8-31-2015 Flag football
We were off to a good start. Our defense was holding the fort down. But our offense
struggled. I threw a pick 6 when I had my chance. But we almost came back and won. So
all and all. A meh type of night. We got talent. We will improve.

8-30-2015 Heading home
I had brunch at the hotel bar. IT was pretty good. Had a crab cake benedict. It was so
good. We walked around Millenium park. Sadly. I missed it last time. So I didnt get a
chance to see it. Then we stopped at a bar and made my way home. I was tired. It was a
good trip.

-29-2015 Chicago
We went and had lunch at the weber bar and rill. Interesting place. they had good
chicken. Did some walking today. I was trying to find a place that had the vikings game.
Couldn't find any. So just bar hopped. I gave a homeless man my left overs. I felt good
about my self.

8-28-2015 Off to Chicago
My flight was good. I took The "L" train to downtown. Once I got there. I was a bit
lost. My gps on my phone was going haywire. I had to kind of guess where I was going.
But eventually made it. We went to the Chicago Cut steak house the first night and
went to a few bars.

8-27-2015 Kickball opener
It was our opener and we played against Ass in Class. Which is full of good friends on
that team. We played well and won 4 to 2. It was a big win for us. We went out
afterwards and just had drinks. A late night for me.

8-26-2015 Late night
Went to dodgeball tonight. I was pushing my ankle quite  a bit. It needed more rest
then anything. But I made it through. We went to Cocina Latina for tacos. Then Pats
tap for drinks. Then we made our way to the Hoggsbreath for Cass's bday. Busy night.
We went to the Flameburger. I got home at 3am.

8-25-2015 Lift
I have been pushing my self so hard lately. My ankle was sore from football last night.
So I need to take it easy. We got 3rd place tonight at volleyball. It was a homecoming
of sorts. Amber subbed for us. We won and it felt damn good.

8-24-2015 Football practice
Practice was a bit better this week. We ran some plays and worked on the defense a
little. I hope we can execute some of our girl plays a bit better. But next week is the
start to our season.

8-23-2015 Summer Slam
We went over to Andys house to watch Summer slam tonight. It was a 4 hour long pay
per view. I brought my Amazon stick over for us to watch it. I ordered pizzas. It was
fun to watch. Atleast it kept me out of trouble tonight.

8-22-2015 Doghouse
I met up with Andy tonight at the Dog house. I was a bit tired from watching the
Vikes game. There was a rain delay. So we went out and enjoyed some live music. Good
for Gary was a decent band. I had a good time.

8-21-2015 Louis
I met up with Keilani for drinks at Louis above Cosettas tonight. I really like that

I met up with Andy and Alex at Psycho Suzies. We hung there for abit then bar hopped
a little. Enjoyed some patio bars in NE.

8-20-2015 Happy hour
I been pushing my self so hard lately. I really wanted to take a small break. I wanted
happy hour. I was feeling pretty good. It was a cheap night. SO I cant complain.

8-19-2015 Out and about
I went to dball tonight. I wanted to take it easy. I didn't stay long. I had dinner plans
with Erika. So I only got to run around for a little bit. I only had two beers tonight.
Wasn't feeling the alchy at all tonight.

8-18-2015 Rain
It rained all day today. Volleyball got cancelled. I didn't know exactly what to do. So I
just kinda hung out at home and lifted more weights. My body is really telling me to
take it easy. But I refuse. I know your supposed to let the fibers heal. But I don't
care. It's more therapy for me than anything. Helps me control the "hate"

8-17-2015 Practice
I had happy hour with Keilani. Then went to Bossen fields for football practice. So far
our team looks alright. We will need to work on a few things. I moved pretty good. But
My body was hurting after. I am just doing too many sports right now. Especially with

We went to Townhall Lanes afterwards. Me and Chee went to Hoggs for drinks.

8-16-2015 Funday
We went out to The Doghouse for tacos and some music. Then we made our way to the
Hoggsbreath for more drinks. I was feeling pretty good tonight. Now thats more of a
fun Sunday for me.

