4-30-2013 Tuesday night in
I was working out pretty hard today at the gym. I was feeling the ned to really push
my self. I feel bloated lately. I think its cause I have been pretty terrible with my
eating habits.

4-29-2013 Kickball sub
I subbed last night for Tanjas team, we lost our game 10 to 6. I thought they did well
for transitioning over to MUSA. We shall see how they do. They will need to upgrade
their girls a bit. But so far so good.

4-28-2013 Steamer opener
I started the season off on a slow note. I was struggling both games tonight at
kicking. Sure it was our first game, but I had no confidence today. We lost our first
game but won our 2nd. it was fun seeing everyone again. Missed these guys and girls.

4-27-2013 Party at Gordons
We got to Gordons and it was a total shit show. Well it wasn't crazy till later. We
got kicked out of Gordons cause we were too loud. So we went down town. Were we got
kicked out of the local cause Jake was drunk and dancing around a crowded space. From
there we went to the W and got kicked out there for Gordon being to drunk.

4-26-2013 Calm Friday
With the whole not spending money thing with me. It was nice to just stay in and take
it easy tonight. My body is sore anyways, I have also done a good job slowing down on
my drinking. I just need to eat better. Heading in the right direction

4-25-2013 Saving cash
I have been trying to find ways to do a better job of making left over food or what
ever I have in the kitchen. Its becoming a fun game for me. I know its not going to be
the best, but I just want to save cash doing this. Tonight was hot dog hotdish.

4-24-2013 Dodgeball
I was kinda slow at dodgeball today. I wasn't really throwing that hard. I tried, but
the ball just wouldn't fly. I have been having a lot o fun after, when we goto Pats tap.
jesse always wants to flirt with someone. This week its a bunch of cougars. Not my
thing but oh well.

4-23-2013 Working out
Me and Erika went to the gym after work today. It was a lot of fun, we then went to
Moto I for a drink, It was nice seeing her and spending some time with her. Just miss
those days.

4-22-2013 Laundry
I have been gathering a lot of laundry as of late. I am trying to just keep it clean. But
I have so many clothes. I think I just need to get rid of some.

4-21-2013 Cameron Mason bdays
I stopped into Target to get my nephews gifts. I wasn't sure hat to get them. So I
was just wandering around the store looking for things. I found a spider man toy for
Mason and a rocket for Cameron. I hope he likes it.

4-20-2013 Drinks
I havn't gone tot he Legion in some time. Maybe I know its the long drive home or I am
just trying to take it easy. I went out for Brians bday at Wild Bills. Then I went to
Morgans party. It was a fun time.

4-19-2013 crappy weather
Its a bit odd, that we've had such a cold spring this year. Snow this time of year
happens every now and then. But we got a lot of snow dumped on us. Its crazy, everyone
around here is crabby.

4-18-2013 Snow
Today we got hit by a pretty bad snow storm. Middle of April and we get about 8 inches
of snow. Thats just crazy. It has also been very cold lately. I guess I don't care, but
everyone is so upset lately.

4-17-2013 Dball
After Dball, we went to our usual places. Me and Jesse were flirting with these girls
at Pats Tap. They were 21, but what evs. I didn't care. I got one of their phone
numbers. It made me feel special. I know it was nothing, but I needed it. Funny cause I
was actually looking to be turned down. Still got it.

4-16-2013 Gym
I have been pushing it pretty hard at the gym lately. I am really sore and I need a
break from it. I was sweating so much. I took a nice hot long shower today. It felt so

4-15-2013 Boston marathon
It was crazy what happened today with the Boston marathon and the bombings. I hope
they find out who did this. I can't believe this could happen on such a big scale.

4-14-2013 Buffet
Its seems lately I have been on a buffet tear. Today me and Melissa drove to Crystal
for the Crazy Buffet. It was pretty good. I actually liked it a lot. I was going to town
on the craw fish. The asian people who worked there. Looked pissy that I was eating all
their craw fish. It was fresh. Surprisingly good.

4-13-2013 Eau Claire Dball tourney
We drove about an hour and a half. We did pretty well. But we got 2nd place. We just
didn't have enough offense to win this one. It was a good time though. We ate at the
Pizza ranch.

4-12-2013 Calm and quiet
With my good moods I have been in lately. I wanted to just take it easy tonight. I am
trying to save and it was nice and quiet tonight.

4-11-2013 All this snow
Its April 1th and its snowing pretty good. We got about a good 5 inches of snow I
would say. Most of it melted as it hit the ground. But there is a lot of snow out there.
On the drive home, it was pretty smooth. I am guessing a lot of people got out early or
they just got the roads cleaned up good.

4-10-2013 Night off
I decided to skip dodgeball today. My arm has been hurting a lot since I am lifting
more weights. I have been really pushing my self. Which wasn't a good thing. Which
caused me to pull one of my bicep muscles. Not a smart move by me.

4-9-2013 Gym
I wanted to push my self at the gym today. I usually go 2.5 on the height level on the
treadmill. Then walk fast at 3.5. I did it for about 30 minutes today. After that I
usually do weight on the arms.

4-8-2013 Celebration
With the volleyball season done with. We decided to go use a $30 prize for second
place. We had  a strong year. I think we all knew we improved as the season went on.
Which makes it very satisfying for us. It was a good year.

4-7-2013 Bowling sub
So I bowled tonight at Flahertys. I havnt bowled in a long time. I knew I would get
better as the night went on.I bowled a 114, a 157, then a 181. I had a good time though.
It was fun.

Me and Becky went tot he Hoggsbreath and Bradys. I figured I was out and wanted to
get a few more drinks in me. I forget how these places are. I had fun though.

4-6-2013 Good bye blue fox
Tonight was the last night the Blue Fox was going to be in business. The place was
totally packed. I have never seen so many people there. I had one of the most fun
nights in a long time. I was having so much fun. It was a good run. I had a lot of
memories there.

4-5-2013 Movie
I wanted to take it easy tonight. I decided to watch some of my movies. i watched
Zero Dark 30 tonight. I thought it was pretty good. It was very slow in the beginning
but it picked up. It was a very long movie.

4-4-2013 Weather
I swear we get the most odd weather in MN. It could be warm one day and cold the
next. Well this is how our April has been over the years. I guess I can't complain too
much. This is how I like it anyways.

4-3-2013 Dodge ball
I played ok today. I wasn't my best, thats for sure. The ball fell heavy to me today.
Sure the drinks before happy hour at Tailgate didn't help. I was sweating a lot. I
wonder if people can smell the booze sweating out of me.

4-2-2013 Day off part 2
I tried to be out and about today. I went to the gym with Erika. Got a good sweaty
work out in. My body was pretty sore. I have been working the arms lately.

I went to go watch dodge ball. I figured I was in the area. So why not. Its always fun
to watch people play competitively again. My days are long gone.

4-1-2013 Day off
I wasn't sure what to do today on my day off. I figured I could just sit back and
relax. I did have Kobe today. His spring break carried over an extra day. I never had
that luxury in school. It was one week and that was it.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”