4-30-2015 Age of Ultron
I went to go see the movie after work today. I was really excited to see it and avoided
any type of spoiler. It was good. I liked it a lot. I just wished it would link to other
stuff more.

4-29-2015 Helping the move
I went to Menards to grab some paint today. I was trying to find the matching color
for my walls. I eventually got it.

I helped Kristen and Che move. Moved most of the stuff out of the pod. I was tired.
But I just wanted to get things done. Everyone else got there late. But oh well.

4-28-2015 Catching up
I really wanted to catch up on my tv shows today. I was watching the Flash and other
stuff I had recorded. Figured I bet watch everything before summer hits.

4-27-2015 Dball
I was testing my neck a little to see how it would do at dball. I think I made things
worse. Not sure what to really do about it. But I was killing it. I was horsing around
and having fun though.

4-26-2015 Steamer season opener
We won 10 to 1 tonight. I was feeling pretty good. My tummy was hurting. But I had a
good time playing. Especially when we win. We did well tonight. I hung around and hung
with everyone. I had a good time doing that.

4-25-2015 Change
There is so much change going on lately. Its like I woke up a different person after my
bday. What ever it is. I have lots of goals and things in mind. Everything will start to
make sense as the next few days approach.

I did go out to Wild Bills again. For Brians bday. The night before it was for JJ's.
But I liked spending the cash there.

4-24-2015 Nice day
I was trying to take it easy tonight. My neck is bothering me since I helped move. not
sure whats going on. I went to Wild bills in Maple Grove for JJ's bday.

4-23-2015 Tired
After work today. I went over to Kristen and Che's and I helped them move most of
their belongings into the Pod. We got it all done in about 3 hours I would say. Good
thing we had help. My body was tired from moving non stop.

4-22-2015 Pre move
I went over to Che's to help them premove some things in their place. Moving it out to
the garage. So we can move everything out once the Pod arrives. It will be a busy day
tomorrow thats for sure.

4-21-2105 Deciding.
Today it was sitting in my head. I wanted to do more with my life. Which got
everything in motion to move out of my place. I asked a few people. But It looks like I
may have to put it on the market.

4-20-2015 Dball
I was unsure if I was going to play tonight. Me and joe went to the JJ Taylor expo. So
It was free beer every where. All these different beer providers. I was full. But I
tried to burn off some calories at dodgeball.

4-19-2015 Insight
After volleyball tonight. i went over to insight brewry for the kickball Sunday kickoff
tour. What ever its called. Looks like another fun season is about to begin. I had a
good time though.

4-18-2015 Lazy Saturday
I didn't do  too much today. I had brunch at Hells Kitchen. I was hung over and needed
something. I barely ate it.

Tonight I stayed in. Dave came over and fixed my tile. I bought him pizzas for it. The
dang tile was an eye sore for awhile.

4-17-2015 Reunion of sorts
I had lunch with Jamie today. We went to the Super Moon Buffet on 394. Man that
place is getting worse. We decided we needed to get with Chris tonight and kinda relive
the glory days 12 years ago.

We went to Moonshine Whiskey up in East Bethel. I had a good time. I was drinking
their moonshine drinks. They were girly. But I kinda liked it. I had a good time. I
didn't remember much. But I think the alcohol and all the concussions I had lately was
a factor.

4-16-2015 Hoggs
We went to the Hogs for the Wild game. I only spent $8 since I was drinking whiskey
on the rocks. Which was awesome. I am trying very hard to not spend much money and
this is the only thing that really slows me down.

4-15-2015 Tv shows
I really finally got to catchup on my tv shows. I was trying not to read any spoilers
all day. Which is always tough. With Yahoo sometimes. They put things read in the head

4-14-2015 Vball
I went and played vball in Maple Grove. The guy that runs it, Chris. He even grilled
food for every one which I thought was awesome. I was hungry, but I sure was rusty
at volleyball.

4-13-2015 Sleep
I have been getting a lot of sleep lately and it has really kept me in a fairly good mood.
With working out and eating healthy. Things are off to a good start for the week.

We checked out the Exchange bar near Kristen and Che's new place. It was pretty good.

4-12-2015 Steve benefit
I got pretty drunk at his benefit at the Hoggsbreath. I wasn't really holding back on
funds. It all went towards a good cause. He is a very nice guy and was one of the first
people to really introduce himself to us.

4-11-2015 Surly Brewery
I went and played dodge ball today. I saw Larry Fitzgerald at the Mlk center. Which
was pretty cool.

We all went out for Andys bday at Surly brewry. We eventually made our way to
station 280 and closed the place.

4-10-2015 Friday
I went out for Gregs bday at Park Tavern. Erika and her friends were at a house near
by. So I went there after I picked up white castle. I had a good time. It was nice to
see Erika again. I forgot what it was like. Forgot how drunk she can get too.

4-09-2015 Work
Work has been really hard for me lately. Nobody knows whats going on and morale
seems to be low. I try to be positive but I have fallen into the cracks. I don't know
whats going to happen. Who Knows I could get fired. If I did. I would probably move to
Texas to start a new life. I say that. But I could be very wrong.

4-08-2015 Rest
I really been trying to give my body a break. I didn't goto the gym today. My body is
just hurting every where to be honest. I'm sore. I don't know if this is a good thing or
not. But I was always told your arms should hurt after lifting.

4-07-2015 Healthy
I have been eating a lot of carrots and cucumbers lately. Its really my new snack. I
just add olive oil and vinegar and pepper. It kinda does the job. Which is nice. It helps
me from eating stupid things I guess.

4-06-2015 Dball
I have been playing pretty often on Mondays as of late. It just works out better with
my gym schedule and I am trying to lift weights again. Its hard to schedule things just

4-05-2015 Easter/bday with the fam
I got a bit drunk and told my mom what was up. I told her I was jesus reborn and GOD.
She didn't really like that. Guess she saw the monster she created. I went for a hug
and she pushed me away. I guess All my life I had mommy issues.

4-04-2015 Gym
I was pushing it hard at the gym today. I really wanted to get my work out in. With
Planet Fitness. I can now easily goto any PF gym. Since they had a barcode scanner now.
I always hated filling out a form.

I met up with Cheenew at Pats tap. We had a good chance to catch up on things.
Christine and her crew met us there too.

4-03-2015 Friday
I had happy hour with Erika. it was fun. It was nice to catch up on things. I took it
fairly easy. I knew I had to go out later tonight. But Things got cancelled for Tim
Sigler. So I wanted to go out anyways. I had drinks later that night. I met up with
Sarah. We caught up a littl.e

4-02-2015 Resting
I really didn't know what to do today. I basically got everything I needed to get done
yesterday. I went with Sarah to Willy McCoys for happy hour. We then came back to
my place for wings and watched Best of me. It was something I wanted to watch.

4-01-2015 New era
I woke up today  and wanted to move on with my life. Thats what I wrote down on my
list. I also needed to get a bloody mary. Which I did. I spent a lot of time cleaning the
house and getting things done. Need to recover tonight.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”