8-30-2017 Zg
We got some much needed offense today. We won 16 to 4. It felt great to get the
offense going this week. Most importantly. People were having fun. Its always fun,
when your blowing them out.

8-28 - Vball championship
We were simply out classed today. They were just way better and we made our usual
mistakes. We should have won the first game. But we lost. Too many errors.

8-25-2017 Steamer win
We had a pretty good game today. We won 3 to 0. But we just couldn't score with the
wing blowing in. But our defense was on lock down. Thats for sure. I am really enjoying
being in right field.

8-23-2017 Zg loss
We had our opening game today. We loss 5 to 0. We couldn't get runs and it was our
first game of the fall season. We didn't lose at all in the spring. But its ok. We we
will get it together.

8-21-2017 VBall win
Mike suffered a concussion at ultimate frisbee. We desperately needed a sub for our
playoff game tonight. We won both games. He was actually a stud. The guy we got. The
other team was not happy. They were the higher seed.

8-17-2017 Change
We had a family meeting today. My mom wants to get a divorce and shes waiting for my
dad to get back from his month long trip in Vietnam. It was nothing for me. I didn't
want to be part of their game anymore. I just sat there.

8-14-2017 Playoffs Vball win
We played the easiest team we could play today. We struggled against them. But we
cant make mistakes against good teams. Or else we will lose.

8-10-2017 Walking
All summer I have been walking my dog for weight loss. I had to feed him more food.
Cause he was losing weight. My weight loss was a lot slower. But the pounds are
shedding off slowly.

8-7-2017 Vball win
Since I had a $10 coupon. We used it towards pizza this week after our volleyball
game. The waitress rang my card with out it. Last time I was here, they just double
charged me. I told her I would just use it some other time.

8-4-2017 Lazy
today was more of a lazy day/ my body has been so sore from working out. I needed a
break today. I made sure to make it a netflix and redbox night. Just to rest.

8-2-2017 Drinks
I went tot he legion to get some drinks with friends. I had a couple drink tokens to
use. But I hung out with Joe and Becky there.

I was on the way home and decided to stop in at Cowboy Jacks. It was another late
night. Bu there was a heated argument outside and almost a fight. I had to step in. But
I was hoping one of the guys would have gotten his ass beat. He ran his mouth too much.

8-1-2017 Another kickball loss
We had another loss this week. We are now 0 and 3 this season for Premium kickball.
We have all the talent. For some reason, we just cant get things figured out. I feel
bad for Bizzle. This team had so much promise and were struggling this bad.