Old Journals

8/31/06 - Today was a bit odd, me driving my dads mini van. Its such a bad beater, drives like
crap and wastes alot of gas. Pretty sexy huh. For lunch today, I ate at Subway, I am trying to
eat healthy, wish occasional exercising. Scott was gone today, theres rumors going around
about him right now. Crazy. I got home today and I was just tired. I watched part of the
Vikings game and I decided we are the Tennessee Titans of a few years back. Were going to be
an ok team but nothing more. Such a boring offense and a good defense. I watched some
VMA's and that was ok. Kind of funny, Eminem wasnt there this year. I talked to Lindsey on the
phone today. I was getting advice for Wisconsin Dells. Things are off for Boston, I screwed up
my friendship with Ashley. So I wont be going in 2 weeks.

8/30/06 - I was feeling a bit tired today. Just been emotional, physically and mentally beat up
still. My body isn't healing as fast and thats starting to bug me alot. Lately, I been wanting to go
on vacation more and more, but with my car and buying parts for it. My vacation is kind of in
jeopardy. I been feeling kinda blah lately. Yes Blah... I am in good moods, bad moods, and ho
hum moods. I know I don't make sense sometimes. Just waiting for the weekend. Oh I found
something online today. They have something called a Singles cruise. Supposedly get on a
cruise with single people. I figured I might give it a shot, but who knows. I might do something
crazy like that. Tonight I sucked at VFW poker. I seem to be on a cold streak right now. Not
sure how to turn it around, but I am just sucking so bad at poker lately. I am starting to hate it.

8/29/06 - My knees were killing me today. I had a nice little limp. I was considering just sitting
out todays game, but I figured we were playing an easy team so I can screw around. So I will
go right to kickball with todays entry. We won 40 to 1. Thats not a misprint or anything. The
other team was just that bad. I was feeling sorry for them at one point and I feel we might have
been dicks about it. They were good sports about it. So I am assuming they are used to losing.
The thing that gets me is, since the other teams were watching us. We now have a big bullseye
on us. I played less then 100% but I figured I could get away with it. Tomorrow is going to be a
great day I can feel it.

8/28/06 - It was very cloudy today, very dark and cloudy today. Weird, I could have sworn I
checked the weather forecast today and they said sunny all week. Well it ended up raining. How
weird is that. I had Lee an Chin's today for lunch. I decided that place is just plain gross. After
work today. I rode my bike home. It was a long 1 hour bike ride. In the beginning, my tires
were a little flat so I had to get to SA since they have air here. I was obviously out of shape. My
legs were hurting. I was very tired when I got home. I made it though. I found out later that
night. Andy needed a sub for the softball team. I took my dad's van and trucked it down there.
I was put in right field. Where there is less harm to anybody. I actually caught a fly ball my way,
I was quite excited. We lost that game, but I did average hitting the ball, I don't have much
power, but I havn't hit the ball right yet. My timing is way off. In the 2nd game I hit the ball to
third I think again and I got hit by the ball. Not like last summer in the head, but this time in the
knee and calf area, I can't tell anymore there both soar. I also slid funny into home plate wrong
and messed up my another knee. I feel beat up tonight, like someone beat me with a stick.
There is no way I am biking to work tomorrow.

8/27/06 - I really did not want to goto church today. So I decided not too. Today my parents
wanted to take the priest out for lunch. He kept asking me weird questions like, if I would be
interested in hooking up with vietnamiese girls from Vietnam, and I laughed and said "no". I was
like, god told me I will find my girl. It was lame but I tried to use it that way. I went over to Joeys
and I wasn't sure what we were doing tonight, but figured we could do something, maybe we
will goto the Fair but who knows. Quiet day today, I really need it.

8/26/06 - I really felt like crap this morning. I got up and I didn't want to move at all. Today I
was trying to have lunch with andy but my car wouldn't start. I finally started but I could tell
something was wrong. It started to have a burning smell. It looks like the a/c compressor has
seized and the belts are just rubbing off on it and it will jsut rip apart. So i had andy pick me up
and we went to chili's. We went to Best Buy and he actually bought a Xbox 360, and Madden's
ofcourse. Later on that day me and Chris went to Rosedale to walk around, we had sometime
to waste before poker tonight. I sucke dtonight, really bad, I got out quick and at the side table
too. Me and Chris went to Perkins for food, this  was the first time we wern't wasted at the V.

