04-30-2012 Lindeys
I visited my mom today at the hospital. She was vomiting and had nausea last night and
was taken to ER. She isn't eating food. She keeps throwing up. Looks like they will
make her stay over night again.

Joe, Dan and I went to Lindys for some steak. I don't mind Lindeys steak too much.
They are just over sized sirloins. I really do like eating there, but it isnt the best cut
of meat to me.

04-29-2012 Mill City cafe
Me and Erin went to eat here for brunch. As part of my spending time with my friends
initiative. I havent talked to Erin in nearly 6 months. It was nice to catch up. Oh and
the food was good too. I highly recommend this place. Its pretty cheap and has good

04-28-2012 New glasses
I was over due for glasses, but my glasses were finally ready to be picked up. we
stopped at Northtown mall to pick it up at Pearle Vision. We were hungry so we went
to Bollywood Bistro for indian food. The food was blah, it was luke warm. We spent the
evening pretty tired and worn out. Trying to be healthy.

04-27-2012 1029 Bar
So a few week ago. I watched Diners Drive ins and Dives. Guy Fieri's latest stop was
at the 1029 bar in Minneapolis. The are also known for the smack shack. Which is
pretty popular with the lobster rolls. I was excited to see the lamb sandwich and the
lobster mac and cheese. Mike and Heidi went out with us for dinner there. The food
was good, but it was a bit rich. We all went to the Legion afterwards. Andy and Sarah
met up with us later on. It was fun, I had a good amount of drinks.

04-26-2012 A difference
I talked to Sarah today. She was studying hard on her paper. I think she has to write
like 6 different papers. I realized, how much I hated school. I am glad I went to a
technical school. I didn't have to deal with that. Just because your book smart,
doesn't mean your street smart. I always say.

04-25-2012 Last minute
As I was driving home from work today. I just wanted to relax all night. Gordon
texted me to go out tonight. I tried to get ahold of Andy, but he had softball. I talked
to Gordon and Jesse at Pats taps. I told him Andy was going to buy him drinks anyways.
atleast I learned Nina prefers wine tonight.

04-24-2012 Gym day two
I was pretty tired today. The sleep apnea thing isn;t treating me well. When I get the
mouth piece soon that should help. I made promises this summer. I promised I would
make an attempt for lost friends. With Friday night kickball, which I am not playing in
this year. i plan on making an attempt to reach out.

04-23-2012 Gym time
For the past 5 years I have been the way I am, because of the people on this earth. I
have never really been the type to antagonise. But some people just bring it out of me.
I have never tried to be better then anyone else. Plain and simple. I have been. So suck

04-22-2012 Lazy day
I was feeling pretty lazy all day. I Just wanted to be at home to just do some things I
needed to get done. Me and Erika decided to goto the Legion to get some drinks. Since
Kelli was working. It was a nice getaway for us. We really needed a night out.

04-21-2012 Mad Jacks
Me and Andy were watching the preliminary rounds for the UFC fight. We decided we
wanted to go watch it. So we went to BW3. It was pretty packed. So we decided to
goto Mad Jacks instead. They didn't have the fight there. They had pretty good
karaoake though.

04-20-2012 Back in action
It was hard to get back into the swing of things at work. I was trying to play catch
up. It is just so hard to do. But I plugged away at it.

Me Andy and Sarah went to The Legion tonight. Sarah has never been there and she
wanted to go. It was fun, we met up with everyone and we also went to the bluefox to
see Brat pack radio.

04-19-2012 Drive home
As always it was a long drive home. I am never fond of any long drive. I just tried to
stay awake and do my best to be alert. I was tired. It did feel nice to finally get home.

04-18-2012 Exhibit halls
We got up early for breakfast and we did the exhibits and just walked around talking
to everyone. Vendors were pretty strict this year. They really didn't want to give
away too many things. We went tot the evening event hosted by Douglas Stewart. It
was held at the Capitol Brewery. Once again free beer and food. There was a  band out
side. I didn't even get a chance to go on the tour. I was outside schmoozing.

04-17-2012 Douglas Stewart
Our first day of training. It was kinda long. They had things broken down pretty fast.
I t was like sitting in an assembly hall. Like at a high school or middle school. We went
to the Welcome reception and it was pretty cool. It was at the Edgewater. Food and
drinks are always nice.

