8-31-2014 Sunday fun
Becky and I went to cowboy Jacks downtown. To watch the Lynx game. It was pretty
fun. Drinks were only two bucks each. So that made for a fun Sunday funday. I have
always liked being down town. Just brings out a different type of crowd.

8-30-2014 Down town
I met up with Shawna and Tracy at Barrio. Mario came out too. It was alot of fun. We
went to Glueks and Gordon and Nina met us there. It was a spendy night. I think I
blew 100 bucks tonight. Ouch.

8-29-2014 JL Beers
I met up with Becca and Amy for burgers at JL beers. Seems to be Beccas favorite
place. I then went out to Tiki hut in Roseville and Hoggsbreath. It was a long night of
drinking. But I took it fairly easy. I was pretty safe.

8-28-2014 Pain
My gout has been really out of control lately. I had to skip kickball today. I know they
are taking blood samples to see if my uric acid levels are high. But its been worse and
worse lately.

8-27-2014 Inching
I wanted to take it easy tonight. But I couldn't help but make it to the after events
of dodgeball. So I made my way to Pats tap. I had a good time. I was feeling pretty
good. But I am on vacation for now.

8-26-2014 Dr
So I went to the Dr today. Blood pressure was high naturally. 164.106. Which means I
have to go back on the pills right away. So I havn't been to the Dr in over 2 and a half
years. Things havn't been good for awhile and I know it. Time to get back on the right
path. I don't think I would have lived long if I kept up with what I was doing.

8-25-2014 ALS ice bucket
Che nominated me. So I was doing the ice bucket challenge at their house. Which
worked out pretty well. I just left during lunch and worked out. Sucks getting back
into work with all the state fair stuff.

8-24-2014 Doghouse
With my knee in pretty good pain. I decided to not do any sports today. I went to the
Doghouse. i got some crap from the bartenders. Its like they knew we all went
somewhere else for awhile. Makes sense.

8-23-2014 matt and christine wedding
The ceremony was over in Brooklyn Park which was nice for me. I didn't have to drive
too far. Then we made our way to Otsego at the Rockwoods. Where Danielle and Chads
wedding was. I made good use of the opener bar for awhile.  It was a fun night.

8-22-2014 Friday fun
I wanted to play more volleyball today. But my knee was bothering me today. I decided
to take it easy. It seems to be getting worse.

Kumar and I once again made a good run in the bean bags tournament. But once again.
Once the team we wanted got knocked out. There was nothing fort else to prove.

8-21-2014 Championship
Tonight was a double header for me. I went to New hope for volleyball. We won and
now we are the champions. We hung out for awhile.

I made my way back to Roseville for the Cleveland Steamers 20th season. We blew out
the new team. They were pretty bad. I don't know what the score was but I think we
beat them by 20 points.

8-20-2014 Vball
I met up with Amber and Crystal at Biffs. They had a volleyball league. We figured we
would test it out. It was a good time. There was a bad team and a very good team. I
had a good time. I miss the old bar nights.

8-19-2014 Digbys
I went to lunch with Cheryl today. We went to Digbys. I wanted to try it out. It was
pretty expensive. But the food was good. I don't know if I want to pay that much
money though.

8-18-2014 Saks
I made my return to Saks volleyball. Well I was just hanging out watching to hang with
everyone and catch up. I got asked to play. I played in jeans. But it doesn't slow me

8-17-2014 Back
We stopped at Hinkley for the breakfast buffet. It is worth the money there for it.

I got home and unpacked. I was feeling pretty tired. But I got a lot of sleep at the
camp site. Which was nice. I went to volleyball tonight and I was pretty tired.

8-16-2014 Camping day 2
We went to the casino and the girls did decent. The drink pours were not tasting good.
So we decided to goto one of the bars near by. We got pretty drunk there. I went back
with Che to get crab legs at the casino. We went back to the bar and watching the pre
season vikings football game. Everyone went to bed early tonight. So I just hung out
and try to make lasagna on the fire. Turned out good surprisingly.

8-15-2014 Camping
We met up at the corner stone bar in Wyoming, MN. I got the prime rib for $11 and it
was huge. We made our way to the camp site. a little different this time. But it was by
the river. So far a good night.

8-14-2014 Semi's
We made it to the semi final against Zero Gravity our sister team. We won all 3
games. But we knew it would be easy. Right now we look to next week for the finals.

8-13-2014 Early house warming
Since I couldn't make it to Nicole's house warming party on the 23rd. I wanted to see
it. I came over and made stir fry. It turned out pretty good. I was trying to make it
healthy. Since, I have been trying to eat good lately. It was a good night overall.

8-12-2014 Beef kabobs
This is what I plan on making for the camping trip this weekend. I never really made
kabobs before sadly. So I wanted to test it out. I thought it turned out pretty well. I
was satisfied with the way it tasted.

8-11-2014 Happy hour
I met up with Emily for happy hour. we were talking stuff about my house. Whether to
sell or not. I just don't think its right for me to do it now. So, I have decided I will
wait till April. For sure now.

8-10-2014 Vball
My body is battered. I was on the bubble if I would play tonight. I just sucked it up
and played cause I needed to get more exercise in me. We had some good games tonight.
I was definitely sweating.

8-9-2014 Bachelor/bachelerette party
I had a pretty busy day. i met up with the gang at Liquor Lyles to say hello and have a
few drinks. Then I made my way to JL beers to hang with the girls. They are always so
entertaining. Then it was off to the party bus of fun. I was taking it fairly easy. But
I felt drunk pretty easily. It was a fun night overall.

8-8-2014 Funeral
Today was Jeff's funeral. It was pretty tough for everyone. I have never been to a
open casket before. So that was a bit tough for me. But I got through it.

I went out with Christina tonight. We went the the Loops and The Smackshack. Spendy

8-7-2014 Vball
I had double duty tonight. We won our playoff game tonight to advance. I subbed for
Zero gravity also. They won and advanced. So we will have our two teams battle next

8-6-2014 Giordanos
After work today. I picked up Kristen for happy hour. We went to the Hoggs for happy
hour. Then we met up with everyone at Their house. We had the Giordanos pizza from
Chicago. I thought it was good. But not as good as Dino's on the east from Chicago.

8-5-2014 vball
I wanted to working my hitting today. It was struggling a bit. I did well hitting, but
then my sets were off and all over the place. Once I get the balance right. I will be a
complete player.

8-4-2014 Odd
It was a very bizarre day in the office. With Jeff gone. Everyone just kinda going
through th emotions. It was tough to focus today. For everyone actually.  He has only
been my boss for a little over a year. But its a sad thing.

8-3-2014 Death
I went to go watch the Guardians of the galaxy today. I thought it was pretty good.
When I walked out of the theater I got a call that my boss had died. it was an odd day
of emotions.

8-2-2014 Canadian Days part 2
Me and Erika had lunch in uptown. Then we had some Saturday day drinks at Red Dragon
and Mortimers. We were playing darts. It was fun. She almost beat me this time. But I
snuck away with the win.,

We went to Canadian days and I was pretty toasted. I was just going through the
motions. But I had a lot of fun. I ran into a lot of people I knew.

8-1-2014 Canadian Days part 1
I have been waiting all week for this. We play our first game. We were down 6 to 0
and came back and won in the end. The next game we played probably the best team.
They took it too us. We went into the losers bracket and played the same team we beat
earlier. But they were too much for us. They adjusted and we didn't
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”