Old Journals

04-30-10 Peeps over
Friday has been my official have people over and party day. It is nice not having to go out
and spend a lot of money. Sure I have spent a lot of money buying food for grilling, but I
don't mind. It was fun, I still have left over steaks and things. I should throw it away
though. Late nights are always a lot o fun.

04-29-10 Girls night
I went to get some papaya salad for the girls. i wasn't sure if this was something they
would be able to eat or not. I figured I would give it a shot. Maybe they would be able to
taste the asian cuisine. Or not. It failed unfortunately. I should have known their taste
buds. This was the wrong group for it. They weren't ready for good authentic cuisine.

04-28-10 Week 1 Softball
I was nervous all day, cause I didn't know what was going to happen. My foot has been
bothering me and I re aggravated it. We won 15 to 6. It was nice to see the peeps
excited and having fun. We got a good team this year. I better play better soon. I expect
to do good on my 3rd year.

04-27-10 Angry
I was a ticking time bomb today at work. I was getting so annoyed so easily. I was
frustrated with people some times. I wasn't the easiest person  o get along with and I
made it noticeable. There was no hiding it and I didn't care.

04-26-10 Day off
I had lunch  with Jessica at El toro. I havn't been there in awhile and I do seem to like
their food. I am very picky when it comes to mexican food. I stayed home and took it easy
all day. Playing video games and laundry.

We won 2 out of 3 games at volleyball tonight. We almost took all three, but we lost to
the best team by 3.

04-25-10 Shutting it down
I was taking it easy today. I have been so tired lately and I just wanted to sit around and
do nothing for once. I cleaned and cleaned.

Erika and I went to Stella's We were craving some oysters. I didn't enjoy it this time
around. So I ordered other things to get the taste out of my mouth.

04-24-10 Rained out
We got rained out this morning for volleyball. Which is a good thing. I wasn't exactly in
the mood to play today. Looking back as I write this, we could have played. The rain let up
quite a bit. Well nobody likes to be wet.

Erika came over tonight and we just went out. I had options, but we figure we needed a
night to our selves.

04-23-10 Happy hour
With Jim Youngbauer in town. That means were going out drinking. We went to Ted's out
of all places. Then we went to Bradys for happy hour. Its kinda funny, original plan was to
hang out with other people there. Plans fell through the cracks though. It was nice to get
some drinks after a long week. I needed to kick start my weekend.

04-22-10 Grouchy
I sure was grouchy today. I was not in the mood for stupid humor o for anyone to talk
down to me. I was like a dog with a very hard bite I was going to bite hard regardless. I
just wanted the weekend to arrive so I can relax. I need to relax for the big volleyball

04-21-10 One hot dog
I didn't eat much for dinner tonight. I was tired and I needed to just focus on my other

I played very badly at dodgeball tonight. With my bad ankle. I am just unable to move. My
throws seem weak, because I was not able to plant my feet. I wasn't even sweating that
badly. I guess it will take time for m to get back to quality dominating.

Tonight wasn't on of my best nights. I wonder what I am doing sometimes, because I am
just in the wrong position. I get walked on way to much. I just need to let the anger out.
For now, I just expect things to get better. Cause I am a runaway train. You miss the
train, you get left behind.

04-20-10 LOST
I don't normally write summaries or articles. Tonight on LOST. There was a different
feeling tonight. It felt like the writers decide to put the pedal to the metal and go all
out. The picked up the pace like they do towards the end of each season. Tonights episode
really pushed through a lot. I feel some of our main characters will die. It is LOST first
of all. So who knows.

04-19-10 Volleyball
My ankle is still bothering me. To the point I am not able to throw my self around at all. I
am extremely tentative. I have lost my confident swagger. I feel hen the ankle is 100
percent again. I will rock my ass out and dominate. For now though. I am just another guy
on the team. We won 2 games tonight and lost 1.

