08-31-2012 Fair time
Melissa and I went to the Fair and it was a lot of fun. We tried a lot of different
foods. I was so tired by the end of the night. I got home and just passed out.

08-30-2012 Steamer debut for thursday night
We were down people. We only had 8 out of 10 players tonight against We go Deep.
Which is full of kickball veterans. We got the tie. We were all hurting. That was a win
to us.

08-29-2012 Dodgeby ball
I was bored tonight. So I ran up to the lin did a 360 in the air and threw at some one
and got them out. My highlight of the night.

08-28-2012 Worky work
It was an odd day at work today. People seemed to be very focused. Which hasn't really
been the case lately. I was confused but I just decided my time at TIES is ending
soon. Like I was told. I should never feel comfortable at my job.

08-27-2012 Monday vball
We didn't do the best tonight. We lost 2 out of 3 games. We played good teams, but we
just drank so much. It was Ambers bday. we all had a lot of fun though. One of my
favorite nights so far for vball. I expect us to win all 3 next week. Team bonding

08-26-2012 Friends
I went to the Legion to meet up with some peeps. It was fun just hanging out and
getting some drinks down. I am really happy about a lot of things, but I guess its
always a mixed bag.

08-25-2012 Apple River part 2
We all woke up so early Everyone was screaming in the camp sites. It was annoying. I
was really tired. The river was really cold. We went tubing and it started raining.
Where was that really hot day I needed.

08-24-2012 Apple River part 1
We got all packed up and off to the Apple river. It was quite the crazy night. But I
had a fun time. A lot of booze was downed tonight.

08-23-2012 New Hope Vball champs
We wanted to take the fight to the 1st seeded team. They thought they would crush us.
we took it to them. We won the first game and dominated the 2nd game. It was pure
domination. We all celebrated at the bar. Shots and more shots. Good times.

08-22-2012 Dodgeball
I had a good night at dodgeball tonight. I was so tired afterwards. I met up with Sara
to talk. I feel I have been dodging her lately. But I know she needs a friedn right now.
I have been there for a lot of people lately

08-21-2012 Dinner theme
I went over to Nina and Gordons place. It was their turn to host a dinner party It
was surf and turf theme. I madeceviche for the party. The food was so good. I ate a
lot. Gordon has a nice condo downtown. So sitting outside on the skyscraper was cool.

08-20-2012 Summer
What the heck happened to summer. It just went by so fast. I subbed again at Saks.
We did pretty well. I had a good time. I was trying to not spend money though.

08-19-2012 Lazy day
I was so hung over that I just laid around all day. Me and Erika went to Brian
Mulligans thing at Saks. We then drove to New hope to sub for Zero Gravity. We lost
but it was a tough match up.

08-18-2012 Chad and Danielle wedding
I was so excited for todays wedding. They are two close friends of mine. The ceremony
was nice and the reception was a lot of fun. When its open bar. Its a fricking good
time. Its one of those nights. You will remember for ever.

08-17-2012 Ashley
I picked up ashley and we went to The Red Dragon for drinks. It was a lot of fun
there. We got Wonderous punch and drank them both. We then went to Cowboy Slims,
Chino Latino and The Cafeteria.

08-16-2012 Vball push
We had to play well tonight. The team we are playing could easily beat us. We
struggled the first game but we were able to finish and beat them. We move to the
finals next week.

08-15-2012 Lately I got this feeling.
The lyrics of one of my favorite song right now. Over the years girls have come and
gone and  the only thing I can think of is "I wish you were here". As another summer
ends. I have gone through a lot. With Erikas break up to looking for the next. But the
thing is. My heart has been broken enough. Tonight I had that heart break feeling again.

08-14-2012 Relaxing
I got to finally relax a bit at home. I have been out doing stuff all week it seems. I am
trying really hard to stay in. Tonight I did a pretty good job. I had some stew I froze
that I ate for dinner.

08-13-2012 Vball action
We played pretty good tonight. We loss one of the games, but they were really fun. I
had a blast actually. I went home after. I was pretty tired.

08-12-2012 Worthless
My hang over was pretty bad today. I was just laying in bed and on the couch all day.
It was hard to really do anything. Although it was a fun time last night. This hang over
is pretty bad.

08-11-2012 Chads bachelor party
I went over to his place and they were bbqing and playing bags. It was fun sitting in
the limo. Although it wasn't cheap. We made a stop to Toby Keiths. It was a fun time
there. It was packed and everyone was dancing. The night got kinda fuzzy after that.
We hit the Seville and I was trying to just not be drunk.

08-10-2012 Dan bbq/bonfire
I wanted a nice low key night. So we went over to Dans house to kick it. I lost at bags.
We had a tournament and I let me partner down. I struggle when it gets dark. I can't

08-09-2012 Steamer happy hour
We had happy hour at Keys cafe. It was a lot of fun. I got a really nice parking spot
across the street. So I saved money on parking. Those ramps just kill ya.

We won our first play off game at vball. Afterwards we played a fun game with one of
the other good teams. It was 4's. So it was a work out.

08-08-2012 Chest pains
I tried to play dodgeball even though my chest was hurting. Which probably wasn't the
best idea ever. I struggled at times to catch my breath. It was very similiar to how I
felt when I had my minor heart attack.

Kelli bday at the VFW. I drove down to the Legion first to meet up with Kelli and
everyone. Then we made our way to the VFW. It was a lot of fun. I really do miss
those days there.

08-07-2012 Ipho
Me and Dan went to this place called IPho. Which used to be called Saigon. Although I
pretty sure it goes against any legal apple stuff. I am pretty sure they will get sued
at some point. I do like the food there.

08-06-2012 Vball subbin
We went 2 for 3 today. I didn't really want to stay out too late tonight. Last Monday
i was out a bit later then I planned. With me spending money this month. I knew I
needed to cut back as much as possible.

08-05-2012 Recovery
I needed to take today off. I was so tired from last night. I think it was nice for me
to just kick back and relax. I got a lot of things done around the house. With the new
work week coming up. Its good for me to refocus.

08-04-2012 Le Sueur Kickball tournament
I don't know how much energy I had today. I was feeling pretty tired. We lost our
first game and made a nice run in the losers bracket. We lost to the team that we
played in the first round. We made some mistakes, but we made it a good effort. We
were depressed about the loss. But we moved on.

08-03-2012 Friday fun
I went to the Twisted Fork tonight off grand ave. Its next door to the Green Mill.
Although I do like the idea of the restaurant. The food was just bland. I was quite
disappointed in it.

08-02-2012 Tom bday
I went out for Rupps bday tonight. It was at Toby Keiths bar. The band kinda sucks,
but at least it was only 5 dollars for the cover band.

Tonight at volleyball we just dominated. It was so easy that even we let the other
team make it close. Only for us to take it back.

08-01-2012 Dball
The heat was so gross at dodgeball today. its just so hard to breathe in there. I don't
know how much more of this I can take in that hot gym. I know I sweat a lot in there.
but at some point I may collapse too.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”