Old Journal

12-31-07 This years New years eve has been quite. Very quiet actually. I just didn't really want
to get caught up into anything expensive or over kill at the bars like I used to back in the day. I
started the day off with some light shopping at my local Cub foods. I needed to get some
ingredients for the party tonight. I was making tony cu seafood fried rice. My head has really
been getting some head aches lately. I spent most of the day sending some emails to people
who just happened to email me out of the blue. I went over to Lindseys and Marcos for the
party. It was fun, it was low key and then it started to get crazy for New Years Eve. I really
didn't drink to much tonight. We played the horse racing game. Its a gambling board game of
some sort. I think someone asked if I was mentioning it, so I am doing it now. I went to Bradys
to hit up some of the bar craziness. It was fun, I was just tired and I ran out of gas real quick
tonight. Even though I wasn't even drinking that much. Looking back at 2007. This has been
an interesting year. I felt it was one of my best years ever. I did alot of exciting things and I got
some great memories.

12-30-07 With 2008 inching closer and closer. Which is odd since I can't believe its almost here.
I watched the football games today. They were not that exciting. I went to Walmart and picked
up some things. I actually needed a crock pot for something. So I bought on of those for
Lindseys New years eve party. I watched the Vikings suck it up again. It was so hard to watch it
was like last years team all over again. I hope they get rid of Childress. I wouldn't be that
patient. I went to the Legion to play some cards tonight. I lost but i wasn't really trying to hard.
I had other things on my mind. After I had my one drink there. I went over to the VFw for
bingo. I finally played, but I lost. We went bowling tonight, and I figured I would go since I
needed a tune up for this friday. Honestly to tell you the truth. I didn't even look at my score. I
think I was around a 155 average. Which is far better then what I had last year. Plus my arm is
stronger for me to control the 15 lb bowling ball. I should be a 160 average after its all said and
done hopefully.

12-29-07 I had some left over pork chops from the other day. I didn't really feel like cooking at
all. I went to the mall to look for a ugly holiday sweater for tonight. I failed obviously. I found a
few sweaters, but they were like 80 bucks. I can't believe people would even pay for that crap. I
was a bit bored today. So I did some running again. I didn't goto far. I am still not ready yet. My
heart just burns when I do that. I went to Sams Club to get some snacks for the party. I was to
tired to make anything. When i was checking out. The Sams club cashier girl was just flirting
with me non stop. I was talking like a valley girl to her. It was kind of weird. I guess I forgot to
turn that off, cause I was talking to Katie like that earlier. I picked up Katie and we went to the
Sparrs holiday party. It was fun just hanging out. I was drinking wine all night. I just wasn't in
the mood for beer at all.

12-28-07 I was exhausted all day today. I think everyone is just looking forward to the new
year. I took mario and Andy to lunch at a Vietnamese place in st paul. I had them try the pho.
Andy chickened out and just ate lo mein. I wanted to just get home. I have been doing alot of
cleaning lately. I ran around the block today. I was pretty tired. I am no where in the condition I
should be. i am slowly getting better though. I went to rosedale to get Erin her bday gift. I
wasn't sure what to get her. So I went with the safe stuff. Chocolate from godiva. I met up with
her at chino Latinos. I love that place more and more every time I eat there. We went to the
Drink for a drink, haha kinda funny saying it like that. Then we made our way to legends, since
Fred was up there. It was fun just hanging out down there. Its been awhile since I drank and
chilled in the basement area there. We went back to erin's, I was so tired. I got to see her place
finally. I got home around 4am tonight. I guess I am practicing staying up late for New years
12-27-07 Another quiet day, there is nothing wrong with that. I have been thinking this is
probably my most unactive time of year. In sports that is. Usually I have other things going on
like dodgeball or something. All I have right now is volleyball. I am thinking about getting a
membership again, but every time I do it. I will go alot then it just kinda stops. I think I am way
to busy for it. Plus there isn't any places near me. After work today I went to cub foods. i
wanted to try something new for cooking again. My total bill at Cub foods was 37 bucks for a
main entree item. That was quite ridiculous if you ask me. I got home and cleaned and cooked.
I had company over. I was so tired tonight. I didn't even want to go out. Surprisingly I actually
didn't when people called later. I just don't want to drink much. I am also thinking of being
sober cab for new years eve. Those plans still are uncertain. Well what is certain with me these
days anyways.

