the day before and it just somehow got into my engine. I doubt
it but oh well. I had subway today for lunch. I am still doing well on my part of eating healthy. I
am waiting for my chance to cheat at it, but it hasn't come yet. I decided to just lay low
tonight, with my body sore and I just needed to rest up. I went to Fridays, its my favorite place
for happy hour and  the bartenders just know me and they are fun to be around. Don't worry
I only had two margaritas. I got home and just went right to the bed and watched all my
favorite tv shows from there. I need to get back to the gym, but I am just feeling to lazy. I
think with summer just around the corner, I will get back into it soon. Just right now I got alot
of things on my mind.

4/22/07 I woke up and went to go eat with Mary and Mindy at Italian pie shop or something like
that. It was off on Grand ave. It was pretty good. I liked their pizza. I sucked pretty bad at
poker at the Legion. I did good, but did stupid things at the end. I don't have the patience
anymore. We went to go bowling and I was doing great. but my thumb and foot kept
bothering me. I dont want to be a broken record about it or anything. we played about 7
games. We played vegas style too. I did pretty well at that. Seems like I am bowling about a
150 average these days. a significant bump up from 130. I got home and I was just too tired. I
went right to bed. Seems like I am always tired, but my mood does change when it comes to
the weather.

4/21/07 I woke up so late today. I havn't woke up at 3pm in a very long time. I am not sure
why I slept in so late. I think I am still recovering from NY still. I went to go eat lunch with Joey,
but our tennis plans got cancelled. My foot was still killing me anyways. Subway has been good
to me. I am trying very hard to eat there as much as I can. Fast food just doesn't seem to do it
for me anymore. I went to maplewood mall with Andy. We got sandals for the summer. I think
he needed his for Vegas. We went to rosedale for dinner at macaroni grill. I had veal, it was
great. We then went to go see Hot Fuzz. I thought it was a very funny movie. It made me
laugh alot actually. Afterwards we made a quick stop to the vfw for a drink. I didn't want to go
on the party bus, because it was a bit spendy and its just not my style anymore. I had my
share of them and they get old after awhile.

4/20/07 for lunch today, I picked up Mary and rose and we went to the St Paul Bagelry. I had a
LOX, which is a bagel with salmon in it. Its popular in Ny. So I just had to do it. After work today
I went to Ol Mexico. I was feeling really thirsty today. I had 3 margaritas. it went down so well
today. Tonight was our championship game at bowling. I been bowling alot better lately. We
ended up winning. I was surprised we even got a trophy. I am surorised I did so well even
though my feet have been bothering me.  Afterwards we went down to Mortimers for Kelly's
going away. Chad and Danielle made there way there too. So we just sat around and drank. I
drove lunzer home and we had a nice long conversation in the car. I was so tired tonight. but I
had lots of fun. I just like a different setting then I am used too.

4/19/07 I had lots of work to catch up on today. I have been sitting at my desk and just
working. My back hurts. Seems like my body is not holding up well this year and the scary thing
is. I havn't done my sports yet. Speaking of sports, I will be doing kickball, volleyball and tennis
this year, plus light jogging, light softball schedule. Luckilly I am not in any shape at all to do any
of this. I have a feeling I am going to be hurting all summer. After work I got home and made
my self some dinner. Chicken breast with some ham and cheese on top. It was alright. I had too
much cajun stuff in it. I went to go play poker tonight and I just sucked. I had great hands
right away but lost. I went home early tonight. I am just getting bored with poker. I am trying
to limit my time at bars and drinking now. We shall see how it goes.

4/18/07 I woke up today, but I tried to sleep in, but my body would not allow it at all. I was
kinda ticked off by that. I had some lunch and I was resting up my feet and the rest of my
body. I went to the mall to get some work shoes. I kinda through out my main pair of shoes by
accident, so I ended up buying two more. I went to cub foods today to get some steak. I was
in a steak mood tonight for dinner. I got back home and laid on the couch for awhile. It was
time for poker tonight, so I wanted to make a strong return. I did pretty well tonight. I got 3rd
place and I wish I could have done better, but my cards were not going my way. Oh well, I
missed playing it. Its been around 7 days for me since the last time I played. It was kind of
funny when everyone was asking if I found a tournament to play in  NY.

