Old Journal Logs

12/31/05 - New Years eve how exciting. Actually I wasn't as excited this year like I normally
am. I was so indecisive on what or who I was hanging out with. I didn't know what to do.
Anyways, I decided to go cheap this year and not go downtown. I wanted to be around a lot
of people and I decided I had to be at a bar. So Jacobs tavern it was. It was good drunken
times. I was pretty excited since I was flirting with the waitress all night. Poor girl, she had to
work on New Years Eve. Afterwards, I wasn't ready for the night to be over, so me and Chris
decided to goto Perkins. I couldn't believe I drove that night, but I am ballsy and I do think I
am unstoppable.

12/30/05 - After work, I went to go get food at the Mermaid. Heather was working, she was
pretty upbeat, probably since she was anticipating her big day with Steve tomorrow night.
Well Once I got to University Billards. I had one thing set on my mind. That was to just beat
Amador at pool. The series ended up being 3 to 2. Me winning on an amazing shot I still can't
believe I made. The night kinda took a crummy turn when we found out our pool bill was over
80 total. Oh well I still had fun tonight.

12/29/05 - So today I was able to convince Scott to go out to eat again. We went to Rosedale
and we ate at the Macaroni Grill. I really like that place. I don't know why exactly, maybe its
the price. So after work today I went home and just worked out a bit. I felt kinda fat lately
eating so much. I am trimming down. Well slowly since I eat alot still. The trick is to get full by
drinking water and exercising. Tonight I did laundry and basically pimped out my Myspace
account. I know, pretty lame evening, but I havn't had a slow evening in a long time.

12/28/05 - Today for lunch, Scott decided this will be our last ride basically to go out to eat
for lunch. So after today we should be eating stuff we bring from home. We went to a place I
havn't been to in years. House of Wongs. I got some fried rice and chicken wings. After work
I got home and Chris came over. we went for a nice little jog. Were both trying to get in good
shape. After that, we went to Timeout, with Jamie and Becky for 3 for 1's. Yes I know its
crazy. Tonight I was just hanging out and not worrying about anything.

12/27/05 -So today I was supposed to see Heather all night. Well I guess it got cut kinda
short. Reasons why I don't really know. But I never felt so disappointed in a long time. I
guess, for some reason, I lost that butterfly feeling I had. I don't know. Tonight I decided to
goto play Texas holdem to get my mind off of things. It just didn't help. So I tried to goto the
Mermaid and that didn't help either. I was even more angry when Emily wasn't paying any
attention to Matt there. To me, that was a slap in the face, not like one was not already
enough. Tonight I just feel bad about everything overall. I failed, and I am sorry. I don't know
how this affects me, but it usually somehow changes me. I am pretty hurt tonight.

12/26/05 - I stayed at home for the majority of the day. I think I wanted to try to get back on
track with the losing weight thing and not eating everything like I am a garbage disposal. I did
something not many people can say. I drove from Maple Grove to Burnsville I took 694 to
494 to 35 W. Why did I mention this. You will see in a second. So I went to visit Susan since I
havnt seen her for awhile. Then after that I got back on 494 and went towards Woodbury to
go get a drink with Ashley. We went to Champps, I can't believe my long island costed 7
bucks. Anyways so I ended updriving home on 694. So basically I drove around the whole
494 loop around the cities. Crazy I know!!!

12/25/05 - This was the loneliest day ever. I was at home all day and didn't do a single thing
except work out and spend alot of time being all alone. Everybody was with there families
and I was quite bored. I guess I am pretty bitter about it, but dang it. I did eventually goto the
Mermaid to watch the Vikes lose.

12/24/05 - I woke up and got some last minute shopping taken care of. Then I went over to
Andys to watch some football. I was so happy, him and Jenni got my the Shawn Michaels
autobiography. I been trying to get my hands on it for ever. After wards, I went to Walmart to
get some additional last minute shopping done. Then off to my parents for gift exchanging.
This year was more low key. It was kinda slow paced this year. Tonight, is Christmas Eve.
The coolest thing happened I was playing poker on line and out of 150 people I won.

