Old Journal

8-31-07 Today was great, I got paid since I was running low on funds due to signing up for
football. It sure set me back a bit. I have been nursing my hamstring for ever and it doesnt
seem to be getting any better. I wanted to eat somewhere juicy for lunch. It seems like no
matter where I eat at everything seems very bland to me. Me and Mario went to Applebees,
since I keep seeing all them commercials about pick 3 appetizers, I had to do it. Damn you
commercials. It was alright, a bit on the salty side. I got home and I was excited, since I finally
get to goto the fair. All week I have been just waiting and waiting. I guess its harder when you
work right by the fair. People bringing back cookies and donuts and all that fun jazz. It was
killing me inside. I met up with Erin and it was finally Fair time. I guess I didn't do such a good
job of picking food at the fair. I was feeling dangerous. I think every item I picked was pretty
gross. I wasn't feeling well from the food, I didn't even eat as much as I normally do. It was kind
of funny, usually I run into Mark and Anne, at the fair. But I believe he was up north. Oh well I
had fun, I like the fair. Actually love it...

8-30-07 I woke up today feeling a bit out of it. I had my window opened for once. I guess
maybe too much air is not good, I was sneezing all over the place. Danielle made her return to
work today, well I guess its just a one day only thing. We all went to Old Chicago for lunch. I
used to love that place, but now it taste so bland to me, everything taste bland to me actually.
After work I got home and did some quick laundry. I didn't even get a chance to watch tv,
there was just so many things to do tonight. I went to go watch the B-squad tonight, they
needed a player, so I played in sandals for most of the game. i was batting 1.000 which I feel
great about. I keep making my hamstring hurt more and more. I was limping a bit, but hey I
always play through things. I went to play cards at the Legion and I sucked once again. I
couldn't get a hand and I was supposed to be trying that time. I went to the Corner Bar, Nikki
and Blake were there. I got my butt kicked at Buck Hunter. I did good, but my cockiness jsut
made me lose.

8-29-07 The weather was wonderful out today, it was a bit cooler then normal, but the nice
sunshine just made my day. I wanted to take a long lunch and go walk around at the fair, but I
wont have time since I am too busy at work. I have been stretching my ham strong out all day.
I didn't realize I had a big nasty bruise under it. I have been, eating somewhat healthier portions,
I can see it i my weight loss, its not much but everything helps. I still can't believe its almost
September next month. I had such a busy summer I didn't even enjoy the warmth at all. I got
home today and I was so tired, I wanted to take a nap, but I knew if I did I might over sleep. I
went to the VFW to get one drink, I just wanted to watch my alcohol consumption for once.
We lost today to The Welnas new team. We still struggled on offense and I am not sure what is
going on. I can see the frustration on our team from everyone else. We had so much hype
going into the season. I think it will just take some more time for us to gel better. I think we lost
4 to 1. I tried to take it easy on the hammy, but I did all I could for not being as mobile. I didn't
eat dinner so I had taco bell afterwards.

8-28--08 Getting out of abed was a bit rough, the snooze button was used non stopped.
Instead of the down comforter I am using the sleeping bag, since the down blanky is getting
cleaned. I felt a bit more comfy. It has been awkwardly quiet by TIES. Snelling ave doesn't even
seem busy. Maybe the state fair this year isn't that exciting to people. Who knows. Sounds like
everyone I know is selling there tickets. I decided that things will be getting kinda exciting this
fall. It feels like a new year for me. I guess 07 has been pretty good so far. Monday nights are
going to be pretty exciting for me. Meeting new people and just getting a new sense of things.
Went to the farmers market, I normally goto the meat area and look for come meat or cheese
curds. I like cheese curds, especially when they squeak. I went back to Mcdonalds for once. I
havnt ate there in awhile. I have been doing a good job getting into shape I needed to splurge
atleast once. I went to Bar Abilene for Dave's bday outting. His bday is next week actually. I
went to Fridays later on for some margaritas. I was busy all night. I was tired, but I should be
getting a good nights sleep. I will be thinking of what I can eat at the fair in my dreams.

