Old Journal

8-31-08 A day of many firsts...
I was so tired. I woke up and went over to the dock. Tried my hand at some fishing. Stupid fish
were smarten then me today. They were nibbling away and taking away my bait. I got
frustrated and walked away. We had Sunfish for lunch today. Fresh caught off the dock  of
course. We went over to Donny's. I got to shoot a 12 gauge shot gun for the first time in my
life. Well my first time shooting any gun really. I couldn't hit the clay pigeons in the air. I did how
ever barely graze one. I also got to shoot a rifle through the scope. It's a lot harder then it
looks. I guess playing video games all my life isn't the same thing. We went on the boat again
after that. We went to go play some beach volleyball. We played against some kids. Beat them
no problem. Went back and had pork chops for dinner. From there we went to Christines cabin
, since she was having a bonfire. I was so tired. It was going to be a wonderful night to sleep.
The breeze from the river/lake is just unbelievable. Seriously I was so close to the water I could
cast a fishing pole from my bed.

8-30-08 Tale of two cabins
I really don't know where I come up with these silly titles like above. I woke up and went over to
Andy's from there we picked up Chris and we drove up to McGregor. We were at Christine's
cabin for a bit. My sang bag throwing skills have gone down the crapper for me. I was
struggling. Then we went to Wild Rice days parade. It was weird being the only minority in
town. Then we went to Chad's cabin from there. It was right on the lake. We went on the boat
around Big Sandy lake. We had dinner at Christine's cabin. Got my butt kicked at bean bag
again. Went back to Chad's. We all got on Donny's boat. Travelled to bars on the lake. The last
place I think was called "The Pier". Lots of shots, equals puking in the bathroom. I guess I gotta
leave a part of me in every city. We got back to the Chad's cabin. Played Texas holdem. I got
2nd place. Afterwards we were just flat out drunk. Trying to show our manly side by beating
each other up. Hahaha. I was a bit bruised up. I did get to apply my Cu Chicken wing. I looked
at the clock and realized it was time for bed(4:30am)

8-29-08 State Fair time
Having the day off. It was nice to just  relax a bit. I went to the mall of america today to get
some shopping done. I didn't eat anything for lunch today. I wasn't really hungry for some odd
reason. I figure it would help me stay hungrier at the fair. Erin and I tried to hit up all the new
food stands. Some of them were disappointing. I don't know why I am always so focused on
getting pork chop on a stick. I think my favorite item might have been deep fried spam curds.
Actually thats more of a inside joke. I tested my manliness by playing some games by the rides.
I had a fairly decent outting. I always feel the need to try to win stuff. I thought it was very odd
how everyone kept asking us where stuff was. I guess I had one of those naive moments again.
We went to the hypnotist show in the bazaar. I guess all the people on stage thought there was
celebrities in attendance. Some guy thought I was 50 cent. I had no clue what was going on. I
was full of food. It was another exciting time at the state fair.

8-28-08 Softball rejuvenation
I had such a hard time getting out of bed this morning. I think all the rain and thunder we had
last night. Just made me sleep so comfortably. I know I am not the only one. Seriously, think
about it. When was the last time we had rain and thunder roll through late at night. I gave in
today, I finally had McDonald's for the first time in over 6 months. I was craving a burger and I
couldn't even contain my self. Maybe I am just getting my stomach ready or the fair tomorrow.
After work I went over to the softball fields. We lost 15 to 3 the first game. The 2nd game we
lost 13 to 10. It was actually a competitive game. I screwed up a couple times in the 2nd game.
I was in the outfield. I let the ball roll by me. It is a learning process. I made a few catches. I had
fun tonight, this was a lot better then last week. The girls are doing their job. The guys are
struggling a bit. I popped up a lot. I was so self conscious about striking out from last week. We
went to Majors for $3.58 pitchers. No kidding, it was the price of gas. I guess thats the special.
Mike and I went to the country bar in uptown for Jimmy's birthday afterwards. I was
exhausted. Good thing I have Friday off.

8-27-08 Rainy nights
I am really getting sick of the state fair traffic in the morning. Is it really that important to be at
the fair at around maybe I dunno 8am. I am sure it would be fine. The Fair would still go on. I
had left overs from yesterday for lunch. Since I am trying to be on a budget lately. Its nice to
just eat a healthy wrap. Tonight, Andy, Jenni and I went to the Sasshole game at Fort Snelling.
Jenni brought the little Rudy with. For the first time, the kickball juices didn't flow right through
me. I think my kickball days of competitive kickball are over. I am happy my old team won
though. When I got home. I was trying to think of the last time we had a storm come through
late at night. It felt like forever. Regardless, It was kinda nice sleeping when it was storming.
Made it a bit relaxing for me.