12-26-07 What is more exciting then working when everyone has the day off. Nothing really.
Its been very quiet today. For food, me, mario and Andy went to go eat at house of wongs. I
don't know why I like that place so much. I think its just the wide array of food. I think thats the
case. After work today I went home and got the snow blower going and I just wanted to get rid
of all this stupid snow. I did some minor exercises to get my speed up to code. I went to the
vfw and I won the consolation table. I went to The times in minneapolis on hennepin. I walk in
there and all I see is alot of swing dancing. Good thing I don't like this Cassie girl like that. I would
be a dancer. Which I don't have the motivation for. It was nice to see Katie again, looks like
shes doing well. Shes from Alaska. I guess its my infatuation with girls named katie never seem
to do me wrong haha. The Times was a nice place. I want to eat there sometime. I was
browsing the menu and it was a bit on the spendy side, but that doesn't slow me down.

12-25-07 Christmas Day started off slow and boring this year. I even skipped out on church. I
don't want to be called a seat stealer, per regulars at church. Haha I am kidding about that. I
was driving around the acura, supposedly it had transmission issues. It seemed fine to me and
then I found out my sister had it in the manual shift position instead of the auto part. It was
snowing all nice and pretty out and snow makes me happy. Thats why I need to have a snow
globe next to me at all times. i still have mine from Ashley when she gave me the christmas
present from last year. I ended up going to TGIF Fridays, Becky, Steve and Joe came up too. I
just couldn't stay inside the house anymore. It was killing me. I had to get out and see people
and not sit at home. I wish I have the next few days off, because its going to be so slow at
work. Oh well, slow is good after this big week so far. Hopefully I can save some cash too.

12-24-07 I got up early, I had to shovel the snow in the driveway. I got tired of shoveling so I
got the snow blower out. It was so cold out. I had my ipod on and when I was changing songs,
I think it froze on me. I went with Jen to get Andy's gift. I went to the liquor store, since I was in
the mood for wine tonight. I got home and just played some counter strike online. The family
came over and we had Christmas a bit early this year. Since my dad is out of town, and my
brother and his wife had plans with her family. Plus my other brother was booking it to montana
right after. Seems like everyone just wants to get away. I got clothes, like I do every year. They
are always big and stuff. Still the same Christmas. I went over to andy and Jenni's after ward for
dinner. It was fun we played games and opened gifts and dinner. I think i was laughing so hard
at one point I almost puked. Christmas eve was great this year.

12-23-07 I found out today Irish john passed away the other night. I was a bit sad about it. He
was always joking to me about alot of things. Its sad, I don't even know his last name. He was a
good guy though. I think he was in his early 30's. I spent most of the day just laying around. I
was so tired. This weekend is going by way to fast and I just wish it could go nice and slow. This
year seems low key so far, but right now I think this is the best Christmas ever. I am just happy
with how everything is turning out. I went to target to get some more stuff for the family. I was
wrapping fits while I was watching any of the football games on tv. I went to the Legion to get
some card playing in. I was tying to lose, so I could goto the vfw to watch the Vikings game.
Katie, dan and Nicole came to watch also. The vikings stunk it up and now there playoff hopes
are very slim in my eyes.

12-22-07 I was looking over my check account and this Christmas went pretty good. I wasn't
hurting to bad. I think I just budgeted right for once. I went tout to eat with parts of the family
today. It was some restaurant on University. It was weird, the power went out and they were
unable to cook some of the items. I guess the whole block was down. I ate alot though, I got
home and I just wanted to relax. Jessica called and she wanted to go out. We went to
maplewood mall to get some last minute shopping done. Then we went to Granite city for
dinner. I was feeling full still, so I didn't eat too much. She dropped me off at the vfw so I can
get some poker in. I just wanted to play some cards. I was trying to lose so I could leave, since
I knew Jessica was coming to pick me up. I tried to get my high score back at buck hunter but
I failed terribly.

12-21-07 This is becoming one of the best Christmas's for me in recent memory. I just love
how everyone is mostly in a good mood. I left work today with more gifts then I got from my
family in total last year. So that made me smile a bit. I went to target with danielle for some last
minute gifts. I needed a pot for deep frying the wings, since I totally forgot I too do that the
other day. I didn't burn the house down or anything. The oils did pop in my face a few times
and hurt like hell. Chris came over and we had our game plan set for the party. We bought non
alcoholic drinks and we also bought vodka to make them alcoholic. Kind of a weird twist isn't it. I
ate alot of food, ofcourse a poker game busted out. I lost, but I make one big mistake. We just
all hung out and bs'ed for awhile. I stayed out pretty late. Alot later then I was thinking, but
thats ok. I had lots of fun.