8-27-07 It was pretty busy today running the show at work. I feel so alone at work today.
Nobody to talk to since Scott and Pam are gone all week. I did some deep thinking today. I am
having a hard time staying at home. I guess I just don;'t feel like being alone lately. I have to be
out and about. I try to lift weights and get my self tired, but it doesn't work. I find a way to go
out anyways. I watched tv and I have been watching my sci fi channel. I guess I have been
addicted to that lately. It felt like it was going to rain all day today. So much for this rain I kept
hearing about all night. Its state fair time and I still havn't gone yet. Its my favorite time of year.
I have been reading about lamb on a stick and other things and I am curious. They just sound
real good to me. I have shed a few more lbs as of late. So if you see me and tell me that I will
feel so much better. J/k haha.. I did laundry tonight. I tried to read a boo,, but I didn't even
finish the first page. I lost interest pretty fast. I ended up going out for drinks. I just couldn't
stay home no matter how hard I tried. I will try to take it easy tomorrow. Today I am just
feeling odd.

8-26-07 I got up and did my usual thing. I drove around, but I was going to goto the mall
today but I had other plans. I went to some asian market and I was looking for spring rolls. i was
just in the mood for them for some odd reason. So I ate that for lunch, it was a nice small lunch
for me. I went to go see Superbad, it was pretty funny, I wasn't going to watch it, but I figured
it would be alright for me to laugh a little. I wasn't able to move around much today, my
hammy was killing me. I don't know how much this will affect me. I will just play through it, like I
always do for any injury. I am stubborn like that. I went to the Legion to play some poker but I
was a bit late. So I didn't end up playing. I just wanted to hang out for awhile anyways.
Tonight, at volleyball. i was just going to take it easy and not move much, but I was diving all
over the place and jumping alot. Not a good idea, but it was the last game of the season for us.
I played probably my best game of the year. Too bad we lost  3 games straight, the  other
team was just way better then us, we played awesome, but we don't have enough experience
to win. We have made great strides though.

8-25-07 I woke up early today, way too early if you ask me. I picked up Andy and we went
down to Rosemount. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel. I hate getting up early for kickball
hahaha. We played 4 games total. We won 2 and lost 2. It was a bit of a disappointment since
we seemed to have a boost in our roster. I think I played well. I was colliding with people, kicking
well for once. I was having lots of fun regardless so I don't care. I am a bit sad I will never get to
play tarsi. Oh well. The only negative I got from this was I hurt my hamstring. I am pretty sure
this ones going to linger for awhile. Me and Andy went to Chammps for dinner. Its the one by
our house, that place sure hasn't changed much at all. I took it easy tonight, just played
Maddens with andy at his place. I was tired and didn't want to do any type of spending. Maybe
not this weekend, but maybe next weekend. I think the hot sun, just fried me all day. I got
some sun burn on my face, but who needs sunblock anyways.

8-24-07 I am so glad its Friday today. I am tired but I knew I just had to get out of bed. I was
thinking how it was at tcfbank years ago. I had to get up at like 5:45 every morning. That
sucked giant balls if you ask me. I have been having weird dreams as of late. Of people I havnt
even met before. It was kind of awkward. Maybe its because of the new position I will be in a few
weeks. Tonight, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. i was just laying low. I went over to
Lindsey's and played poker. I tried for once, cause it seems like I am spending 20 bucks a
session to jsut be with my friends haha. Anyways I got 4th place. Just out of the money. I
wasn't sure what I was doin later that night. I had alot of different plans. I ended up going to
the caboose instead of Kim's going away. It was too far out of the way and I couldn't make it. I
just wanted to take it easy cause of the tournament tomorrow. I got alot of health tips tonight
from Laura. Haha atleast I was paying attention.

8-23-07 I have been having a hard time getting out of bed lately. I am just so tired. Today was
a bit interesting getting to work. Its kinda busy by my work due to the MN state fair. Oh the
joys of working next to the fair. I can't my work makes money off people parking in there lot. I
wish I could just pocket that money or something hahaha. Atleast I can go and get a cheese
curds when I feel like it. I was at burger King today and I noticed a homeless guy walk in there
and I guess the manager lady told him to come back at 2pm. I am guessing, he gets the left
over food. Quite an interesting concept. I went to Bylerys to get some food for grilling tonight
at danielle's. I didn't have time to marinate anything or rub down anything if you prefer that. I
am not to big of a fan of Bylerys, just feels like you think your getting better quality. To me its
just more expensive for a slightly better quality. The guy told me that the marinated chicken
breast was amazing. When we grilled them, I thought they were just  average. Well thats what I
get for believing in the meat guy. I got home and I was watching my favorite tv show at the
moment  "Burn Notice". I don't know why but I have to watch every episode. That and Flash
Gordon on SCI FI. Wow I am such a nerd. I went to the Corner bar for a couple quick drinks. I
have been drinking all week again. Just don't want to be by my self lately.

