Old Journal

4-30-08 With today being somewhat of a warmer day. It sure felt great. I was in a pretty
decent mood all day. For lunch today Me, Scott and Nancy had some Pho. i was craving it. I
havn't had it in awhile. i was feeling pretty bloated after I got done eating it. I had to get off
work a bit early today. I needed to run home and grab my golf clubs. I totally forgot them this
morning. We went to Island Lake to golf. Lindsey and Mindy were leading the way. I was in the
middle of the pack and poor Heidi was just getting frustrated all over the place. I didn't do to
bad. I was actually happy with my performance. I think I am finally getting it down. I drove over
to the 5/8 or what ever they call it on Cedar and 62. I guess thats our pre drinking spot before
kickball now. I guess I am playing with another new kickball tonight. Its an 8 inch ball. Which is
the smallest ball I have ever had to play with. Ok that sounded bad. Musa is 10 inches, CSC is
13 inches, Minneapolis parks is 8 inches. The game speed was alot different then the other
leagues. I got the team going by getting us off the gates with a homerun. It felt good actually.
My legs felt good. I was back to world class speed. Or so I think.

4-29-08 Lots of news today. Well not really. It was just a good day today overall. I could have
won the lottery if I tried. Well that type of feeling. So today I started to look into some financial
backing for my future living arrangements. I now have a set date and that is November and
December this year. So the savings begins now. For lunch I just got some food at target and
inhaled it real quick. The dieting continues on. I even made a list of things I wanted to complete
in 2008. Theres lots on it, but who knows some things on there are a bit far fetched. I went
bowling tonight. I sucked pretty bad. 122, 131, 153. I am no where near my average. Of
course I was screwing around with my patented super slow ball. My back was hurting alot so I
couldn't throw to hard. I went to the White Bear Vfw to visit Joe. Tom the bartender from the
Roseville VFW was up there. I just had a pitcher and called it a night. I was just tired and I
needed to get out. I just like listening to people and hearing about there stuff. I got home and
my sister was doing some weird dieting thing. I don't think I could just eat brown rice and
vegetables. Thats fricking nasty.

4-28-08 Its Monday and I had a rough night , the night before. I just wanted to take it easy
today. I think I was more dead then anything. I don't even know if I was breathing at times. For
lunch today. We went to Cub Foods and grabbed some sandwiches. I was a bit worried of that
idea. Since Nancy ate something there and got food poisoning. I for some reason like to try to
beat the odds. Well I am just stubborn and will eat anything. I went to the VFW to pick up my
jacket. Then I went to go pick up Katie and we went to go eat at Bostons. I havn't been over in
that neck of the woods in a long time. My old stomping grounds. We went to Dave and Busters
and I think I got beat by Katie alot at everything. Even basketball. Not every day I get knocked  
down a notch but I guess tonight was the night. We went to Bradys and had a couple of
drinks. I wanted to redeem my self and play darts. I lost at that too. I was so frustrated. I can't
win. Then I thought to my self, I just had an off night. I am sure I will be back on top of my
competitive nature. Even my talking trash tactics did not work. Anyways tonight was alot of fun
and everything was just right.

4-27-08 Today I spent alot of time cleaning my car. It is just a mess these days. It was weird to
see a period of snow showers. On my way to the movie theater. I thought it was a bit odd. I did
go see Harold and Kumar today. It was pretty good. Its one of those movies were the 2nd
movie was probably better then the first one. I know its really rare. I was so hungry tonight. I
ate the left over chinese I had from yesterday. Day old duck, just tastes so great. I don't know
why I like duck. It just has that weird taste I love. I went to the Blue fox tonight to get a few
drinks. I was feeling it pretty good. So it had to be a short night for me. I got home and I was
watching the rest of the basketball games tonight. The NBA isn't as exciting so far this year. I
guess with all the good matchups. Nothing has been to thrilling.

