08-31-2011 Steamers return to week nights
We played Dollz and Ballz. They are a tough team, well they beat the greasy cooters
int he spring tournament. We beat them 7 to 6. It was a thriller finish and we stopped
them from coming back and beating us. Everyone was in good spirits.

08-30-2011 Stress
Thingshave been very stressful lately. It just seems like there is always something on
my plate. I can't remember the last time. It was an easy thing or something I don't
have control over.

08-29-2011 Sad days
Watching Andy slowly move out. It was kinda sad to me. It was a good run and it was
nice having him around. Since, I knew him so well. I guess the next few days will be
pretty lonely for me. I guess I should have one last dinner with him before he leaves
on the 1st of September.

08-28-2011 State Fair round 2
I convinced Erika to goto the Fair today again. This time we had more time to just
spend the day there. The chocolate covered jalepenos were so bad. It was gross. We
had fun walking around and just taking it easy. We tried to have a budget to make
things easier and cheaper. I thought it worked out, we didn't buy random stupid things.

08-27-2011 Lame day
I was so tired tonight. I just felt it was a good night for me to kick back and relax. I
have been watching the original star wars as of late. Just to freshen things up. I have
never fully watched the series. Just seen bits and pieces over and over. That was my
goal tonight.

08-26-2011 Fall kickball
We lost our first game to the Maniacs. I thought we played well, but our offense
couldn't get going. I struggled with one throw. It seems every time I try to guide the
ball I lose it. I am just used to throwing it hard. I made my adjustment. Kicking, I
could do better I look to improve with the cleats. I just don't feel comfortable with
them yet.

08-25-2011 Softball
I don't really like to bash people, but I get tired of antics by people. Tonight was one
of those nights I didn't feel like hearing it. Thing is, I just don't care anymore and I
am not going to make sure everyone is happy anymore. Tonight, softball landscape has

08-24-2011 Dodgeballin it
My arm was ready to go. My stamina, well thats another story. I have been getting
slightly better with my stamina. Although its tough to push through. I am so out of
breath. I am going down to one knee a lot. My stomach hurt and I felt I was going to
throw up. I took it easy from there.

08-23-2011 Laundry day
Not really too exciting. I was just being lazy today. I wanted to do all my laundry I
had waiting around. I have  been so tired, I just need some sleep. Yes, that sure does
sound goo.d Of course I was unable to tonight. As I toss and turn.

08-22-2011 Ashley day
I picked Ashley up and we went to Bread and Chocolate. She was so excited to go
there. we then went to downtown Minneapolis to do some shopping and to just hang out.
We made a stop at brits for some scottish eggs.  We went to PoV's to meet up with
Chris. It was a long day of fun. I was pretty tired. It was fun to be around her again.

08-21-2011 Vball
Tonight was our championship game against the 2nd seeded team. We were up against 4
guys and 2 girls. We were basically playing a mens team. I didn't play my best at all. I
question if my heart was in it. We lost and I felt we should have won.

08-20-2011 Dan and Ann wedding
My new potential room mate came over this morning. I didn't now what exactly to
expect from her. She was pretty cool. She was 24, but I felt she would be a good fit
with my personality.

Dan and Anns wedding was tonight. It was a lot of fun, but it was surely a
drunkenfest. We had fun and we drank so much. Erika threw up. Guess that means time
to go home.

08-19-2011 Friday fun
We went over to Christines house for Cars wedding shower. I didn't know what to get
her. So I asked her what she needed for her lawn. Since it was an outdoor lawn theme.
So I went with a bird feeder.

08-18-2011 Softball week 2
we won the first game. We scored 24 runs on them. The 2nd game we ended up losing,
which was not supposed to happen. Guess we were happy with our first win. I was tired
and didn't feel like going out afterwards.

08-17-2011 Work out
I had happy hour with Andy to catch up on things today. It was nice to catch up. I have
been meaning to do it for awhile. Timing just worked great that day.

I went and played dodgeball to get back into shape. It was really hard, but I think i am
finally getting back int he swing of things.

08-16-2011 Not feeling good
I didn't feel good today. So I stayed home and did my work. It was nice for me to just
relax and just hang out.

I decided the new russian girl, wasn't the best idea. I decided she wasn't going to be
the one to move in.