8-22-07 I was on my way to Mcdonalds, then some thing triggered in my brain and told me not
to eat there. Maybe its all the calories or maybe it was just the fact that I was getting sick of fast
food style breakfast. Old age I guess, I must be somewhat wiser these days. For lunch we went
to the Rose gallery to look at auction stuff. Ceil was looking at tables. She wanted to see how
nice it was for bidding tonight. We went to my favorite place to eat Lee an chins. I am being
very sarcastic, I hate that place alot actually. I ran into Rissa there, I didn't even see her there
so I felt kinda bad. I am kinda blind so thats not my fault. If I only had my glasses on. At kickball
tonight, it was a tough game, we won 4 to 3 in extra innings. I knew this was going to be a
tough game. The lounge lizards used to be "Slow and Bouncy" back in the day and I have a
great winning record against them anyways. I went to the VFW for some drinks afterwards. I
just don't get a chance to play cards anymore and I kind of miss it. I don't mind it that much
though. It just keeps my busy lifestyle going I guess. I am going to sleep like a baby tonight.

8-21-07 Where is all this rain coming from and why is it so much colder all of a sudden. Global
warming is coming. We better put pillows on our heads, apocolypse. Ok nothing like that will
ever happen anytime soon. I was trying to see if anyone wanted to goto the twins game for
tomorrow, but that plan failed. It was more of a half hearted effort, because I just wanted a
dome dog. I went out to lunch all alone today. I couldn't decide what I wanted so I just settled
for burger king. I can't believe they dont make spicy chicken sandwiches anymore. I was a bit
upset by that. Another pet peeve of mine, is people who don't know what they are talking
about when it comes to fantasy football and all I hear at work is a conversation about it. I just
hate it.. Its so annoying. Just because you play FF and play maddens doesn't make you an NFL
expert. I was looking at my dads computer and the thing is a POS. Virus's up the wah-zoo... I
remember why I got out of the computer field, for some reason its just frustrating to me.
Luckilly all my programs of anti virus removal and spyware removal were handy. I went to got
watch some kickball tonight. I liked the cooler air and I just wanted to be out and about. I went
to the Corner Bar tonight, nothing special I just wanted to be out. Heather looked pretty tired

8-20-07 I was a bit out of it today. I was driving in and I was just watching the blurry red spots
in front of me. Where ever they go I followed. I did however, decide to have breakfast for once
in my life. I just don't eat breakfast much. Special occasions only. So I made a stop to
mcdonalds. I felt kinda crappy all day. I think the cloudy weather has gotten to me. I do like it
when it rains though. I got home today and I was just tired. I laid in bed getting ready to pass
out, but I was busy reading into the Michael vick thing. I went to JJ's clubhouse and went to
the meet and greet. Everybody  seemed pretty nice and I think I am glad I did this. I needed a
quick change of scenery and its kind of a chance to just start with the basics again. I went to
FRIDAYS for a late night happy hour. Rob the bartender gave me margarita all day special deal.
I couldn't resist. I then went to Bar Abilene and hung out with Kim and Sarah and Leecy for a
bit. Nate was doing his typical DJ gig. I had fun, but man I had some tough drinks. They were
tougher then my normal VFW drinks. It was an action packed day fro me. It was supposed to
be my night off, but I didn't want to be home tonight.

8-19-07 I wanted to do anything but stay home today. I went to Ikea to do some shopping, I
was working on getting  a meat tenderizer, but then I changed my mind and didn't want it
anymore. It made me kinda look creepy holding that walking around. I then went to the mall of
america to do some more shopping. I was wasting time since I had to pick my dad up from the
airport. I got some walmart shopping in at bloomington and I forgot how ghetto that place is. I
went to The VFW, it was pigroast day, but since it was raining, it kinda dampened the evening
there. I made a quick stop to Best Buy, I ought the Colbie Callait cd and it is awesome, I love it.
Nobody knew about her a year and a half ago. But now they do, shes on ks95 every now and
then. I went to play volleyball tonight. I was pretty sure it was going to be cancelled, but it
wasn't we played in the mist. We won 2 to 1. I was so drunk, but I played well. I had to get
dinner on the way home. So it was off to taco bell. It was a busy weekend, very productive. I
am glad I can go home early and sleep. Well hopefully I can sleep. I don;t know if I am going to
have anything in the tank left after this.

