Old Journals

12-31-08 New Years Eve
I really was unsure what I wanted to do today. I just couldn't make my mind on what I wanted to do.
Danielle was pushing for me to go skiing with them all day. I was hesitant at first. Eventually I gave
in. This would be a good example to show, that I have changed. I picked up Cara and we went to
Cosettas. We finally got down to Afton. It was lots of fun. Chad, Danielle and Andy were pretty good
snow boarders. I was on ski's. I guess I am still trying to perfect that art. They had a band in the
chalet before midnight. It was fun.

12-30-08 Tuesday relaxation
Work was pretty slow today. I guess its been like that since the holidays. I really wanted to take it
easy today. I have been worn down and out. I couldn't think of much to do tonight. All I really did was
play video games and clean. I guess cleaning is a good obsession. I read that somewhere. Not sure
exactly where though. Anyways, I needed to goto bed. I got a big Dr's appointment tomorrow.

12-29-08 Off night at d-bizzle
The first day back from being of from work for a full week. Oh and a little Christmas in between too.
It was tough to get in, I was so tired. I think everybody really was. I decided to finally call the Dr
today. I want to get an allergy test, but I have to set up an appointment first. Then I am sure I will
get a referral. Two dumb co-pays. No wonder Dr's are so rich. I had a healthy lunch at Subway today,
Me and Lawrence went to Old Mexico for a quick happy hour drink and food. We didn't want to eat too
much for dodgeball tonight. After we picked up Andy, we made our way to dodgeball. I didn't do too well
tonight. I was goofing off a lot, but I wasn't even trying to catch anything. I think being away for
about 3 to 4 weeks has made me a step off. I got a good work out, which was my plan anyways.

12-28-08 Career High
I knew that I had to get up early somehow today. With having all of last week off. I didn't know how I
was going to get up for work on Monday. I watched the vikings game today. I feel they are an ok good
team. They will always be close in games. Just don't know if they can win it. They beat the Semi-
playing giants. I tried to watch some movies, but they were so boring. I ended up going to Saxon Lanes
to get some practice in for this Friday. Ahh, this place sure brings back memories of when I was in
Elementary school. I remember walking from the Elementary school to this place. If I remember right.
This place is still the same. Anyways, my first game was a 105. I was throwing it good, just was missing
the spots by a couple inches. 2nd game was my new career high. I got a 241. I was so happy. The 3rd
game I got a 157 I think.

12-27-08 Lazy day
I slept in till about noon today. I missed dodgeball once again. I feel like I have been slacking lately. I
feel my toe is ready now. I was just unable to get out of bed. I did some more cleaning. I decided I am
going to start my New Years resolution early. Which is too slow down my life. I have been prepping my
self for this for awhile. I am starting today. The point of this is to change my life style. Less eating,
less drinking, being on top of things, saying "no" to people. So I guess the boring life. Annie had a gift
card to Longfellow grill, so we went there for dinner. Becky had Spaghetti, Annie had Quesadellas, and
I had the Grilled meatloaf. The food was good, I was expecting more. I didn't have anything to drink, I
can't drink anything with caffeine anymore. So I just had water.

12-26-08 The new Black Friday
I got up and did some shopping this morning. I was looking for deals online. I was unsuccessful on my
search. I didn't even end up buying anything at all. I was so bored sitting at home. I decided to do a big
clean up job. I cleaned and cleaned. I threw away things I didn't need or used very little of. The plan,
was to just be more simple and have less junk. I wasn't really in the mood to go out tonight. I met up
with Chris and we went to both VFw's. We went to Billy's to meet up with Ashley. I havn't seen her in
years. We went to Perkins in Woodbury, wow that was a haul.

12-25-08 Christmas Day
I slept in this morning. I am tired and I think I have been needing this sleep for a long time. I have
been worn down the past few months. Tired, and unable to sleep. I went to go watch a movie at
Wynnsong theater. We went to see "Marley and Me" It was better then I expected. Me and Joe went
to get some food at Fridays. It was so busy  in there. I guess it was the only place open on Christmas
day in Roseville. Well thats what they were saying. We went over to the Palmers to enjoy the
Christmas cheer over there. Got a late game of Holdem in. I was tired, I went to bed around 3:30am. A
lot of late nights the past 7 days.

