Old Journals

8-31-09 Injured on Monday night
Tonight we lost 2 games and won one game this week. I got injured during the 2nd game.
Me and Heidi collided and her knee went right into my quad. I actually bounced off. I was
in a lot of pain. It actually got stiff. I was unable to jump or move after that. Ofcourse I
kept playing but I was not mobile. We lost 25 to 27 and 24 to 22. It was frustrating for
me tonight. We tried, but we shot our selves in the foot tonight.

8-30-09 Sunday domination
I went to go see District 9 today. I was very intrigued by this movie from the get go.
When I finally saw the movie. I realzied it was a lot different then what I expected. The
story was weird and the way it was shown to us was different then normal. I enjoyed it

Tonight at volleyball we won all 3 games. It sounded like some games didn't get played. I
hope we don't run into one of those teams.

8-29-09 State Fair
I purposely didn't eat anything during lunch so that I could enjoy all the fair food tonight.
I had Cheese curds, fry dog, deep fried oreo, chocolate covered bacon, deep fried
alligator, deep fried banana split, deep fried green beans, spaghetti meatballs on a stick,
deep fried seafood thingy, spam hot dog, and polish sausage.

I went over to Dan's for his end of summer party. I didn't stay too long. I was tired from
the Fair.

8-28-09 Dipso showdown
It was so busy today at work. I was just flying all over the place. I was needed every
where. I had no where to hide at all. I was just so busy. No matter what I do. More things
just get thrown on my lap. I am tired damn it.

At kickball tonight we lost 10 to 4.  Which is a win in my eyes. I struggled bit time kicking.
I popped up all 3 times. Not sure why, but Russ was pitching it pretty fast. I was slow at
doing my thing. We went to the Sports page after and they have just remodeled the
place. It looks a bit nicer in there. It was off to Shamrocks after that. I saw Joe Mauer.
I always wwanted to tell him I was a better athlete then him, but I didn't do it.

8-27-09 Time to unwind
After a busy day at work for me. It took me awhile to get out of the TIES parking lot. I
hate getting stuck there with all this fair traffic. I was late dropping off Mike and
Heidi's computer.

I got home and just sat back and did some laundry. I have been feeling burnt out and
tired. I did everything I could to just relax. I had the urge to go out later tonight, but
luckily I had no one to go with. Thats actually a good thing.

8-26-09 Twins game
It feels like every time I goto a Twins game they end up losing. If I did my math right. I
am 2 for 8 when it comes to watching the Twins play. They were plying a losing Orioles
club. Somehow they lost.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. I am wondering why my body is so tired as of
late. It has been so hard for me to wake up. Maybe its the depression that summer is
almost over. Or maybe its State Fair time and its a pain in the ass to get out of my
parking lot at work.

8-25-09 Our first loss
I didn't know what to expect from the other undefeated team. I just knew it was going
to be a very good game. The other team shot out the gates with a 3 to 0 lead. We tied it
up after that. They won 4 to 3. We made some mistakes, but we should have rebounded.
Well we will play them again. We will just have to beat the other teams for now.

8-24-09 1 and 2
Tonight at volleyball we won one game and lost two. This is the first time we have been on
the losing end this week. Not sure what happened, but its the same thing that gets us
every week. Is it my fault. Maybe, I was taking a bit of speed off my game this week. I
am trying to just take it easy.

8-23-09 Extra games
I had dinner with Erin at Quang Deli in Minneapolis. I havn't been  there in years. It was
pretty good. I was trying to eat healthy, so I got the salad. I forgot how many traditional
vietnamese dishes there are.

Tonight at volleyball we won all 3 games. Let me flash back an hour before our game and I
got to sub for a team to play some extra games. I was so tired. My body was just not
used too it at all. I was definitely tired.

8-22-09 Dodgeball rating down
I drove out to Hopkins last minute or some dodge ball action today. I wanted to see how I
was going to do at this weighing about 7 pounds less. Well I was a bit sad. I felt I lost a
little power in my arm. I was frustrated. Moving around I felt great. Just mad I couldn't
whip it at the velocity I wanted. Oh well, what to do. I guess I could gain my weight back.

8-21-09 Kickball dreams
We lost 19 to 0 tonight. My team is heavily inexperienced and well it looks like we won't
win a game this year. I did everything I could to help. It wasn't enough. Not my a long
shot. We went to David Fongs after. The Sports page was closed for remodeling. I don't
even understand why they would even bother remodeling that place.

8-20-09 Osaka
Tonight was a fun filled night. For Chris's birthday. Well too bad Chris wasn't there. WE
went to Osaka. Which is basically another Benihana wannabe type of place. The food was
fine, but they sure added more of their own flare I would say. It made for an interesting
dinner. Suji-Ya should be sad that they are other places more fancy. We went to Pov's for
a few drinks.

