8-31-2016 Day care
Today was Zoomie's first day of day care. I honestly didn't know what to expect. But
I was sitting at work and I was hoping he didn't get kicked out. But I should know
better. I have taught him well and hes a good dog and hes social. Everything turned out
just fine, we lost tonight at kickball. We were short and my hand is still healing from
the fracture.

I truely needed some time off. This is day two of being sober. So far so good. I have
been feeling the urge to eat more. But I am fighting it. I am trying to so hard to push
my self. I will push my self this week.

8-29-2016 Monday
No volleyball to look forward to tonight. I know its gonna be a busy week. This is
basically week 1 of the crazy week. I hope I make it through. Its been tough lately.
Erika came by tonight and waxed my nose and my eye brows.

8-28-2016 Happy hour
I was trying to take it easy this week. I know I have been drinking a lot lately. But
times have been a bit tough. But I move forward. Some times, I just wanted more. I
decided I will drink tonight and take a nice needed break.

8-27-2016 State Fair
Ashley convinced me to go to the state air early today. We went and I had a good time.
I needed to get out and do something. The fair makes me happy. We ate so much food.,
It was crazy.

I went over to Andy and Sarahs later on. We lost Zoomie for a little while, but found
him. Thank goodness!

8-26-2016 Drinks
I had drinks with Becky at the Hoggs breath last night. Some guy from middle school
wanted to fight me. For something my friends did to him at a bus stop. I was so
confuse.d I had no idea who he was. But he held on to this for so long. Its pretty sad.
He was at the wrong place to start a fight with me. When I know everyone.

8-25-2016 Happy hour
Dave messaged me and wanted happy hour. So I met him at Cowboy Jacks and we had
drink. We stayed out later than I wanted, but at least the tab was cheap.

8-24-2016 Rest
I really just wanted to take it easy today. I been trying to slim down. But I just laid
low and hung out with Zoomie tonight. Its going to be a nice weekend for me. I need a

8-23-2016 Rest
I have been on a tear as of late. I need a break. Tonight was that perfect day for it. I
finally got a sober day in. My happiness has been up[ and down lately and something is
wrong. Rest tonight. kick ass tomorrow.

8-22-2016 Soft cast
I got to the specialist today. The fracture is slowly healing and didn't move. So I have
to wear this splint like thing for 8 weeks. We shall see how long it puts me on the

8-21-2016 Summer Slam
I cleaned my house all day preparing for Summer Slam. I made tacos and it turned out
pretty good. I also made chicken, my sister made some type of dip. It was fun, I was
feeling pretty good. More drinking.

8-20-2016 UFC
I was out at the bar getting drinks with Che and we decided to order the UFC fight. It
was a bit of a last minute decision, but we were drunk. It was a good fight though.

8-19-2016 Cousins wedding
It was a Friday wedding. I got off work and went right to the wedding. It was my
cousin who I was compared too all my life from. I watch cousins look at me like they
know me but don't know me. Life has passed me by. People have kids every where. it
kinda made me depressed.

8-18-2016 Drinks
I have been wanting to get out and get drinks. Probably a lot of different things. But I
got things on my mind. I saw a picture of Yvonne on facebook and it made me remember
a lot of things. First time I truely wanted to be with someone. That was middle school.
Haha I would always buy her bubble gum.

8-17-2016 Hand fracture
For the first time in my life. I have a broken bone. It took 35 years. But there is a
fracture in my hand per the xrays. I am going to see a specialist.

8-16-2016 Pain
Something is definitely wrong with my hand. I had a hard time doing things with it
today. When I went for a block last night the ball went right into my hand. I will be
writing shortly stuff thats for sure.

8-15-2016 Semi final
Our sand vball team came out a little flat tonight. We were tired from the day before
and we just couldn't get it going. We lost to the number 1 seed tonight. But I don't
blame us. We were battered and bruised. Missing one of our girls.

8-14-2016 Mud Vball
I woke up early for this. I didn't know what to expect, but it was a lot of fun. I hurt
my hand in the mud. I hit a rock. But We all got so drained from the sun and playing all
day. Either way, it was the Habitat for Humanity vball tournament.

8-13-2016 Jesse and Dana party
They had their summer party tonight and it was fun. Me and Andy won the bean bag
tournament. Which I can rub in for a years time. I took it pretty easy tonight. Maybe
its my old age. But I really wanted to take it easy.

8-12-2016 Sausage Party
After work today. Me, Mario, Scott and Amanda went to go watch Sausage Party at
Rosedale. It was so funny. I couldn't stop laughing. I almost have to watch it again. It
was so over the top.

We went to the Vegas Lounge and we got pretty wasted. There was a girl I liked from
a work job. I talked to her a bit. But she had a bf. Story of my life.

8-11-2016 Off
I have been so tired from going out lately. I truely needed a night off. I have been
trying to figure out what to do to slow my spending habits down. But Ashley wanted to
goto Apple Bees tonight So I did.

8-10-2016 Dball
I made my return to dball tonight. It felt like a long two months. But I felt very
sluggish and I had nothing in my arm for throwing power. Hopefully, it was from liftin
gall the weights. We shall see.

8-09-2016 Tv
Me and Ashley watched young and Hungry tonight. Thats basically our netflix show we
like to watch. I like it only cause the girl thats the main character was originally from
Hannah Montana.

8-08-2016 Win
I told me vball team tonight. We needed to play a perfect game. We did that and played
very well. I was very happy with our performance and we got the job done. I was
nervous. But we won.

8-07-2016 Lazy
I went to the grocery store today to get some things. I was really feeling lazy. I just
wanted to stay in and call it a night. That was what I ended up doing.

8-06-2016 Christina party
I was home today and worked out a bit. I am very happy with my new treadmill.
Although a PS4 would have been nice. But I need my health for the rest of my life.

I went to Christinas party. I had a lot of fun. Im glad I went. But I have been on the
rise lately. My mood is out of this world happy!

8-05-2016 Kobe
Its crazy that Kobe hasn't stayed over at all, all summer so far. I picked him up and
grabbed groceries. We have so much food its crazy. I stayed in tonight. There wasn't
much going on and I didn't need to press it.

8-04-2016 Sick
I wasn't feeling well, so I stayed home and put my treadmill together. It was pretty
easy. I laid around and worked from home and did as best as i could. I felt better later
on in the day.

8-03-2016 Out
Joe helped me pick up the new treadmill from walmart. It was cheap and I read all the
reviews. They all seemed decent. It was cheap and I didn't want to spend a lot of
money. We went to Cowboy jacks after. It was fun, Jeremy met up with us.

8-02-2016 Quiet
I needed some quiet time today. I was tired and I just didn't want to do anything.
Work has been difficult learning the new jobs. But I am pushing through as best as I
can. I am glad I am not the only one.

8-01-2016 Vball
I talked to the team before tonights game. I told them we havn't won all 3 games all
season. Tonight was the night we do it. We won all three games. They were tough. The
9pm lights were very tough but we managed to get passed it.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”