Old Journals

08-31-10 State Fair
I finally had my chance to indulge in greasy food. Erika and I got there around 4pm to
enjoy the great MN get together. We had fish tacos, cheese curds, camel, gator, cookies,
milk, I am sure I am forgetting stuff in there. I just can't remember. It was yummy
though. Well except the deep fried camel. That was pretty gross. It was fun just walking
around. I made Erika go in the haunted house. I guess its more exciting after having a few
drinks. We met up with Chad and Danielle later on. We ended up leaving the fair around
11pm I would say. It was fun, I really had a good time.

08-30-10 A bite
I got someone to bite on my craigslist ad about those tires. I was quite excited. I didn't
know what to expect to be honest. Were going to meet Wednesday night and see i he
wants them. We agreed to $60 so hopefully he doesn't short change me when he gets

We won at kickball tonight. It wasn't pretty but we had to go into extra innings playing a
man or girl short already during the game. We had 6 girls and 4 guys. We managed to get
the 6 to 5 win though.

08-29-10 Afraid of the heat
I was afraid of dealing with the humidity today. Its not like it was really bad or anything.
I just didn't want to deal with it at all. I stayed in, and found reasons to not go out side
at all.

I did attempt to leave the house. I figured it was Sunday night and I had a chance to stay
out late and not have to worry about getting to work. So I decided to goto the Blu fox and
get a few drinks.

08-28-10 Kobe time
I picked up Kobe from shakopee today. I figured I havn't seen him in awhile. Plus my
sister was in a wedding all day today and she needed someone to watch him. We made
home made pizzas and I basically let him play video games all night.

Chad and Danielle came over and we just watched th Vikings game. It was nice to see
Brett Favre zinging passes all over.

08-27-10 Friday fun
As I put those bright yellow socks on one more time. I had flashes of the days I used to
wear socks for kickball. It was during those Sasshole years when i was supposed to be at
my best. I batted over 700 every time. I realized I am no longer that guy trying to get
on base every time. I have been converted to swing away.

We tied in our game tonight. We should have won. We just didn't want it enough. I
struggles with my cleats tonight. I kept popping up every time.

08-26-10 Early bed time
We lost both of our games at softball tonight. We put up a good fight, even though we had
3 subs for our 3 girls tonight. Our bats havn't exactly been hot this year. Everyone is
struggling a bit. We did make some awesome plays on defense today.

I got home and showered. I had to clean all the cuts and cherries on my body. I had a face
first dive to 2nd base that left me bleeding. My shirt and shorts were covered with
blood. I fell asleep early.  It was time to goto sleep. Night night at 10:30pm.

08-25-10 Angry
I don't know why. I was full of emotion today. I was happy one second and angry the next.
Every little thing affected me. It still bugs me I didn't get a promotion and when my boss
jokingly asked me if I was going to do that conference. I got all angry again. Then the
next minute I am all full of joy again. Must be the weather change. I have no clue.

08-24-10 Taco night
No one could make it to taco night. So I decide to make my recipe anyways. It has been
postponed till next week. I added some things to make it taste yummy. Not sure why, but
it was real good. I had Andy eat some and he enjoyed it also.

Looking at my funds. This month overall will just be a bit tough. Still low in cash, but not
as bad as last week. Still just climbing out of that hole.

08-23-10 Day of sunshine
After work today I went to go stop by at my parents house. Nobody was home, but I was
scrounging for food. I failed in that effort.

I made a stop over to Saks to watch some volleyball action. It was a fine night to be
outside in the sun. I really enjoyed it.

I went over to kickball and we won our opening night at rice and arlington. I think we won
6 to 0. I played pretty well. I threw a nice little rainbow to 2nd. I basically did not play
3rd the rest of the game. I was just guiding it there. I didn't know which girl was at 2nd.

08-22-10 Chris surprise bday
Today we planned a bday party for Chris. Nothing fancy, just a surprise bbq. I got him to
come over and pretend to sell some tires. I think he figured it out when he saw all of his
friends cars in the parking lot. I was just glad he didn't pull away.

We won tonight at volleyball. We finished 3rd place. Which was really nice. I felt we could
beat those tough teams, but we are not ready yet. Watching the two teams duke it out. I
watched good team work and everyone was responsible for mistakes. Thats what makes a
tough team. Not just good spikers, but mistake free volleyball.

08-21-10 Shawn/Joy reception
Me and Erika went to their reception at the park. It was fun to just hang out. It wasn't a
wedding feel at all. More of a bbq and good luck. Basically, it was nice to relax, I feel I
have been on the go so much again.

