12-31-2010 New Years eve
It didn't really feel like New Years eve today. I went to Shamrocks for drinks. I was
hoping they would have their taco bar for happy hour. I met with Dan and Ann.

We went to Randys party and I wasn't feeling well. Not from booze. Just a weird
tummy ache and I ended up just drinking one beer tonight.

12-30-2010 Night off
Trying to save up energy for the big night. I just wanted to lay low tonight. It was
funny watching friends go out and getting hammered. Here I was just being lame.

12-29-2010 Vball
We got a clean sweep. Erika subbed for us tonight, but the other team was so bad. It
was sucky, I was ready for a good battle.

12-28-2010 Another day off
Mall of america was crazy. Took me 30 minutes to park. No joke. Me and Erika wanted
to make something light for dinner tonight. I think we ended up getting fast food

12-27-2010 Tried so hard
Today is day 1 of my week off. I really didn't do anything all day. Maybe play video
games. Nothing wrong with being a slacker.

I havn't gotten anything for Erika yet for Christmas. My plan was to make a trip to
Wisconsin Dells. Me being the idiot that I am. I booked it late. Then as I was about to
book online. I noticed the prices went up. So much for my plan of going sometime this
week. Since we both have this week off. I need a plan B.

12-26-2010 Feeling tired
I have been really tired lately. I slept for 11 hours today. I am not sure whats going
on with me. I think the Holidays this year just took its toll on me.

Tonight me and Ashley went to go see "Little Fockers" I thought it was an okay movie.
It wasn't as good as the first two. Then we went out for drinks and late night eats at
Perkins. Just like the old days.

12-25-2010 Christmas day with friends
I went over to a few friends houses today to drop off gifts. I was like Santa Clause.

Historically, I don't really do much on Christmas day. I basically hang out by my self.
This year I got to spend it with Ashley. Which was pretty cool. So I decided to make a
4 course dinner. After dinner I invited friends over just a good Xmas celebration.

12-24-2010 Christmas eve
I got a lot of last minute shopping done today. I was also wrapping eveything last
minute. It was tough to get everything done in time. I figure it out though. I went
over to my parents house tonight. It was nice to be with family for once.

12-23-2010 Buffet and lots of crab
Me and Erika went to Treasure Island for the crab legs buffet. It is still the best in
town and well worth the money. I ate  clusters tonight. It was filling, but I felt like I
was eating so fast I blacked out.

12-22-2010 Dodgeball
With me playing dodgeball again. One night only, since volleyball is off this week. I
tried to run around more to get into shape. I was always on the bad teams. It was
tough to really move around. We just got dominated tonight.

12-21-2010 Happy times
Usually this time of year. I am really stressed out. This has not been the case this
year. I am at peace and happy with what I have. I have come to terms with life. So I

12-20-2010 What to do
So I went to Cub Foods to get some ingredients for dinner tonight. When I was
checking out. Some say 13 year old girls were doing their raising money thing by
bagging up groceries. That saw a sucker in me. I saw this little girl come up to me.
Like she was casper the friendly ghost. "Can we bag your groceries". "Sure", I said. I
felt the need to give each girl a 5 dollar bill. I guess I did my good deed. Helping them
raise money for their volleyball team. When I got outside the salvation army bucket
was right in front of me. I wondered which one deserved the money more. Hmm?

12-19-2010 Shopping
With Christmas right around the corner. I did some Christmas shopping today. The
hardest gift for my to find was Pikmin for my nephew Kobe. I could not find that Wii
game to save my life. I will just have to order it online.

12-18-2010 Ann birthday
We ll met at shamrocks for Ann's birthday. We rented a party bus and we hit a few
bars up. Dan proposed to Ann, which was pretty cool. It was a fun night of  a lot of
drinking. I didn't drive so I was able to get a bit more drunk.

12-17-2010 2nd annual holiday party        
Today we all went to Mario's house for our 2nd annual holiday party. It was at my
place the first year. Its a traveling thing. So it will be at Danielles next year, It was
fun playing the Kinect and playing the gift exchange game. It was a good night.

12-16-2010 Miss my pho
The moms wanted to have pho today for lunch. I was a little worried about my gluten
free diet. Since I was unsure if pho was gluten free. I couldn't say no. It was the
best today at Trieu Chau. I really tried to eat as much as I could, but I was too full. I
really enjoy eating there. Cheap prices and good food. What can go wrong.

12-15-2010 Vball double header
Tonight we played vball in Blaine and Brooklyn park. We lost both games 1 to 2. We
were eliminated from Brooklyn Park. It was a good season for us. We learned how good
other teams were. That we had a lot of work to do. Heidi subbed for us this week and I
wished I had asked her earlier this season. She has been the missing piece we needed.

12-14-2010 No more
I can't stand to eat another day of soup. Thats all I have been eating lately. I just
want to enjoy normal food for once. With me eating so healthy lately. I am down 11 lbs.
Which is a lot for two weeks. Just gotta keep up the good work.

12-13-2010 Vikings failure
Watching the vikings tonight. I realized they have given up on the season. They had no
fight what so ever. The season is over,they have been eliminated from the playoffs.
What do they do now. Well just lose more games. Get a high draft pick and draft an
offensive lineman.