04-18-10 My focus
We had our first practice today. It went pretty well. I missed like 5 balls, but I
eventually figured out my swing. I was still popping it up in the sky, but I was happy with
my contact I was getting. I couldn't plant with my left foot, but it will get better as the
season goes on.

I have been playing Final Fantasy still. I am about 36 hours in. The part of the game is
about focuses, which means the characters have to figure out their focus, which is the
theme. Today I was thinking I had a focus and I realized that I needed to just balance my
life out and get what I want. I just see things more clear.

04-17-10 Different was the theme
Tonight me and Jessica went out to just find some thing to. We didn't normally have a
plan and we just go with whatever. We went to Cosetta's for dinner in Saint Paul. That is
one of my favorite places to eat. We went to Gordys for Mary's birthday. Then we
followed the limo to Billy's on grand. We wanted to change it up, so we went downtown to
the Lounge. There was a lot of techno going on. My poor ankle couldn't handle that dance
floor. It was a fun night. Just to get away from reality. I just did things I have never
done before. Which made it real exciting. I was so tired when I got home. This was a late
night. I don't rememeber the last time I been out till 4am.

04-16-10 Relaxing fun
I was tired and my body was tired. I didn't want to go out or anything at all tonight.
Tonight was my alone time at home. I told everyone I was going to bbq. Then, slowly it
became a pretty good gathering. It was a lot of fun. I had fun with it. Just to relax and
have good company over. It sure helps me relax. I needed it, lately my mind has been a bit

04-15-10 Mindy bday
I was so excited to try the new burger at Burger king. The XT steakhouse burger. It was
so good, I might want to come back and eat more.

Tonight I went to Macalouso's for Mindy's birthday. Some one man band was playing I
forget his name. Hes somewhat of a big name I guess. I careless to know it though. It's
so funny how I goto this place so much now and I never really did when I lived near there.

04-14-10 Grilling
I went over to Erikas and we grilled over there. We had chicken and beef kabobs. There
was so many, but good thing Shannon and Casey were there to help us finish off the food.
There was so much of it. With my foot pains, I have been tired and more tired jsut trying
to stay up.

04-13-10 Foot issues
My ankle is still bothering me and it doesn't seem to help that I am always moving around.
I tried to take it easy. Its hard not being able to just move around freely and its
annoying me. I was bored so I decided to grill some food tonight. It was quite yummy
using that new grill.

04-12-10 Cu-razy debut
I honestly didn't know what to make of tonight or volleyball. We have been to this dance
before and I felt that I was here to just have fun. I have been telling people for weeks.
I just want to have fun and thats all I care about. Its not about winning or losing. My
heart has changed over time. We won 2 games and lost one tonight. The league is pretty
balanced this year.I played with my bad ankle. i made a lot of mistakes, but I expect to
correct them. I beat my old team tonight. It felt awkward, but its business as Brett
favre would say.

04-11-10 Slapping my troubles away
I had some dim sum today. It was so tasty, but I forget how expensive it can get when
there is only two people. It was good, I tried to make Erika eat the duck feet. She took a
bite and that was the end of that.

Me and Jessica went to go watch "Clash of the Titans" tonight. I didn't know what to
expect from the movie. It was ok I guess. I was just expecting so much more from it. It
was good for what they were making of it.

I was excited I got another gift from Jessica for my bday. She got me the slap chop. I
have been excited to get one for awhile. With all the cooking I do.

04-10-10 Night off
I was hobbling around all day. My ankle doesn't seem to be getting better at all. I tried
my best to just move the best way I knew how.

Tonight I ended up staying in. I was tired and I told people I could be a sober cab if
needed. I was having head aches and things like that. I guess my body was letting me know
I was a bit tired.

I ended up picking up Casey and Erika. I told them I could get them late at night and
thats what I did. I guess its nice doing that.

04-09-10 Andy's birthday
I was unsure what to get Andy or his birthday this year. He basically has everything he
needs. I figured I would buy him some cologne. Figured it would be  a safe bet.