4-26-08 waking up to seeing snow fall from the sky, its a bit depressing. Reading peoples faces
it looks like they just want to move out of this state due to the wacky weather. I spent a lot of
time working out inside today. I was just trying to take it easy today. I made my trip to Cheapo
today. There was specifically 3 cds I want real bad, but I can't find it anywhere. I found one of
those. They are called "Atomic Kitten" I am sure no one has ever heard of them. I picked up
Becky and we went to go have dinner with Jessica and Matt at the Shuang Cheng in dinky
town. I love that place and I still do. Its the best chinese food in town. Hands down. We went to
Fridays for a few drinks and then we went to go pick up Dean, Kelley, Jonette, Lawrence and Jo
at Legends. They were so drunk. It was funny, since they were my free entertainment for the
night. I think we went to some place called the Red Stag. Not sure if thats the correct spelling or
not. I dropped Jo off at home and took Becky back. I guess I got the mini van in full use
tonight. To drive my drunk friends haha.

4-25-08 Its rainy and cloudy out. This weather does not drag me down at all. I am in a
exceptional mood today. Today, we went out to Good earth to get some healthy food for
lunch. It was kinda packed. So we ended up going to Applebees. I was ok with that. I wanted to
splurge anyways. I usually get my steak here. Today is a different day, so I am going to go
crazy with the appetizers. After work today it was our first ever happy hour function for work.
Excluding peoples bdays and leaving the company. It was Dan and Brians 3 and 1 year
anniversary with the company. Old Chicago has crappy drink specials for happy hour. Good
food apps though. I picked up Katie and we went to Bradys. I was freaking out cause the atm
shorted me 20 bucks. Luckilly Todd the bartender went to the atm to look at it and it got stuck
down the shoot. I thought I was going to get screwed out of 20 bucks. Since I didn't have any
food or liquor. We made a stop to Cub to pick up stuff. Amazingly, There wasn't many fruit
trays. We made it to the party and I was so excited to play the ring toss tournament. I
struggled for some reason, must be the indoor part of it. Or I was too drunk one or the other.
It was fun tonight. I am glad I was just out and saving cash. I am trying real hard to take life
easy these days. Right now I am just very happy.

4-24-08 I was so frustrated that traffic was a pain this morning. I think its funny how people
have gotten used to snow all winter and then when they see a little rain people freak out. I was
bored on my commute so I decided to do the old look into every ones cars and see what they
are up to routine. I continue on my healthy kick, I had subway today to fill me up. I was trying
to figure out if our kickball game was going to be cancelled tonight. Well, unfortunately it was
cancelled. I went and had happy hour with Katie and it was nice to just do something tonight. I
was just in the mode to go out and about. I guess its nice to just stay home and save up on
cash and rest. With all the practicing in various sports lately. I have been work down pretty
good. I watched LOST tonight. I was so excited for it to come back again this season. i hate it
when they have like a 4 week hiatus. It just makes me so angry. It was a pretty solid episode
tonight. I am not sure if things are starting to make sense or if its getting weirder. Either way I
stay glued to that television tube.

4-23-08 Today was a very great day. It was wonderful out. I didn't want to go biking for lunch
today, but I made a bet and lost so I had to go biking. We biked to the nearest batting cage. I
whiffed on a few balls, but I got the hang of it after awhile. I was trying to ground everything. I
think I did a decent job. The bike ride back to work was a bit rough, my legs were tired and I
had no juice left. I picked up Cara and we went to go eat at Subway. WE went to our
kickball/softball practice. We got to work on our infield throwing with everyone and kicking.
Once we got done with that. It was softball practice time. So I had to do more swinging. I had a
couple balls go over my head in softball practice. I judged it wrong again. I am feeling more
confident about softball now. I went to the VFW for a few drinks. I was talking to Tom the
bartender and they need to fill in a team for softball on Monday nights at The Stadium in White
bear lake.. I think I might try to get a team together. I will talk about it with my friends
tomorrow and see if they would be interested. Tonight was a a bit of a sad scene. The Palmers
finally put down their dog Kelsey today.