12-24-08 Christmas Eve
I honestly didn't really feel like it was Christmas eve today. I needed some last minute gifts. So I ran
into Target. Which was a freaking zoo. I was trying to move my cart around, but the idiots in my way
just left their carts in the middle aisle. Seriously who does that. Show some lane courtesy. Some lady
yelled at me for slamming my cart into hers. I said "Sorry I got Christmas shopping to do". I went over
to Annie's to give her gift. I met her mom and step dad. They seem nice. I got home and just was so
tired from everything. I went over to Joe's, since I didn't want to goto church. Later that night, we
all met up at the house to exchange gifts. I think the secret Santa thing worked out. Everyone got
what they wanted.

12-23-08 Nephew Cameron
I woke up so tired this morning. With my nephew Cameron just making lots of noise while hes watching
Nick Jr. I got him all dressed up and ready to go out. I had to pick some things up from work and I had
lunch with him at Mcdonalds. I forgotten, how loud it is in the play area. I can't even imagine how dirty
it is in there. Especially when this one kid was drooling all over. I washed Camerons hands of course. I
took him to go see "Bolt" I was afraid it might have been to complex of a movie. I think he figured it
out. I dropped him of at his dads work. I knew I needed a quiet night eventually. Tonight, was not the
night. I met up with Shannon and Josh at the Fox. It was fun, but I was tired real quick. I ran into
Rebecca. Those Merseth girls are all alike.

12-22-08 Granroth bowling party
Becky drove me to my car this morning. I felt like I was going to hurl. I don't know what I was
thinking last night. I got home and went right to bed. I woke up and had to run to the bathroom to puke
up who knows what. I feel like I was heavily poisoned. I laid around all day today. I went to the mall to
get some more gifts. Tonight, I went over to Andy and Jennys for gift exchange time. They liked my
gift. I was happy. It was a very personal gift this year. I went to TIES and dropped off cards and
candy to every one. Then I made my way to Elsie's. Becky always told me how good her dad was at
bowling. Traveling to different states and competing in tournaments. Me, Joe, Steve, Aaron, Ramsey.
Gave him every thing we got. He was just too much. We split into tams of 3. We gambled. Somehow we
tied. It was amazing. It was only for a buck anyways. I was the weak link of all the bowlers. I drove to
my brothers house. I was taking care of Cameron all day tomorrow. Geez, I havn't really slept in my
own bed at all lately.

12-21-08 Fumble me baby
I woke up this morning, I knew it was going to be a cold one outside. The wind chill was just ridiculous.
I got in my car and went home. I didn't get much sleep. Woke up just before the Viking game. I went to
Festival Foods and got meatballs and bbq sauce. It was for the secret santa sibling thing I had tonight.
I went down to Grumpys to watch it with everyone. Well every one who was feeling ok from last night.
I went to my brothers house for the first annual sibling secret santa. No parents aloud of course. It
was actually a fun time. Afterwards, I went to The Blue Fox to meet up with who was left over from
Grumpys and I just got too much to drink. It was just me and Joe drinking. Since I have all this week
off. I figured why not just go all out. We just got a taxi since we were unable to drive anyways.

12-20-08 Billys to Cy's
I woke up this morning and was just so and tired. I felt I needed a break from dodgeball. So I took
today off. I went to the malls and got some power shopping done. I don't remember the last time I
spent three hours at a mall. I got home and gifted wrapped most of them. I didn't realize how bad of a
gift wrapper I was. Man, I am very bad at wrapping gifts. I went out for a bit tonight. It was fun.
Then I ended up at Billys with Becky, Annie and Steve. Then Me and Steve went to CY's. Late night
over there. I think I was a bit too intoxicated to remember what I did. I think I played texas holdem.
I stayed the night. All I know, I watched the sun rise and knew it was time to goto bed.

12-19-08 Pay day and spend money day
I knew today I was going to get a chance to really get some shopping done. The cold and the snow
motivates me more then ever. I was pretty busy at work today. Just trying to get everything done. I
want to just relax for a bit. I feel the next few days will be a bit much for me to handle. I have been
looking at vacation destinations again. Then reality hit. Stuck in MN. I went out to Brunswick Zone
for Cara's getting laid off RN outing. I had pretty decent games. It feels like those pins just fall a
lot easier for me. We then went to Victory Grill. It was a nice outing. I just wanted it to be simple. I
have a long weekend and Christmas week to deal with.