12/23/05 - I woke up and went to work to finish off some work that needed to be processed. I
told Scott I would come in and do it. There was nobody there and it was dark and scary.
Actually there was some people around doing something. After that, me and Becky went to
see King Kong. I actually kinda liked the movie. It had alot of good CGI. Later that evening
we all went to Jacobs Tavern. I think this place is starting to grow on me. Jackie and her
friends were there too.

12/22/05 - Well today was the last day of work for this week before the holidays. I ended up
going with Ashley to the Hollidazzle parade and we met up with Lynn from St Cloud there. Me
and Ashley didn't feel like waiting in line for the cinderella thing so we went to Buffalo Wild
Wings to catch up. I had a good time.

12/21/05 - Tonight I go for my 4th dodgeball championship. We came out and played well.
Actually to tell you the truth we didn't lose at all. It was double elimination and we beat
everyone every game. Total domination. Afterwards we went to Legends for a few drinks. It
was good times.

12/20/05 - Been getting really slow with doing updates lately. I have been just kinda taking it
easy the past few days since Christmas is right around the corner. I have no clue what I am
getting anyone yet. I usually like to be a last minute shopper anyways. So its ok I just lounge

12/19/05 - Woke up early this morning, even though I couldn't sleep at all. I dropped Heather
off in Albertville. I was nice enough to meet half way. I was so tired. I passed out when I got
home from work. Good thing there was no bowling tonight. Then my nephew Devon woke me
up and I had to drive him to basketball practice. I watched for the first 10 minutes, and was
disgusted by the fact all they did was dribble the ball in between their legs. You win games
shooting the ball. Yes they are 5th graders, but common, they should already be able to
somewhat dribble. If I was a parent I would have been bitching up a storm. All they need to
do is learn how to dribble with both hands and pass and shoot and play defense. Geez...

12/18/05 - So I woke up and watched the Vikings game. They got their ass kicked. Well they
weren't doing that bad but they shot themselves in the foot. Brad Johnson looked like Daunte
Culpepper out there. I worked out a bit and got ready to go out with Heather, Steve and
Becky. Good times at Ruby Tuesdays. HAhaha. Heather arrives to town. Her flight was
delayed, so instead of me picking her up at 11:25pm looks like I am picking her up at
Midnight. Poor girl, she hates cold weather and tonight it was about 0 degrees out. Hahaha.

12/17/05 - I stayed at home cleaning the bathroom and my room and doing laundry. I had to
clean since my bathroom was pretty messy, it looked liked nobody has cleaned it in over a
year. I went to this place called Jakes tavern with Jamie and Becky. It was a new place in
Ramsey, I always like to promote new bars or restaurants but this place was so plain. Not a
huge fan. I stayed home and watched my nephews, I was doing some baby sitting and
getting paid. I sold out, I know!!! I should have been at Kelley's party. Hopefully she will
forgive me.

12/16/05 - So today was kinda of an interesting day. I had to borrow a few bucks from my
brother today. I never ask him for help, but I was in quite a jam. Tonight I went out with
Renee and we went to the Cheese cake factory. That place is so yummy. I don't remember
what I ate, but I was full since I ate all of the free bread. Renee doesn't like bread and I
wasn't gonna let it goto waste. After that we went to uptown at Herkimers. I drank a dark beer
and I was feeling kinda grossed out. Especially since there was like a 50 year old lady with a
mid 20's guy. I think it was internet dating went wrong. I know gross. Afterwards I went to
Mary's party. Haha it was packed.

12/15/05 - I felt like crap this morning. I don't think I slept at all last night. I swear, I could not
breathe out of my lungs I felt like I was dieing. I had to sleep sitting up for me to sleep. Pretty
messed up I know. I am definitely poor right now. I have no money, my credit cards are
maxed and I feel really depressed. I think all this time I have been depressed since I have
always had my happy go lucky outter image I show to everyone. So I decided its time to go
back to basics and just not give my self all this freedom. I guess you will all know in a few

12/14/05 - Today was an ok day. I was all pumped to play dodgeball, but I found out there
was no dodgeball tonight. I was so sad. I guess they cancelled it for snow reasons. I thought
that was pretty lame. I got home and I found out my computer crashed. I managed to save
my files. Especially my mp3's. Luckilly I have 3 hard drives on my computer so I can just copy
to another drive. The way I saved my stuff was, I have 2 operatng systems on my computer
so I can dual boot and stuff. Anyways I don't like being technical, but the main thing is. I
saved my stuff. I been having a hard time breathing at night. I don't know why. Tonight I am
laying in bed I have the same feeling again.

