4-30-2011 UFC
Jamie invited me over to watch the UFC fight tonight. She ordered it for Jaime. I was
gonna skip it and stay home. With my sickness still around and it cause me to have
migraines. I had a hard time focusing, but I managed.  It was a pretty good fight card
though. It almost made me a fan again.

Watching Jamies new puppy run around, almost made me want to get a dog again. at the
same time, it also made me not want to get a dog. I am just not ready to have dog
accidents int he house.

4-29-2011 People just change.
With a lot of my friends changing many different aspects of life lately. Does it really
make you better or what not. Not really, According to my psychology and I dp have
strong experience in this category. All my life I have wanted to change my life. I was
never happy with what it was. So, I tried to do things to maybe change my mojo. I
finally figured out. That accepting my life as it is. Was the best way to figure it out.
No matter what you do. Your demons find and you will have to deal with them again.
That is my advice to you. So are you ready to deal with those demons.

4-28-2011 Batting cage
Today for lunch me, Andy, Danielle and Annie went with us to the batting cages for
lunch. I have always had a hard time swinging a bat. It is just a natural motion for me.
Once I got into the cage. I hit the wrong setting and did fast pitch softball. I always
wanted to try it but I kept whiffing and fouling it backwards. I believe it was going at
50 mph.  Once I got back into the slow pitch of things. I was making good contact.
Working on the obvious line drives thats eluded me for ever.

4-27-2011  Feeling ill
I had a hard time sleeping last night. I had chest pains and I had a hard time breathing
last night. I kept waking up and just having a shortness of breath. I didn't know what
was wrong with me. It carried over today. My throat hurt and I was breathing funny. I
assume I was just sick.

4-26-2011 Losing steam
I was really tired today. I keep drinking coffee, but it seems that I just can't get the
energy to stay awake. Tonight, I hope I get a chance to goto bed early. I know I need
my sleep. I have changed my diet quite a bit. Leaner is better, well thats the plan.

4-25-2011 Vball return to Monday nights
Well I was just subbing for someone. I was playing with the bum ankle. I thought I did
well for not be able to move too much. I had a fun time though. I did have some happy
hour fun before. i did a good job of saving money.

4-24-2011 Easter
All I really wanted to do today was lay on the couch and watch tv. My family didn't
really do easter this year. So I kinda just hung out. Me and Erika made dungenous
crabs. Which is one of my favorites.

4-23-2011 Lazy day song
I was lazy all day today. Full of eating and sitting around doing nothing. We have been
a bit exhausted with all the going out and drinking. I was tired. I napped for a bit
today. There was some tv time today. Which was really nice. A very low key night.
Gotta save right.

4-22-2011 Date with the love
We went to the Mall of America to look for shoes. I wasn't able to find anything I
really liked. I have been doing some research on the Sketchers shapeups. They look
funny, but with all my foot issues lately. why not check them out

We went to The Red Dragon tonight and to Mortimers. The drinks were so strong, but
we had a good time and played foosball against these college kids who thought they
were good. Haha We beat them.

4-21-2011 My Friday a day early
It was funny at work. You can tell everyone really stopped working. Since we had Good
Friday off. Me and erika decided to drink and we hung out with Kelsey and her friend
peter. It was fun. We played waterfall. Haha, just like the old days.

4-20-2011 420 day haha
I went to dodgeball today. My foot was killing me with my gout since Monday. I was
trying to do all I could to just get moving. It was very difficult. I been taking more
medicine for it. It doesn't seem to help too much.

4-19-2011 Nba playoffs
This year has been pretty exciting for basketball fans. There are a lot of good series.
The one that intrigues me the most is the Mavericks vs Portland. I think the
Mavericks will pull out of the West. Ahead of my Lakers.

My life has been pretty good as of late. I officially have a "girlfriend" title with
Erika. I have been chasing that title for so long. I don't know what else I want haha. I
will have to think of something

4-17-2011 Boring day
I really didn't do much today. I stayed at home and looked over my budget
Kansas city is going to be a lot of fun and I want to make sure I am able to not nickle
and dime it.

4-16-2011 Mary bday
For Marys bday, we went to the Vfw and she passed out a bit early. We went to the
Bluefox, since it was closing time at the VFW. It was a pretty un night. I had a very
good time.

4-15-2011 Mindy Bday
for lunch today I finally got to have lunch with Heidi. We forced Mindy to come too.
Since today was her bday. I owed them both lunch. I told them if they quit smoking I
would buy lunch. I am a man of my word. I was happy they did it.

We went to the Legion tonight for Mindys bday. Everyone was getting pretty drunk and
with karaoke music playing in the background. How could this go wrong. It was a fun
night regardless. i had one to many shots though.