8-19-09 Wednesday fun day
After work today I went over to Andy and Jennys. Then we decide to go get a drink. I
figured why not stop at the local Vfw. The place I spent so much time the past 4 years. It
was fun, the new bartender carded me. What a loser. Anyways, it was fun seeing old faces
and what not. I was tired, but I was a nice outting for me. I just feel so tired all the
time. Its not like I am doing much. I think its all the mental stuff going on.

8-18-09 Tired
I woke up real tired this morning. I feel my body is getting a bit tired. Its starting to
get a bit beaten up from all the sports I did this spring/summer. I guess I just need to
take it down a notch. Luckily I have been trying to be easy on my body as of late. Well
atleast eating healthier food.

Tonight at kickball we won again. This team sucks so bad I don't even know how they could
lose. We were at full strength with 7 girls and 5 guys. I didn't care too much making it
even. I figure I had more girls that wanted to play. We won 11 to 1 Regardless. Teams
look at us like an all star team. I laugh at them.

8-17-09 Playing with little intensity
With my blood pressure so high(148/112) these days. I needed to not get so mad at little
things. Tonight at volleyball. I tried my best to just not care as much, but try my best. I
did a fairly good job of it I thought. We won the first two games and lost the last one.
They were a team we could have and should have beaten. Oh well, it was a nice night and
was good to run around a bit.

8-16-09 New phone era
I had brunch with Erin today. We went to Stabby's Cafe. Which is my new favorite place
to eat brunch. I had an awesome omelet. Even though we had to wait awhile for our food.
It was worth the wait.

I was forced to go back to an old phone I had. Unfortunately it was running low on battery
and I had no battery charger for it. So I went to search for one. I failed miserably. it
was for a pantech phone.

8-15-09 House offer, accepted
Today I found out my offer got accepted on the house. I was pretty excited. I ended up
going on Lake Minnetonka today. I was pushing the boat off shore and there was a big drop
off. My iphone got wet and it was basically done after that.

I went to Casey's party tonight. I really didn't drink too much. I was pretty tired and
worn out from this week. I have been trying to take it easy lately. Its all part of the new

8-14-09 10 Year Reunion
I was nervous today for my ten year reunion. I just didn't know what to expect. Walking
up to the boat I had some major butterflies. I was glad I ended up going. To see all the
old faces and people who you didn't even talk too. It was a good time regardless. I was
glad I was able to be apart of it. Maybe next time around more people from our class will

8-13-09 Night out
I had dinner with Jamie and Chris at Bennigans. It was fun just to hang out. Since we used
to do it all the time. We went to POV's for some drinks. I am happy I was able to spend
time with them. They do mean lots to me. I guess I am just trying to go back to my roots.
Funny how things have hanged and we have grown up.

8-12-09 New car!
As I left my home today. I emptied out the mini van. I was going to trade it in for cash
for clunkers. I had a lot of gas in it. So I was trying to waste it all, by flooring it. I had a
lot of good memories in this van. I knew it was time for it to go.

I got to the dealership and the guy was kind of weird. He was pretty easy to get along
with. It made me feel comfortable. 3 hours later. I drove off the lot with a new 2009
Hyundai accent with only 7 miles on it.

8-11-09 ZG kickball returns
After a year absence. We made our return to kickball. We figured we would give a bar
league a shot. We all wanted to be able to drink during games. This was a perfect option.
We won 10 to 0. According to my score book, but who was even paying attention. It was a
lot more fun for me. Not having to do lineups. I decided to go with 7 girls and 5 guys.
Figured it was for fun and no competitive team was needed.

I have a big decision to make tomorrow. We shall see if it ends up going through or not.
Will have to wait and see if I pull the trigger. This is something I have been waiting for
all my life.

8-10-09 Volleyball push
I got there a bit early tonight. Me and Shannon just sat around and talked before our
game. It was good catch up time. Tonight we lost our first game, it was a very good game.
I felt we played our best and we had that team on the ropes. We won our next two easily.
As of right now we are tied for 2nd place. I look forward to taking that 1st place spot. I
played at ease today and not letting anything frustrate me. I have decided its just all for
fun now.

8-09-09 Xbox me
Since I have been doing such a  good job saving money. I decided to buy an Xbox 360. I
figured this would help me stay in more and I can let that inner gamer in me out. I used to
stay home and play video games all the time. Well I havn't had a console since the
playstation 2. It was time for me to get it. especially with Madden 2010 coming out. Also
with Final Fantasy 13 coming out early 2010 sometime.