8-26-08 A Manhatten please
I was in quite the chipper mood this morning. I couldn't figure out why my right arm was very
sore. Its not like I had any sports to give it any soreness. Maybe I just slept on it wrong last
night. I havn't had a chance to taste some state fair food yet. I was thinking about going to
walk down by the fair. Once again, I was too lazy. Well today it was more of busy day for me.
After work today I went down town to Manhatten. Which is a restaurant bar on Hennepin. I
met up with Erin and I thought this was pretty good food. It was kind of a small place though. I
thought it would have been bigger, but its basically the size of a small bar. It was tiny, but I
didn't exactly feel the New York charm. Just a lot more Minnesota to tell you the truth. I was so
tired tonight. I just went home and went to bed.

8-25-08 Quiet time
I have been running through some scenarios in my head. I wanted to do soccer this fall. I guess
I didn't plan it so well. I got the players ready to go. I just don't know where to get it started.
CSC sports is just way too expensive. Corner Kick, I can't even figure their website to save my
life. Soccer Blast is too far of a drive, there is no way I am driving to Burnsville. Well I guess I
wouldn't mind doing it. I am sure no one else will. So I guess this means we can do football
again. I just went to Jimmy Johns or some food today. I think I am going to order the wheat
bread from now on. It looks like you get more. I got home today and I was just tired. I tried to
take a nap, but it wasn't happening. I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Other
then that. It was just laziness and sitting in front of the television.

8-24-08 New uncle and aunt
So today I got to meet an uncle and aunt I never knew I had. I guess my dad had another
brother I didn't know about. They were critiquing my grilling abilities. I guess my job was just
satisfactory. I mean its kinda tough when you have beef ribs, chicken and squid on the grill. You
can't just close the grill and call it good. I was getting yelled at about it. I wanted to just throw
my damn chopsticks off the deck and walk away. Of course I swallowed my pride and just kept
on chugging along. Eventually the rest of the family got there. I got to play with my nephews. I
was making a big point to play with my youngest nephew Cameron a bit more. I taught him
Chicken and corn today. I was proud of the little guy. I left for volleyball tonight. We were
playing the 3rd worst team. We lost to them the first game. I was just getting frustrated. We
had the sun in our face, but we weren't prepared for their hitting. We wont he 2nd game easilly.
The 3rd game we won 23 to 21. We almost let that one slip away. Luckilly its the win by two
rule. I went to the Blue fox afterwards to have a couple drinks. I just wanted to relax a bit. Then
I realized how much I have been drinking this whole weekend. Time to lay off again.

8-23-08 Revenge of Dave and Busters
I think I laid motionless in my bed all morning. I was feeling it pretty good. I didn't want to do
anything at all today. I was just going to lay low and do nothing. Well of course I did watch
some Olympics. Most of my day was just recouping. I did leave and go to the local pet store.
Since Andy and Jenni got a new shiatsu puppy. I bought it a little toy to play with. I went to go
get some dinner after that. I knew my schedule was going to be very busy from this point on. I
went to the VFW to waste some time playing cards. After I purposely folded my straights and
flushes and boats. I went to Dave and Busters for Matt's birthday outting. Since I am the self
proclaimed air hockey God. Every one wanted a piece of me. Eventually matt took me down. A
part of me wanted him to win. I am that unselfish when it comes to peoples birthdays. I was so
excited. I love just hanging out there. Its not as scary as Gameworks down town either.

8-22-08 Revenge of the Refuge
Today was very quiet to tell you the truth. Well I was all alone. I was trying to figure out what
to eat for lunch today. I guess pizza hut had to do. I feel like I am eating a lot the past few days.
I have also been working out a lot at the same time. After work today. I met up with Andy and
Lawrence at Fridays in roseville. I think I had like 6 long islands there. I lost count to tell you the
truth. I could have had more. After that I went down to the Refuge. This was our annual trip
down there. I have been begging for this all summer. It seems like this is the place I seem to get
hammered. I have pictures to show it. We went to the Drink for some more drinks and shots. I
was out of it and called it a night and went home. Too much fun for me in one day. It kinda
reminded me of my old days of heavy drinking. I guess I am getting to old for this. Although I
have slowed down dramatically.