8-18-07 I woke up and I drove back home. I was so tired, so when I got home I took a nice
little nap. I woke up after Andy called and I went o pick up lunch at Arby's and we got to play
Madden 08. It was pretty cool, its alot better then the previous ones, but I hope it should get
better.  We had a nice little quiet evening in since Ami and Jenni had dinner with us, more pizza.
basically Dominos this time around. We watched the Grudge 2. It wasn't as good as the first
one. Not that the first one was any good. I was so tired, I was tired from the week and tired
from the wine. I got home and just went right to bed. I needed a quiet evening and I am glad I
got it. I tried to go right to bed, but I couldn't sleep. Maybe it was the scary movie, or maybe I
just wasn't tired. Eventually I dazed out and it was a nice to fall asleep. I could hear the rain,
damn the rain.

8-17-07 Friday couldn't come any sooner. I have been tired all week, I was just getting through
it. For food today, I ordered pizza from pizza hut and we all ate outside at work. I was so
hungry, but at the same time I was eating less. After work i got home. I knew it was going to be
a big night, so i was just resting up. I went over to Danielle's and we all met up there. We
packed the van full. Maximum capacity. I don't think I ever had 7 people in my car total before.
On the way to  Minneapolis, we got pulled over by the cops. 3 squad cars actually. The officer,
asked if I knew how fast I was going. I was going slow, a mere 60 mph. He said I was going 68.
He asked if I was  carrying any drugs or weapons. I told him I had a sledge hammer. After
checking my paperwork. They asked me to get out of my vehicle and search everyone else
and checked my car for drugs. They found nothing, but I am sure they were setting us as an
example. We got to the refuge bar and we went shot after shot after shot. I am sure I was
wasted at this point. Levi and dan were there. We went to the Lyons pub to meet up with
Kelley and Lauren. Then we went to the Lodge bar. Danielle drove my van back and I slept the
nice at their house. I knew I couldn't drive.

8-16-07 I got home today and I saw a car pulling into my drive way. I guess my dad bought a
new car. It kinda blows, I never get a nice new car. I still love my mini van. I plan on staying
sober this weekend. Maybe full-filling my sober cab duties. Lunch was a bit more nice to me, I
wasn't as hungry. I just had a chicken sandwich and salad at wendys. I need to lose some
weight. I am just glad its Thursday. Work went by pretty fast, I was just occupied all day. I got
home and just got ready fro tonight. Chris met me there and we went to Danielle's for practice.
We had about a good 5 on 5 practice. We even worked in the girl plays. Which every 3rd play
has to have a girl involved. It was obvious, I am well out of shape. I wasn't any where near the
condition I was two years ago. I wasn't in good  shape back then either. I was huffing and
puffying all over. We went back to the house and grilled up the food. I was so hungry. I have a
feeling I am going to be really sore tomorrow.

8-15-07 Waking up today, I felt like my heart was going to explode. I had heart burn or
something. It felt funny. No more energy drinks for me. I was feeling groggy. Today was a
weird day. It was cloudy out and I was just not in the mood for much. I had gas station food
for lunch again. I had to go back and get some beef jerky. I have been craving it alot lately. I
went to the VFW for some happy hour.  I was feeling tired. I ended up staying there for a bit. I
played poker, but just tried to lose th money. I had a deadline to make. Since I was playing
kickball later tonight. I realized I was feeling pretty drunk when I left. That Mitch knows how to
poor some heavy alcoholic drinks. I got to the fields to warm up. I was feeling dehydrated and I
was looking for water. All I could find was beer. I kinda sucked today, I struggled at kicking. I
was trying to not pop up. So every time I grounded it. I got the person before me out.  Poor
Amanda. We won 12 to 2. Went back to the vfw for a couple drinks. I was so tired. I went to
cub foods to get some chicken for tomorrows bbq. Time to goto sleep.

