Old Journals

12-31-09 New years eve
I was unsure what I was doing tonight. I kept flip flopping on what I should do. Eventually
later in the night I just made a decision on what to do. There was a small cahnce I was
going to stay home on New Years eve. Then I was like. I would be way too lame to do that.
I ended up at Mike and Heidi's house. I had a good time I was up till 4 or 5 in the morning.
I didn't even know how I even slept. We were playing the 654 dice game. Which is one of
my favorite games. I don't know why.

12-30-09 Late night delight
I don't know what it is about me staying up so late the past 5 nights. I feel like I have
been almost nocturnal. No matter how hard I try. I can not sleep at night at all. I think
my body still hasn't recovered from Christmas break.

Tonight at volleyball we played the weakest team. They were pretty bad. I think I could
have beaten them by my self on that court. Thats how bad they were. So sad, but atleast
those old folks try.

12-29-09 My name is Kobe
After work today I picked up my nephews and brought them to my place. Devon who is 14
years old. Owes me money. Well he asked if I would buy him a game and I told him he
would owe me work if I did that. Well I finally cashed in. I really didn't have too much to
do. I had all these card board boxes I made him cut up and throw in the recycling. Kobe
well, he was just a talking machine at 9 years old. I felt bad for Andy. He had to deal with
Kobe asking him a billion questions about video games. I was too tired to even think about
stuff like that.

12-28-09 Viking fail
The Vikings played horrible in th first half. In the 2nd half they played much better.
Opening up the offense and passing the ball. Adrian Peterson once again cost us the game.
The vikings just dropped into the 3rd seed. Now need a Eagle loss and A Viking win to get
the important 2nd seed. Two weeks in a row they played teams that had nothing to play
for. The season isn't lost but this team was looking so dominant at the beginning of the

12-27-09 Addicted
I was playing my video game all day today. I think I logged in a total of 12 hours total
since playing this game on Thanks giving at night, I finally beat it. I was so excited. It was
a pretty tough game. I actually had to cheat to beat it.

I wanted to take it easy when it comes to eating. So I figured I would incorporate more
fruit in my diet. I guess it starts with a banana tomorrow. It should be a stress free
week. Easy for me to eat healthy.

12-26-09 More Ash
I have been such a geek lately. I bought a game called Kings Bounty Armored Princess and
its a role playing game. Nerdy I know. I havn't played one in a long time. I started playing
it on Thanks Giving and I have been very addicted.

Ashley called and ofcourse I rather go see her. Since I don't see her around these parts
except for holidays and such. WE went bar hopping all over. I wanted to get some wine so
we sampled wine at Bejour in Edina. Then stopped at places on they way back. I was having
a good time tonight.

12-25-09 Christmas Day
I woke up today and it didn't feel like Christmas at all. I was trying everything I could to
get in the mood. I stared out the window for a good 15 minutes. Hoping I would see
something exciting.

Tonight I went to TGI Fridays with Joe and we watched the game and had a few drinks. I
just wanted to be out and enjoy the bar scene for awhile. I couldn't stay in any longer.
We went over to the Palmers and played cards. I sucked, but I had no cards.

12-24-09 Christmas Eve
I spent most of the day just relaxing and playing video games. I have been trying really
hard to just stay in. With my new home. Its been hard adjusting to my new life style. So
far so good though. I have done real good. I am quite happy right now with how its turning

I went over to my parents house tonight for gifts ofcourse. I felt my gifts I gave my
parents this year was a bit lackluster.  It was just looked at and tossed aside. The kids I
think enjoyed it. My gifts this year were good. Everything I needed for my home. Towels,
tupperware and sheets.

12-23-09 Water
Another era ended for me today. Erika and I have gone our separate ways. I have been
clouded and finally got an honest truth answer. I kinda felt it coming. I knew I was on a
sinking ship. I have gotten tired of this latest trend in girls as of late. Seems like I keep
getting screwed over and over. The funniest part of this to me, is when they explain
themselves to make them feel better. Its fricking amazing to me. I have swallowed too
much pride and been through too much pain his time. This time around. I can't control my
other side that well. It seems like every time I go through something. It changes my mind
set. A part of the nice side dies. My friends should be happy though. This is what they
wanted anyways. For once, when I hear you deserve better. I actually accepted it. I
stopped lying to my self. The good thing was, I kept up my guard this time. I never let any
one elses influence affect me. I was strong this time. I was better. Now will I get my
respect I deserve. I highly doubt it.