12/13/05 - Work was pretty interesting today. Me and scott went to go eat at TGIF. I know,
everybody loves Fridays. After work I met up with Becky at Ruby Tuesday for 2 for 1's. Andy
called and he later arrived  there. We went to poker and I was actually trying to lose hands
after Chris lost. I was going all in on pocket 9's and Aces and 9's, who would have though I
finally would win. haha. Eventually I lost and we went to the Mermaid and it was pretty
interesting. Brie's b/f and Heather's b/f Steve was there. Brie's roommate was also there. She
was kinda interesting. Her name was Jolene. I think she was kinda cool. She works at TCF.
Kinda rings a bell huh. Anyways, I drove home and it was snowing. It was bad, but I am glad I
made it home ok.

12/12/05 - So today was kinda of an odd day. I don't really know how to descrbe it really.
Bowling went ok. I could have done better, but atleast I wasn't bad or anything. My average is
99 pins I believe. For some odd reason I can't seem to beat that. After wards I went home
and took a nice little nap. I slept early tonight. I am pretty warned down.

12/11/05 - I watched the Vikings today and I did some light work outs. I am down to 165lbs
now. Some how, I lost 4 lbs over the weekend. I guess its my crazy work outs haha. I finally
went outside and worked on my car, ok I was just replacing the windshield wipers but it took
me 20 minutes to do it. I know its an easy thing, but I was full of excitement when I got it done.
Haha. Can you tell I know nothing about cars. Last time I tried doing something for my car. It
fell on my forearm, everybody remembers that. I went to Walmart tonight and I had the whole
xmas feeling. MY cart was full of stuff. The only thing I bought for my self was alot of diet pop.
Cheap kind of course. When I was checking out my credit card wasn't going through. The
lady put my credit card in a plastic Walmart bag and swiped it. I have never seen that
technique before. I was quite impressed it worked.

12/10/05 - Today I woke up and I was feeling pretty good. I am still not used to the whole not
working Saturdays thing. I guess when you do it for over 2 years its in your system for awhile.
Jamie called and I came over to help her do stuff at her house. I was waiting for Renee to call
me tonight but she never called. I was kinda sad about it, cause I waited all day so I could eat
at dinner. So I eventually got done helping Jamie and I went to the VFW to play poker. I
sucked pretty bad tonight. I think I only won 1 pot. Maybe I won two. It sucked and I think Jen
was kinda mad when I didn't correct the old waitress lady when she gave me the wrong drink.
I went home and lounged tonight.

12/9/05 - I didn't even know the president was in town, well in downtown Minneapolis. I am
not into the whole politics thing, but geez, those protesters really don't like him hahaha. I
drove through rough traffic and even a bomb squad to just eat lunch with Jason and Patrica.
I made a brief appearance at TCF and it seems everyone was in good spirits. After work I
went home and just relaxed a bit. I have been really tired lately again. Went to Applebee's to
meet up with the gang, me and Jason were there first and I finally got a chance to talk to
Jason like we used to. Everyone else came and it was a good time. Hahaha, we were loud
mostly to Matt, but it was a good loud I guess. Haha. I think the funniest moment was when I
accidently answered the phone tonight " Helpdesk this is tony" when Becky called. I was in
the whole TCF moment I answered it like I was at TCF hahaha by accident.