8-21-08 Softball dreams shattered
I really hate driving to work when the State air is going on. i can't get into that damn lot. I was
in such a odd mood today. It felt like I was a 13 year old running around and trying to be
annoying. Not sure what made this come out of me. Before Softball tonight I went to happy
hour. Even though Nancy told me not too. I guess, I always seem to want to break the rules. I
guess at Majors on the 21st of every month. Rail drinks are 21 cents. That is so crazy, i was
wondering why it was so packed in there. Tonight at softball, we lost our first game 27 to 5. I
didn't even pay attention to the 2nd game. We probably lost by the same amount. I am sure
we actually got more runs though. The team we were playing was just too good. I hit well, but I
also struck out at my last at bat. I felt my fielding was average again. I just don't know if I am
really having any fun right now. I think the T.O. in me is going to come out eventually when we
get blown out. Mike, Dan and I went to Majors again afterwards for drinks. I really needed one
after tonight.

8-20-08 Chris's bday outting
I made some decisions today. Nothing really too major. I have been really excited with state far
time right around the corner. I am not sure when I am going. I think I will just play it by ear this
year. I was feeling so lazy today I didn't want to leave the office for lunch. So I decided to order
a pizza from Papa Johns. I forgot how much I love their pizza the best out o all the pizza joints.
It was Chris's birthday today. He went and played cards. I decided I was going to go up there
later. I had other things going on at the moment. I was so tired tonight, but I knew I had to go
out. I love birthdays. I don't know why.

8-19-08 Izzys Ice cream
Another wonderful day. Another wonderful day that I am stuck inside that is. I tried to force an
apple down for morning breakfast. I normally don't eat breakfast, so it really just didn't appeal
to my taste buds at all. We went out to eat at Trotters cafe off Marshall today. It wasn't the
best ever, but it was alright at best. Since we were in the area, We went to Izzy's for ice cream.
I didn't realize Bobby Flay did his Show down challenge here. I must have missed that episode.
Ice cream was pretty good. I was impressed. Since I was alone at work all day. I was pretty
tired. I just wanted to lay my head down and goto bed the rest of the night. My internet went
down last night. It was pretty annoying. I am getting very ticked off at having DSL. Since I
work through TIES I get a discount. I am starting to wonder if it is even worth it.

8-18-08 Pushing it to the limit
I tried to take a sip of coffee this morning. It didn't go down to well. Today was just a nice day. I
enjoyed sitting outside. Even though there was people on our deck grilling stuff. We found a
nice shaded area to eat. I ate so slow, I just wanted to enjoy it. I had a good work out today. I
really pushed my self on the running. Its nice to just run and breathe in that lovely Minnesota
air. Afterwards, I did some more jump roping. I think I might have tweaked my ankle a bit. No
worries though, I am just fine. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to push my self. I was trying to
watch more olympics today. I am just glad they are done with swimming. I got kind of tired of
watching it. I was somewhat intrigued my the trampoline event for gymnastics. I have never
seen that before. I made a trip to the grocery store to find some healthier things to make. I am
trying to avoid beef. So I can focus on the other types of protein out there.

8-17-08 Sunday triathlon
I woke up so early this morning. I am not going to lie. It was nice to get up early and just go on
a long drive. I drove down to Maple Plain for Erin's triathlon. I havn't ever been to anything like
this before. So It was quite the experience. She did finish under her goal of 2 hours. I was quite
proud of her. When I was driving home today. I was just starving. I wanted to try out some
new place to eat. Then I realized I better save my money for later this week. More on that later.
I met up with Becky for Fridays for dinner. I havn't seen her or talked to her in weeks.
Afterwards, I went towards Andover to play volleyball  at POV's. I was looking at the standings
and our team is back in first place. I was a bit excited. We won this week due to a forfeit again.
We picked up stragglers to play against. Our serving has improved greatly. I think this will help
us finish the season. This has been a long day, I knew if I took a nap I would be dead tired. Its
going to be a nice night of sleeping tonight.

8-16-08 Another quiet Saturday
I woke up so early today. I really wanted to go biking early this morning. I lost my mental edge
and got lazy. I was doing alot of cleaning today. I finally got an oil change for my car. I went to
Valvoline to get it done. I know its more money, but its just convenient for me. I didn't want
them to hassle me with things to buy. I hate it when they do the whole up sell part. So how do
I counter this sales approach. I lie and say this is my girlfriends mini van and she doesn't take
care of it. Kind of sad, but I wasn't in the mood to be annoyed. Andy and I went to go see
"Tropic Thunder". I liked it, it was hilarious at times. I would give it a "B" for grading. We went to
Grumpys for dinner with Jenni too. I was starving. I think this whole  waking up early has
thrown my hunger out of whack.