12-18-08 Wheres my cheer
I try to dedicate my self to be the best. Whether its academics or just knowledge. Then I realized, I
am not good at neither of those. Well thats how my thought process went this morning. I made Mario
eat pho with me today. I was craving it. Especially a really cold day, like today. I went out to the
Legion for some drinks tonight. It sure was a late night. I really gotta stop with these. I don't know
how I am actually able to function.

12-17-08 Best team effort
With the old weather, its been hard to get out of bed. I hate, and I do mean hate. The cold when it
comes to waking up. Today is day three of not drinking anything with caffeine. Its been really hard on
me right now. Nancy and Karen took over my desk today. They wanted me too put up my little two feet
Christmas tree. So they just took it out of my desk and put it up for me. For some reason I was just
being lazy. Its a cute tree, its has a little santa boot at the bottom as a stand and little cute
ornaments and lights. I went to get some happy hour today. I figure I could use it since, my toe is
bugging me. I am not sure how this will affect me during the game. We played some team called "Who
Cares" They are pretty decent. They had us in height easily. There girls were tall. We played our best
game o the season. We won all three. Every one is really moving around now. I don't have to dive as
much anymore. I don't think I had to at all during the game. We are on a six game winning streak right
now. I went tot he Vfw for some drinks. I just wanted to celebrate.

12-16-08 Taking a step down
Today I had fruit for lunch. Just a small container of fruit. Nothing to fancy. I was starving, but I
was able to control my hunger for a bit. I really wanted to get some shopping done today. I didn't have
time. Well, actually I just got really lazy. I have been just happy overall with everything. I feel bad I
havn't been around much. I needed to be a little mole and hide away for awhile. Sometimes I don't know
how I kep everyone happy. I am sure I don't. I like how everyone is on a diet right now. Yet, they still
bring in cookies. What kind of sick people do I work with. Well they are good people. We are doing
gifts this year and I have no clue what to get them.

12-15-08 Heroes season finale
Today was the first day of my new improved diet. I am cutting out a lot of things. Some big things that
stick out. Flour, nuts, chocolate, caffeine, beans, oats. The hard part will be flour. Bread is a big part
of my life. Not sure how I will find a way around that. It was so fricking cold today. All of the aches
and pains in my body just hurts so much. I don't know what to do. I got off work and went to happy
hour. I went over to Heidi's and we watched the end of season 3 of Heroes. I was so tired when I got
home. I went right to bed. Of course, I turn the tv on and I don't feel tired anymore. It was a nice
quiet night.

12-14-08 Viking win
I woke up this morning from a phone call. I guess Shannon was trying to get rid of Gopher tickets. Four
of them to be exact. I was going through my data base of friends who like Gopher hockey. Luckily I
knew of some peeps who would have wanted to go the most. Shawn and Joy. Haha. I went to go eat in
uptown. i was starving. I got some sandwiches. Something a bit more healthy. As I transition into my
new eating habit life style. I went to Grumpys. Dan and Joe came too. We watched the Vikings win. I
was so excited. Escpecially since it was $2 domestic taps. I really wasn't looking forward to spending
over $60 on Viking games anymore. I got home and I was so tired. I feel asleep early and woke up at
11pm. I was a bit awake from there.

12-13-08 Moving and more moving
I woke up this morning. Feeling a bit out of it. I picked up Lawrence and we made our way down to
South Minneapolis. I did ok at dodgeball today. I was taking it a bit easy since my arm was still in some
pain. I tried to push my self a bit, but I ended up injuring my big toe. I dove or a ball and it hit smack
right on the ground. When I got home my sock was all bloody. I am limping a bit today. I never really
had a pain like this before. It just makes me walk kinda funny. I took a nice little nap. I went tot he
VFW for the big poker tournament. I was a bit rusty. I ended up winning the consolation table. Chris
met up with me and we went to Jimmys to pick up Katie Lee. We ended up going to the Stadium. I was
tired from just going all over the place all day. I am just tired now.