12-12-2010 Christmas list
Every year for Christmas. I normally buy my self a Christmas present. Its usually a
big gift around say $50 to 100 bucks. This year I am having a hard time on what it
should be. Then it hit me. Maybe I am just content with what I have.

I was doing some thinking and you know how people say. "Atleast I have my health." I
honestly can't say I have. I mean I have had to deal with so many things over the
years. The cyst on my head, enlarged spleen, the allergies, my vision isn't the best, my
bad shoulder, depression. Of course I have gotten all that stuff taken care of. I just
wonder what lies ahead.

12-11-2010 Snowed in, Not!!
With the snow falling down and sideways. Everybody was noticeably on Facebook today.
I thought that was pretty funny. I refused to stay in tonight. I have been doing things
inside all day and I felt it was a must to get out and about. I went to uptown and had
drinks. Bars were closing early. So it was just bar hopping for us

12-10-2010 Shannon surprise bday party
People have been asking me why I have been on a gluten free diet. It is to control my
depression. When I say that, I am not joking at all. For some reason, I felt there is a
negative cloud over me for the past 4 years. I feel sick when i eat food. I just got so
used to it. I thought I was over eating or something.

I had lunch with Annie today. I havn't seen her in a long time. I am glad she is doing
well and is with someone now.

I went to Shannons surprise birthday party tonight. It was a fun time and I enjoyed it
a lot. I wasn't able to eat much of the food, but I found things to eat. The pizza
looked so good, but ofcourse I can't eat it. Not gonna lie. Luckily Mike and Heidi
drove. So I could drive home in the snow storm.

12-09-2010 Commitment
For years and years I have been struggling to find a way to be more consistent about
seeing my friends. With so many different groups of friends. I never had a chance to
just be in one group. That is something that became the death of me. It was more of a
curse then anything. Its not me bragging or anything. I just feel I lost touch with a
lot of people along the way. Thats all my fault. Although, its said that close friends
will call you too.

12-08-2010 Vball subs
With both our volleyball leagues in full swing. I finished off Brooklyn park with subs.
Jamie, Jaime, Chris, Heidi and Mindy subbed in for us. We lost the first game 15 to 35.
Then it was 19 to 25. The final was 21 to 25. I thought we did a good job. People were
rusty, which was expected. They did a fine job. They are all going to have to help me
sub one more week. Then i am off to Blaine to take care of unfinished business with
our rival volleyball team.

12-07-2010 Challenges
I feel slimmer then ever. They key is, what am I gonna do to keep it off. I have been
reading a lot of different sources on how to keep it off. The big key, well just keep up
the good work. Leaving fast food behind was really the big step I needed. I am losing
weight with out even trying. I try to work out to make sure I am getting some good
muscle in. So far, its looking pretty good.

12-06-2010 Udi life
What is udi? Well let me you. Its basically a gluten free bread. I made my first
sandwich today. It wasn't too bad. I actually liked it better then regular bread. With
regular bread its more spongy and with this. Well think of a thicker consistency.

I weighed my self today. I am down to 178 lbs. The scary thing is. I was about 189 lbs
about 3 weeks ago. That is definitely a lot of weight loss. I did a double take when I
weighed my self this morning.

12-05-2010 Time
Today was the day I finally felt old. I sat around all day and did chores. I put up my
Christmas tree and realized I had the saddest tree. I really need to give it more
tinsel. With all the exercise I have been getting lately. I have been pretty sore.

I realize that I will be turning 30 in more then a few months. I wanted to say, thht
the past 30 years have been full of stories I guess i can say. I have been through a lot
and I just need to enjoy my life. I always thought I would live till 90. Atleast I
believe in my eyes I have lived almost 1/3 of my life. Through tough, rough and good

12-04-2010 VFW
I was pretty bored today. I sat at home watching tv for a few hours. I made a point to
do it. I sit on the computer all day. Plus I should use that direct tv a bit more.

Me and Chad went tot he VFW to play some cards and drink. Danielle and Andy stopped
by. I ended up winning the big tournament. I was quite proud of my self. I made a
brilliant return at that.

12-03-2010 Day 2: Gluten free
Today I ate a salad for lunch. Nothing too exciting. I went to Byerlys to look for a
few gluten free products. I was able to find gluten free bread. It was about $6 bucks
for a loaf. It was a pretty small loaf at that.

I went out to Happy hour with Erin today. Figured with the snow fall. Why would I
bother getting stuck in traffic right.

12-02-2010 Day 1: Gluten free
I am on a gluten free diet, because I have been sick lately. I have reactions and its
getting annoying. This will be very hard for me. Who knows if this will work. I will try
my best.

We went to Good Earth today for Brians birthday. When the waiter brought out the
appetizer of bread and crackers. I wanted it so bad. This was my first full test. I
passed of course. I ordered beef and I was able tog et by with out it. So far so good

12-01-2010 Christmas cheer
With it finally turning December. I am now in the Christmas mood. Christmas is my
favorite holiday. I love how people get into the spirit and the way every one acts. This
year, has been more of a tiny tim Christmas for me. I take it back actually. I have been
really saving. I want to go shopping when it snows. I havn't put up the Christmas tree
yet. I was gonna do it today.

Volleyball tonight We went to Blaine and won 1 out of 3. We were missing two people.
We then went to play in Brooklyn Park and lost all three games. Its been a frustrating
season. I felt I have lost a step or two.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”