8/25/06 - It was Friday, finally. I been waiting for Friday all week. When I went to turn on my
car this morning. My check engine light was blinking. Usually its just on, but I have never
experienced blinking before. It drove fine though. I could tell it might be having issues. Today I
been just kind of lagging. I got up so early, that I didn't know what to do exactly. After work
today, I went to Ray's hotel. We then went to The Corner bar from there. Keyla was working,
she always helps me out. We went to the Vikings game and it was a good time, it was my first
Vikings game and I have always wanted to go, but was too cheap to pay for it. It was front row
right behind the Vikings bench at the 50. Pretty sweet, it was alittle too close, since we could
barely see the action on the field. Anyways, the coolest thing ever happened to us. Brad
Johnson came over and gave us a autographed hat, after yelling at him the whole game. We
went back to the Corner bar for more drinks afterwards.

8/24/06 - The storms went through pretty strong last night. It was muggy out or something. I
actually liked this weather. For lunch today. I had chinese, it was actually a chinese buffet. I ate
alot, but not too much. I went to go watch a movie at Roseville 4 after work. Nacho Libre at
the cheap theatre.I just needed a good laugh tonight. After that, I got outside and it was just
nasty. I drove home in one of the worst storms in awhile. It felt like hurricane like conditions out
there. I drove through 3 floods, every where I go I had to go through over a foot of water.
Kinda crazy. I am glad my car made it through, she did well tonight.

8/23/06 - Work went by nice and smooth today. For lunch, I went to TCF to visit some old
friends and I had lunch with Didrik at Ike's. Trust me, everyone I ask about it doesn't have a
clue what it is. Its a burger joint from what I figured out and it was fairly good. LAter on that
day I went to the VFW  and played some poker. I lost again, I have been sucking alot lately.
Usually, I play safe all night, but I keep getting screwed over. Oh well, I think I want to send in a
video for survivor. So hopefully I can be on the show. I think I can do well at that crap. But who

8/22/06 - Tuesday, which means there is kickball today. For lunch me and Joey went to go eat
at Mcdonalds, I think she ate all of her food before me, I am normally a very fast eater. I am
trying to change my eating habits. Stuffing food down my throat isn't exactly healthy. The
State Fair is getting close, I can get tickets for $7 instead of $9 bucks. Not really exciting, but
just thought I would throw it out there. I got home today and started up the grill. Since the
starter thing is broken, I thing I almost burnt my face off again. Its kinda scary. Don't worry I
am ok. I picked up Andy and we went to kickball, I was there for all three games tonight. It
seems that when I get there early I have problems. Tonight I struggled on defense, my vision
for the outfield isn't what it used to be. I did great at kicking though. We won 11 to 7, the other
team was pretty good(Gnarly balls). Just glad we won.

8/21/06 - Had lunch with Joey this morning. I am trying to eat breakfast more lately. Work
went by nice today, after work. I just went home and did some light workouts. I was just
noticing today how many of those commercials about pulling people over and they will arrest
you if you go over the limit. It kinda scared me actually. So today I was wondering what I
should do later tonight. I was going to just go watch a movie, but I decided not too at the last
minute. I need to start eating healthier, I think I am slowly losing it.

8/20/06 - I woke up today and went to Target. It was Dana and Rich's baby shower today. I
was trying to find stuff on their gift registry at target, but I couldn't find anything it was just
pissing me off. The baby shower went well. The food was good and the games were actually a
little bit better this time. I took a few pictures and I had lots of fun. I got home and I was jsut
worn out. I laid around all day doing nothing. I was hungry, I had nobody to cook for me since
my mom is out of town. Later on that night I went over to Joey's to hang out.

8/19/06 - I was very hung over this morning. I didn't want to move out of my bed at all. I was
forced to spend quality time with the family. Since my mom was flying to Florida with the priest.
So we had our first family lunch in.... well I don't remember, its been so long I can't even throw
a guestimate out there. Chris came over and we went to the VFW. Jamie made it out and we all
played. We all lost, had drinks. I was a the side table, it was down to me and Gordy, I had Gordy
well covered in Chips easilly, but I wanted to chat with Jamie and Chris, but I was stuck in the
game. I offered a chop, he declined, so I said how about you take 18 and I will take 7, he still
declined. So I said ok how about 20 to 5. I will take 5. He still said no. I was like ok, you have
very little chips left, how about 20 to 5, and I say you beat me. He finally accepted, I just
wanted to get Chris another drink. So we chatted down tehre for a bit after hours, it was fun. I
had a good night.