04-16-2012 Madison
Me and Dan were off to Madison. Is the annual Douglas Stewart conference. The drive
was long, but it wasn't nearly as bad. I showed Dan state street the first night we
were there.

04-15-2012 Minday bday
Once I dropped Kobe off down in Shakopee. I drove to Roseville for Mindys birthday.
Of course it was down at the Legion. It was pretty fun hanging out and getting drinks.
I was fairly tired. From a long weekend.

04-14-2012 Skyway Condominiums
Tonight, Nina was cooking everyone dinners down town Minneapolis at Gordys Condo
place. He rented the rec room. Which was pretty cool and it led out to the top of the
roof. Where there was a nice common area and a chimney with fire. I loved out at
downtown Minneapolis.

04-13-2012 Maple Tavern       
Me Andy, Sarah and Erika went out to the Tavern tonight to get drinks. I was tired
from a long weekend, but I figured it would be fun. I didn't exactly have too much fun,
but it was an interesting night out.

I am watching Kobe this weekend since my sister is in Vegas. We grilled burgers

04-12-2012 Steaks
I was pretty excited today. I was just in a good mood all around. I wanted to grill
steaks tonight. I asked Sarah if she was going to be home. Figured we can have dinner
since we never do. I cooked the steaks perfectly and the Parmesan mashed potatoes
were awesome.

04-11-2012 1 Year anniversary
It is more like a 3 year anniversary, but Erika feels it wasn't official till last year. i
said what ever and I was going to go with it. Tonight we decided to go the Sea Change.
For my birthday, Mario and Danielle got me a GC there. So we were excited to go.

04-10-2012 Lazy day
I was so lazy today i didn't even bother going to the gym. I was busy watching
Smackdown all night. By that time I was still being lazy by sitting on the computer
surfing all night. I did some laundry. So I should get quality points there.

04-09-2012 Tired
I spent most of the day cleaning at work. We were moving offices and I got a sweet
window spot. Plus its in a quieter area. Its Danielles old desk. We got free beer and
appetizers after work.

04-08-2012 Easter
We decided to not go out to eat for brunch. We decided to just make our own food to
save money. We went to Trader Joes for lunch and dinner.

We went to Mad jacks to get a few drinks for happy hour. We actually had a lot of fun
watching golf. It was odd with the regulars at Mad Jacks, but it made it entertaining,

04-07-2012 St Cloud
We went to St cloud for Easter. We were so full from eating at her parents. We had a
good time though.

When I got home that night. I felt very tired and ready for bed. I just felt something
was wrong. I don't ever get that tired so easily. I wonder if I get enough sleep

04-06-2012 Friday fun
It was hard to think. That one week ago. We were on our way up to Duluth. I had today
off thanks to Good Friday. I spent most of the day hanging out. I really wanted to
take it easy tonight.

04-05-2012 Happy hour
I went to happy hour with Andy and Sarah. We went to Old Mexico so Andy could walk
there. I ran into Chad there, it was funny. He gave me so much free stuff at the
farmers market. I wanted to buy him a shot of patron. Its funny to see Sarah out at
happy hour. I am glad she and Andy get a long. Maybe Andy will come over more now

04-04-2012 Jamers
I had lunch with Jamie today. It was fun and we were talking about her wedding and
every thing I could think of. Its odd how far we have all come from the early days. Its
very proud to say we have been through a lot and grown. I am happy shes happy with
life. Oh and I am in her wedding!

04-03-2012 Kate
I was excited to go downtown to have lunch with Kate. We went to D Brians. I wanted
to go somewhere healthy. It was so much fun to catch up with her. I forget she has the
same type of humor I do. Kate was always someone I could talk to about my demons and
vise versa. I can't wait to go her wedding next month. I don't think I have ever puked
in Iowa.

04-02-2012 Back to work
I sure was exhausted from the long weekend. Every time I stared at my monitor at
work.I felt I was going to fall asleep. I pushed through though. I was so lazy I didn't
even want to go the gym. Which I always go on Mondays.

04-01-2012 Drive home
I felt pretty good this morning. Probably cause I puked everything out last night. We
went back to Little Angies, the manger girl paid for a round of drinks for being
regulars over the weekend. We went to Duluth Grill for lunch. They screwed up my
order but they gave me meatloaf anyways. I originally ordered pot roast. The waitress
got a good kick out of us.

I got home and ordered Wrestle Mania. It was something I wanted to watch and it was
totally worth it.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”