4-22-08 Day 2 of eating healthy. Today I had small portion of pasta and a cup of yogurt. I am
continuing t drink lots of water. I am not exercising, but thats ok. I didn't want to go biking for
lunch today. It was just a bit colder then I would have preferred. I went to Sports Authority
today looking at softball bats. I guess to help with the progressed training I need to be more
fully aware of the game. I went to Cub Foods tonight and I wanted to do some out door grilling.
Burgers and chicken was on the menu for tonight. I got the leanest piece of chicken that I
could find. I had some difficulties with the grill. I think it was running low on propane. I had to go
inside and use the oven and the counter top electric grill. I was starving, this whole eating
healthy plan is too much to handle. I ended up going out to the white bear vfw. I figured I was
so sober lately. I needed to change it up and have a drink. Joe was bar tending, its always an
interesting crowd up there. I honestly don't even know how to describe it.

4-21-08 I checked the forecast for today. To see thunder storms for tonight is kind  of exciting.
I mean when was the last time you heard thunder rolling in at night. Maybe I am just weird like
that. I wanted to stay in for lunch today. I had two microwave soup cans. I figured I would tried
to eat them asap since the cold winter season is gone. Who wants to eat soup when its hot
outside. Speaking of hot. I could barely breath at my desk today. It was just hot inside our area
for some reason. All the other departments are just fine. I got home and made some dinner for
my self and for tomorrow. I am in saving money mode. I wanted to stay in tonight. I wanted to
work out, but since I am injured I was unable to do any type of working out. I spent alot of
time just watching tv. The NBA playoffs to tell you the truth. I just can't believe its almost May
already. Theres going to be a bunch of birthdays coming soon. Luckilly I keep track of that stuff.
I am so bad at keeping track of things.

4-20-08 I woke up and got ready today. I was looking for my softball gear. I was feeling pretty
confident in my abilities today. I just was feeling a bit slow due to the back being so sore. I got
to practice my short stop abilities. Or atleast I pretended too. It was a nice day and all I really
wanted to do was run around and enjoy the hot sun. Thats all I really cared to do. I got home
and I basically just jumped right on the couch and tried to find anything on tv. I was just
resting the back. It wasn't feeling to good from running around. Ofcourse I got bored and
made my way back out. It was just too nice to stay inside. I went to central Park for a nice walk
around the lake. I went tot he V to get a quick drink. Then I decided to goto the Blue fox for
one drink. Then it became more and more and thats how the story goes. I got home and I was
just doing some light reading online. I was looking at healthy eating and did some research. I
have to  really control my eating habits.

4-19-08 I was feeling pretty tired today. I just wasn't in the mood to move much at all. I
popped in a movie hoping it would just get me going today. I finally got up and went to Babys
R Us. I new what I wanted to get, but I had to get the silly registry thing printed out. I couldn't
believe there was a 4 person line for that. I mean seriously people. Anyways, I needed help
cause I couldn't find the baby walky talky sound thing. The lady there was just pissing me off. I
eventually found it and I got the hell out of there. Me and Andy went over to Shawns party and
it was cool there. We dominated ring toss. I was not surprised, but somehow we ended up
going to Treasure Island. I guess we were in that area kind of. The Island was calling.. Haha I
always wanted to say that. I only lost 10 bucks, I was short on cash so I didn't want to spend
much anyways.

4-18-08 Today, my thoughts and feelings were on kickball from last night still. I promised
everyone it would be or fun this year and my competitive side wouldn't come out. Well my
competitive side is coming out and today we purchase the same balls they use in this league. Its
a slightly bigger and heavier ball. i wanted to have a sit down lunch today. We went to
Applebees. I got my favorite thing there. Steak!! Its just so juicy and its ten bucks. How can I
go wrong. After work today, I made my way to Bradys for some happy hour. I was focusing on
bowling tonight. I knew it wasn't going to be easy. We have been so hot lately. I didn't want to
have this 2nd place burden on me anymore. Plus I wanted to say I am a 2peat champion at
bowling. Well tonight my scores were around 183, 122, and 181. We won the first game by
100 pins. The 2nd game we lost by 20 pins, my fault, cause I sucked. The 3rd game we lost,
but we were winning by the pin tie breaker. So after about 10 minutes of counseling. We didn't
know who won yet, since the other team had two bowlers who prebowled. Then finally it was
announced. My glory came and I was a champion again. We went to go celebrate with shots.
We went to the vfw for some more partying. I was so happy tonight. It was just alot of fun and
I had a good time this year.