12-12-08 Uncle Chunk
I was just starving this morning. Luckily there was some left over quiche from a meeting this morning.
The quiche was actually pretty gross. I was very sad about that. For lunch today. We went to eat at
Davanni's. It was pretty good today. After work. I went to the liquor store and went over to Heidi's.
It was my idea to pre drink. Since I didn't want to spend too much money tonight. We went to the blue
fox for Uncle chunk tonight. They played a couple Nickleback songs. I don't know why thats always a
big deal to me. It was fun though. I had a good time. I think I was forced on the dance floor.

12-11-08 Broken wings
I was so tired this morning. I can't sleep. I need to start taking stuff to help me sleep at night. We
are doing at Biggest Loser contest t work. I decided to not partake in this. Why, well I feel I can't
win. Also, my diet I am on is already paying off. So, I feel there is no need for it. I have not been to
hungry lately. I am just trying to keep the steady pace going. I forgot there was football on tv
tonight. I really hate this whole NFL network thing. Just a cheap way to get people to goto the bars I
guess. Stupid NFL. I stayed home and did some laundry tonight. I got to relax more. I don't think I get
a chance to breathe sometimes. My arm has been hurting a bit. So I have been stretching it every
morning and night.

12-10-08 Called in sick, kinda!
I was waking up a few times last night need to run to the bathroom. I very bad case of the runs if you
know what I mean. My stomach pain which I have controlled as of late returned. So I called in sick
today. I was checking email today and I noticed it looked a bit busy at work. So I decide to go in, since
my little faze of bathroom runs was cut to a minimum. I went to Jimmy Johns  for lunch today. I ran
into Bridget. Someone who I have hung out on a couple of occasions. I seem to be running into a lot of
people lately. I stayed at work late. I had dinner with Scott at Dino's. I figured since I have already
been to Jimmy Johns. I can't go back twice. I drove to volleyball after. We won all 3 games. We had to
dig and claw against this team. I think this is the team we played last year. I think we had to stop
playing last year cause one of the guys on the other team broke his finger. I went to Victory grill
right after. Heather was working and she needed us to buy some beer. Since she gets entered to win
some Viking tickets if she sells enough beer. So me and Becky did what we could. Well I had two. I was
tired. I needed rest.

12-09-08 Heidi night out
I just been feeling weird all day. Almost in a dancing mood. I guess I am just in a great mood today. It
was quiet again at work. I could hear people walking around. People who aren't normally in my
department. I went to get some Arby's. I figured I have been doing pretty good health wise. After
work I went over to the Blue Fox for happy hour. I have been bugging Heidi to go out since Mike is
gone for a couple weeks. I figured she would stay in, so someone had to force her out. Josh and Shannon
came out too. It was lots of fun. I had a good time. I got home and I was just feeling crappy. I think it
must have been the wings. Never eating their wings ever again. How dare they try to poison me.

12-08-08 Hyatt return
It felt like a ghost town at work today. I was the only one in my department. Since every one else was
at the conference. It was nice to just be able to sit back and take my time with everything. At times I
felt like I needed a volleyball to talk to. Well, obviously I wasn't that crazy. I got home from work
today and I did some shoveling. I got the whole drive way done. The sucky part, We were about to get
another 2 or 3 inches of snow tonight. I went to the Hyatt tonight. I figured since every one was done
working I could get a few drinks with them. I was back on good ol captain Morgan. Its been awhile. I
found out my dads flight was coming in the next morning at 6am. Really put a damper on everything. Its
going to suck waking up tomorrow.

12-07-08 Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree
I helped Annie pick a Christmas tree from the Ace hardware on Grand ave. I have never really gone
Christmas tree shopping before. I have always been used to a fake tree all my life. So I was a bit
excited. I was watching the Vikings game and I don't know how we get so lucky. I think they should
just give the division to the Chicago Bears. We definitely don't deserve it. I went shopping with Cara
today. We went to Ridgedale and I helped her pick out some Christmas outfits. We went to Fridays in
St Louis Park. I was just starving. I got home and I was so tired. I didn't even shovel the snow yet
this weekend. I am feeling lazy again.I guess I need to balance my energy better. Right now I think I
am just going to lay in my bed and skip out on tradition, cause I am not going to the Fox tonight.