08-15-2011 New roomie interviews
Today I had someone come over and look at the house. I think she liked it. Her name
was Olga. Kinda weird for me. But hey she was nice and thats all I care about. She
moves in September. She seems very nice and very clean.

08-14-2011 What to do
I really didn't feel like doing anything at all today. I felt like being lazy and sitting
around watching tv. I mean I do have direct tv. I should use it.

We won at volleyball to advance to the finals. The hippy team that we played normally
sucks. They played with heart and made us work harder then we wanted to.

08-13-2011 Ribs and more ribs
So Here was my attempt at smoking ribs. I smoked them for 5 hours and they turned
out pretty good. I needed to give it more of a smoke flavor and to give it more time. I
will know that for next time. The sauce was awesome though.

08-12-2011 Friday night lame-o!
I was tired all week from not sleeping at all. I figured tonight was a good night to
just take it easy and kick back.  I watched tv show after tv show. I played video game
after video game. I did it all to be honest. I hope I fall asleep easily tonight.

08-11-2011 Softball fall season 2011
We played Detox. A team that was number 1 in fall for like 3 years. WE lost the 1st
game and made it interesting the 2nd game. We were clearly out matched. Even though
this was our best team we ever put together. We went out to JJ's afterwards for
drinks. I feel we got a good squad.

08-10-2011 Dodgeball return
I gave it my all today at dodgeball. I was breathing hard, but no heart attacks thank
goodness. I was clearly out of shape. I did get a good work out and I was sweating
pretty good.

08-09-2011 Sandwich making
I went and bought ingredients for banh mi. Which is a Vietnamese sandwich. I was
tough because. I needed to pickle the carrots and daikon. I have never pickled anything
before. I baked the pork in the oven. It turned out pretty well actually. I was happy
with it.

8-08-2011 Break thorugh
It was so hard to stay motivated at work today. It was just busy and I was just not
having it.

My mom called and told me she was making pho and to come over. I couldn't say "no".
The pho was really good. I actually communicated with my parents today. My dad
showed me the garage. It was actually clean for once. I was little the last time I
remember I could run around in there.

8-07-2011 Heading home
We were heading home. I told Chris we could drop him off at his place. Since he was on
the way home. When we were driving. Its been tradition to stop at the Crows nest. It
wasn't too bad. It was nice to get back.

I ended up going into work Sunday night to get a lot of stuff done. I just didn't want
to deal with it Monday. I went over To Erika's and hung out. I guess we have seen each
other every day so far lately.

8-06-2011 McGregor 2
We had breakfast and just hung out. I took Erika to a massage therapist in McGregor.
We played poker and I lost money. Well the odds just weren't good when I am paying
for Erika too. We went to a bar and just hung out at the cabin. It rained a bit today
so it was kinda cold. It was nice and low key. I needed it.

8-05-2011 McGregor
Erika was havining neck issues today. She was in a lot of pain when We went to the
India palace in duluth. We went to her parents house in the country. She went to a
chiropractor and then we eventually made our way to Mcgregor.

Once we got there we got on the boat and off to the bars. It was a pretty drunken
time. I really enjoyed the night.

8-04-2011 Duluth
We ate at Duluth grill. Where it was featured on Dinners dives and drive ins. It was
pretty good. I think I will eat there every time I am in duluth.

We went to Goosberry falls and it was very nice. We also went to JJ Astors. Which
was a really nice restaurant on the top of the Radisson. I think I had the best dinner
I ever had there. We went to Fondu-uth casino and drank and gambled away.

8-03-2011 Hinkley/Duluth
Me and Erika drove up to Hinkley to meet up with Joe and Kelly. Then we went to Hi
hat in Cloquet for burgers. We heard about this place and figured we would check it
out. We went to Little Angies and grandmas tonight. Checked out Leaf Erickson park.

8-02-2011 Dans bday
I tried El Toro near my house today. I had a coupon and it was buy one get one half
off. It wasn't too bad.

We went to the Legion for dans bday. It was pretty low key. he looked pretty tired,
but he came out and had a good time. I was feeling pretty tired my self. I figured it
was ok to take it easy.

8-01-2011 Vacation day 1
I really didn't do too much today. I was trying to save money and kick back. I did do my
laundry and get some cleaning done. Just counting down the days.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”