4-17-08 With my back hurting so much today. I felt limited in what I could do. There was no
twisting. I went to my 9th favorite place in the world. Baja Sol. I guess we didn't end up eating
there. Since it was busy. So I went to my 897th favorite place in the world Lee an chins. Today
after work I went to go some sandals and a new kickball to play with. I didn't have any rubber
balls in my car anymore. Not sure where they went off to. I got  to happy hour for a few drinks.
My favorite girly bartender doesn't work there anymore I think. I got to the fields early to have
my team do some practicing. We played with the rubber ball I bought. I thought we would be
ok. By the time it was game time. We lost 10 to 0. The other team was far better then we were.
they had power kicking with a good defense. My team had no chance. We are too knew and it
always takes a ZG team to gel after about 4 or 5 games. We got a lot of work to do, but I am
confident we will do fine. I went to the corner bar with mike and dan. We watched the wild
game. There was alot of young girls in there. I went to the Legion since it was Mary's bday
there. It was a late night, but I made it through.

4-16-08 Today I was feeling pretty good today. I was a bit tired from the night before. I was
craving pop again today. I was able to fight it off. I worked very hard to stay caffeine free. After
work today I was so tired I got home and went and just sat on the couch. I eventually got
back up and went to St Anthony to play some hoops. I was definitely out of shape. I was
huffing and puffing within the first 2 minutes. I had trouble controlling my shot. I need to go
back to basics and work on my game. I rolled my ankle, but I think I am ok. I just felt funny.
Plus it didn't help my back. I got home and I decided to just do some laundry and take it easy. I
am tired and exhausted. I popped in a movie and watched it. I had to do some last minute
adjusting to the kicking lineup for tomorrow. We lost a player and I am scrambling to just
change it and correct it. I am trying to decide if we will hit free agency and pick up another
player or if we will just go with our current squad. I know plenty of people so I am not too

4-15-08 I woke up so early this morning. I knew I was limited on time. I put my new tire on my
bike. Then I tried to fix my front brakes. I screwed those up pretty good. So I just made sure
my back brakes wear tightened so I can stop. It took me about 40 minutes to just get it all
going again and lubing up the chain. For lunch we took the bike riding towards Dairy Queen. It
was cool, we ate out side. It was a bit breezy but I was pushing my legs pretty hard today. I
got home and made some dinner. I had some turkey left over to cut up. Made me a nice little
sammy. We went to the VFW for Mindy's birthday. We couldn't stay there to long. There was
this hideous old band there. We went to the Fridley crab house. Two for ones, basically can't go
wrong there. Then after that we went to the blue fox. I guess it was karoake night there. Don't
worry I stayed free from the mic haha. Tom was nice enough to drive me back to my car. I was
just so tired.

4-14-08 Today started off with a bang. Well it didn't really start that fast at all. I spent most of
my morning get the marco polo salad ready for todays potluck. I put more slat and pepper into
it. I wanted it to taste good. So much for my bland attack. I was forced to go on the grill and
grill the chicken. It turned out good. I still got my grilling skills thank goodness. After work I got
home and went into my backyard to get the old mountain bike out. I took the tire off and it
was bent to all hell. The brake lines were all messed up too. Anyways, I took it to the bicycle
chain in roseville and they made me get a new rim. I went over to Andy's for dinner tonight.
Lasanga was the main course. Of course its my favorite. It was great. I liked it a lot and the gifts
too. I was so tired tonight I got home and I didn't feel like fixing my bike in the dark. So I juts
went to bed. I kept getting these weird text messages last night. Oh my drunk friends. How
they get so drunk on a Monday night. Oh yeah I was watching the stupid Twins choke away
another big lead. Gosh they suck.