12-20-07 As i look at the calendar. Time is starting to tick for alot of different things. Christmas
inches closer and closer. Regardless, I hope it snows on Christmas, that would make me very
happy. I had some Christmas shopping to do. The main stuff was already done. The older
peeps are usually very easy for me to get items for. I was playing with my snow globe today
that Ashley gave me. I love snow. Atleast it was nice and warmer outside. I know everyone
loves that cold air. I had dinner with jessica tonight. We went to target and I picked up a
vacuum. I wanted to get one of those HEPA filtered vacuums to see if it helps my allergies a bit.
i also bought the chicken for tomorrows chicken wings. I havn't decided if it will be baked or
deep fried yet. I did more laundry and I just wanted to stay at home tonight. It was my night
to relax and stay away from that booze. Speaking of. I got a flask from Scott for Christmas. I
played some counter strike. Its always nice to get some of that hand eye recognition going on.

12-19-07 I got up early. I had to drive my dad and uncle to the airport today. I forgot how
much traffic there is on 35e south. Looks like with my dad gone. I will be having parties every
night. Ok i am just kidding. We had a potluck today for lunch. I was so full. I ate alot. Well my
plate was covered actually with food. Everything was a main entree, nobody really brough side
dishes. After work I tried to goto Comcast to get a cable modem. They wouldn't let me pick it
up. Since I was not my dad. I was pretty pissed off, but I let it go. Stupid Comcast, you bitches
lost a customer. I went to volleyball tonight. We won 3 to 0. Someone on the other team,
dislocated his finger. I didn't see it, but I guess it was pretty bad. We went to the Legion in
Fridley. had a couple drinks. I was pretty tired tonight. I was gonna pick up a book and read it
tonight, but the cooking channel always gets my attention instead. I will probably lay low
tomorrow. I want to rest up for the big weekend.

12-18-07 I did not feel well this morning at all. i had way too much to drink to night. Maybe the
past 6 days to tell you the truth. I was in a weird mood all day. i felt very talkative. My opinions
were full blown, and uncensored. I found out today Pam, the person that sits next to me is
leaving and she put in her two weeks notice. I was hit kinda hard by it. I don't care for people
who have skills or are good at something. i care for them as a person and who they are. Thats
what makes work fun for me. Now I am going to lose that. I was upset by it, but its not my call
and I will get over it. I guess I forget how humane I can be sometimes. I wish her the best of
luck though. I will for sure damn enjoy the next two weeks and make sure I get my time in. I
got home today. I laid in bed for awhile. I really felt like puking. Seriously, my body was not
feeling good at all. I was testing my buffalo wings tonight. Just to see how good they will be for
this friday. I ate some, my dad ate some and he didn't seem to mind the buffalo flavored wings
tony cu style ofcourse. Anyways I am just overwhelmed right now. I need my rest. I need to
feel better though.

12-17-07 Since today was my day off. I got to sleep in a bit. I went to South dale to met up
with mario and Liz. I needed to pick up a few things at Marshalls, since Liz works there I got a
nice discount. I went to the mall of america and I saw alot of bears fans all over the place. I
would say the viking jerseys were out numbered 8 to 1. I was wearing my old school Moss
jersey. I got home and I made tacos. I wanted to try a new spicy sauce for the meat. It sure
worked great. I wasn't sure what I was doing for the game tonight. I went to the VFW tonight. I
sported my Moss(vikings) jersey. I wanted them to win, but my tony cu keys to victory was T.
Jack running. I had happy hour with Joey so we could catch up. Vikes game was kinda horribly
and ugly. Oh well the vikes won. I had way to many drinks tonight.

12-16-07 It is football Sunday. I need a explosive performance by my fantasy football players.
Hopefully they all do something. I am on the downward spiral of my team sucking it up. Well
from watching the games. It looks like I am gonna get my butt kicked. Food was somewhat
filling today. I spent time with my mom cooking. Ofcourse its always the same thing over and
over and it gets kinda annoying. My dad bought some alaskan snow crab. It was so good. Lots
of meat in the crab makes me happy. I got to see my nephew Cameron for a bit. He was being
weird, but I asked him what he wanted. He mumbled, so I sad to my self. That sounds like
legos. I lounged. I was feeling tired, but I wanted to get out at some point. Its my Saturday
basically with tomorrow off. I went to the vfw for a quick drink. We all went to green mill for
some food. It was fun just hanging out with everyone. Joe convinced me to goto the Blue fox.
So we were there to closing time.