8-15-08 TCF flashback
It was nice knowing there would be more money in the old bank account today. For lunch
today. It was back to Dino's. So its now 3 times I have ate there in my life. Two of them came
this week. I didn't know what I was ordering. I just decided to get a falafel. I thought they were
meatballs in the picture. I was definitely wrong. After work today i went to some place called the
Field House. Just the local sports bar in Crystal. I met up with Jason to just catch up on things.
After that we went to Dan's place. I couldn't stay out too late. I was real tired tonight. I think I
have just been warn down from a lot of different things. It was nice to just see three former
TCF employees I used to work with in one night.

8-14-08 A softball debut
I was going to get an oil change this morning. I didn't feel like hearing the hassle from the tires
plus so I didn't end up going there. I just go so annoyed when they try to up sell. Me and
Danielle drove to Dicks Sporting Goods to find the ever so elusive 11 inch softballs. I drove right
to the fields after work. I wanted to work on my throwing. I continue to have issues throwing
the softball. I am not used to gripping it. Our first game we lost 12 to 4. We lost our 2nd game
12 to 4. We have a lot of work to do to get better. We are mostly all very green still when it
comes to having softball experience. I don't know if I was having a lot of fun or not. I wasn't
even hitting the ball to well. I thought I was off there. I know I can hit the ball a lot better then
what I did. It must be the butterflies. I thought my fielding was just ok. I went to Bw3's after
ward with Andy and Jenni. I was just really thirsty.

8-13-08 Olympic coverage
Me and Lauren went to lunch at Dino's today. Kinda funny, I have only ate there twice now
since I have been at TIES. I finally got a chance to watch the Olympics on tv. From all the
swimming events I have been watching on tv. It got me a bit motivated to learn how to swim. I
am sure that will got shot down quick when I realize I have to take adult swim classes. Tonight
has been so relaxing for me. I tried to get some exercise in me. My legs have been very tired as
of late. It must be all the training I have been doing. Its going to be a pretty exciting weekend
for me. I guess I will just have to wait and see how things turn out. You know that feeling when
you reach into your pockets of old clothing and find like a $20 bill. Its like a big thrill. Well that
just happened. I feel like its money that I should save. Its basically my good luck bill. I am sure I
will spend it away right away.

8-12-08 Sip and Sample
I really thought today was going to be all mucky and rainy all day. Good thing I was very
wrong. I went to Target to get a few things today. Nothing fancy. Just a shirt and some food.
Amazing how you can find somewhat tasteful things in the 75% clearance section. After work
today. I went to go pick up Erin and we went to Masa for the Sip N Sample. I have never been
to one of these. So I didn't know what to expect. The food was good, and well I kept getting
more and more wine. I was looking at their menu online. They seem to have a good variety. I
believe one of the people working there told me to get there rib eye steak. Ofcourse thats my
favorite. They had some sauce over it. I for sure will have to try that one of these times. We
went to Psycho Suzies after to hang out and chill. Her friend Shannon and her fiancé went also.
It was fun. It was a nice relaxing night.

8-11-08 Nothing to do
I think if I could pick a day where the weather could stay exactly the same temp. I would say
today is that day. Its not too cold or too hot. I was starving today. I was feeling a lot hungrier
then normal. I think from eating so much this past weekend. I knew tonight I didn't have
anything going on. I just sat at home and did laundry and watched tv. Not really too exciting
when it comes to journal writing. I was doing a lot o research online. I figured since I had time to
just look up a lot of important things I have put aside. I have been looking at traveling
destinations for the past month. Right now, my trip in September has become a reality. So I
need to save up money again.

8-10-08 Voyage home from the North
I tried to sleep in a bit today. I was drinking out of a bottle of patron last night. I really wanted
to just relax and get the hell out of there. Once we hit the road. I was thinking about the whole
weekend. How tired I was, the head aches I kept getting. I have never been this far up north
before. I told Brad I just wanted to get home asap. I didn't want to stop at a casino or
anything. When i got home I was just happy to just be home. I drove up to POV's tonight. Our
opponent for this evening had to forfeit cause they were either recovering from Wefest or they
were late getting back. Regardless we got the 3 to 0 sweep. I was driving home and decided to
stop at the Bluefox for some food. I got the wing sampler. It was actually fun to eat. 5 different
types of wings. I stayed a bit later then I wanted too. It was ok though I had a good time. I was
playing darts with Steve. I have never seen a white horse before. Which is trip 20's, trip 19's
and trip 18's right off the bat.