4/17/07 Today was Mary's bday, so I sent her an early morning text. I woke up at 5am eastern
time. So basically 4am our time. I guess jfk airport is a pain in the ass in the morning. I had to sit
next to the most annoying person ever on my flight. He just wouldn't shut up. I was trying so
hard to sleep. Luckilly my flight landed early. Mario went and picked me up. I went home and
just tried to relax. My feet is killing me and I am limping noticeably. I can't put any weight on my
feet at all. I went to the mall to get some last minute bday presents. I then went to happy hour.
I was craving a margarita. I ended up getting a strawberry, wild cherry, mango, rasberry
margaritas and a long island. So only 5 drinks. I was so thirsty. They just don't have bars sitting
out all over like we do here. I could not find a bar in NY to save my life. Went to Saxons for
Mary's bday bowling. My foot hurts when I am holding my ball and I am gimping to throw my
ball. I don't think I am going to do well this Friday. Afterwards, we went to Bradys for a drink. I
was tired from today. So I had to call it an early night. I have decided that, after finding my self
in NY. Coming back home I need to make changes in my life. I wont be so forgiving about
things anymore. Everybodys going to get one strike. Instead of three. Just no time for stupid
stuff anymore. I am tired of it. If your not down with it, then I can careless about you. I have
put too much time and effort into people and not seeing results. I am just  not been having fun
with my normal routine anymore.

4/16/07 I had breakfast at a local shop today. Ham and egg on a roll. Everyone was ordering it,
so I figured it would be amazing. It sure was, it was just mouth wateringly good and tasty. I
went to the empire state building today. Keep in mind most of these tours cost around $18
bucks. I took as many pictures as I could. I was so high up. I was afraid to take pictures. It was
also cold and snowing on the top, since we were so high. I made another trip to time square to
check on some shops. I took pictures of the St Paul Cathedral, it looked pretty nice from the
inside. I had steak at a place called Tad's in time square. It wasn't a typical steak shop. It was
one of those run down places. It was surprisingly tasty though. It had lots of fat in it. and I was
taught to eat it that way. I then made my way to another park. Which was behind the NY
public library. I took some nice pictures there. I spent some time in the NBC studios area. I also
took alot of pictures and did some shopping in the rockefellar plaza. I met up with Ashley and
we went to go eat a this fancy italian restaurant. I couldn't understand any of our waiters. I
guess it makes it real italian right? Our total bill was $100. It was one of the best places I have
ever ate at. The place was called Paper Moon Milano. One thing I missed was the world trade
center area. It was just so far out of the way and I never got to go. It was insane how much
everyone drank coffee around here. I tried to keep up drinking Starbucks.

4/15/07 Since we were both hung over still. It was time for a NY style brunch, I guess its huge
on Sundays. We went to some place call L'orange Bleu. It had a Moroccan feel to it. I had an
omlet, that had spinach leaves and whole salmon in it. It was pretty fancy. It was surprisingly
good. Once you got past the fishy taste haha. It was raining heavilly all day today. My shoes
were wet and my socks were soaked. I guess there was a urban flooding. Well thats what they
call it. We made our way to the Met, which is another modern art gallery. I thought this was
one of the better art galleries that I have seen in NY. Alot of nice paintings and sculptures. I was
really dragging though, It felt like my feet were going to fall off. I had to take more pain relieving
medicine to make it through again. The area we were in kinda reminded me of a fancy uptown.
We went to a small local diner. It was one of the worst foods I have ever ate at in my life. It was
just plain bad. We then went to the Imax theater. We saw "perfect Strangers" I thought it was
a very good movie. I knew today would be a slower paced day, since I have been so worn out
from walking alot and just feeling the pain. I am limping from the constant walking. I didn't mind
the rain. It kinda refreshed me. The point of this vacation was to find myself right? Rian
recharges me haha.

4/14/07 Today we started things off with a typical New York breakfast. Eating at a bagel shop
of some sort. We had to walk about 12 blocks to get to this place. It was called Ess-A-Bagel. I
guess its very famous. Usually big lines out the door. They talk funny and they were kind of
rude. It was probably one of the best bagels I have ever had. They were bigger and the texture
just seemed alot better. We then made our way to Staten Island, we didn't get there in time to
take the Statue of Liberty tour, but we got a good enough peek at it. The next stop was to
goto China town. There was so many people on the small streets there. All they wanted to do
was sell fake purses or fake anything. It was kind of annoying. But if you want to get your items
cheap. This was the place. I didn't make any purchases. i was kind of afraid too. Every one has
told me how amazing Greys Papaya was. So we went there and tried there hot dog. It was
alright, good, but just alright. My feet were in lots of pain again. I had to get some Dr Scholls to
help my feet, but they were just so swollen. We Then went to the Pizza bar, where some of
ashleys co workers were. I got to experience what a $10 drink is like. I did some flirting with this
girl named Kelly. She was awfully nice. Ofcourse she wasn't from around there. We then went
to a club called the "Manor." $20 cover, ouch... I ordered a vodka cranberry and a water and I
was charged $16 dollars. Craziness, Me and Ashley took alot of drunk pictures. I was puking in
the subway on the way home. I got to leave a part of me in NY hahaha.

