8-31-2013 Saturday errands
I really didn't do much today. I ran alot of errands. Watched back to back episodes of
Breaking Bad. I was in money saving mode. I was going to meet some friends out
tonight. I decided to just take it easy and rest. I've been pretty worn down lately.

8-30-2013 Easy
I wanted to take it easy tonight. I knew with me going to the Fair on Monday I needed
to save money. I just played video games with Dan all night. I feel kinda bad, but I
needed to just relax. Its a long weekend.

8-29-2013 Memorial service
Today was Jims service. I didn't know what to expect. But I thought things were
really sad. We all went to Big Louies after for drinks. I had a good time.

I was pretty drunk at kickball tonight. I made some huge plays though. Thank goodness.
I could have lost the game if I would have dropped some balls.

8-28-2013 Dball
Another sweaty night. I was really gross tonight. I could actually smell my own stench
tonight. It was not a good brand thats for sure. I struggled most of the night since
the balls were so sweaty. Once they dried up I was back to my normal form.

8-27-2013 Catchup
I didn't make it in to work today. I wasn't feeling it. I did work from home though.
Once I found out Dan called in too. I got a lot of stuff done around the house today.

I was really excited to make home made banh mi sandwiches. I've been meaning to do it.
It turned out pretty good. I was actually pretty excited.

8-26-2013 Vball
I played in that hot mess tonight. I was sweating so bad. It was actually kinda gross.
I had a good time subbing for Mindys volleyball team though. I hate playing at night. I
kinda lose the ball in the lights. We won 2 out of 3 games though.

8-25-2013 Fair time
I went to the fair tonight with Christina. It was a lot of fun. We tried deep fried
green olives, cheese curds, porketta wings, deep fried snickers, and a corn dog. I am
sure I am missing something in there. It was a hot day thats for sure. I got to see my
giant pumpkin. Which is my favorite thing to look at for some reason.

8-24-2013 Bachelor party
I spent most of the day just being lazy. I had a nice day to my self while I vacuumed
around the house.

I went out to the bachelor party tonight. It was all I thought it would be. Basically a
mixed bag of things. I expected it to happen the way it did. I didn't expect to spend so
much money though.

8-23-2013 Sleep
After I got home from work today. I slept and slept for awhile. I slept till almost
10pm at night. I wasn't really that tired at night, but I just stayed in. I knew this
weekend was going to be expensive.

8-22-2013 Infinite Gravity
I knew tonight was going to be a tough championship game for us. We were better then
the other team. But today. We shot our selves in the foot so many times. We gave it
to them. I was pretty pissy. I knew we were better then that. I tried everything in my
power to stop it. But I only made things worse.

8-21-2013 Sweaty
I was so sweaty tonight at dodgeball. It was so hot and humid in that gym. I was
soaked in sweat. I don't recall that ever happening in my life. I was pretty grossed
out. I didn't drink tonight. I was proud of that.

8-20-2013 Relaxation
Today Me and Dan decided to eat in the rest of the week. We got deli meat and we
were gonna eat sandwiches the rest of the week. This way we dont get in trouble for
taking too long since people always try to make us look bad. Even though everyone does

8-19-2013 Vball
I got some more hours of playing volleyball. It was so much fun today. Got to play some
good games. I was sweating thats for sure.

I went tot he Legion and the Vfw afterwards. I had a good time just drinking. I really
needed it.

8-18-2013 SummerSlam
I ordered Summer Slam this year. I felt it was going to be a good card. Kris came over
to watch also. It was a lot of fun. I was pretty excited. Got my moneys worth thats
for sure.

8-17-2013 Wedding
Ashley asked me to be her wedding date Saturday. It was a fun time. I spent more
money then I wanted too. It was a very perfect wedding. Which is pretty cool. I am
going to so steal their dessert bar though for my wedding some day.

8-16-2013 Brians last day
Brians been with us for probably about 5 to 6 years. Today was his last day. i was a bit
sad. We went to the Good Earth for lunch. Then we went to Stouts for drinks later on
today. It was a lot of fun.

I went to NE to have drinks with Christina after she got off work. Her friend Marisa
was pretty funny. We all had a good time though.

8-15-2013 ZG Semi's
We won our semi final games to get to the finals next week. WE really didn't get much
resistance from the other team. It should be a good one thats for sure. I didn't stay
out late tonight. I've been really tired.

8-14-2013 Dball
I felt my arm was lacking some thunder this week. I tried throwing harder then normal.
I was satisfied with my throws this week. I was a lot happier. I wasn't as accurate as
I would like, but one thing at a time right.

8-13-2013 Game of Thrones
I hear about this show so much. I felt it was time to give it a chance. Thanks to Brian
I got season 1 and 2. So I watched the first two episodes. I thought it was pretty
good. Weird stuff going on, but I do like the violence and nudity.

8-12-2013 Vball
I got a lot of vball playing time in. I am getting into better shape that I can keep up.
My legs are feeling very tired though. I don't remember my legs being so tired.

8-11-2013 Burgers
Andy, sarah and Christina came over for burgers today. We just all kinda kicked it in
the back yard and had drinks. It was pretty fun. I was in a chillax mode.

8-10-2013 Brownton tourney
I woke up pretty early today. I met up with Kris at the SW depot station. We
carpooled from there. WE won all our games today. We won it all. We celebrated by
going to the bar and using the winnings on drinks and shots. It was a good time. i got a
lot of sun today.

8-9-2013 Happy Hour
I went to Happy hour after work. I had to walk down the street to Tires Plus to pick
up my car. I was getting an oil change. They told me I needed new tired. I thought they
were joking but I just got new tires on all 4 wheels 8 months ago. They said my tires
are cupping. I need to take it back to where I got it.

8-8-2013 Vball play offs
We won all of our games as expected. We are the number one seed and we played the
worst team. We ran about 2 miles before. Something I thought of. So Me andy and
Amber went on a run before our game.

8-7-2013 Dball return
I was zipping the ball around as hard as I would have liked. Its been a while, seems like
my arm felt real weak. I had a good work out though. My legs were really tired. Gettign
a good work out in.

8-6-2013 Tired
I really havn't been catching up on sleep lately. I have been staying up a lot later then
normal lately. I did do some exercises tonight. So thats something.

8-5-2013 Vball
I have been gaining a lot of confidence in my volleyball game as of late. I feel pretty
good hitting the ball and just doing my thing. Tonight I really got to play a lot of pick
up games. It was a lot of fun.

8-4-2013 BBQ
Jay wanted to have a bbq and today was that day. We invited some people over and
stuff. It was a good time. I've been tinking with my chicken legs and it turned out
really good. I really enjoyed them.

8-3-2013 Canadian Days 2
We were all at the Legion waiting on Dan. So we can celebrate with him. He was no
where to be found. We went to his house and dragged him out. It was a fun time at
canadian days. I had so much fun. I stayed over at Ches. I couldn't drive thats for

8-2-2013 Canadian Days
I assembled the best players I could get for this volleyball tournament. we got 2nd
place. Sucked we didn't lose till we got to the finals. But it was a fun day. We all had
a good time. Which I am happy. Spent the winnings on pull tabs. That didn't work out
at all. The food was nice and filling.

8-1-2013 Infinite Gravity
So we won all three games today. Danielle is done for the season. Baby is just too big
now. We had Laura sub for us. She had a lot of fun. She was making weird noises. It
made me laugh.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”