12-15-07 With Christmas inching closer and closer. It looks like I will finally get more time to
shop this Monday. Thank goodness I have it off. I got to sleep in a bit today. I went over to
Miek and Heidi's luckilly my phone was there. I called it this morning and Mike answered thank
goodness. I spent most of the day watching "The Office season 2" dvds. Just trying to catch
up on it. I went to the vfw and played poker. I was just trying to get my cards fix for the week.
I did alot better then I thought I would. I finally got to lose and I made my way to Mortimers for
Quents birthday. It was quiet there surprisingly. Last time I checked. When I went there on a
weekend it was super busy. How times have changed I guess. I just wanted to keep it a short
night, but that wasn't the case. I guess with older age. You just can't hang anymore. I knew I
had another big day ahead tomorrow. i got home and played some counter strike. I am trying
to get back into that.

12-14-07 I wanted today to be over with so fast. The clock was just going slow. Even if I tried
to not look at it. Its supposed to go faster right? I went to go eat at Baja sol. I am starting to
like that place. Since they are the only ones that make my favorite "fish tacos". I looked at my
fantasy football stuff today. I barely made it to playoffs. Playing against the best in the league.
He only lost one game this year. I have Tom Brady, he has Moss unfortunately. I have already
accepted defeat. I got home tonight and Jessica gave me a surprise call. I havn't seen her in
about 8 years. It was kind of one of those. I liked her in high school things. Anyways, she came
out to Lynn's thing with me. Jacob is grown now. Well hes still 13 months I think. It was nice to
just get to hang out with Lyn again. We all went to Applebees in block E. Then made the trip to
The Loop. Which was a pretty higher class crowd of drunks I would say. I am surprised I never
found this place. I felt like I belonged. Ok, not really. Went over to Mike and Heidi's for drinks.
They were having a party. Last time I was there it was New Years eve. I guess its about 4 am
now. I can't find my cell phone I am so freaking out.

12-13-07 No matter what I do. I realize I just keep getting more tired. If I sleep early the night
before I get more tired, compared to less sleep. I guess I am out of whack again. Today we
went to Chipotle for lunch. I didn't want a burrito, so I just got a bowl. My new favorite thing to
drink is these grapefruit in a bottle drinks. I went to the grocery store and bought some crab. I
was in a sea food mood for tonight. So i Made steak and crab. It was yummy. I went to the
Legion, but I sucked at cards tonight. I had nothing all night. I went to the VFW in white bear
lake to visit joe.  This weekend should be pretty exciting. I get to see some old faces again.
Lynn will be in town. So I think I will be going to the hollidazzle with her. I get to see her baby
too, who should be 14 months now.

12-12-07 I could not get out of bed at all today. I was just so tired. I went to get food at
subway. i was in a healthy mood for once. Well i have been good. I screwed up though. We
had alot of left over Lee an chin food laying around. I was tempted. It seems like everyone was
in slacking mode today. It didn't look like anyone wanted to do anything but chatter. Which is
fine by me. I mimic people anyways. I am going to start running in the cold. My skin does not
like the cold weather. Its always dry skin. Someone tell me how to fix that, with out breaking
out. I went to Time Out for a couple early drinks. Drinking never effects my game. So i was not
worried. We won 3 games straight tonight. The other team was not at our level what so ever. It
was nice to win 3 of them though. They did give us a run for our money though. I was
concerned. We went to Timeout again for more drinks. Can't say no to two for ones.

12-11-07 I got up slowly today. I wanted to sleep in at the hotel room. Danielle called and woke
me up and I had breakfast with everyone down at Taxi's. I finally got the gourmet style omlet.
It wasn't anything special at all. My taste buds were all crappy anyways. I think I could still taste
the booze from the night before. I got cleaned up and went to TIES. I had enough of the
conference. It was a ghost town at work. Which was fine. I went to the mall to have some
lunch. I went to the stupid japanese place that has people annoying you for samples. I hate it
so much. I walked around. I just needed to move around. I was tired. I got home and watched
"Tin Man" online. I heard good reviews about this mini series. So I figured I would check it out. It
was pretty good. Its everything the Wizard of Oz should be in a updated time frame. I actually
liked it. I was so tired I just passed out. I got alot of Xmas shopping to do still. I have only
gotten one present so far. I am starting with the youngest kids and working my way up.