4/13/07 Today I started off the day by getting a pillow thrown at my head. We got into the
subway and I was off to the big apple. I wandered through central park and took a few
pictures. I didn't realize how big the park really was. I even got lost in there. Then I went to the
museum of natural history. I only went cause of the Ben stiller movie. It was nothing alike. So I
was hoping for much more. I decided to go get by first piece of NY food, so I went to get a
pretzel. Nothing special, just jalapeno with cheese in it. I made a stop into the mid manhatten
public library and the NY public library. Surprisngly I couldn't find the actual library. I then made
my way down to Time Square. I have always wanted to go there all my life and I finally made it.
I went to the Earthcam to wave to everyone that was paying attention to me. It was funny
how my phone kept ringing. I was so tired from walking around so much that my feet started
to get tired. There was alot of cool churches to go in and take pictures of. So I did alot of that. I
did lots of shopping and we went to the Guggenheim museum, its full of modern art. We then
went to a turkish restaurant. I had some kind of special lamb. Total bill, Around $80ish. The plan
is to eat alot of not normal food. No Mcdonalds, no burger king, no fast food chains.I think I am
doing pretty well. After wards, I could barely walk. My feet were killing me. It was nice to get
back and just rest up for tomorrow. I have been walking from 9am through 9pm.

4/11/07 Today at work, I will just have to use a phrase I learned from good old Rich from TCF
bank back in the day. "Another day, another dollar". I just wanted to go so badly, I had so
much to do before I leave. I been tired, and run down, but I will always make an effort to do
whatever I need done. First I went to go pre-bowl at Maplewood Lanes. I was bowling with Mark
and Anne, since they are busy with alot of church stuff, preparing for there wedding. I did
awesome by the way. I bowled way over my average all three times. I then went to Woodbury
to go to Ashley's parents house to grab some pills and cookies to take to NY for her. OMG, the
cookies her mom baked looked so good. I told them they might not make it out to NY. I went
to go buy some luggage since I didn't have any. I barely made it to the VFW in time for some
poker. I wasn't trying tonight. Even though I didn't win a single hand all night. I was focused on
packing later tonight. It was great, everyone was telling me to have a great trip, but the way
they said it. It felt very genuine. Or maybe it was the fact they want to get rid of me j/k. Haha.
Oh I have to give a shout out to Joe Lance. He filled out a buddy profile. Plus, he was winning
and drunk darts at the time. I got home and packed, I think I have everything set.

4/10/07 All I hear is snow is coming. I guess we should be used to this around this time of year.
April showers don't bring may flowers anymore. Today was a odd day, I was tired, but yet so
busy at work. I left work to go get my teeth cleaned today. It was kind of an odd situation for
me. I guess, sitting in that chair made me realize a few things. For one, I miss hearing that same
voice for the past 4 years. For two, I felt very happy for that one hour almost at peace, for
three, made me remember what I need to look for. I really had my own agenda I guess. I was
trying to remember my old memories. For some reason, I feel great about it. After work today I
went to go eat at Outback. I havn't ate there since I was hanging around the evelyn and her
parents. Me and Mary went over to Mindy's and we went to go play cards at Maynards. I did
ok, but I was just not in the mood. I was busy thinking about todays events. I guess I don't
need cards anymore, now that I am pretty happy with my life.

4/9/07 I think everybody was a little tired from the weekend with Easter and all the eating going
on. I was tired, I ate at Wendys today and I was just eating everything in sight. Luckilly there
buns seem a bit stale today and I did lose my appetite. I went to go buy a new softball glvoe
today, not sure when I will get the chance to use it, but I just want to break it in for now. It is a
cheap glove, around $29 bucks to be exact. I then went to downtown minneapolis for some
shopping and stuff. I was walking all over the place. Kind of a practice walk for New York. I wen
to softball practice. I did very average I would say. I tend to struggle with the pop ups, but
luckilly I could see the ball better. Hitting sucked, I missed like half the balls thrown at me. Went
over to Andy's afterwards to give him his gift. I felt bad, I wasn't able to get him what I originally
wanted too. Me and Mary went to Applebees later and I had steak. I was cravign a nice fat juicy

4/8/07 Today was a different Easter holiday for me. This year I was full of joy and very happy.
We had lots of pho at the house today and the family came over. I ate so much, I literally
gained like 5 lbs easilly. I ate way to much, even when I was trying to lose weight for NY. I didn't
want to take a nap or else that would ruin my sleeping habits. I went over to Mary's to have
some dinner and we went bowling tonight. I bowled a 205 and a 172 then I bombed the rest of
the way. I got home tonight and I was still wide awake. I talked to Ashley today and we are
trying to figure out the NY plans. Sounds like I will be buying alot of gifts when I am there.