8-15-2015 Wedding day
I was so unprepared. I had no dress shirts or pants. It was still packed away. So I
went to Marshals and bought stuff quick, ironed and drove to the church. It was a
tight squeeze thats for sure. Mikala dropped me off at the reception. It was a long
night of drinking. Made it out to Seven with the wedding party and closed it down. I
really enjoyed being out. I was talking to one of my sisters friends towards the end of
the night. I appreciate genuinely nice people.

8-14-2015 Engagement party
We have this family tradition where we give gifts to the other wedding famiy and vise
versa. Usually its this big roasted pig. It was so good. But I got pretty drunk. I got
home and passed out at 6pm and didn't wake up till 11:45pm. I hung out with Kumar and
kevin at the bar. Since I was supposed to play bags.

8-13-2015 Happy hour with Ashley
We had drinks at Wild Bills. Chris came up too. I was bummed that I couldn't stay too
long. But it was nice to catch up. I was going to go up north, but my friends were
already passed out. So there was no point for me to drive and hour and a half there and

8-12-2015 Lunch
I had lunch with Mikala today. We were going to goto our pasta place. But it was
closed down. Which was kind of sad. I really liked that place. We went to some other
place instead and it was pretty tasty, but expensive,

8-11-2015 Vball
Emails were floating around. The team was pumped today. Unfortunately we lost the 2
out of 3 games and was knocked out. We just made too many mistakes. Some day the
team will have some killer instinct.

8-10-2015 Boss for now
With my boss gone and Ceil gone. I was running the show at work. Which was kind of
busy which is nice. Not sure how this week will be. I am pretty angry from last night
still. But I eventually went to  dodgeball to throw some balls. My arm was killing me
since I have been lifting every day.

8-09-2015 Cannon river return
It wasn't much of a drunk adventure this time. More low key than anything. Which was
fine with me. We went to the Crystal VFW for some reason. I think Tanja wanted to
visit her dad. I wanted to pick up the pace a little. Since I had to see my family. But
that got cancelled so I went and subbed at volleyball at Memory Lanes. Everyone
thought I was too drunk. But that wasn't the case.  I was just being me. I had to deal
with crap at the end of the night.

8-08-2015 Randy bday
I went to Randys surprise bday. It was a lot of fun catching up with everyone. I hung
out and went to Shamrocks with everyone. I was having a lot of old memories there. It
was fun. I had a good night. But probably spent way too much money,

8-07-2015 VBall fun
After work today. I wanted to get some exercise in. I went to  Central Park to play
some volleyball. I played some competitive games. Which got my blood flowing. I went
out to Grumpys afterwards to hang out.

8-06-2015 Out and about
I went to get some chinese food today. I was craving it really bad. I am eating well.
Which is a good thing. I didn't eat all of my meal. Trying to stay in the best shape.

I wanted to be alone tonight. I decided to go to the Doghouse. Had a bunch of drinks
there. It was a nice night for me. Then I went to the Legion for a night cap.

8-05-2015 Dball
I wasn't throwing too hard today. My arm was just dead. I have been doing more arm
work outs. Mainly triceps and throwing a dodge ball just doesn't work for me. So I
took it easy. I ran around and got my work out in.

Jesse met up with me later at the Hoggsbreath. I wanted to visit Cass. Since I havn't
seen her in awhile. I stayed out later then I wanted. But I had stuff on my mind.

8-04-2015 New hope Bowl
I was getting the troops pumped for our playoff game tonight. We had a good opponent.
We came out firing on all cylinders. We were focused today. I hope we can do that
next week. We will be playing a top tier team.

8-03-2015 Saks sports bar
I subbed for Heidi's volleyball team tonight. We won all three games. Which felt
pretty good. I hung out for awhile. There is a newer team that just gets hammered. I
think its pretty cool. It was us a long time ago.

8-02-2015 Secret society
I had happy hour with Kristen and Che. We talked about a few things. It was time for
Tony Cu World Police to step in again. I am not really liking this role. But sometimes
we all need to be told things we don't want to hear to grow in life.

8-01-2015 Canadian days
I went to dodgeball today. My arm started hurting. So I went home kinda early. I was
tired though. I went to the mall of america to have some food with Ashley. I even
drank coffee.

I went over to Kristen and Ches tonight. Kinda hung out for awhile. Then I went to
pick Ashley up to goto Canadian Days. Uncle chunk was pretty good. I didn't buy any
booze, but I snuck some in.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”