8-14-07 I spent most of my days, trying to shake off this horrible head ache I have. It jsut
wont go away. I was so hungry today. We had chipotle, and I had tacos. Then I was still full, so
I went to the gas station and got chips, beef jerky and some energy drinks. I don't know why I
decided to let go. I was just hungry damn it. I got home and did some laundry real quick. I
decided to skip on movie night tonight, to watch the puff n stuff and Steamer game. I figured it
would be a good game to watch. I didn't work out at all today. I needed a rest. Plus I got too
much sports stuff to think about the next few days to get me through. Tomorrow I will make a
better effort to get more done. I just feel like I don't have time for anything anymore. With
summer, slowly winding down. I need to do more stuff, like camping and just fun things like
valley fair. i need my excitement of rides. Cause once state fair time hits, valleyfair will have to
wait till next year. I went to the Corner bar tonight. Heather was just hammering me with
questions. It was funny actually. She was in a good mood, which is always a good thing. I got
to see the bridge a bit, since I took 4th street in minneapolis.

8-13-07 I went to cub and got some bread and some sandwich meat. I figured I would make a
sandwich when I get hungry at work. Hopefully it would help control my appetite. Today, I had
the bacon-ator at Wendy's. Well they screwed up and I ordered a spicy chicken. I didn't mind
the difference. I drank alot of water today. I am trying to get rid of that pop and beer I drank all
weekend. Its an experiment, but we shall see how it goes. I am focusing on my bills again. i just
want to b debt free, just like I was when I was 18. I got home today and I wanted to take a
nap. I knew if I napped, I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. I fought it off the best that I could. I
have been spending alot of "me" time at home. For some reason, I don't have things going
through my head. I just watch tv and thats all I think about. Unless someone calls me and gets
me talking to them. Then tony cu relaxing time goes away. My head has been hurting lately. I
laid off the lifting to relax a little. I want to go see some bands this week. i guess I am just in the
mood. I looked outside my window alot tonight. It was just nice to see some strong thunder
storms. I remember just staring at it all day and night. I don't do that anymore.

8-12-07 I got up early again, I went to toys r us at maplewood looking for gifts for my
nephews. I guess the theme as of late has been spending more time with the fam. I gave the
mini van a carwash and cleaning today. I then went to rosedale for lunch today. I wanted a light
lunch, but I ate alot again. I got home and just did some cleaning, spent some bonding time
with my mom today. I don't remember the last time I ate dinner with her at the dinner table. it
was awkward, but I liked it. I meant a bit to me. I went to POV's or volleyball tonight. Since this
is my only sport right now. I was amped up for it. We lost 2 games and won 1. I wanted the
win, but we played well, and the other team just did better. I got home and I was just tired. I
ended up going out to Jimmy's for a bit. It is late night 2 for 1's. How can I say no to that.
Things sure have changed alot in the past 2 weeks. I have been in a great mood. With the busy
sports fall coming soon. I will see if my body will hold up. I hope it does, my stamina is still
getting worse. Atleast I am getting a little physique. Oh funniest thing ever, why does
everybody think I am gay lately. Serious. I like girls and only girls. I know I act girly sometimes,
but geez.  Haha

8-11-07 I woke up early, I couldn't go back to sleep at all. Thats why I hate it when people call
me early in the morning. I am wide awake and can't go back to sleep. I went to go see Rush
Hour 3. It was alright, I guess i was expecting more. I didn't realized the movie was over. It just
seemed like there should have been more too it. Went to TGIF Fridays for some drinks. I wasn't
feeling well all day. I guess it was a good thing, it temporarily stopped me from drinking. Me and
Andy went to the vfw for drinks. I did alright at poker. I made it to the final table. I guess I still
got it. It was really weird, since alot of the folks there havn't seen me in awhile. Everybody was
asking if I just got out of jail? I laughed at first, but then some of them were serious. I disappear
for almost two months and people see the bigger muscles I get out of jail. How rediculous is
that. Oh well, its funny now. I wanted to lay low tonight, but I am just feeling very tired still. It
was really busy for some reason there tonight, I guess it was a retirement party or two people. I
havn't seen it that busy since my bday,