4/7/07 I woke up early today to drive Mindy to work and to do some shopping. I went down to
Burnsville and did some shopping there. I was pretty tired today, but I was in the best mood
ever. I got home today and I was just wasting time, doing laundry and cleaning up. We didn't
do the couples night out like planned. So we ended up just going to the VFW for cards. I got
pretty drunk tonight. But I was in pretty good shape. I was just anxious from doing so much all
day and I really wanted to drink. I was just enjoying my self tonight. My walk in the mall earlier
today didn't were me down at all. I need to get all the walking in, since I will be doing it in NY.

4/6/07 Today I went car shopping with Mindy. We got Heidi to come with us. I guess I have
never really had to deal with a car sales man. Usually cause I get my car at the crappiest places.
At bowling today. I really wanted to win. I got there early and practiced. We ended up winning
3 to 1 and I probably had the best series of my very short bowling career. We went to the
Hoggsbreath afterwards. I was having fun, but at the same time I was tired and went home
early. I guess, I just need to start taking some time to sleep more and relax. I think its all part of
the new Tony cu wellness program. Hopefully I can cut some nights short like that every night.

4/5/07 Today was like a Friday to me. Since we are closed on Good Friday. I went to go eat at
Fridays today. Me, Ceil, Danielle and Dan went there for lunch. Its odd how I have been there,
but not really on the bar side. Tonight we went to go play poker a the Legion. I sucked pretty
bad tonight. I am just not focused lately. But the good thing is, I am in a very good mood. I
took more then a few shots tonight. I think we were there to closing time, nope we went to the
VFW at there closing time if I remember right. I need to take care of my self since I ma going to
NY next week. I can't wait.

4/4/07 I was a bit confused this morning. I finally checked my direct deposit from the other day
and I noticed that my paycheck was for the full amount. They have been deducting $250 from
my paycheck since Christmas. I was a bit excited, but I didn't know if this was a screw up or
not. I also received a check for $240 from them. I guess they got there money and they took
too much. I am so excited. I am free. Also on my other credit card I paid off, they owe me $70
dollars. Money seems to be flying at me left and right. I am so happy right now. I went to the
mall with Mary and Mindy to pick up a bday present for Shawn. It was my idea by the way. The
girls always take my credit. I got 5th place at poker tonight. I was pretty solid the whole way,
but I made like 4 mistakes at the final table. I think I shot my self in the foot tonight.

4/3/07 From what I heard today. I hear its suppose to snow. I would freak out if it snows. I
have just gotten used top rain and mucky cloudy days. It messes up my sleep habits. My
mood changes on the weather. I need one of those pills, j/k. Today I had lunch at Perkins with
Mary and Mindy. After work today I went over to Andy and Jenni's. They made me dinner. We
sat around and just bs'd about stuff, just like good ol times. I forgot what it was like to watch
american idol. I guess I am never home to watch t.v. anymore. My gift from them was quite
exciting. I now have a new basketball outfit. Its my favorite color scheme, red and white. I had
to scrape ice on my window on my car. It was annoying. I hope this cold snow goes away. Oh I
forgot to mention. I am planning something on Wednesdays. We shall see how i goes.

4/2/07 It was raining again today. What is up with all the rain lately. I was sos hungry today. I
needed something for lunch. I went and grabbed Arbys and brought it over to Marys. After
work today I went right to the VFW where we were meeting up for the Twins game. Joe gave
me the option of buying a beer or him buying me pulltabs as a bday present. I elected the
pulltabs and I won $100 bucks. I was so excited. I have never won big like that before. Twins
won 7 to 4. Baseball isn't as exciting to me. But it is alot better since I could see what was going
on. Slowly but surely liking baseball. I even bought sunflower seeds. I actually bought them,
because I felt it was the baseball thing to do.

4/1/07 Woke up and went to church with the Palmers. Then we went to brunch at Green Mill. I
went home after that and then I had to make my way out again. I went to my brothers house
since we were having a family bbq there for me. I was eating so much I got overly full. Crabs,
burgers, seafood soup and chicken wings.. All my favorite seafood dishes. I got to hold my 2
year old nephew Cameron most of the night. I was watching Dora the Explorer with him. He
was kinda sick though. He might have gotten me sick. I went home and took a nap. Just been
overly exhausted. The backlish of yesterday is carrying over and everyone was calling me to
make sure I was ok from last night. They asked if I was dead from being drunk or getting into
the fight. Haha my tummy hearts from alcohol, and my head hurts from getting punched in
the head. I went bowling tonight. I was so tired, I could barely throw my bowling ball.
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