4-30-2014 Dball
I wasn't sure if I was going to go today. I was at work and I figured why not go. I
was too lazy to go to the gym. I was pushing it all week. I needed something fun to do.

4-29-2014 Happy hour
I have been making chipotle burritos at home for the past few days. So I have been
staying in at work. With all the rain we have been getting. I really havn't wanted to go

I met up with Andy for happy hour. I told him I was going to Vegas and I already
bought my tickets. He was pretty happy.

4-28-2014 Working out
I was very focused to get back to working out. So I went out for lunch today to the
gym. It was a low key work out. I was feeling a little dizzy today. So I didn't want to
over do it.

4-27-2014 Sunday Fun day
I dropped Kobe off at home and went to the Dog house. I met up with every one and we
decided to goto the Legion. It was a fun night overall. But I was very careful. I feel
very healthy lately. So far I have been pretty good.

4-26-2014 Sisters
I went over to my sisters house for the craw fish boil. It was very spicy, but very
good. I had Kobe with me so I was a good boy and didn't drink too much. I had a good
time though. Saved some money at least.

4-25-2014 Kobe
After work I went to Shakopee to get Kobe. I left work a bit early to beat traffic. i
got stuck in traffic on the way back.

I went out to Happy hour. Sarah and Kristen were there, We hung out a bit. I took it
fairly easy. Just had a couple beers. i was a good boy.

4-24-2014 The Mill
I had lunch at the Mill today. I kinda like that place. They got pretty good food and its
nice and small place. I got their sausage today and it was pretty good. I had their
burger last time and it was delicious. I bet their burger is awesome.

4-23-2014 Dball
I figured I was safe to try Dball again. I got rattled in the head 5 times from balls. I
was feeling the affects of the concussion again. That night. I realize I may need to
take more time away. It sucks, cause I feel so dominate with my arm being fresh. But I
am getting older.

4-22-2014 Gym
I have been going to the gym about 3 times a week. Which is pretty good. But I am so
off and on. Its hard to tell how much I go. Right now, I am pretty focused. I am eating
a lot better which is good.

4-21-2014 Budget
So I really have been trying to save money. I really want to goto Vegas. But does my
heart still want to go. Last time I flipped flopped. I waited too long and I missed my

4-20-2014 Easter
I actually went to church today. Well kind of. I went towards the end. But I tried.
Maybe I can find my faith again.

I went out for some drinks tonight. I tried to take it easy. But I got bored so I called
Che up and told him were stopping at the Hoggsbreath.

4-19-2014 Day drinking
Erika and I was going to have brunch today. It turned into a day drinking event. I was
so worn out. That I didn't have any energy to go out tonight. The specials at Cowboy
jacks were to hard to pass up. The deals were very good.

4-18-2014 Crooked Pint
I went downtown to meet Gordon at the Crooked Pint. We had some drinks. It was a
late night. We went to Sarpinos for pizza late night. I stayed the night over at his
place. Better be safe with all the cops out tonight.

4-17-2014 Legion
With my work being closed on Good Friday. I decided to get some drinking in tonight. I
was pretty careful. I just wanted to be a safer driver at night. I was feeling good, but
it just doesn't seem like things hit me so fast now. Maybe i'm just older and a light

4-16-2014 Snow
There was snow every where. It was snowing all day. It made everyone really crabby. I
really didn't care. Except on the drive home. I came an inch away from rear ending
some one. Thank goodness I barely stopped. I thought I might have hit them, but they
kept driving.

4-15-2014 Clean
I really wanted to get my room all cleaned up. I need to clean my closet, but I got
really lazy. I just have been eating a lot again. Which is good, but I do like my slim
body. I don't want my doughy face anymore.

4-14-2014 Late tax
After work, I worked from home actually. I went to get my taxes. They were all done.
I just needed to sign a couple things. Its nice to get money back. I always do, but I
really need it.

4-13-2014  DG
Che wanted to have a early day of drinking. So we started drinking early. I tried to
keep up, but I hit a wall and I was really feeling it. I was unable to drive home so I
just stayed at a friends.

4-12-2014 Taking it easy
I really didn't have too much adventure today. I really wanted to take it easy, because
I was going to eat crab legs. King Crab actually. Me and Erika drove down to Turtle
Lake for it. It was ok. But we got our crab fix. Thats for sure.

4-11-2014 Dinner
Crystal, Amy and I went to Dancing Ganesha for dinner. I had a Groupon. It was good.
I really enjoy that place. We tried a few different things.

We went to 6122 Brewery to play some games, but my head was starting to hurt. So it
was time to go.

4-10-2014 Doghouse
We all wanted to watch the Gophers hockey game. So we went to the Doghouse. I
stayed a lot longer then I wanted too. But I had a fun night. It was a crazy game. I
looked at my phone and realized it was 12:30am. Yikes, I didn't get much sleep the
night before either. My head started to hurt. Time to go.

4-9-2014 T-wolves
Mario took me to the T-Wolves game for my bday. They lost. But the Bulls are just
that much better.

I went over to Lacina Cocina for Andys bday. I was not feeling well. But I made it

4-8-2014 Chicken
I wanted to make some lemon pepper chicken. Chicken was on sale at the grocery store
so I was trying to save money by just getting what was on sale. It turned out pretty
good. Could have been better if I added more salt into it.

4-7-2014 Sick
I wasn't feeling good today. I think I am getting the sickness everyone else is getting.
Its that lingering cold. That won't seem to go away.

4-6-2014 Wrestlemania
There was some ups and downs on this pay per view. With the Undertaker losing. We
just watched our childhood die. It was kinda sad in a way. But it was a good pay per
view. It was solid all the way around.

4-05-2014 Turtle Lake
Me and Erika went to Turtle lake for King crab buffet. It was ok. Nothing to
spectacular. But We got our crab fixings.

Went to the Doghouse in Maplewood. That was a lot of fun. The band was decent. The
crowd was packed. It was a good night overall.

4-04-2014 Night in
Its Friday night. I knew I needed to stay in and relax. I have had such a busy two
weeks. I needed to rest and relax. My liver needs a break. Poor thing. Porbably wants
to give out.

4-03-2014 Heading home
I threw up again this morning. Had a flight around 1pm. It just took forever to get
home with the lay over in DC. The flight was delayed. I really didn't get home till 8pm.
Erika picked me up and all I saw was this big snowy evening. Kinda depressing right. I
actually missed the snow.

4-02-2014 Busy day
We were picked up and taken to Clearwater. Which seemed like a cool town. I was at
the tech data office most of the day. It was a good place to do some networking and
learning new things. I got to meet my rep there which was pretty cool. We had fancy
oysters at the pre bar. Then at the Seafood restaurant. it was pretty good. Once our
event ended a big group of us went out for drinks at a really cool out door bar. I had a
really fantastic night tonight.

4-01-2014 Off to Tampa
I was running on 3 hours of sleep. I puked in the morning. I knew this was gonna be an
ugly flight. Especially with my lay over in Philadelphia. Once I got to Tampa. Things
were feeling better. The warm air. The friendly people. We had good food and drinks.
The hotel was pretty fancy. More fancy then anything I ever stayed in.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”