Old Journals

12/31/06 I was doing errands all day. I was cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, running to the
store to grab stuff. I also went to Target and got some Febreeze and Lysol. I am trying to get
this old man smell out of my car. So far the process is tough, but I am getting there. I feel
pretty warn down from doing everything today. Later on that night. It started to snow heavilly
and I was driving over to Mike and Heidi's. This car almost ran into when it spun out. I was
freaking out. But Luckilly nothing happened. This i why you never brake hard on ice people. It
was pretty fun at Mike and Heidi's, go figure we would end up playing poker. I did well. 2nd and
3rd place for me. I stayed the night. Well because I couldn't get into my car. The doors were
frozen shut.

12/30/06 I woke up and I went to go get my car traded in and I got a mini van instead. Ok, yes
I did say a mini van. I am sure your asking why. Remember last week when I said something
about 25% of my paycheck was being deducted cause of a IRS levy. Well with the mini van its
more of a beater then my car, but its lower payments and in the long run I save. So that is why
I got a mini van. Plus I always wanted one. So there is my thought process. Plus, now I can be
sober cab more often and drive my drunk friends home. So I am quite happy about it. Tonight
I went out for Buca's, since it was Rich's birthday. We had 27 people. I went to the VFW to play
some poker after that. I sucked pretty bad, but I was in no mood to win it tonight. Me, Chris
and Allana went to Perkins afterwards.

12/29/06 Its Friday, therfore everybody is really bored at work and they really want to go
home and just enjoy the long holiday season. I went to go eat at Chili's for lunch. Scott told me
I could go home early today. For once I took him up on his offer even though I was a bit slow
about it. I played kickball in the wet snow and it was raining I suppose. It was pretty fun though.
We went to Spring Street for some drinks. It was fun times, but I had to get back home. I was
trying to watch my budget and I screwed up since that place was a bit spendy. Its different
hanging out with a new group. But I am slowly being ok with it.

12/28/06 I woke up at 4am this morning to drive my dad to the airport. I was so tired. I got
back home and I forgot to set my alarm. So I ended up coming in late. For lunch today. Me and
Scott went back to the old TCF and had lunch with Didrik. It was nice to see old faces again.
After work today. I went to go work out at the gym. I made sure to work out extra hard
today. I was so winded from working on the tread mill and shooting some hoops. I felt a bit out
of shape from eating so much this holiday season. As of right now, alot of things got me down,
IRS money issues, and other things have really dampened my paycheck. Good news is, I have
really been in good spirits. For some reason, I just am not going to let it slow me down. My
goofy side has been coming back out lately.

12/27/06 So today I finally called the IRS. I actually got through, which is even more surprising.
I guess I have a IRS levy on me. Therefor, they will be taking out about $250 per paycheck.
Which is $500 a month for the next 8 months. So I guess this is what it feels like to pay for child
support. I guess I can have a pretend daughter named Sophia and Mikaela after all. I know I am
a bit loony today. Surprisingly I am upbeat. I know I can pay it off, but this is finally my chance
to slow down anyways. I think I have other reasons to be sad about, but I wont let it get to
me. Work was nice and kind of slow today. Well, it was actually busy, but I got things done
quick, so I could relax. I just been thinking alot. After work I went to go play poker. I actually
went right to the bar. I drank kind of slow tonight. This is the beginning of the saving money
trend and I can slow down a bit. I got 2nd place tonight. Lindsey got first place. I knew I was
going to be 2nd, I was just happy to last that long. It was snowing, sleeting, what ever you
want to call it tonight. I used to love this weather.

12/26/06 I think I was in bed till 1pm today. Pretty lazy I know. I dropped Mary off at home
and I went home and made some pizza. I guess the Red Baron pizza I ate last night just
sounded yummy. I went over to Andy and Jenni's. Andy made dinner and it was supposed to
be stir fry, but I think it came out more of a beef barley type of thing. It was good enough to
eat though. I got home later that night and just was doing lots of thinking. I guess I can't wait
till the new year though. I am still a little shocked about the IRS taking a big chunk of money
out of my paycheck. Its going to hurt the piggie bank. But I will survive. This is my chance to
drink a little less now.  

12/25/06 Merry Christmas....I got up today and I was pretty bored. Just like last year. I wanted
to go watch a movie. But I had no one to go with. I just slept and slept today. Its nice catching
up on sleep. I can't believe its almost 2007 already. I think thats just crazy. Tonight I went over
to pick up Mary and we went to Chanhassen to visit Mindy, since there was some bars open in
her neck of the woods. The Legion up there was pretty nice. Plasma tv's, we don't see that at
our Legion. We stayed the night over at Mindys. I didn't feel like driving over 30 minutes home.  