8/18/06 - Work went by pretty fast today. I was focused on purchasing my flight out of MN. I
couldn't do it though. I had too much going on. After work today I went downtown for some
happy hour action. Its been while since I have had happy hour, especially with good ol tcf
friends. We went to the Local, I am glad I went, I had a blast jsut being there. I miss it alot, just
being able to just be myself, I feel so restricted when I am at TIES. Me and Didrik ended up
being the final two. We went to the News room, my favorite place to be. Afterwards I was
driving home and Danielle called, I went over to see her new place. We went to Roberts and
sucked pretty bad at pool. Then we went to the Well, I think thats what it is called.

8/17/06 - I was feeling pretty sick this morning. I wasn't feeling well at all. Later on that
afternoon, I had Dave check out why my car was having such a loud noise coming from my
engine, it looks like I need a new air compressor. That will end up setting me back a few
hundred, but I don't need to fix it right away. I went to go watch a few kickball games tonight. I
enjoy just siting back nd watching. It relaxes me, to do this. Lately, I been very focused on just
alot of little things going on in my head. Tonight, I just sit back and just let things happen. I
made an appearance at the Chalet tonight.

8/16/06 - So I have decided to spice up my website a little bit lately. There is going to be a huge
announcement coming in the next few weeks. I have failed on my not going out to eat thing. I
went to Pizza Hut today. I just gave in, it was too tough for me to handle. After work today,
Chris came over and we had a few drinks before we went to the VFW. Surprisingly, me and
Mary has let go of our differences in the past and we are good to go. I sucked int he
tournament, but I sucked even more in the side table. Marco and Lindsey both individually won
their side tables. I think thats 4 side tables in a row for Lindsey.  I was feeling  a little ishy tonight.
I think it was something I ate today.

8/15/06 - I was thinking today. Should I do something fun and exciting today or just be plain
and simple. I have no clue what I am talking about. Just bored I guess. Anyways, for lunch
today, I had left over chili in the refrigerator. Afterwards, I went for a bike ride on my lunch. I
basically had a heavy work out on the bike. My legs were pretty tired. Today I realized that, I
should really be exercising more. Its not like I am 17 and can eat anything and not give a damn
anymore. Tonight was the first game of the kickball season. Not just any game, but a big rivalry
game between Rich and Lunzer. I honestly didn't know what to expect. I felt Lunzers team has
a solid core of guys and we have alot of new faces. I felt we were out matched from the get go,
even though we were up 2 to 0. I kicked well, but not enough to do anything. We lost 6 to 2. I
wont  blame anyone, were basically a new younger team. I think even I made a mistake out
there. Oh well, this is exciting for me. Now we can grow as a team and get better, thats all I care
about.  Something new to be challenged about.

8/14/06 - I woke up a bit early today. I think it was lack of sleep actually. I brought in spaghetti
so I didn't go out to eat. I will get to that later. Well ok I will get to it now, you convinced me.
Mario and Danielle brought back Mcdonalds for me. So technically I didn't eat out right. Ok so I
found a loop hole, but I will continue to not cheat like that. I got off work and went and worked
out. Drove Andy to softball. I wanted to really see the Vikings preseason game. It was ok,
nothing special. I didn't exactly like the new Monday night football announce team, but I do like
Tony Kornheiser, since I like his show. More working out tonight, I will be soar tomorrow.

8/13/06 - I was very tired this morning. I skipped out on church once again. I went to best Buy
and Circuit city to go find a memory card for my camera. There was some drama in the Circuit
City line, believe it or not. This lady was bitching about something and I was next in line. I am
pretty patient so I just let her bitch at the customer service peeps. It was kind of funny actually
and I was laughing my ass off and the lady in front of me said to me "what the fuck are you
laughing about" and I said "your fucking dumb ass". Finally they opened another register and I
checked out. When I was walking right passed her I called her a fucking cunt. She deserved it,
normally I don't say that word, but hey she was a royal bitch.  I got a call from Sara today. I
havn't seen her in over 10 months. I missed talking to her, but we will hang out again sometime

8/12/06 - I didn't really feel like doing anything today. I wanted to sit home and just sleep. Andy
wanted to go get something to eat so we went towards Maplewood mall and ate at Fridays. I
was so full. I think I over ate again. We went to go check out the Gus Macker basketball
tournament. It was a 3 on 3 basketball tournament for all ages. It was quite entertaining
watching the kids and duke it out. Even the girls hahaa. Wow they were bad. I went to Dans
housewarming party afterwards. I normally have been making cameo appearances lately. But I
figured I would stay this time. I just didn't feel like driving anymore. I got to talk to Kristen and
her brother Tim for a bit. I forgot how much we used to talk. Its been a nice quiet weekend for
me and I like that.