8-09-08 Cabin fever variations
I woke up this morning and went over to the dock. I was trying to catch some fish right off the
dock. Nothing was really biting at all. But it was fun just siting there and just relaxing while
everyone was still mostly asleep. We rented a pontoon boat and we made a trip out on the
lake. We had 9 of us on the boat. There other part of the group was still resting. My fishing pole
kinda broke. But we only caught a few fish between all of us. I think Lake Vermillion just sucks
for fishing. Mike, Heidi, Cy and I went off to towards Ely. We checked out the mine thing in
Soudan. We went to the International Wolf center. It was cool seeing a white wolf. We walked
around Ely and just checked out the stores. Its kind of set up like WI dells to me. Well like a
small road of it. We ate at Ely Steak house. I was craving food big time. I really enjoyed my
food there. We had bonfire action and more drinking. I wanted to enjoy the rest of my night at
the bonfire. So I did, regardless of what happened up there. I did see a shooting star for the first
time and also the Northern lights. It was cool to me.

8-08-08 Off to Tower, MN
I got up at 5:30 as planned. I was feeling so tired. I was running all over the place trying to find
things. Once we got to the meeting point. We were wondering where Mike and Heidi went. I
guess, Mike had to take Heidi to the hospital. It was a case of food poisoning. So that new pizza
joint in roseville in th strip mall. I would stay clear of it for awhile. Anyways We stopped at a few
different places on the way up. We stopped for breakfast at Hinkley. Lost about $5 bucks
there. Then we made a stop in Cloquet. Alot of small town folk up there. They just kinda stared
at us when we walked in. Once we got there it was  just a relief. I was so tired, I wanted to go
back to bed. The cabin was pretty sweet. I felt so stupid when I asked Heidi if it had electricty.
She was like, "theres a full kitchen what do you think." I felt so dumb. I am quite naive though.
Me and Dan were team mates for Ring toss(polish horseshoes) We won 18 straight for the
evening. Nobody could beat us. I was quite proud of that. After that I was off to the bonfire
and drinks.

8-07-08 Seafood dreams, become reality
I was feeling so tired today. Danielle then said to me. Seafood buffet for tonight. I was so
shocked I didn't know what to do. Knowing that I havn't packed or anything for Fortune bay
yet. Ofcourse, Naturally I said yes. After work we all went down there. It was a bit of a rive. I
guess I better get used to long drives. I lost about $15 bucks I think at the casino. It was totally
worth the $20 bucks for the crab legs. They were a decent size, bigger then chinese places for
sure. I ate so much I think I gained about 5 lbs literally. So much for my eating less diet. When I
was going home. i stopped at Cub Foods. I was so mad, cause I was going to cop out with a
fruit salad that was already made. Ofcourse, they were out of them. I was forced to just buy
the fruit and cut it my self. I know that its a cake walk, but I was running out of time. I mean I
had have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning.

8-06-08 A VFW return
It has been really hard to listen to the radio in the morning lately. It seems like its always the
same thing over and over. They aren't supposed to be repetitive. It feels like its more of a
recycled version of the same thing before. I was full of energy, well for a guy who realistically
had like 5 hours of sleep. It was Heathers birthday today so we went to Chianti grill for lunch. I
have been there so much. I think I have the whole menu memorized by heart. The food is
becoming bland to me. Maybe I am just so used to the flavors. After work today i went to the
White Bear vfw and then to the roseville vfw. I sucked at cards tonight. I got eliminated in like 5
minutes. I was stuck in a hand and I wouldn't let it go. My emotions got the best of me. I didn't
like this one guy and I let my anger take over. I knew he had a better hand. I just couldn't fold.
Point is, I need to work on my emo controls a bit more. So I was playing in the consolation
table. I was sitting by two russians. Well I think thats what they were. I dunno they were Vitaly's
friends. It was so annoying they were speaking there native tongue and I couldn't understand if
they were cheating or making fun of me. Lame-O!