4-13-08 I got up today with my nephews making noise. I guess they had to get back up again
to play video games. I drove to McDonalds to grab them some lunch. I decided to finally get
some Mcdonalds food after over 6 months away from it. I ordered a Dollar menu chicken
nuggets. I got home and realized there was no chicken nuggets. I was so angry, but atleast I
am still Mc D's free. I just made a sandwich and called it good. I went to O'learys band gig at the
Dinkytowner. It was pretty loud, they did well. I was getting tired again and decided to just go
to Cub Foods. I needed to make my marco polo salad for tomorrows "spring is coming"
potluck. I spent alot of time making it tonight and I wasn't being to patient I kinda screwed up. I
think I fixed it and hopefully it will taste fine tomorrow. I made it a bit bland on purpose. I have
learned for group things your supposed to make things bland.. The more I think about things,
the more tired I get. I think my brain is just fried these days. I didn't want to goto the blue fox
or bowling tonight. It was my quiet time alone.

4-12-08 I really wanted to take a nice day off today. Just to relax and do nothing all day.
Ofcourse, I say that and I will end up going out. So I decided to go out. I went to the VFW to
do some meat raffle action. I got there and I didn't even play. Katie Lee was there and I havn't
seen her in a long time. I couldn't figure out what to do later. I knew I had my familys bday
dinner with me. It was so dumb, its the busiest chinese buffet ever. People were camping out at
the buffet lines waiting for crab legs. I wasn't cravign them too much since I had my share of
crab legs earlier this week. I went to meet up with Becky and we went to get some happy hour
somewhere. We ran into Jessica nd her sister Liz there. It was kind of funny actually. I ended up
going to O'gara's tonight. I was so tired, and I wasn't really in the mood to stay out late. I went
home and my nephews were in my room playing video games anyways. I tried to get sleep,
but all I could hear was them playing video games. Eventually I just passed out. I had the
covers over my head and it was nice to get some sleep in.

4-11-08 My head has been spinning all day this morning. No I am not hung over. I was just
busy multi tasking all day. My new tony cu post it wall of stuff to do has really helped me keep
track of things. I went to Baja Sol for food today. I finally changed it up and didn't get fish tacos
for once. After work today, I picked up Andy and went to happy hour. I had 4 vodka
cranberrys. I drank them real fast. I don't think they made it strong for me this week. We did
great tonight. I think we might have gotten the sweep. I bowled a 181, 156 and a 173. The
team did their job and bowled over their average. My job was to just hang and stay close to
Andy if thats possible. I was so happy, I didn't want to brag to my former team mates. I held it
in, I guess it shows my sportsmanship these days. I truely am there to have fun. Next week will
be the championship. I drove Katie and Nicole to Two stooges to meet up with Danielle and all
of them guys. I was in a mood to celebrate. I was so drunk apparently I didn't even drink there.
It was a fun  night though. I was feeling very nervous all day.

4-10-08 So I was checking my tcf checking account today and I saw a deposit of .90 cents and
it was the cash rewards program. I have no clue what that is and I am sure it totally made my
day. Well I was confused, but I think I figured it out. I guess if you spend money at the baja sol
in roseville over $15 bucks. You get a small percentage back. I was in good spirits today. I have
had such a quiet week. I think this is very good for me. I have been trying to keep my self busy
in a good way. I went to TGIF Fridays for happy hour. Jessica stopped by and we had food and
drinks. Well drink in her case, shes kind of a light weight. I got home and i just watched some
tv. I did some pushups and jumping jacks. Basically, 6th grade gym style. With all this snow
and slush outside. Its going to be a crappy commute tomorrow. Why can't the snow just go
away for awhile. It was weird to be hearing lightning during this, but in a way it was refreshing to
me. I am a freak of nature. With the snow and rain, for some reason it awakens me. I gotta
clear my mind, got a big game of bowling tomorrow.