12/24/06 I went to the mall to get some last minute stuff. I basically just wanted to be at the
mall to get some holiday cheer in me and to be around the Christmas lights and things like that.
Surprisingly I ran into Andy. It was good since I could give him and Jenni there gift since it was
in my car. I got ready for church afterwards. It was a long hour and a half. I made it through
though. The family all met at the house and we had late dinner and we opened up gifts. This
year, just like any year. I get mostly clothes, and they always get me a size way to big. I also,
came up short, like I estimated to have spent more then I got. But oh well its Christmas. Atleast
the kids loved there stuff. The adults got gift cards. Tonight I just goto sleep. Another Xmas eve
done and gone. Still seems like things are missing. But I will just have to move on.

12/23/06 I woke up around noon I think. I was just very tired. I didn't drink too much last night
because I was supposed to be a sober cab. I did some laundry and wrapped up a few presents.
I then picked up Mary before we went to the VFW and we went to and got some food at
Eddingtons. I was surprised that place was open. I finally won my first ever VFW tourney. I was
so happy, but I didn't show it. I am just glad I got it over with. For the 2nd session, I got to the
final table, but just didn't have enough to win it. I stayed and drank some, but I was drinking
very slowly. Just not in the drinking mood I guess.

12/22/06 Friday yeah, the big day till the weekend. There was nobody here today at all. It was
quite boring. Mario, Danielle and Me went to Majors to finish off the gift card I won. Danielle
found a spider in her salad that was pretty gross. After work today I did some major power
shopping. I got gifts for everyone in an hour and a half. We went out to Lindseys, since we
were all meeting up there before hand. Then we went downtown to the Lyons Pub. It was for
Jen's graduating from school gig. Danielle and Chad and Christine made an appearance. So I
have people to talk too. There was alot of drama tonight. Figures.. Me, Mary and Mindy went to
Perkins afterwards. It was a late night. I got home at 4am I think.

12/21/06 Everything was kind of quiet today. Everybody was gone, off on their little side things
and vacations. Today I had lunch with Tim, our novell guy. We ate at Jimmy Johns. I don't
understand why they are considered gourmet sandwiches, but they are pretty good. IT was
weird, he just had bread and ham. Nothing else. Who does that... Anyways, I saw the biggest
snow flakes I have ever seen. It rained first and then it snowed. Traffic on the way home was
horrible. Icy road conditions makes alot of grouchy people. Dodgeball was cancelled tonight. I
went to the Legion to play poker. I made it to the final table but then lost. I can now say I
dominate them guys out there. I played darts later that night, but I was too tired and I needed
to get up early.

12/20/06 I think I was a bit tired this morning. For some reason I am feeling so comfortable in
bed. I don't ever want to get up. We had a holiday potluck today and I was just full from eating
so much food. Pam decorated the area in our department. I told her the day before, it just
didn't seem like  xmas, so she played xmas music for me and put up lights. It really cheered me
up and made it feel like Christmas.. So thanks Pam. After work today. We went to La Casita for
happy hour drinks. I don't think I ever got the chance to do anything like that while I have
worked at TIES. Obviously I took advantage of the opportunity. I went to the VFW afterwards.
I think everyone is starting to realize whats going on over there. I played well. Made the final
table and lost. I got pretty hammered with Joe, because we were drinking shots all night. I think
I had 4 or 5 total. Pretty wasted, but it was fun times.

12/19/06 I was a bit tired today. Since staying out so late last night. For lunch today I took
Scott out to Majors, since I won last night. I also bought Pam food too. I been very busy at
work lately. Which makes me get through the day, but I have been in over drive. After work I
went to Woodbury to work out. I made sure to work extra hard tonight. I was working out and
I heard some guy say " that is the most amazing looking girl I have ever seen". So I stopped
working out and turned around. She was actually pretty hot. Pornstar hot actually. Haha. I got
home and I just relaxed, my muscles have been killing me and I am sore all the time. I havn't
done any Xmas shopping yet. I will though. Its funner this way. Tomorrow sounds like its going
to be a drunk night. I will just take it easy tonight and not drink alcohol. Did some thinking
tonight. I am starting to see things clear. I want to finish alot of unfinished business. Lately, I
been growing hate inside. I need to work this out of my system.