Me and Erika tried the ghost wing challenge at Girvon grille. We attempted 5 each. I was
only able t eat three. She was able to eat the 5. I was hiccuping the whole time. I feel I
should have been able to do the five. I was weak. I failed for sure. This was easily the
toughest spice I have ever tried.

08-20-10 Practice/Scrimmage
After work today I just went straight to Caseys. I figured I would help her clean.
Especially Erika's bathroom.  I basically removed all the make up and threw it in a bag
under the sink. I don't think I have ever seen it so clean. I had to take a shower after I
was done. I felt so gross Haha.

Our scrimmage against the other team was alright. I feel player for player we got the
upper hand. Its their new free agents I am worries about. Honestly, our team doesn't
match up to theirs. We will need a great performance to beat them. I have beaten the
tough teams. I am a legend killer.

08-19-10 Another double loss
We lost again tonight. No longer can we just get by on sheer talent alone. Now we must
work together and trust each other. You know to become a complete softball team. We
were struggling with the new bat. I think every one was trying to drill it out. I made a
costly mistake in the outfield. The ball just bounced out of my glove. Frustrating, but
thats what I get for using a $30 glove.

08-18-10 I eat alone
Today at work, was just not my day. Things from the past month or two were just all my
fault. Noting was going right for me today. I guess I am starting to not care as much. I
have too much work with no promotion. My morale just isn't what it used to be.

What does that title mean. Well, basically it means I just eat a lot when I am all alone at
home. I had a huge hunger issue when I got home tonight. I am not sure why. I made food
over and over to get my craving in.

08-17-10 Wrestling
I have been watching wrestling quote a bit again. They seem to have some new fresh
story lines and they are pushing the younger guys. Which makes it fresh or me. Wrestling
was a big part of my life when I was younger. I yearned to be big and muscular.

I am having troubles sleeping at night. I have become quite the night owl. I think I have a
tendency to let little things creep in my head. I guess growing up. Failure was not an
option. It was always so much pressure. Right now, money is in short supply. I lean on pay
check to pay check more and more.

08-16-10 Subbing
I was planning to go home and do some laundry when Andy called. He needed a sub for his
Monday team. I was a bit unsure, since I didn't have my glove. I just used Andy Hansens.
I did ok for subbing. I wish I would have hit a bit better. I didn't feel comfortable using
their bats for some reason. We won 2 games tonight. Thats always a good sign.

I got home and had fried rice. I have so much of it. I need help eating all of it. I guess I
have lunch for the rest of the week.

08-15-10 Vball playoffs
We had fried fish for lunch. Basically the fish caught off the dock yesterday. It was
actually kinda nice. It felt like September for some reason outside. It was cooler and
breezy. It was time to head home.

Tonight we played against the best team in the 2nd round of playoffs. We lost the first
one and we won the 2nd game. Due to a lot of controversy. We stole it from them and I
didn't admit too it hitting the line. I just moved like I was rotating. The other team was
pissed, but oh well. We lost the 3rd game. The other team just had way better serving
then we did.

I went out to eat with Erin. We went to Edina somewhere and ate at the malt shop. She
had a groupon. What ever the F that is. Well it saved us 20 bucks so I can't complain.
Food was alright.

08-14-10 Comfort breeze
Woke up and I was feeling pretty crappy. Although I love the breeze coming in my window
from the lake.  My hang over was not treating me well. We had lasagna for lunch and we
just hung out for awhile. Then it was off on the lake again and we went to a sand bar and
set up volleyball nets in the water. Which I thought was pretty fun. We got back and ate
food. I took a nice little nap. I was just exhausted. They woke me up y playing poker. Ray,
Chad and I won the tournaments. Then it was off to the bars on the boat again. The last
stop was at Zorbuz and I was just drunk. I couldn't drink anymore.

08-13-10 Up Norf
I got off work and made my trip up north. I picked up Chris in Oak Grove and we were on
65 north heading north. It was our annual trip up. We were pretty excited. We got there
and did some pre drinking int he cabin. We took the boat out and cruised around. Stopped
at a few bars on the lake. We were actually trying to find some bar, but I think we were
in some bodies dock and yard. Those steep dark stairs were rough and I stubbed my toe.
It was bleeding, but it was drunk fun and I didn't mind.

08-12-10 Softball begins
I ate at Baja Sol today. I don't know why their fish tacos taste so good there. I want to
copy there recipe. I will have to make my own, that taste just as good or better

We played our first double header of the season. With out any practice we lost 6 to 18 I
believe. They were pretty good and we just didn't seem comfortable at all out there. The
2nd game we lost 9 to 4. We just couldn't score runs. I blame that on not having a
practice. Shows we cant just show up and win anymore.