12-10-07 I was eating breakfast this morning. It was alright, nothing special. I wouldn't pay
money for it, but it was so so. I was in the Main TIES booth most of the day today. Nothing too
exciting. Just hanging out. I took a few pictures. With my camera on my phone. It was a neat
scene. I was so tired and my body was sore all over. I am tired and just want to go back to the
hotel room to sleep. Lunch wasn't anything exciting, we had a baked potato and salad and
soup. It was very blah if you know what I mean. I put alot of bacon chunks on it. I needed
meat damn it. We went to The news room, my favorite place to go. For happy hour. Mario
picked us up and we drove to Legends for more drinks. I wanted to get the drink on tonight.
Since it was my weekend basically almost and I knew I could sleep in. it was fun. I had lots of
fun. I finally spent money tonight. We went back to Spikes for a drink. I am tired off to bed.

12-9-07 I was at the conference around 9:30. It was more busy work. I was aching all over
today. My butt kinda hurts and my thighs. I feel like I got my ass kicked or something. Spent
most of the day moving computer equipment around. I t would be interesting to have a
pedometer to see how much I have walked today all over the Hyatt. I was addicted to the
Hyatt candy laying around. I kept grabbing one. They are so addicting. Lunch was a buffet
style chicken fajita thing. It was nothing special at all. Danielle had me try some green looking
candy. It was so gross I ended up puking my walleye for diner. It was a wasabi pistachio. It was
straight up nasty. It was funny though. The more I think about it. The more I realize I don't
enjoy the conference at all. I wish I could just pass on it completely. Just so busy and I am
sore. Its not like I get paid extra or anything. Plus it seems like the older people just talk down to
me. I hate it. I didn't get to leave the area. Theres not really much to walk too. Its not like I am
going to go drinking by myself. I am tired. Hopefully I have more fun tomorrow.

12-8-07 I got up real early today. I got down to the Hyatt and we had to work on the carpet fo
the main TIES booth. I totally freaked when I saw the mouse nest when we unrolled it. I knew
there would be something crazy like that. It was long and grueling. My knees and legs were tired
and bruised. It was fun using the stapler gun. Especially the hydraulic version. Made me feel
ultra powerful inside. Alot fo walking and alot of carring. It made my feet hurt. We went to have
dinner at Spikes sports bar. After that I drove towards home. I went to Jimmys, to meet up
with Andy, jenni and Amy. It was just hanging out. Especially when it was two for ones. I didn't
drink to much though. I was being good. I knew I had to pack for tonight. I got home and I
was trying to find a few of my TIES shirts. I cant' believe how many of them I have now. Its just
crazy. More to do tomorrow.

12-7-07 Today seemed to go by extremely slow. It was very quiet at TIES. Mostly everyone
was down at the TIES conference setting up. I went solo for lunch today. It wasn't anything
too exciting. I just went home and did some laundry and made my self a steak. It was good
enough to get me to dinner later tonight. Then plan tonight, was to have dinner at Mario and
Liz's. I had some time to waste. I went to Best buy and bought the latest Rascall Flatts cd. Its
ok, I like their old cd's better. On my long drive to bloomington. I was getting very annoyed by
traffic. Once we all got there we sat around and had dinner. Danielle and Andy, her cousin came
too. We didn't want to party it up too much. Since we all had to be at the Hyatt very early
tomorrow morning. I got home and I was so tired. I was just taking it easy. Its going to be a
very busy next few days.

12-6-07 This morning I was moving very slow. Not exactly sure why. I was feeling tired. Too
mush sleep maybe. I was determined to do something a little different tonight. Seems like I have
been doing the same thing over and over. I had food at target today. I got a wrap at D'amigo
and sons or what ever they are called. It was a buffalo wrap. It tasted like puke. It seriously did.
I could not eat it. I think someone really barfed in it. Worse food ever. I had to get a hotdog to
wash it out. I went to the mall with Joey to do some shopping. I was looking for some new
jeans. I could not find anything. We went to the Legion to get some drinks. Since I had a few
drink tokens to spend on. It was nice to catch up on things. Since its been flash back month for
me lately. Basically meeting old friends again. I got home and I was just tired. I have a long
weekend ahead and I know that I wont get much time to rest then. Sounds like I better goto
bed now.