12/18/06 So I am trying to make a better effort to come in early in the morning. So far so
good. I went to burger King today to splurge a bit. I was so hungry. I was super busy today. I
had lots to get done and I wanted to get things done. I can't believe how close it is to Xmas
already. Tonight I drove to Woodbury an I was going to go work out, but it was really busy
there so I just went home. I ended up going to Majors and I won at poker and won a $75
majors gift card and a $50 best buy gift card. I ended up selling Joe the gift card for $40 bucks.
He needed the gift card and I needed the cash. It worked out great. We went to the VFW and I
played cribbage with Mary. I sucked pretty bad. Good thing we weren't playing for money.
Sigh, another late night. I got to work on this.  

12/17/06 I met up with Mike and we went to go watch the Vikings game. I bought him some
food, since he was nice enough to pick me to go. Vikes sucked badly tonight against the Jets. I
hope it wasn't too bad on t.v., but it was just plain bad. Afterwards I went home and I did some
laundry. I met up with Mary and Mindy at Flaherty's. We eventually made our way to Grumpy's
were everyone else was hanging about. Once again I got pretty drunk, but I was good about it
too not get over board. I havn't been getting much sleep with going out so much, but I think
tonight is the night I can finally just sleep in a bit. Well, actually change that. It's Monday
tomorrow therefor, I got to get up a bit earlier. I promised my self I would get into work earlier
this week.

12/16/06 I woke up an I needed to get food in me, but that didn't exactly happen. Me and
Lawrence went to go see our friend Paul in a Muy thai style kick boxing fight. It was quite
interesting. Almost UFC style. Paul did ok, he got his ass beat, but thats a good showing for
your first time. We went to go eat at C-1 buffet. I been hearing this place is amazingly
awesome, so we had to check it out. It was pretty damn good, best chinese buffet I have ever
been too. I went to the VFW eventually and I sucked badly at poker at both sessions. We were
all pretty wasted there tonight. Looks like it was just an overall good weekend so far. They
wanted to play annihilated poker, but I had to get up for the Vikes game with Mike tomorrow.

12/15/06 So with Friday here and now. I was a bit extactic. Not sure how to put it. Today was
a bit of a weird day. after work today I went home and just ate dinner. Me and Mary went up to
Dan and Ben's house for some cash buy-in style holdem. I am not good at this style, but
somehow I did well tonight. We went tot he VFW to pick up Katie. Then we made our way to Ol
Mexico. It was a odd night with all the weirdos there and stuff. But ofcourse there is always
drama. I was pretty tired tonight. I can't believe tomorrow is Saturday. I am going to so sleep in.

12/14/06 I had a dream that I was involved in a death. Basically it was my death. I was trying to
help some woman at the mall, but I got killed for my troubles. Thats when I woke up ofcourse.
Just thought I would share that with you. Work was busy today. I been getting behind in my
work. Which is something I don't do. I went to Circuit City with Mario. Then we went to go eat
at Mcdonalds. Danielle's aura was a bit down today. I tried to cheer her up. It was Pam's b-day
too. She sits next to me and shes my main point of conversation. She is the nicest lady I know.
We decorated her desk with balloons and flyers and lights the night before. It was nice. After
work I went home to do my laundry. I went to dodgeball ready to play. I was pumped, since
this is my goodbye tour and this is for sure my last season. Nikki kinda looked at me and she
was like "yeah right". You always come back. We won, we won by forfeit, the other team had a
party to go to I guess. We play 9 games now and we are now up 9 to 0. Looks like this will be a
fun season with the Undies playing, who is a kickball team. Which makes me happy. Afterwards
I went to the Legion and got some drinks. I talked to Mindy most of the night. Mary was kind of
occupied by other guys. I was happy I finally got to talk to Mindy and dig about her life. That is
what I like to do. I like to fix things. But it was good times.

12/13/06 Today was a bit odd. I felt pretty tired once again. I did wake up a bit more relaxed
then normal. I ate at Mcdonalds today. So much for my eating healthy plan. Ashley is going to
NY for a job interview. She said my Christmas present can only be purchased in NY. So I am
kinda curious on what that could be. I went right to the VFW after work. I brought my laptop
with to do work. Tonight, I was kinda crappy at poker. I ddi well, but I hit a wall. I lost a bit
before the final table. I played in the consolation table and got 2nd place. I purposely tried to
lose. If it wasn't for Shawn, then I would have tried to win. I guess I don't care to win. Me and
Mary went on a hot date to Perkins afterwards. We just talked, and caught up on things.