8-10-07 So I freak out today. I was putting on some shorts that I just took out of the dryer.
Then I pulled out my ipod. I figured it wasn't going to work anymore. Then I turned it on and it
was a miracle. I was so happy. I stopped by the mall for some shopping. I have been in the
mood to go shopping for some odd reason. I got home and I was dead tired. I did some
errands to catch up on things. Seems like everything has been going smoothly with alot of
things. I was catching up on some tv shows I missed this winter. I was going to stay in tonight,
just because I was too tired. I ended up going to brunswick zone  for bowling. Since Danielle
had a discount coupon for bowling. So we basically got cheap bowling for two hours. I
struggled a bit, but I showed signs of doing well. My body is too soar to bowl right now.
Afterwards i went home and just wanted to get some sleep in. I was busy watching some lame
tv movie. It was so retarded I just had to watch it. I guess, dumb movies usually catch my eye.
8-9-07 I got up pretty early this morning. I was so tired, but atleast its going to be an action
packed day. My arm still in pain. My leg still hurts, but hey its alright. I went to the Rice and
Arlington fields right after work. We knocked the softball around and I could barely swing, but I
did my best. Then it was switched to kickball practice. I did ok, I was just going half speed, I was
just trying to get my energy back. I felt a little slow anyways, due to the steak I ate before
running around in the hot sun while drinking alcohol. Which isn't a good idea at all. Went to
katies B-day party. It was nice, I always like meeting families. I got to see Emily for the first time
in over a year. I met her boyfriend Rad, he seemed nice. Atleast if my car breaks I know I have
a mechanic I could go too. I have learned alot in the week Katie has been here. I think its made
me a better person. Or atleast I now know what type of person I should go for. I kind of forgot
what I wanted. Anyways, we went to Fridays for late night happy hour. It was fun, but I got
tired. just getting too old.

8-08-07 Since today was my mental holiday of sorts. I was working out and I finally over did it. I
sprained a muscle in my biceps and I pulled a calf muscle in my leg today. I was working extra
hard to push my self and I messed it up. Thats what I guess for working out basically every day
for the past month. I did some laundry and talked to a few people I miss talking to. It sure
brought a smile to my face. I went to North town today to do some shopping. I needed a few
new shirts, and I ended up buying t-shirts instead of buying dressier shirts. I even went to best
buy to buy a cd. when that money was supposed to go towards the dressing nicer fund.
Sometimes, I don't know why I never follow through with things. I was at the book store
looking for cook books. I wanted something fancy and simple. Cooking has been my passion as
of late and it really makes me happy and relaxes me. I went to CR's for a few drinks and to
watch the Twins game. My arm hurts, and I have trouble moving my left leg. Its going to hurt
tomorrow. So far my plan to dumb down my life is going according to plan. I needed change. I
needed to slow down.

8-07-07 Today i was so angry at work, I shut down and decided to just not give  a damn. I
woke up late and called in, but I guess I should have just stayed home. For my efforts of going
in, I got in trouble for it. So next time I am just going to call in sick and stay home. Actually I
have already decided I am going to be sick tomorrow. I am just needed a day off, to recollect
my self. I am tired alot lately, maybe its from working out every day or maybe I am just tired of
it. I went out to lunch at a drive in place today. Its like a mix of A and W and Dairy Queen with a
italian flavor to it. It was in the east side of st paul. Tonight was actually a special night. Katie is
back in town, shes from Alaska. She has gone through so much adversity and always has a
cheerful look on her face. Went out to some bar in columbia heights, not sure what its called,
but it was a small place. Then it was a trip to Fridays for drinks. Aaron made a surprise
appearance, i havn't heard from him since he was working at the vfw. We got a chance to talk.
It was nice that he was doing well.

8-06-07 I woke up so early today. I got to work way to early, even for me. I had to be there
because I had to take pictures of Ceil's office. Since we tin foil everything in sight for her bday. I
was draggin all day. It wasn't from alcohol for once. Actually now that I think about it, I havn't
had a hang over in a very long time. I felt so full for lunch. I think i had 3 lunches today. I
brought steak from home, felt hungry still. So I went to Subway for more lunch. Then their was
some free food laying around, and I can never contain my self. I feel so fat. I got home and did
a light work out. I am sore from lifting so much. I went over to Andy's for dinner, probably best
spaghetti I have had since I could remember. I went home after watching Hell's Kitchen. I was
going to cook some food, but then I realized we are going out to eat for lunch tomorrow. I
guess its a drive in place, like A and W, but better. I was doing some research online for a few
things. I feel like  a private detective, but creepier, j/k haha. Actually I am just looking at airfare. I
am slowly planning my next vacation. Not sure where I am going, but just getting ideas.