12-22-09 Scrooge Mc-Cu does care
I gave money away today. Nancys daughter Andrea was having a fund raiser for her
gymnastics team. I am usually pretty cheap when it comes to donating. The only time I
really donate is if its maybe a dollar. Well today, they were bagging groceries at Cub
Foods on silver lake road. I made my appearance and bought some groceries. Andrea came
up to me and said "hey studd muffin? You need your groceries bagged". I was laughing
pretty hard. I was nice enough to donate more then just a couple of bucks for once. I
guess thats my story.

12-21-09 Ash is back
Ashley is back in town and she wanted to see my new place. We went to dinner at Biaggi's.
Which is where we went a long time ago, before she moved away. We bought  bottle of
wine last time and it was only fitting we get another bottle. We drove to downtown to get
a few more drinks in us. It was fun just catching up and I had such a good time. It was
just fun talking about whatever.

12-20-09 Crap = Vikes
Me and Andy went to go see"avatar" today. I thought it was a pretty kick ass movie. It
was long and had just about everything you could ask for in a movie. The CGI was top
notch. Last time I checked Polar Express was the next big thing.

The Vikings were pretty disappointing tonight. Not only did they get their ass kicked on
national television again. They looked worse then The Detroit Lions. I don't know if they
decided to turn it off till the playoffs. Brett Favre is struggling. I am afraid teams have
figured us out.

12-19-09 Laziness
It took me awhile to get going today. I didn't want to do anything at all. Me and Erika just
ate left overs from yesterday. I was too out of it to cook anything. I did do some laundry
and play a lot of video games though. I felt I was being somewhat productive. I did finally
clean the mess from the party. Well I did a fairly half ass job.

Ugly sweater pub crawl. Well it was more of a lets stop at a bar and stay there. Me and
Chris went to the White bear bar and just kinda hung out. With out an ugly sweater might
I add. I was taking it fairly easy tonight. The new budget sure puts a damper on things. I
guess thats part of being a big boy these days. We had fun regardless.

12-18-09 Holiday potluck
My head was still hurting today. I was able to get through it though. Everyone was in
holiday mode. It didn't seem like anyone wanted to do work today. Its hard for me. i am
usually easily distracted. I am my peers basically.

Tonight I had a potluck at my place and it turned out great. I was lazy and just made bbq
meatballs and wieners. Which is pretty lame for me. I had a good time though. We didn't
get yelled at by the neighbors so thats good. Haha, I had a lot of fun for my first party.

12-17-09 Head ache blues
I was having a hard time with my head today. I woke up and my head was ringing. I thought
it was cause I had a few drinks last night. It wasn't that type of head ache at all. I didn't
make it into work.

I spent most of the day just lounging doing anything I can to get rid of the head ache.
Nothing was working. I was getting pretty frustrated. I felt like it just drained all the
energy in me.

12-16-09 Hitting hard
Tonight at volleyball. We played with a vengeance. We had a double header tonight.
Danielle had a baking class to attend. I was gonna have Shannon sub. Well she just had
surgery and I needed a sub for her. We dominated tonight. It was nice having Erika. Some
one tall for us. It felt we just kept feeding her the ball. She would spike it at them. I
played pretty well also. I was hitting it hard. It was just funny, the fear in our opponents

12-15-09 Check up
I woke up early this morning and drove down to Eagan for my check up on my head. It
looks like its healing properly and they told me to lay off my antibiotics. I actually liked
taking them. It felt lie I couldn't get sick with those pills.

I been feeling odd lately. I don't feel like my self. I feel a lot of rage inside of me. I
have a lot of hate building up in me.

12-14-09 Aching in pain
I have been in some pain with my back as of late. It hurts when I bend over and I feel
this might be the injury that finally slows me down. All great athletes with back injuries
are never the same. I don't think I will ever be 100% anymore. I even thought about
buying a new bed. I feel like I have been through this before. Who knows, but this put the
 great Larry Bird out of comission.

12-13-09 Vikings
Looks like the vikes are back to winning again. They placed against the 3rd best AFC team
and crushed them into submission. I was curious to see if the Vikes would hit a downward
slide. They shut down a somewhat high powered offense. We will see how they finish the
season. They sure need that 2nd seed. Green bay is creeping around.

12-12-09 Night off
With all the purchasing and cleaning I have done lately to the house. This weekend. I just
wanted to enjoy it. I didn't want to go out at all today. I wasn't too tired. I just wanted
to relax and take a deep breath.

I made some pho today. I was pretty excited since I have never made it before. The
oddest thing. Now that I am on my own. I have been making more authentic dishes lately.
Must be the true roots coming out.