12-5-07 Lunch was more of a explorative part of the day. We went South on Snelling to some
place called PeaPods or something. It was a baby store, all the toys were made of wood. It was
kind of neat. We went to eat at Cafe Latte. I was pretty excited, because the last time I ate
there was with Ashley on a late night. So I never got to eat regular food at all. I was focused on
getting alot done at work today. Kinda wore me out actually. I went to volleyball tonight and we
lost again. We lost 2 games to one. We should have beaten them, but they were just better on
this night. I am confident if we end up playing them down the road we can take them. I am
adjusting to the falls, on the hard wood floor. Its not killing me yet. We will just have to
dominate next week. We will have motivation at least. Nobody wanted to go out for drinks so I
went to the vfw and got some. I needed a drink.

12-4 Over a week with out pop. I have noticed the following. I sleep great now. Thats the
biggest thing I have noticed so far. I feel a bit lighter, and drinking water all day full fills my eating
habits. Well sort of. I had a long drive today to Shakopee. I screwed up on an order and I had
to drop the stuff off. It was a nice drive in the snow. I actually enjoyed it. It took me about 45
minutes to get home from work yesterday. It was retarded, but I don't mind being stuck in
traffic. Its relaxing to me. Weird I know. It was lame I had to take so long to drive 8 miles. I
picked Cara up from her place and we went to meet up with everyone at Dave and Busters. It
was fun just hanging out there. I was having a bad headache but other then that. It was fun
playing games. We won enough tickets to get Cara some nice little gifts haha. My car was
driving like a champ this winter so far. I guess I am just a pure winter driver.

12-3-07 I got like 12 hours of sleep last night. I feel fresh today. I am so happy when I don't
have to scrape my windshield this morning. Today was pretty busy at work. I was just multi
tasking more then normal. I finally got my tabs taken care of. I was freaking out this morning
cause i still can't find my checks. Thank goodness you can pay by cash. I just didn't want the
police to pull me over for whatever reason. After work today i went home and just did some
light cleaning. I really wanted to take it easy since I was just taking it easy. i watched my favorite
tv shows. Even though Heroes was a bit disappointing. I watched the Monday night game. I
needed Brady to carry me to another fantasy football win, but that didn't happen. It was a
close game at the end. Patriots were kinda given the game. i will take it. I hope they go

12-2-07 I woke up tis morning with a headache. My head just hurts way too much lately. I got
home and I was doing some laudry. I was searching all over my room for check books. I could
have sworn I was holding them in my hand when i was cleaning my room. Now all of a sudden
they have disappeared. I searched high and low. Still nothing. I watched the Vikings game. They
beat a mediocre Detroit team. So I wasn't too impressed yet. I went to the Legion to play
cards. I was dominating all night. then I lsot to some tool, who decided to raise alot of money
with nothing. I had pocket queens. Flop comes 3, 5, 6. He goes all in, I call and he had 4, 7.
Blinds were 400 and 800. He raised 4,000 pre flop. Those dicks, better go back to Deans or
Hoggsbreath where ever the fuck they came from. I guess he was trying to leave, but atleast
pull a tony cu and fold it even if you have the winning hand. I was so tired tonight. I fell asleep
at 8pm.

12-1-07 I had a seafood soup thing of some sort today. It was interesting, crab, shrimp, squid,
fish and some greens. It tasty good, but had a weird taste to it. It was spicy too, it kinda made
my stomach feel all confused. It was nice to finally see lots of snow on the ground. I havn't
forgotten how crappy it was to scrape the snow off your car. I went to Sams Club to grab
some appetizer food. All i could find was cheese and crackers there. It was so busy in there, it
wasn't funny. I saw a little argument about whoever was in line first with some people a couple
registers over. It gave me a good chuckle. I made the long drive to Shakopee in the snow.
Kristens house was pretty nice. The rest of the peeps got there. Some peopel bailed out since it
was icy. We played board games, Apples to apples, and Catchphrase, well I guess that aint a
board game. I went north and I went over to andys. Played more games there. I didn't drink to
much tonight but I was feeling it. I decided to stay the night.
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