4-09-08 I was in a quiet state today at work. I just wanted to get a lot of stuff done since I was
gone yesterday. I was so hungry today. I ate my spaghetti from home and I went to Jimmy
johns. I have been trying to drink less water. I feel so bloated when I drink like 8 glasses a day. I
guess maybe that is why. With kickball shirts all taken care of. Everything is set. Volleyball is set
too. I am still thirsting for more sports. I am looking at Tuesday nights for another sport. Maybe
another volleyball league or softball. I will have to check with the peeps and see if they would be
interested. I went to Cherokee Sirloin Room for Andys birthday today. I havn't ate there in like
3 or 4 years. I had the all you can eat snow crab. I was so full, I don't think I ate as much as I
thought I would. It was ok, it was a relaxing night and we all had ice cream dq cake afterwards.
When I got home, I just watched the rest of my blockbuster online rentals. Its my new thing to
keep me home. So far, its working.

4-08-08 With my day off. I knew I could finally do some things I wanted to do for a long time. I
didn't want to waste a perfectly good opportunity to go do something I needed to do for a
very long time. I finally bucked up and went to go see a therapist. Her name was Shannon. It
was ok, but it was $75 bucks charged right on the credit card basically. It was time I needed
some professional help. I went to the mall of america. I figured since I was in the area I would go
visit susan. I did some shopping, i was unsure of what to get. I knew I needed to buy Andy
something. I went to go see a movie by my self. I went to go see "10,000 BC" It was pretty
good, basic story line. I made a trip to Fridays for happy hour. Luckily Rachel was able to hook
me up. That always makes things alot better. I was so tired tonight, I went to bed pretty early. I
think today was a great step forward. I have been out of it lately. Sometimes overly happy and
overly depressed. What ever it is. I think I am right back on my path. I have worked out extra
hard the past few days. I think thats throwing me of my balance as of late. I have lost some

4-07-08 Seeing snow around this time of year is not too surprising. I got a lot of sleep last night.
Today was kind of slow to tell you the truth. I made a sandwich for my self for lunch. I ended
up eating it for breakfast. I always eat it before its lunch time. I need a new system to not do
that as much. I went to eat at Wendys today. I got chicken and chili. I don't know why I like
their chili so much. I have nothing planned for tonight. I hope it stays that way so I can relax a
bit. I was watching the final four tonight. There was not much to watch, but it did get a bit
exciting towards the end. I did some working out tonight. I felt I have been slacking a bit, plus I
gained some weight the past two weeks from the heavy drinking. I thought about running
outside, but I felt it was getting to dark out. I did some online reading. To keep up to date on
recent news. For some reason i don't like watching the news on tv. I don't know if its because
its always negative news or what.

4-06-08 Today I finally got to be able to sleep in for once. To reward my self I got to go out for
some good brunch today. I never had brunch at Granite city before. I am trying to compare it
to Green Mills brunch, but its too close to call, since they both have different types of food to
offer. I went to the Vfw to play some darts. My hamstrings were hurting pretty bad from
yesterdays festivities. Even my back and arm was flaring up. I played left handed, I did pretty
good with it actually. Went to Moes to get a quick drink before the movie. I saw Michelle there, I
forgot she works there it was quite a good surprise. I went to go see "21", I was a bit
disappointed in it. I thought it could have just been so much better. Went to go eat dinner at
Timeout. Heather wanted to go to Chili's so we all met up there for drinks. I was so tired tonight.
I just went home and did some laundry and called it a night. It was quiet, but I was moving
around all day.

4-05-08 waking up at 5:45 in the morning really blows. I was so incoherent with everything
around me. I felt lost and confused. At one point I was putting on work clothes. Then I
remembered I was supposed to put on the athletic pants. I picked up Andy and Rios at Andy's
place. We won the first 3 games I think and that put us in the championships. We went to Liffys
since there was a 3 hour break. I think we started drinking at around 10:30am. It was fun
mingling with everyone, especially old faces. It was not such a good idea to have such a long
break. All of us were pretty intoxicated when we got back. Tempers were flaring. Roth was
starting fights. You got some guy trying to be a dick to the Nagma team and tripping people. It
was just out of control. Guys were lowering their should into me when they got to home plate.
It was ridiculous. I looked at the ump and he didn't say nothing. Except give us all the bad calls.
He said because I wasn't arguing I was obviously out. Hello I am tony cu, the nice guy on the
team ofcourse I am not going to argue you dumb piece of Swarm/Exel trailor trash. After I got
home, I went with Erin to go pick up a A/C unit. I guess its that time fo year to buy a/c's. She
was nice enough to make dinner. I was starving, and it was yummy. It was nice to stay in and
not go out. We watched "Thank you for smoking" I fell asleep, I was so tired with todays
festivities and the belated bday week.