We went to bradys for Andy's birthday. It was fun an we got to just hang out and drink. I
spent about $100 that night. Not sure how I did that. I will be definitely taking it easy
after that. I was pretty drunk. I couldn't drive. I had Erika pick me up. I was in rough
shape tonight.

04-08-10 Dinner at Annies
After work today. It was dinner at Annie's. It was her turn to host a dinner party. There
was grilled chicken and veggies. It was fun cause we played some games after. We all had
to make a run to Kowalski's to get drunken ice cream  dessert. It was a lot of fun and I
had a good time. Next dinner party will be hosted at Erin's house.

04-07-10 Throat issues
I had a sore throat today and it hurt when I talked. I could have gone in today, but I
needed to just take it easy. I have been trying really hard to just not care so much lately.
It just makes me less stressed. So thats the plan for now. Hopefully it works.

04-06-10 Wondering
I was reading my astronomy info in the newspaper today. Here is how it went. ARIES -
You are heading for a different life, though a few old habits might be pulling you away
from your focus. What do you want to happen? Keep thinking about that and moving toward
Apparently, I see the big picture and I am focused. Its just that those things I know
that distract me still do and it comes down to people. Well I guess its ok to be
distracted you know.

04-05-10 History lesson
Long long ago. I wasn't the easiest guy to get along with. I had a temper problem, and I
was always pretty angry. I met Evelyn after that and all of a sudden that softer side
showed. I realized as long as I get some type of love. I can keep the anger at bay. Lately,
I have seen a new light. I am not getting attention and affection. I is causing me to
revert back. I have been angrier, and I have not care about a lot of things. I just stopped
caring. All my motivation is out of the window right now. I dug deeper, I realize its cause
of me not getting the affection I needed when I was young. Now I yearn for it anyway I
can. Unfortunately, I can tell whats real and what isn't. I guess the old age helps and the
fact that I can be super savy. Problem is, I am in a deep mess and I am liking it. Its
pushing me away from everything.

04-04-10 Easter
How did I feel this morning. Well, I got hit by a big bus and it drug me down the road. I
was tired and felt hung over. My recovery skills were working in over time.

I had brunch with Joe today at Green Mill. I usually like their brunch. It was a bit extra
today for Easter. A whopping $20. Oh well, it was good and the food really helped me

I have had a lot on my mind lately. I just have been in denial lately and The path is oh so
clear these days. I promised my self I would be responsible this year. I think its time for
me to start acting like it. I am 29 years old now.

04-03-10 Bday party
I was rather tired this morning. I had some crappy chinese food. The buffet was so bad I
literally through up when I got home. Trust me, it wasn't from the booze.

It has been tradition for my birthday. To go by my self and do something alone. Usually its
a walk through Central park or something like that. I decided to have dinner by my self at
Green Mill.

The party at the Blue Fox was a lot of fun. I was trying so hard to talk to everyone. The
booze took over and things got fuzzy. I had a lot of fun, but at the same time. i was going
through a lot of reflection. As I get older now, I learn its all about appreciating. I
appreciate everyone that came.

04-02-10 Busy days
I woke up today. I was so tired, I wanted to get a lot of sleep in. I knew today was going
to be a busy day. Luckily I had it all planned out. I was going to goto the DMV and get my
license renewed. I was prepared to take my eye test. I passed with my glasses of course.

I also went shopping today. I was looking at getting new clothes. Figured I had some
money to spend.

Me and Erika went over to Andy and Jen's or some Loaded questions. It was a lot of fun
and I think we down a lot of that bottle of captain. The big jug that is.

04-01-10 New beginnings
Oh how nice it was to sleep in till 1pm today. I havn't done that in so long. My body was
aching all over. Is this what its like to be another step older. I have become more humble
then ever.

For lunch today. I had lunch with Erika at my favorite pho place these days. I was so
hungry. I had to eat everything and that gigantic bowl almost didn't even stand a chance.

After realizing so much yesterday. My goals have somewhat changed. Everything changed.