We won tonight all 3 of our games. Our opponents didn't even show. Luckily we got some
people to play us. We have a lot of fun playing for fun. I got a nice work out in. We shall
see how we finish next week.

8-08-09 Recovery
I was upset I was unable to make it to Keiths wedding today. I just wasn't healthy enough
to make it. It makes me so mad. I just feel all my life I have had very bad timing. When it
comes to anything. I hope someday day timing may just end up just right. Maybe then I can
be sure of things.

I spent a lot of time in bed today. It gave me a chance to reflect on ho careless I have
been lately. With my blood pressure high and cholesterol out of whack. I need to eat a lot
healthier and not get so mad. I have been a ticking time bomb of sorts. I just need to be
calm somehow. My health is in question.

8-07-09 Food poisoning
It was around lunch time. Mike just got back from his little vacation and we decked out
his desk in sand. I asked him what he wanted to do for lunch. He requested Mavericks. As
we all waited for everyone to get ready to go. I was feeling a lot of abdominal pain. It was
too much for me to handle. I had to sit down. i was wondering where this was coming from.
I havn't had anything this painful since. Well last time I had food poisoning. I went home
and did my normal bathroom procedures. It was coming out of all angles. I felt tired and I
went to bed. I woke up sweating. Not a good night at all.

8-06-09 Return to the seafood buffet
All day I sat at my desk wondering when I was going to be able to eat crab legs again. We
have had this planned for about a month. I just couldn't hardly wait. The line wasn't too
bad, actually we just walked right in. I ate as much as I could. I loved it more then
anything. I spent $20 around the casino. I just wasn't gonna win. I tried my best.

8-05-09 Hiding back
I spent most of today working away. I was so busy it was more overwhelming then I
thought. I have been having a hard time this week balancing everything out. No matter
what I do. I just feel its not enough. I decided I stopped caring so much. Its not the fact
that I am not caring. I just don't have it in me. I know that makes no sense, but if you
know me it does.

8-04-09 Bye bye cyst
I went in to my Health East clinic today. They brought me right into the room to remove
cysts. I was not expecting them to do it right away. They gave me options and I decided
to just get it done. I was told it would be painful since the cyst doesn't get too numbed I
guess. I forgot what it is like to feel needles going through the top of your head. Brought
me back to 1999 when I got in that car accident, that required the same needles.
Anyways 40 minutes later. I had a huge bandage on my head. My Dr is great and she real,
and not fake to me. It feels like talking to a regular person or friend. I hate it when I
don't know them you know. I guess this is why I drive out to Oakdale.

8-03-09 Living with regret part 2
I came ready into work. I knew I had more on my plate then I can handle. Yes I admit, I
can't handle what I am doing right now. Its just too much. I am bound to make mistakes. I
work so hard to get so much done. I know people joke and don't think I do much, but I
really do. I just don't know how much fuel I have left in the tank. I worked till 6:30pm

I scheduled my doctors appointment for tomorrow. I have this large cyst growing in the
back of my head. Its getting bigger and bigger. I can't handle it anymore. Its becoming
painful. I guess I don't know why I am having this, but who knows with all the meds I am

Tonight at volleyball we won 2 games and lost one. The same pattern as the past two
weeks. I feel I havn't pulled my weight. I feel I havn't played that perfect game on
Mondays. Tonight. I didn't even dive. I guess I am having a hard time adjusting. With so
much going on in my life. I don't know what I am doing anymore.

8-02-09 Living with regret
I woke up this morning and picked my dad up. I was already in Richfield so it wasn't too
bad picking him up at 6am. Ok I lied, it sucked ass getting about less then an hour of
sleep. I somehow drove home and we made it in one piece. I think he knew I was up late. I
was swerving a little. I ended up sleeping till 2pm. Gosh I havnt done that in years.

Tonight at volleyball, I was being aggressive. The team we played against didn't show. So
we played a team that volunteered to play us. We beat them easilly but still. We were
drinking on the side and some team we never seen before walked in. I guess they play on
Wednesdays typically. We challenged them to a game. They are 2nd best on Wednesday
and we are 2nd best on Sunday. We had a very close game, but we pulled it off. I was
swinging hard when I spiked. Gave me some confindence.

8-01-09 Reckless
I went to dodgeball for the first time in a long time. I had some extra time and i felt it
would be nice to make my return. Even if it was just one night only. I had my moments,
but I took too many of my meds and I was not feeling good. I was tired and threw up in
the bathroom.

Tonight, was just hectic. Me and Erika went to Little Canadian days. I was craving food so
bad. It wasn't the most amazing food, but it was my home town growing up. Uncle chunk
was playing and I do love their covers.