12/12/06 Another day, I felt like crap today. My stomach felt like it was going to explode. I think
I am just going to try to eat healthy for awhile. Lately I been thinking about the abortion Me
and Evelyn had years ago. For some reason I keep imagining I have a little girl around me. I
guess, I wonder what could have been. I love kids and want kids. Kind of now. I don't know
why. I would get a girl pregnant just so I can have kids. ok I am kidding.... about that part. I ate
at Panera Bread today. I had a yummy sandwich and soup. The new plaza at Rosdale is looking
pretty nice. I went to Walmart and bought new colors and bedding for my bed. I spent a
whopping 70 bucks. For a new color scheme and comforter. I felt guilty, so I figured I would
work my ass off at the gym. Tonight, I talked to Tim online. I havn't talked to him in years. I
guess hes going through a divorce. Seems like everyone is getting divorced.

12/11/06 I woke up and had this horrible migraine. I don't know why, I didn't drink barely
anything yesterday. I laid in bed till about noon. My home PC's power supply burnt out. So I
went to Nanosystems to get another one. The new one worked for 6 seconds and burnt out
too. I am starting to think the motherboard is frying it. I decided to just buy a new PC. Cash
right now is a bit rough, but I think I will figure something out. I made steak and chicken tonight
for dinner I was quite stuffed. I went to Buffalo Wild wings and I failed horribly in the Blazing
chicken wing eating contest. I was full, from eating dinner. So I was unable to finish. I been
trying to figure out my balance lately. Seems like working out has made me tired and I am just
not healing as fast as I would hope. I think its finally time to slow down.

12/10/06 Can you say action packed day. Woke up and I went to Benihana's for lunch. Mario,
Liz, Chris, Jamie and Jaime were all meeting us there. I love eating a places you have to get
reservations for. I can't tell you how much I love eating there. I just wanted to splurge.
Afterwards Me and Chris went to the VFW so we can watch the Vikings game. They won, wow,
I am so surprised. Me, Mary and Chris, went to the Legion to play poker there. It was an away
game for us. I dominated them fools at the Legion. They suck giant nuts over there. They were
curious who the knew guy was. I showed them those fools were no match for the one they call
Tony Cu. I got 5th place I think, but I made final table. Hahaha. We then all picked up Katie and
went to Applebees. Then we went to go watch "The Holiday" at the new Rosedale theater. I am
exhausted, but my bad migraines won't go away.

12/09/06 I went to the gym this morning. I had no energy, I was starving, I even got my oil
change at Valvoline instant oil change. I remember them being expensive, but wow there prices
went up. I got home and I just did some laundry. I went to a few carpet stores to check out
some carpet. I didn't like anything I saw though. I went to the VFW for the meat raffle. I didn't
win. I played poker tonight, but I was not interested in winning. I was just there to hang out.
Team Tony did not do so well either. We actually didn't have anyone make it to the final table
for once. I took it easy tonight, but I was there past closing time into the late hours. Not as late
as everyone else though.

12/08/06 Friday, yippeee. It came so fast. It was nice to just no it is Friday. Can you tell I am a
bit extactic. Lately I been trying to find some new music. Seems like everything is getting a bit
dull. Tonight I went to the VFW, I met up with Dan and we had a couple happy hour drinks. I
guess they are having karoake there for the first time ever. It was a test run to see how it would
go. I would say it went by pretty fine. It was kind of weird, but hey it worked out good. I stayed
the whole night, it was crazy, but I was so tired. I think tomorrow I will be sleeping in for a bit, I
havn't been feeling well again lately. Not sure why.

12/07/06 Another late day going into work. I don't know whats wrong with me, but I think I
know why I can't sleep lately. Its cause I am freezing my ass off in my room. I have no carpet,
and the concrete ground is cold. The vent is in the ceiling, so even if heat came out, it would be
in the top of the room. I went to Pizza Hut today and I had the worst service ever. We walked
in at about 11:55 and we sat down, and we didn't get our pop till 12:20. It was ridiculous. the
food was good though. Hahaha. After work I went home and cooked my self a steak. After that
I went to the gym to work out. I put in a tough 1 and a half today. Afterwards, I picked up
Ashley and we went to some pub called O'malleys. Its an Irish pub in Woodbury. It was fun
times. I got home and just relaxed I feel like my body is telling me to slow down a bit.