12-11-09 Walmart love it
I was waiting in line to return some things I bought online. I noticed this one guy walk in
to the store. He was basically homeless looking. Trying to return a beat up old tv. It was
one of the most awkward things I have ever scene. I just don't get people sometimes. I
always pride my self on figuring things out. With my intuitive aptitude Well I was baffled
this time around.

12-10-09 Linda bday
I was still crabby about the TIES conference this weekend. I am not going to show up on
Sunday. They take away my hotel room. Then fine, I take away my day of spending time
there. I hate the conference anyways. They make me feel like chop liver. Oh well, Tony Cu
revenge issues is always so sweet.

I went to happy hour today with Jessica and I was in such a better mood. I forgot how
much I love LOST. I should re-watch some of the seasons to get my LOST fix in.

I picked up Joe and went to La Grolla for Linda's birthday dinner. It was pretty good. We
bought bottles of wine and I was feeling a little tipsy. After that we went to Station
280, the old American bar on Como  ave.

12-09-09 Volleyball week 2
Tonight at volleyball we dominated the first game. The 2nd game we got dominated, even
though we made a good come back. We shouldn't have lost. It was a poor performance by
us. We won the 3rd game. I was having a good time the whole way through. I had a few long
islands before the game. It sure helped me with my calmness.

I finally bought a microwave. Its amazing how important that is in any house hold these
days. I was trying to get by with out it. I finally gave in and found a nice stainless steel
one to match my appliances. I am so F'n picky!

12-08-09 Snow storm
It actually wasn't that bad of a snow storm. Just the big snow fall of the year. So
everyone is cared to drive in it. I was too. So on the way home. I decided to drive to Best
Buy to waste some time. I decided to buy a tv and I found an open box deal that I
couldn't refuse. I was just waiting for the right offer. So thank you snow storm. I got a
good deal thanks to you.

12-07-09 Official roomy
Andy moved in today. I helped him move some of his stuff in. Its nice to finally get the
extra body in there. I was feeling quite lonely in there. The place sure looked nice with
his big tv. All I need to do is furnish the place just a little bit more.

I have finally gotten a bit more excited about having my own place. Hopefully I can enjoy
the buzz. Just unpacking and buying new stuff. I have come along way.

12-06-09 Vikes collapse
Watching the Vikes tonight. I realized, they need a lot of work. They can't stop good
offenses. If someone gets a lead on the Vikes. Brett Favre will try to press and force it.
Not looking so good. They got a tough game against those pesky Bengals. Hopefully they
rebound. I feel they wont.

12-05-09 Saturday fun
I went to Brian's birthday party tonight. Me and Erika had a good time. We really didn't
know anyone. I just had a good time regardless.

We went over to Andy and Jennys for diner tonight. We had a tense game of Jenga and a
always fun time of Laoded questions. We somehow made it out to Ted's. What a horse
shit bar. I don't know how we always end up there.

12-04-09 Closing finally
I finally got to close on the house today. I didn't seem as excited as I would have hoped. I
guess almost closing the last time and having it taken away from me. Made me really lose
the excitement. After I closed though I felt a different type of energy in me. I felt
relief. It was very nice. When I got home and walked in. I finally felt it was mine.

Tonight we went out for Cara's birthday at Big Louies in Crystal. I have never been there
before, but I was quite intrigued. I was kind of lucky. If it wasn't for the train blocking
the intersection. I would have driven right by it. I am glad the train was passing through.

12-03-09 Dinner week
I had Jamie, Jaime and Chris come over for dinner tonight. Erika helped me do some
cooking. Actually she did most of it. I had to entertain the guests. It was fun just hanging
out and listening to old stories. We made chicken parmesan crusted chicken. It was
yummy. It is weird having the place to entertain guests. Its been a long time coming for
me. It was a good night overall.

12-02-09 Volleyball opener
Tonight was the beginning of our volleyball season. We have gotten 2nd place two years in
a row. This year, we will be playing at Hayes Elementary a bit more. Its a smaller court I
think. We won all three games. They were all close. I didn't have to do much. The team
was moving around covering really well. Good for me, since I am nursing a bad arm and I
can hold up till the rest of the season. Its all about limiting the times I dive on that floor.
I just can't over do it.

12-01-09 Feeling fat
so I weighed my self today and I was pretty upset that I weighed more then I should be.
At 183 lbs. Thats more then I have ever weighed. Its frustrating. I know I have been
eating a lot but there is nothing I can do to contain the hunger. I somehow gotta get back
to Subway and getting salads again. Maybe I should get sick or something. I always tell my
self I will start jogging, but its so cold outside.