4-04-08 Today felt wonderful outside. I think it rained for a bit too though. Geez, Can mother
nature make up its mind or what. Today I was feeling pretty good bout everything. I was just in
a great mood overall. We went to go eat at Culvers today. I havn't ate there in so long. I forgot
what it was like. I had some chicken, basically the only safe thing I could find on their menu.
After work today I went to happy hour at Bradys. It was pretty fun, but I tried to drink. It
wasn't going down at all. Bowling tonight was a bit scary. I wanted to have a break out game,
since I was struggling. I posted scores of 151, 209 and 222. It was everything I wanted to do. I
had motivation again to do well. I believe we got the sweep, but I am not sure. I was so tired
tonight. I didn't even bother going out tonight. Especially since we got the big kickball
tomorrow at the Exel Energy Center. This week has really wore me out.

4-03-08 My back has been hurting as of late. I think its because of the softball practice on
Saturday, but I am not sure. Today felt good to just be outside. I was looking at my weight
from the past two weeks. I think I gained about 6 lbs from my bday weekend. I need to start
pushing my self a bit. That or eat a bit healthier, which I have been doing anyways. I went to
Cub Foods, I wanted to make my favorite salad. Which is called Marco Polo. Next time I have a
party it will be my main dish. I went to Joe Sensors with Jessica to watch Wild hockey. I realize I
am not such a hockey fan, but it was good enough to entertain me. I had a drink called the
screw up. Not sure what it was, but it was kinda gross. It was really weird tonight, I turned
around and I saw a clown and I thought to my self. I wonder if some people are freaking out. I
mean, come on, people are scared of clowns. I have been so tired, I should have been resting
up. I guess I was unable to do that tonight. Bad tony!!!

4-02-08 I forgot to set my alarm last night. Just one of those fundamentals I forgot about I
guess. With spring coming, I have been in a excellent mood. I have nothing to be angry about,
just pure tony normal/weird mood swings now. I think its a good thing. From the looks of
things, it seems like everyone is so tired these days. I went to the Twins game tonight with
Cara. I might actually break my twins attendance record of 3 games this year. I have already
been to two games. One more I would tie it and the 4th would break it. It was late at night, but
I wanted to stop in to the Vfw for some drinks. I played darts, and I almost made one of the
greatest comebacks in history. I think I started with no marks on the board and 20's 19's and
18's were closed. Terri was kicking my ass. I almost came back and won it. I was actually
winning, but I couldn't hit that damn bulls eye. Me and Joe just chilled at the bar till bar close. I
was wide awake for some reason.

4-01-08 Luckilly I took today off. I needed a day to enjoy some relaxation. I have been a busy
worker around work these days and the bday weekend wore me out. I went to get my laptop
today. I had alot of photos to upload. What a difference a day makes, It went from horrible
snow all day yesterday to sunny days today. I was going to watch a movie, but I had some
errands I had to deal with. I went to go have dinner with Andy and Jenni at Macaroni Grill. I was
craving steak and luckilly they had a ribeye steak on their menu. Jenni got a promotion so that
was the reason for the dinner. I was feeling so full. I was feeling a bit sick for a bit actually, but
walking around in the mall sure helped a bit. We went to FRIDAYS for some drinks. I was feeling  
abit tired and got home feeling so tired I wanted to go right to bed. I was looking at pictures
from this past weekend and it looked great and exciting. I sure got alot of memories and thats
all I can ask for. I felt a bit different today. My moods were a bit on a not caring mood. I think it
means I was more open with everything. No holding back as of right now.
Daily Journal