8/11/06 - Friday finally. Actually this week has been great. Today for lunch I ended up going to
Subway with Danielle and Mario. Starting next week, my challenge will be to not eat out next
week. Its going to be very tough. Today seemed to go by kind of slow. I went to the post
office after work to pick up my new camera. I was excited, it was pretty sweet. I still don't know
how to use it, its too fricking confusing. Later on that night. I went to go watch Andy's softball
game. It was basically playoffs. They made it to the championship game, but they were down
by one run and the lights went out on them. Crazy. I went home and just stayed in tonight. I
just been real tired lately. Back to the camera, I took a few test photos from the game. It
turned out good. My old camera didn't have a zoom this one does. Ofcourse every knows how
fancy my other one was. Well this is fancier, with hybrid mode(what ever the fuck that means)
and its a combo camera with a camcorder like function. You will see when I show you, I its hard
to explain.

8/10/06 - I woke up and just wanted to get everything done today. I been very focused lately.
I think for lunch today I should have aten something a bit more healthier. I was at Mcdonalds
and I ended up getting a double cheese burger, a mcchicken sandwich and a fish sandwich. I
basically had the trifecta. Who do you know that does that. I should be getting my camera in
the mail today. I got home, but they left a note saying I was supposed to pick it up at a
location, but the thing that sucks is. They were closed when I finally saw the note. so I will have
to pick it up tomorrow. I did some working out tonight. Been focusing on losing some weight
again. Since kickball season is right around the corner. Haha mid season form, well I am actually
not even close to my designated weight limit.

8/09/06 - Work has just been crazy for me lately. I don't know why. For lunch today I had chili,
beef and chili that is. I feel like I been over eating. So I got to slow it down a bit. I also dropped
off Peters computer at Edina Realty. So I got to see where Lindsey works. I found out today.
Its almost official that I will be going to Boston In the 2nd week of September. After work I went
home and met up with Chris at the house. we were kicking back a few drinks. My new favorite
drink to make at home is a bacardi dew. Mountain dew and bacardi apple. I know it sounds
gross. I picked up Andy and we went to the VFW for some poker. I sucked tonight. Just wasn't
hitting stuff. I was cheering Lindsey on at the side table. It seems like she's been winning alot of
those lately. Good thing she won, I would have given her crap if she didn't. I got a good buzz
and I decided it was time to leave.

8/08/06 - I been craving some poker lately. Usually when I want to play poker that means I am
fairly stressed with life and I need it as a relaxation to get my mind off of things. Today, Me and
Mario went to Subway. I was feeling kinda full from the bagels we had this morning. Thanks to
Pam. I love bagels. For some odd reason I keep thinking I have a little girl. Unless Evelyn had a
kid and didn't tell me. But my mind is playing tricks on me. Or I have lost my mind. I am just so
smart. I can tell when childish things are going on. Ugh!!! Other then that I am quite peachy.
We had kickball practice today. I can't believe the season starts next Tuesday. WOW! I got
home and I was feeling a bit parched I almost opened a bottle of vodka, but I didn't.

8/07/06 - I been feeling a little stressed out at work lately. Actually more frustrated. Oh well, I
gotta go through the motions like normal people right. Things seemed to go pretty well today.
With Scott gone, I get more control of what to do. My back has been hurting me again. I feel
like an old man. I guess its just great timing for my next vacation right. I got home and I just
wanted to do nothing tonight. Ofcourse before I went home I had to make a few stops along
the way. Why can't I have a quiet night for once. Just one night is all I ask God. I keep for
getting that I been making plans with people and cancelling. I am getting bad at it. I am sick of
writing about Mondays.

8/06/06 - Sunday, I skipped out on church once again today. Andy and jen asked me to come
to uptown with them for the art fair and for lunch. Before that, we went to Maplewood, where
Peter, Lindseys brother. Was trying to sell a nice little house. I liked the house my self. If I had a
obsessive girlfriend , I might have given an offer. J/k. Maybe in a year I might try house
shopping. Anyways, we had lunch at Famous Daves, it was so good. I love eating there. We
went to the Art fair and I didn't mind walking around. There was alot of different things to look
at. The body pictures of little figurines in black and white was the best thing I saw there. I went
to play kickball afterwards. The other team didn't show so they are now 2 and 3. A two game
win streak. Ofcourse we got to scrimmage another team, we tied. I got home and I was tired,
my dad had a priest over from Vietnam. I had no idea what the guy was saying to me. He
talked way to fast, for me to understand. I felt dumb. Oh well, my manners were ok, but I
guess I am not that little kid, anymore that says cute things.