12-06-08 Enjoying a Saturday
I woke up this morning pretty early actually. I had time to make some break fast before I went off to
dodgeball. I didn't do as well today. I struggled at times. I was focused on catching today. I took it
easy on my arm for once. I had fun though. They finally found a way to open the windows from above. I
was actually able to breathe for once. I dropped off my green TIES shirt to Mario at The Hyatt. Since
I was able to get out of it. I hate working that damn conference. I am so happy. I got home and
watched some college football. I went over to Annie's for dinner. Annie, decided to make dinner for me
and Becky. We played card games and laid low tonight.

12-05-08 Quiet time alone
work was a bit different today. The pace was oddly not as normal as it used to be the past two weeks.
Its hard to explain really. So I guess I will just stop my self there. I got home tonight and I was just
tired. I really didn't want to do anything. I had no motivation what so ever. Honestly this whole week I
have been waking up several times within the night. This was the hardest sleeping week of my life. I
hope next week I don't wake up in the middle of the night. I just laid low and watched tv tonight. I
turned the cell phone off and spent some time thinking about my life goals for the rest of the night. It
was time for me to take a step back.

12-04-08 Cara Bday
I was checking the forecast for this weekend. It looks like we will be getting some snow. Hopefully its
not too much snow. That way, I don't have to shovel as much. Its kinda sad the snow blower has this
awkward gasoline smell to it. It makes me want to pass out. After work today. I went to the Blue Fox
to meet up with Shannon. It was fun just chillin there and talking. I had to run off to Robbinsdale for
Cara's birthday at Broadway pizza. It was a good time there. I really had lots of fun. I then made my
way to The Legion in Roseville. It was kind of Mike's going away. Since hes going to new Orleans for a
couple of weeks for work. It was a rough night. Maybe a little to foggy. I had fun regardless. I
actually slept good tonight.

12-03-08 Volleyball destruction
I got in so late today. Its just hard getting out of bed. When all you do is wake up a few times in the
middle of the night. We went out to Good earth or Brians birthday today. I got the harvest wrap. It
sucked pretty bad. I barely ate it. I was so disappointed. Maybe thats a good lesson for me to stop
trying new things. Half of our department at work today is sick. So far my immune system is holding it
off. I don't know how much longer it can last. When I get sick. Its multiplied times two. We went to
Brians bday happy hour at Old chicago. After that I left to Blaine for volleyball. We lost 3 straight
games. To a team we beat last year no problem. The ardvaarks. I think andy spiked it in that guys face
last year. They have gotten better. Just showed we need to improve. We always get of to a slow start.
Plus the net was low and the new rally scoring format sucks.

12-02-08 Feeling crab-by
Another tough day getting out of bed. I was just feeling so ishy today. I didn't know if I was going to
make it in. Luckilly I did come in, since it was so busy. Once again I was pushing my self to the limit
multi tasking all day. With Scott and Nancy gone again. I don't know how much left I got this week.
After work today I got home and just relaxed. I uploaded a bunch of pictures from Beckys camera from
the past 2 months. Annie called asked if I wanted crab legs. Of course I said yes. We went to Outback
steak house for the King crab. I ended up getting their new promo about king crab and steak. It was
new and it was supposed to come out tomorrow. I guess I was the guinea pig. Becky came with too and
her burger was pretty decent. We went to visit Heather at the Corner bar. I wasn't in much of a
drinking mood tonight. Just tired.

12-01-08 Case of the Mondays
I kept waking up in the middle of the night. My stomach was just in so much pain. I don't know how I
got to work to tell you the truth. It was just so painful. It made me tired just trying to not look like
I was in pain. It was hard to get back into the swing of things. I was the lone wolf at work. I was
lonely. Danielle and I went to the DMV. I was a bit over due on the tabs. There is no longer a grace
period. So I figured I would get it done before I get pulled over for it and fined. We went to Rainbow
and I got a little sandwich. I wasn't feeling hungry. Which is very not normal for me. I got some
ingredients for chicken noodle soup tonight. I laid around and watched tv. Hopefully I feel better
tomorrow. I hate feeling this way. Tonight, I just relax and stay warm with my soup.