4-14-2011 Trader Joes
I went to Trader joes to buy some healthier things. I grabbed some mushrooms and
lettuce. I spent about $15 on everything. Which aint too bad. for a one time thing
though. i expected my self to enjoy my food a bit more. I decided to make chicken
burgers. I enjoyed it. I learned from my previous attempts to make that ground
chicken texture just right.

4-13-2011 Noodle legs
I was so tired from playing basketball right after work. I wanted to goto the park and
shoot some hoops with Erika. Just trying to get back into shape. Then i decided to goto
dodgeball to just push my self even more. I have to say. I was pathetic about my lack
of effort in trying to exercise. I am trying though.

4-12-2011 Warm weather finally
I wrote some letters today and sent some off to friends. I decided to go with the old
school approach, because I am an old fashioned type of guy. I had a lot of stamps to
use and I don't ever seem to use them.

Kansas city has some complications. Erika got a job doing semi pro b-ball now. Which
has made quite the impact on our kansas trip with everyone. Funny thing is, her game is
in kansas city that weekend. I will work it out. I promised my self I would go
somewhere every summer. Plus I wanted to be with my friends. I do miss them a lot.

4-11-2011 A new week
I noticed people have been very sketchy at work. Everyone likes to talk like they are in
power. I find it heavily annoying. Especially when I am just sitting back in the weeds.
I don't need to kiss ass or sound like a higher up. I guess for some people it means
everything. Juts not for me.

4-10-2011 Resting
I laid in bed all day. I was so tired. We went to a mexican restaurant called
Dominques. Which I was really a fan of. I got the tacos. I had a soft, hard and fried
taco. Erikas fajitas were pretty good. It was sizzling for 10 minutes it seems. Good
food to me, since I am not a fan of mexican food.

4-09-2011 Andy bday
I wasn't exactly sure what to get Andy for his bday. I decided to just get something I
wanted. A dutch oven is something I have been wanting for a long time. To be able to
cook with it is just outstanding. I would be able to braise and throw crap in the oven
all day. Some day I will get my hands on one.

We went to the Legion and just got pretty trashed. It was a lot of fun though. I had a
good time. Plus drinks are cheap there and we got to hang with everyone. i think
everyone in the bar was wasted.

4-08-2011 Kobe day
I had my nephew Kobe come over. My sister was going to some party tonight. So I had
Kobe for the night. I asked him what his favorite food was. He said ribs. So I decided
to have him help me make ribs.

Erikas friend Kayla came over and we drank a bit. It was a nice fun filled evening and
comedy central. I forget how much I used to love watching that.

4-07-2011 Pho day
I made pho on my day off today. I was craving it the other day and I feel I do a
splendid job on it. I think my pho is as hearty as it can be. I find the best bones and
the best ingredients. Nancy and Karen came over to taste it. I think they liked it. I
was happy it was good. We all had a good time.

4-06-2011 Dodgeball
I wanted to push my self today at dodgeball. I wanted to lose some weight and this is
the only thing that really pushes me. I tried and tried to just make my self really
tired. Its not like it was that hard.

I got my taxes done today. I am happy to say that I am getting money back. Which
always makes me happy.

4-05-2011 Fake emotions
I see it at work a lot. People sometimes has those fake emotions that give away their
tell every time I see it. I just know some things wrong when I see it. I don't ever say
anything, but there isn't much I can ever do.

4-04-2011 To deliver
I was thinking about life a bit today. With so much going on lately. Its like a flash
back of my life 10 years ago. Things were going good.  I was content. I hope it lasts.

4-03-2011 Sunday rest
With my crazy weekend. I was so tired. I have been well too tired lately. Me and Erika
went to Sawatedee in St Cloud. Apparently its supposed to be better then the places in
the cities. Highly over rated.

4-02-2011 Bday left overs
I woke up and my family came over for dinner. We had crawfish and bbq'd pork and it
was awesome. Me and Erika were trying to show we weren't hung over. The whole fam
came and my parents havn't even seen my place yet. My mom bought me a big bag of
rice. About 25 pounds.

Me and Erika then went over to St Cloud for her dads bday. i had a lot of fun and we
had some good food there too. I feel like am eating like a pig lately. We then went to
st clouds bar scene to get a martini and just spend some alone time. Since, we've been
running around all weekend.

4-01-2011 Party time
I spent the day just cleaning. Knowing my parents were coming over on Saturday. Andy
came over around dinner time and we went to a chinese buffet near my house.

Chad and Daniel drove us the bars. Tony jaros was just super busy. It was a lot of fun
and I made a point to talk to everyone this year. We then went to the new Psycho
suzies. It was cool actually. I like it. A lot of great friends came out. I had a blast.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”