8-05-07 woke up and I was feeling a bit energetic. I knew today I wasn't just going to sit home.
I got up early and did some driving. I went to Walmart and got some minor stuff I needed to
pick up. I went to Cheapo, to look for some cd's, didn't really see anything I liked this time
around. I went to the mall to do some shopping. I have been looking into getting some new
pants. but I didn't see anything I liked. I am really picky when it comes to shopping. Everyone
knows that though, I am extremely picky. I went to go watch the Simpsons movie today. I
finally got to see it. I was so excited. I thought it was alright, but I thought it could have been
better. I think the movie just came out 5 years too late. Just my opinion though. I went to
Bunnies in St Louis park for dinner. I had a nice steak dinner, it wasn't the best steak ever, but it
was alright. Then it was off Decoy's in hopkins. Nicole needs to find a job. So thats why that
was one of the stops. Having jobs is nice, keeps people out of trouble. Once again, just my
personal opinion. Drove all the way to Andover for volleyball at POV's. The other team didn't
show up so we scrimmaged the team before us, and we would easily destroy them. I got a
chance to practice on my over hand serving. So at least we got 3 straight wins out of it.

8-04-07 I woke up today and I felt pretty lazy. I did not want to do anything at all. Me and
danielle went to TIES today to do some more stuff to Ceil's office for her bday. It looks great I
will have to take pictures. I got home and played some counter strike. I miss that game,
shooting things and killing people is always fun when it comes to video games. I had to goto my
brothers house to pick up some food. Steaks, yummy... I got home and grilled them, nice
tenderloins, they were so juicy it made me happy. My nephew was asleep by the time I got
there. So I couldn't play with him. Went to Bradys and met up with Becky and Stephanie. Andy
came for a bit too. We then went to Jimmy's for two for ones. Laura met up with us after that.
Shes so funny, I always feel bad, since I don' ever know what to talk about, but we finally got
something to talk about. I got home and I was just tired. It feels like my weekend mirrored last
weekend. Gastov's on Friday, and Saturdays was like a girls night out. So much for trying to
drink less. I will have to work at that during the week.

8-03-07 TGIF, I really needed this paycheck this week. Since we were supposed to get our
raises a month ago. We got our raises and some back pay. I feel rich. I will try not to spend it all
in one night, but history has always shown my self doing that. I finally got to have a Davanni's
hoagie for once. I always get the pizza, but I was feeling a bit adventurous today. I picked up
Bridget and we went to Gastof's for Guppys 30th bday. It was fun seeing old faces and just to
be out and about. Still the same Guppy, with a scruffier look. It was fun, I was tired, too much
german beers for me. Makes me drunk alot faster. Went to Perkins afterwards, needed grub
after all them beers. I am really sore all over. I have put extra emphasis on working out lately.
My tummy wont go away though. I just need to eat less, the drinking doesn't help either. I
need to run more, anything.... The weather has been wonderful as of late. I don't know what
more I could ask for. It just makes me happy.

8-02-07 The roads were a bit different today on 36. Snelling was busier with people taking back
roads. Work was a bit dragging today. I was tired and I hide alot of minor things to do. Went to
taco Johns for lunch. I like eating their potato oles. They are so yummy. My back has been
killing me lately, just feel so much pain out of no where. I went to Kyles going away happy hour
function at The Big ten. Brings back old memories of all the times I got drunk at that place.
Cheap pitchers. i think they were $1.50 back in the day on Tuesdays. It was the closest thing
to college life I ever had. It was nice to see the gang again. I took pictures this time around,
even if they were a bit drunk and out of focus. Went to the Corner bar where Heather was
working. It was dead, but maybe cause their main freeway is closed off. It was a nice night. I
was so worn down and tired. I barely drank at all there. I remember eating peanuts to stay
somewhat sober. I don't think that worked at all.

8-01-07 I went to lifetime today to cancel my lifetime membership. It was well over due. I didn't
even go anymore. So what was the point of me paying about $50 bucks a month for it to just
waste away. Besides, theres all those anytime or snap fitness's all over the place in strip malls,
they are a bit cheaper. It was kind of crazy today. I went to the VFw for some happy hour. I
was going to play poker, but something came up. So I went to Fridays for happy hour and saw
the events on the news. Crazy, how 35w bridge collapsed. I love how the head construction
worker guys said it had nothing to do with minor construction they were doing on it. Bologne,
they were drilling holes on it. I am glad we didn't end up going to The corner bar or who knows
what might have happened. I couldn't get ahold of my dad so I was freaking out. I drove by
the house and he was there, he just wasn't by the phone at all. Went to Stasius to hear the
band. I was tired tonight, just wanted to get the heck out of there. What an interesting day, we
were all over the news. Hopefully everyone you know is safe. God Bless..