8/05/06 - I slept in today. I was a bit tired from last night. I basically burnt a few cds this
morning and just did some laundry. I been feeling kinda icky lately. I went to dodgeball. It was a
nice day and I got some extra exercise in. I went to Dana and Rich's 2nd annual badminton
tournament, more like a 2nd annual housewarming party. It was cool to see Tiffany and Jason
and Sara again, even her little baby Sandy. Afterwards, I made my way home and I was just
feeling pretty tired. I had a few things I could have gone too, but I decided to just rent a few
movies at Blockbuster. Ok here comes a story... So I was at blockbuster and there was a guy
worker and a girl worker there. While I was in the store trying to look at new rentals. I could
hear the guy getting the girl to talk to me. The idiot kept it quiet, but when I was the only one
in the store. I can hear it, I aint dumb, plus my common sense skillz are pretty high. So I went
to grab Date movie, and I heard the guy says, "Look at the movie he picked. Hes alone
tonight, ask him out". I also grabbed "Glory Road" cause I felt retarded getting the first movie.
So I went to check out and I see her smiling at me. She tried to start a conversation, but I
could tell she had issues being social. So, she never asked. She was kinda geeky, but nerdy also.
Would I pick her to go on a date with probably not. If she would have gotten the guts to do it,
I probably would have gone out. Since asking someone is tough to do. Ok that was my tony
story telling time of the week.

8/04/06 - Friday, yeah its Friday. So another busy day for me. After work today, I went to
Leecy's happy hour function in downtown Minneapolis. I forgot how much I loved going ot
happy hour downtown after work. We went to the Lyons Pub. There was a cute blonde there,
but I guess she just started there not too long ago. I figured it was Friday, it was my weekend
to not flirt. Ok, I was a little chicken shit. Afterwards I made my way to Marco and Lindsey's.
They were having a poker tournament. I never do well there. I guess I did good for me there
for once. Out of the 3 tournaments we had there. I got 3rd twice. So I think I was doing
something right. Marco, my nemesis, owned me all night, just couldn't beat him. Oh yeah, and
Chris was there too, glad he came out. I think Mary tried to choke me a few times that night.
Drunk ass.

8/03/06 - I had like alot of missed calls this morning. I am just busy at work lately. For lunch
today I went to go visit Jamie at her work. I had a tuna salad wrap it was good. I walked by
some guy and he had a nice juicy burger. I was just drooling over it. I got home today and I
was just tired. I wanted  to go out tonight, and at the same time. I wanted to just sit and do
nothing. Tonight, I made my way towards walmart. I was going to get a fishing license, but
nobody was at the counter. I waited, but nobody came. So I just went and bought other stuff.
I want to go fishing damn it. Just havn't had time.

8/02/06 - I was freaking out this morning. I thought my car was making a loud noise. I will have
to get it checked out. My car has been drivin great. Work was busy today. I guess Scott had
his appendix taking out late last night. That sucks, hopefully he can make his fishing trip next
week. I been feeling alot more tired lately, I get plenty of sleep, but I just been a bit on the edge
too. Don't know whats going on. Later that night I went to the VFW, I lost in the regular
tournament. I just had nothing all night. I did play in the side table and Chris was there too. Me
and him were the final four. I ended up beating Lonnie, with a lucky gut shot. Very lucky
actually. Afterwards, I was so drunk. Mary kept tickling me, I spilled my water all over. You know
I am drunk, when I am drinking waters. Fun night overall, we had a friendly fun side table.

8/01/06 - My knees were a little stuff this morning. I have been getting frustrated at little things.
I don't know why. I am getting annoyed very easilly. Somehow I found a way to still not eat
meat. Tuna for lunch today. I didn't really like it as much. It barely got the job done so I went
to Mcdonalds and got a .... fish sandwich. Haha. Thought I gave in didn't you. So I checked my
checking account today. I found a way to be negative somehow. I really need to manage it
better now. I shouldn't be going negative. I don't know how I spent a whole paycheck already.
I have really been cutting down alot and on the drinking too. WTF!!! I have also been alcohol
free for a few days too. I think I am slimming down a bit, but my body is aching. So I don't
think its worth it. I want red meat!!
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