08-11-10 Starcraft 2 wins
I went to rainbow today to get food. Danielle got the soup and wrap. I decided to get
risky with the deep fried chicken. I also got a salad to make my self feel better about it.
The guy put both chicken pieces in one bag and put labels on opposite sides. Naturally I
just had the one side rang up. Yes I stole chicken.

I finally started to win games online last night. I actually won a few games to be exact. I
am slowly getting better. At using other peoples tactics. My old school ways no longer

08-10-10 Driving in the rain
I told Erika i wanted to go out tonight. We decided to goto the Legion for cheap stiff
drinks. I knew it was raining, but I had no idea it was a frickin crazy storm. I have driven
in lots of tough rain storms in my day. I have never dealt with such a crazy storm like
that. People were parked on the side of the road. Of course, I was way to stubbornt o do

Once we got to the Legion. Mindy and Kelli were there. It was fun just kinda hanging out
there for awhile.  I had a good time, its not like I come by much anymore.

08-09-10 Lasagna
I decided to goto Target and buy some lasagna. I was way too lazy to make my own. i was
going to buy the Stouffers brand. Isntead I got the Target brand. Since, everything
Target brand has done me real well as of late. Being the idiot that I am. I didn't bother
to read it takes 2 and a half hours in the oven to cook. Big fail on my part. I was starving.
I ended up just cutting a small chunk and microwaving it.

08-08-10 Rain rain rain
My beef sew turned out pretty good today. It is a asian version of it. Which my mom used
to make. It was pretty good. I really like how it turned out. I made it late last night and I
let it cook all night.

At volleyball tonight it was our first play off game. We played a pretty weak team and we
advanced. We also played through the heavy rain. I was hoping to play against a good team
in the rain. We would have easily beaten a top tier team.

08-07-10 Headache
I retouched up the kitchen today. It was n eye sore having a little white area near the
top. I got lazy and left the tape on there. It made things pretty ugly. So I toughed it up

I was going to go out tonight, but I had this massive head ache. In the past I have gone
out regardless, but since I am older. I figure I should take it easy. I am broke anyways,
so I should save my money.

08-06-10 Position
I had happy hour with Annie after work today. We went to Sweeneys. I know she likes to
sit on the patio. I got cheap beers. Summits beers for $2.50. It was nice catching up with
Annie. I realized how public my life is. I don't hold nothing back.

I got home and did more laundry and cleaning. I still need to touch up certain spots in the
kitchen. I wasn't in the mood to do it. So I played video games for awhile.

08-05-10 Crab legs
I love crab legs so much. I am able to eat 8 clusters with out any problems. We went
down Treasure Island for the seafood buffet. It was so good. I don't even eat anything
for a couple reasons. A. Everything else just sucks. B. Its all about the crab legs.

I did some pondering on my drive there and back. I feel July was a tough month for me. I
was mentally beaten and I just felt it wasn't my best month. With girl drama, money
issues and just wondering what I am supposed to be doing. I was hit hard by it.

08-04-10 It hit me
What if I had done things differently all these years. Not go drinking so much and all. I
wonder what it would have been like. Saving money, Fulfilling my dreams of seeing
everything. Its not like I enjoy partying that much anymore. I don't even seem like I am
that interested that much. I realize I have lived 1/3 of my life now. I know time is
running out. I guess this is my mid life crisis. I want so much more.

08-03-10 America's got talent
I was watching this show tonight. I have a huge  empty void for having a show to watch all
the time. I tried to get into it, but I wasn't overly impressed with anything. I guess I will
have  to wait and see what gets my attention.

I iced my shoulder tonight. Its not feeling that healed yet. With Brett Favre retiring, I
was also asked about kickball Friday nights. Which Tony Cu should stayed retired.

08-02-10 Restaurant week
Me and Erin went to Saffron down town Minneapolis. I guess the chef there. Competed on
Iron Chef America. Which is pretty cool. The food was pretty good. I would say it would
be a good place for a date.

I was so tired tonight. I went from subbing volleyball last minute. Too going over to
Erikas to just falling asleep there. My body is still telling me to slow down. I havn't had
the time.

08-01-10 The ride home
I was  extremely tired this morning. I couldn't sleep all night. I keep hearing things.
Whether it was the light rain or kids in the morning or Erika coughing up a lung. I just
couldn't sleep. We stopped a McDonalds to get some food. I think we inhaled it.

I got Starcraft 2 today at best buy in richfield. Since Erika lost her keys in Cross lake. i
had to drive her home. Good thing Shannon and Chaz went to the main desk and the ranger
found it on the beach.

We lost 2 games at volleyball tonight and won 1. I was sluggish but I we did good with
what we had.