8-05-08 Becoming a softball poser
My face was feeling a bit numb today. I havn't exactly figured out why it does that every 3
months. For lunch today, Danielle and I went to Sports Authority to look at bats. I found a
cheap one I liked. After work, I went to Sports Authority. I guess I get to go there twice today. I
realized I wanted a softball bag. So I could look cool like every one else. I got to practice. I knew
it was going to be a short amount. I just wanted Jamie to get some more hitting in. She did a
amazing job. It was like day and night from last week. I tried to laser her some throws. I think
she will be playing first. My arm was awfully tired. I got home and cleaned up and I was off
again. I went to pick Erin up and we went to Stella's. I got the stuffed steak(stuffed with crab). I
was so disappointed. Steak was fine, although not cooked completely. There was no trace of
crab meat. Mash potatoes were very average. I guess for a place like Stellas, I expected more.
Maybe I have been too spoiled at the Oceanaire. Or maybe I have become more of a picky
eater. I guess we will never know.

8-04-08 Early bird catches the worm
I got up at 6am this morning. For some odd reason I just popped right out of bed. I made a
trip to Cub foods. I was looking for some breakfast to get me by in the morning. I got in just
before 7am. Which ain't too bad. I knew i had lots to do anyways. I was stretching out my
back a little. It felt like I was sitting in that chair all day. I was doing some budgeting. Well
ofcourse it was for my new softball bat. Lawrence helped me pick out some good bats. I just
need to pull the trigger and buy one. I wasn't feeling to good when I got home. I just had a
horrible head ache all of a sudden. Therefor I was unable to get my exercise routine in. I am just
glad I stayed in tonight. I am on course to saving right now. I think with me able to stay in
more. When I do go out. I can live it up more. I think going out every night back in the day
really made me more bland. Since I was more spread out during the week. It just became more
of a chore to just show up.

8-03-08 Volleyball Annihlation
I went to the mall to get some shopping done. I was going to the clearance section everywhere
I went. I had some quiet time walking through the park today. Its alot better then trying these
stupid breathing exercises to calm my thoughts down. All I could think about was volleyball
tonight. I went over to my brothers house to pick up a computer. I played with Cameron for a
bit. He forgot my name. Which was kind sad to me. Guess that means less toys for him for
Xmas. Its not like hes going to remember I bought him a bucket of legos when he was younger.
I went to go buy a couple softballs for practice. I just found the cheapest ones I could get. I got
to POV's. I was focused. I knew we were going to crush the all girl team. I got distracted by the
one girl on the  other team ofcourse. Regardless. We won 20 to 0 the first game. Took it easy
on them and crushed them still the rest of the way. They were so bad, when i served I
purposely tried to screw up. Oh well, I am happy we got the sweep tonight. We sure needed it
after last weeks thrashing.

8-02-08 Quiet Saturday!!
Today I spent most of the day just relaxing. I have been very tired from getting into work
early. So I guess its nice to just sleep in a little. With my alcohol consumption cut down in half. I
feel a bit lighter right now. I was going to go watch a movie but some other things came up. I
really made a big effort to save money this weekend. I was writing down a list of things I
needed. A new pair of running shoes. I was thinking about getting the Nike Shox. We shall see if
I get it or not. Its only around $140. I went tot he VFW. I figured I could waste some time
before I head over to Mike and Heidi's house. I was willing to dominate tonight. Only to get
ousted in the early 15 minutes. I went over there and it was kind of fun. Just hanging out. I was
being a baby and was looking for the bug spray immediately. For some reason I have been
craving steak lately. I think Fogo De Chao is in my future. Anyone want to come with? Haha
maybe I can bring my future girlfriend there. I guess I am fully committed to being available
again. What ever that means.

8-01-08 Yeah for Pay DAY!!!
Notice how I am putting titles of the day in front of my journals now. I know, such a rip off  
from livejournal and Google blogs. It was nice to just know there was money in the old checking
account today. I was running low on funds this week. Due to bills and just spending way to
much of my money. For lunch today, I ate my Chipotle burrito faster then well the way I spend
my money typically. I went over to Happy hour at Ol mexico for Ricks rule of 90. For those of
you who don't have this. Which most of you shouldn't cause we are very young. Its how
many years you have worked and how old you are and if it adds up to 90 you can retire early.
I am sure I butchered it somehow. I just don't pay much attention when it comes to this type
of stuff. Afterwards I met up with Brynn and we went around White bear lake. I was so tired
when I got home. Joe called and wanted to go out. I couldn't say no, since Joe was going
through some family illness stuff. I would have gone out anyways regardless. We went to 7
Corners. Started off at The Corner Bar and then to Bullwinkles. I drank slowly tonight. Well the
place was full of bridge construction workers. They were a bunch of drunks. I wouldn't drive
over that bridge after it opens for awhile.
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