4-30-2016 Shawnas going away
I had drinks with Becky at happyh our. We may have had a bit too much fun. I got home
and passed out. We eventually made it to Shawnas going away. I was so tired. Even
with all the drinks. I could barely stay awake.

4-29-2016 Happy hour
Today was our last day with Kate. Who is our afternoon receptionist. I got her
cupcakes for a snack for us to all eat. Then we went to happy hour next door. It was
fun. I had a good time. I got home and Courtney went out with friends. So I had a nice
night to relax for once.

4-28-2016 Happy hour
Met up with Sarah and Andy for happy hour at cowboy jacks. I havnt been there in
awhile and needed to get a drink. Well I havnt seen them in awhile. I drank more than I
wanted too. Since I am trying to lose weight. This week has been a wash basically.

4-27-2016 Dball
Our first game of the kickball season was cancelled due to rain. Therefor I went to
dodgeball instead. Met up with some friends before dodge ball. I had fun tonight. I was
just goofing off most of the time.

4-26=2016 Dinner
I had dinner with Shawna at Bagu Sushi. It is in south Minneapolis. They have groupons
there. But for some odd reason I felt I was too good to use one.  It was nice to catch
up. Since shes moving to Chicago this Sunday before her party.

4-25-2016 Dball
I really wanted to push my self. I feel I am struggling with my weight again. So I
tried to make sure I sweat as much as I can. It was crowded tonight. So I couldn't
really move around much.

4-24-2016 Doghouse
Me and Becky were supposed to have brunch with friends, but they all bailed. So we
just went to the dog house got some drinks and ate cheap tacos. I was tired from the
heavy drinking the night before,

4-23-2016 Ice cream
I went to dodgeball today to get some exercise in. It was kinda dead. But I tried to
run around and get my exercise in.

I went and got ice cream at Nelson with Ashley afterwards. I forget how yummy their
ice cream is. Even the kid size. Since we were in the area we had lunch at Cecils, my
favorite sandwich place.

I met up with Becky and her sister at Bar Louies for drinks. We then went to The
Unofficial bar. Courtney and her friends were at Cowboys Saloon so we went over
there to hang for a bit. I was pretty drunk tonight.

4-22-2016 Scotts early bday outting
We went to Psycho Suzies for Scotts birthday. We just hung out outside and then
moved inside. I was feeling pretty cold. We got long islands and drank them down,

4-21-2016 Low key
I was feeling kinda disgruntled today. I didn't want to do anything. So i just stayed
home. I made some chicken and just watched some tv.

4-20-2016 Drinks
We went to happy hour today with the gang. We went to the Unofficial bar. It was
pretty good. We had a pretty high tab. But it was alot of fun. We watched the
beginning of the Wild game. But they just suck.

4-19-2016 Buying
It seems a home is a never ending project. I bought sheers and a hose for the house.
Just so much to do. So little time.

4-18-2016 Dinner
Courtney didn't want to go anywhere fancy. So I brought the fancy to her. I made filet
mignon with oscar and asparagus. It was tasty. Really tasty. We had drinks at Cowboys

4-17-2016 Laying low
We really didn't do anything today. We were just really tired and wanted to take it
easy today. I don't think we even left the house. We were so busy.

4-16-2016 Dball
I woke up this morning and went and played dodge ball. I knew I needed to get my
weight in check. I have been getting chubby the last 4 weeks. So I pushed my self
pretty hard.

Courtney bday outting. We went to Adagios for dinner and. Brought Rupert to their
house to hang and have a doggie play date.

4-15-2016 Drinks
I was in the mood to get some drinks tonight. I knew I could get some in. I miss it so
much. Just being dry is so boring to me.

4-14-2016 Laundry
I have been trying my best to do a better job of folding my clothes. But lately I have
been so lazy that I am just pushing them aside on the floor. I am trying my best to
work on it.

4-13-2016 Lasagna
I got home and made lasagna. We had people over for it. It turned out pretty good. I
used less sauce this time. I liked it regardless.

4-12-2016 Gout
Later in the evening. I could feel my foot tightening up. I was unsure if it was gout or
is I over worked it. But I was feeling bummed. I think I got another gout attack.

4-11-2016 Staying in
With volleyball done for the season. And I was too lazy for dodgeball. I just stayed
home and relaxed. I needed it. I have been pushing my self so hard lately. I need sleep
and lots of it.

4-10-2016 Drinks
We laid low all day today. The shots might have been a bit much. We met up with Becky
at the Unofficial for some drinks. I always get their wine blatnners there. Such a good

4-09-2016 Crawfish boil
I ordered $170 worth of crawfish online. It was over nighted today. It came in the
morning. The little buggers were crawling all over. My sister and Du came over and
helped us do it. It was so good. We had people over too.

4-08-2016 Friday
Taking it easy, we just laid low tonight. With a big day tomorrow. We needed to rest
all of our energy. I am really excited for the crawfish boil tomorrow.

4-07-2016 Laying low
I needed to catch up on my tv shows. I really don't watch enough as I used too. But so
far so good. Laundry was done also. I feel good tonight.

4-06-2016 Dball
I needed exercise. I went and played tonight. I had fun. Ran around for a bit. Then I
went and had drinks after. It

4-05-2015 Happy hour
We were craving happy hour so we went out and got drinks at Cowboy Jacks. We made
our way towards the Legion for drinks too.

4-04-2016 Vball win
We won the consolation championship today. We played well. We needed to. I think we
are starting to realize. We need to play smart and just take the win.

4-03-2016 Recovery
I laid in bed all day today. I threw up in the morning. I was feeling so hung over. I laid
around all day today and just watched Wrestlemania from the couch. I really didnt
move much at all today.

4-02-2016 Bday fun
Tonight at Cowboy Jacks. The goal was too not pass out right away. I had a total of 16
shots. Some say 17. But I was unsure. I had so much fun, my face hurts from smiling so
much. I have great friends and family. I am thankful.

4-01-2016 April fools
I needed the day off to relax and get some rest for the weekend. I really didn't do too
much today. But I had a good time relaxing all day. I got some things done. I went for
a little jog with Rupert.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”