12/8/05 - Finally, I get to stay home today and do absolutely nothing. Well Chris came over
and we shot some pool down stairs and he beat me at that pretty bad. We played some
holdem. I am glad I was supposed to watch the nephews tonight, since my sister wanted to
go out. That way I don't spend my money. Glad I am getting paid tomorrow. I had some fun
tonight, I decided to make chicken noodle soup from scratch. That is something I have never
done before. So I was excited to try it. I have to admit, it was pretty darn good. I am trying to
eat healthy. I don't want to be counting calories all the time. Just trying to eat healthier. I am
in a good mood today. I was acting kinda goofy today. I love it. Tomorrow is gonna be a great
day I can feel it.

12/7/05 - After work, I went to go see "Just Friends" It has Ryan Reynolds in it and Amy
smart. Who I think is hot. It was a cute little romantic comedy and it made me laugh pretty
hard. After that I went to go play dodgeball and we ended up winning against my former team
The Brickshots. After that I ended up going to Legends for a few drinks. Mary and Dave kept
pressuring me to go so I gave in. I swear I been going out the past 3 days in a row. No
wonder I never have any money. Someday I will say no, but I am glad I came out. After I got
home I did some pushups and went to bed. I am feeling sick again lately.

12/6/05 - Today was another quiet day at work, since most of the people were at the TIES
conference. I didn't bring food today for lunch, since somebody ate my left overs. I was so
sad. So I ended up going to Subway by Ol Mexico for lunch. Today I finally got to talk to Erin
on the phone its been so long since I talked to her. Shes currently attending grad school.
Were going to meet up for lunch next week. I was kinda sad, because I was prepared to play
Texas Holdem today, but Lindsey told me they were playing tonight. So I just drove home.
Tonight I ended up going out. I havn't hung out with Katy in a long time so we went to
Hoolihans. It was good times, we talked and joked around like we always did. I was very
happy to see shes doing good with Dan.

12/5/05 - Work was pretty slow today. I did a few things but it was still slow. I guess there was
a conference like thing at work and most of the people were gone. I was surprised I was able
to eat food from home and not spend any money. After work I went to go to Sportmart or
should I say, Sports Authority or some thing like that. So I ended up getting  a new pair of
bowling shoes. Obviously it didn't help tonight cause I sucked pretty bad at bowling. I felt I
could have played alot better but it just didn't happen. Becky called and she wanted me to
goto Buffalo Wild Wings. I can't say no to BW3's. I got to me her dating friend named Tony,
or T2 we call him. What a fucking nerd he is.

12/4/05 - After I woke up today I got some gas, there are only a few places that have $1.95
for gas. Since it seems gas is slowly rising again. After that I watched the Vikings game and
they won again. Yes it was against a mediocre Lions team but oh well. Afterwards I just
played with my nephews all day and went to Walmart. I wanted to get some food for this
week. Somehow I bought alot of items and only spent $20 bucks total. The lines really
sucked today. I had to wait about 15 minutes. Tonight, I just stayed in to catch up on things. I
am still not caught up.

12/3/05 - I woke up today and I felt like I didn't know what to do. I am so used to working
Saturdays at TCF that I had nothing planned at all. In the morning I lifted some weights. I
really wanted to get back into shape, and the winter season I am usually just putzing around
doing nothing anyways. I ended up going to Grumpys tonight to meet up with Jamie and
Becky. Katrina came too, we all had pitchers. Afterwards we went back to Jamies place and
we had lemon drops. I think Jamie wanted to have a flaming lemon drop, but they weren't
exact;y firing up.

12/2/05 - Today I brought some food from home. It didn't end up working out since I ate my
food and then I decided to goto Arby's. I can't control my appetite lately. It is totally out of
control. It is really not helping especially with my new weight loss plan I am trying to go under.
After work today I went to go see another cheap movie at Roseville 4. This time it was the 40
year old virgin. It was an ok movie. I thought it was funny. After that I went home and ended
up going to Becky and Jamies.

12/1/05 - I was sick today so I couldn't make it to work. I took most of the day sleeping in. I
am having a hard time breathing especially at night. I was reading an article online today
saying that Christmas shoppers are likely to be more stressed this year then any other year.
I just couldn't believe that. Seriously I know so many people who freak out. Then there is the
people who end up just shopping really late anyways. Later in the day, I went to Ruby
Tuesday to get some drinks with Becky and Emily.
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