12/06/06 So today I had a very hard time getting out of bed. Sleep, is just not working with
me right now. I think I am a bit out of whack. I went to Mcdonalds today for the first time in a
very long time. I miss eating burgers and fries. It actually went down alot better then the
walleye I had at a certain nice restaurant. I got Danielle a meal to go, that girl needs to eat
more. She was caught up at work. I treat her like shes my sister, even though she got mad at
me the other day. Anyways, I went to Fridays today, I wanted to have a drink and some food.
I knew tonight for my one year anniversary at the VFW. I wanted to get a bit drunk. I went to
the VFW, I made it to the final table, but I ran out of luck. I was doing pretty good all night.
Tonight Marge won, even though it was against Marco. Well Marge has never won and shes
really nice. Thats why I was cheering for her, even though I should cheer for Marco. But hes
won his share of tournaments. Tonight I am going right to bed and going night night. I just
gotta relax.

12/05/06 Today was the slowest day ever. It was very quiet around the office since everyone
was at the TIES conference. We all went to eat at Chianti's today. I havn't been there since day
one at TIES. I went home after work and just laid around. Then I finally made it out to the gym
in the first time in a long time. I been so sick. I havn't been able to work out. I made it a quick
work out. Since I feel a bit tired. I feel very tired, now that I think about it. I actually missed a
few exits today. I must have been dozing off on other things or something. Not sure why
though. My internet at home is really pissing me off. Qwest sucks. Dont ever get dsl. I am only
doing it, cause I get a discount through work. Right now its disconnecting every 5 minutes and
I have to wait another 5 minutes to use it. Qwest said it was something on their end. They said
it should be fixed within 24 hours. It fucking better. I need the internet.

12/04/06 I woke up so early today. I didn't want to crawl out of bed, my hotel bed was so
comfortable. After only getting about 3 hours of sleep. No, I was not out partying or anything. I
just couldn't sleep. I was watching some crappy movie on HBO. I was so comfortable in my
bed, but still unable to sleep. I realized, I was just stressed about being stressed in life. That
doesn't make sense, but I think I am bored, so I tend to make my self stress. Anyways back at
the Hyatt today for the conference. I helped move the computers and stuff. I even was at the
TIES booth represent'n. I was by myself for like 15 to 20 minutes. I felt I owned the domain. I
walked down the aisles of the vendors, I felt like I was big shit. Since they probably wanted to
go to me to sell there business. Basically I was there from 7am to Midnight. It was a long day,
every since Sunday morning, but my job is now done in Minneapolis. Tuesday, back to normal

12/03/06 I woke up this morning and felt like crap. Seems like I been feeling like crap alot lately
when I wake up. I as packing for my stay tonight at the Hyatt. Since I had to do some work
there. Before hand though. I needed to goto the mall and buy some pants. I don't seem to
have any black pants anymore. I guess there was something wrong with my moms car, so I
had to figure out what was wrong with it. Luckilly, it just started on its own. Damn Durangos. It
is always weird going to downtown minneapolis on a Sunday, but thats where my hotel is and
thats where I am stuck at work. On a sunday night.. Oh well atleast I get a free hotel room out
of it. So I can get freaky while picking up some chick on the street. Ok I am just kidding. I don't
care for the Vikes this year. I will not watch them unless I have nothing to do. This is the best
hotel room I have ever had.

12/02/06 I woke up and just couldn't move, but I was figuring maybe I can sleep in a bit. I was
trying to clean my room, but my nephews came over and I was unable to clean anymore. I
new today was going to be a busy day. Basically I had alot of cameo appearances. One I wish I
could have stayed longer with was at Brian and Lisa's. I figured I will just make up time during
the weeks. I was at the V tonight too, I lost at poker. I had to goto another party after that and
then I came back. Lunzer and Dan, Tim and some Undies were there too. It was weird seeing
them in my back yard hahaa. Heidi, and Marco, somehow got me to play riding the bus again.
Wow that game is rough. I made it out alive, but I was already drunk.

12/01/06  I woke up a bit early to go down to the Hyatt to help set up for the TIES conference.
Basically I was helping putting in the carpet for our main booth. It was hard work, cutting the
carpet, but we got it done. I went to happy hour at 8th street grill and met up for Ben's going
away from TCF. Yes another person leaving TCF. It seems like I have spent so much money in
the parking ramps today. I think over $20. Afterwards, we decided to have a poker tournament
at Dan and Kristin's. I did fairly well, first session I got 2nd place. In the 2nd session I got 3rd
place again. So I made some cash tonight. Its a late night, I didn't get home till 3am. I havnt
done that in awhile. I must be getting old.
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