4-30-2017 Kickball.
We got back to our winning ways. It was fun. We played a newer team. We went to get
drinks with them after at Station 280. It was a fun night overall for me. I went to
Cowboy Jacks late at night. I knew I had the next two days off. Joe was there with
me. I helped an Uber driver bring home this really drunk guy. He wouldnt move out of
his car. He was far gone.

4-29-2017 Wine
Shawn and Laura had a wine outting somewhere an hours SW west of the cities. They
were celebrating their new home and 1 year of having a baby I think. I was pretty
drunk at happy hour. But made the trip.

4-28-2017 Scott bday outting
It was just a regular outting, but we made it a Scott bday outting. it was so much fun.
We started off a bit slow and got food in us first and then it was just a bunch of dick
jokes the rest of the night. hahaha.

4-27-2017 Maggie bday
We all went to the Porter house for Maggies bday. I had the NY strip with scallops
and tuna ahi for a appetizer. It was really good. The cake was good too. I've always
liked this place.

4-26-2017 Dball
My arm strength has really gone down hill. It was frustrating. but i didn't want to
over do it. I don't have my anger. Maybe its more sadness. I have no idea.

4-25-2017 Fitbit arrives
My new fitbit arrived today. I was pretty excited. I walked zoomie this morning. I
have been walking him alot. Since he wont poop in the courtyard anymore. Cause I have
walked him so much.

4-24-2017 Work
It was tough to get back at it. But I was trying to get stuff done this week. Since I
knew I had so much going on. Ive been tired and I have been keeping up with my steps.
Even though I don't have a fitbit.

4-23-2017  Steamers are back
We lost to a team we would beat 5 out of 6 times. Just wasn't our day. We havn't
played since last Spring. So there was some rust. I kicked terribly.

4-22-2017 Happy hour
I went to Updown for Jj's bday. Unfortuantely I went to the wrong spot and I didn't
want to deal with parking. So I went home and went to Cowboy jacks.

4-21-2017  Friday fun
I just wanted to be done with work so I can get on with my weekend. I didn't really
have too much planned. But I just wanted a break from work.

4-20-2017 Work out
Since I ate very little on my trip. I am trying to eat more food again. My hunger is
coming back. But so far its been kept on track. Which is good. i need to slim down. i
aint  a young pup anymore.

4-19-2017 Work
I really wish I would have taken today off. I was just uninterested. But it seemed a
lot of stuff has happened since I left. Which made me more depressed.

4-18-2017 Santa Monica/home
We were determined to finish the trip strong. We woke up at 6am to goto Santa
Monica and got more donuts. I've never been there. So it was cool for me to see. Even
though it was cloudy.

4-17-2017 6 flags LA
I was pretty hung over. So bad. I was unable to eat the rest of the trip. I only went
on 3 rides at 6 fglags. The car drive back to LA was rough. I should have had Ashley
drive. We hung at the pool and went out to dinner at some place in WeHo. Then drove
around the hollywood walk of fame.

4-16-2017 Zoo/LA jolla
The zoo was pretty good. it was free so I can't complain. The panda and the elephants
were my favorite. We went to La jolla cove. Which was probably my favorite part of
the trip. Ashley was there to see Casey in San Diego. I wanted to make my own
adventure. I stopped at a few bars and got pretty drunk..

4-15-2017  Off to Sandiego
we stopped at Laguna beach.. Since we heard so much about it. Then we stopped at Dana
point. We got to our hotel and took advantage of the happy hour specials. I had a good
time and I didn't want to stay in so I kept going.

4-14-2017 LA bound
I got all my errands done today and we were off to LAX. The car rental went by pretty
fast and we got checked intot he hotel. Ashleys cousin picked us up and we went to a
restaurant near by. I got this pesto mussel and clam dish. It was delish.

4-13-2017 Final push
I swear. It was the slowest day at work today. Time was moving so slow. I just wanted
it to be done with. I got home and ran so many errands. But I went to happy hour to
get some things.

4-12-2017 Work out
I just didn't have the energy to go get exercise at dodgeball tonight. I went and got
happy hour instead. Which is such a bad idea. But I needed it. Its been stressful at
work lately.

4-11-2017 Work
I am doing a bit more at work lately. So I feel pretty special. But its over whelming at
times. I needed a drink today. I ate wings that were so over fried. It was crazy.

4-10-2017 Sore 2.0
Today was even worse. I could barely walk around at work. People were asking me what
was wrong with me. I took some ibuprofen. Didn't seem to do too much. I did take a
sleeping pill tonight. To sleep.

4-09-2017 Sore
I didn't do too much today. I was sore every where. I didn't want to do anything. But
I tried to move around and get things done. But it just wasn't happening.

4-08-2017 Dball tourney
I got a text from Marjan when I woke up this morning. They needed another player for
the Throwdown tournament. It was for Stones team. I was hesitant.  But I figured
why not. We made a good run and lost int he finals. Even coming back from losers

4-07-2017 Drinks
We went tot the Hoggsbreath for whatever reason. I guess it s been awhile. I was
feeling pretty good. I had fun though. The people watching is the best.

4-06-2017 More iron fist
I have been watching Iron Fist and I quite like it a lot. I thought it was gonna be a
flop. But so far its entertaining enough. Dumb character stuff, but what ever.

4-05-2017 Dball
I was doing what ever I could to get some exercise in today. I was throwing pretty
good. But I had a good time overall. Just needed to push my self.

4-04-2017 Happy hour
I had happy hour drinks with Becky and Emily. I was feeling pretty good and I gave up
my vodka lent thing. I came home and Ashley was hungry so we just went back to
Cowboy jacks. and ordered nachos.

4-03-2017 Quiet
With no volleyball season right now. I just laid low at home. I was tired and needed
some much needed rest. Watched tv and had some normalcy

4-02-2017 Awake
I got so much sleep. I walked Zoomie for an hour and got him his exercise and mine too.
I forgot how relaxing it is to go for walks. I was focused today to be on the healthy

Andy, Sarah and Kris came over for Wrestle mania. I didn't have time to make food so
I just ordered pizzas.

4-01-2017 Drive home
I got a ride home with Becky. Since Ashley took my car home last night. I wasn't
feeling the best. But I just wanted sleep. I got home and Joe and Kelli message me to
goto Cow boy jacks. We were there a long time and my body felt like ass when I got
home. I literally drank like 10 drinks in 5 hours. I got home at 6pm and slept and slept
and slept. I woke up at 6am.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”