12-31-2011 New years eve
This was one of those years. I felt I needed to take off. Just more hype for another
year. I think this year was full of excitement, but their was a cost to it also. Which
is why I probably wasn't to thrilled.

Tonight we had a big snow storm. Well it dropped heavy snow, about two inches and
left. But it was beautiful out.

12-30-2011 Calm before
Its the calm before the storm and I don't feel like spending any money tonight. We
shall see what happens. I got off work early and met up with Erika at Stellas for
oysters. I really love happy hour. So much cheaper.

12-29-2011 Gym
I had happy hour with Andy and I was feeling it pretty good. I had 4 drinks tonight.
Erika wanted to do a late night work out tonight. So we got it in just before they
closed. I was pretty exhausted. My body is tired and I know it.

12-28-2011 Dodgeball
I struggled tonight. It was just too hard to do anything. With all the people on the
court. Every time I tried to do something I would get hit or something. Frustrated
tonight. But I got a good work out in.

12-27-2011 Work out
Me and Erika new that if we didn't get a work out in today we would get out of our
rhythm. So we decided to go tonight and see how the old body feels tomorrow. I was
aching pretty good.

12-26-2011 Monday off
I had Monday off. So what exciting thing did I do. Eat at a mexican restaurant. That
ended up giving me a refund on my food. I didn't even do anything. They felt their
service was slow. So they decided to comp my meal.

12-25-2011 Christmas day
I went bowling With Kelli and Joe at the Mermaid. It was a lot of fun actually. I
don't ever remember going bowling before. I was a bit rusty. But it was a good night to
be out.

12-24-2011 Christmas eve
This year wasn't the same as other years. Usually we all meet up at 11pm at night
after late mass and open gifts. Everyone is normally there. This year my sister didn't
make it with the nephews and it just didn't have the same feeling. My dad came late. It
was just awkward for me.

12-23-2011 Ashleys in town and to the cloud
I picked up Ashley and Chris met up with us at my house. We drove to St Cloud where
it all began for me and Ashley. Erika met up with us later. It was so much fun down
there, We had a absolute blast. We were pretty much bar hopping. We also conquered
the hairy buffalo. We ended up at Rum runners on the dance floor. Fun night. I love it.

12-22-2011 Mikes going away for 2 month party
We went to the Legion and got pretty drunk. Since today was my Friday I could let
loose a little. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone. I had a really good time. I do miss
everyone. I just remember I had this breakfast shot and that was lights out.

12-21-2011 Dodgeball
I met up with Andy at happy hour. The parking at Legends was horrible. I guess they
were having a Xmas party down stairs. We then went to dodgeball and I was playing it
safe tonight. My back was hurting so I took it easy. I was also wearing my glasses and
I was able to catch a lot better.

12-20-2011 Shannon bday
I went to happy hour with Brian and Andy at Old Chicago. After that I went to
Grumpys for Shannons birthday, It was a lot of fun and with me being tired all the
time. It was a good time to shut it down early. Especially since I was a bit drunk.

12-19-2011 Gym time
I upgraded my membership so Erika could come with me to the gym. I figured If I had
someone come with me.I would go more. Lets hope this gamble pays off. I think it will.
Atleast it will give us something to do at night.

12-18-2011 Tired
I was so tired today. The Vikes just got destroyed by the saints. How much a
difference two years makes. I tried to make a healthy meal tonight for dinner.

12-17-2011 Merry SteamerMas
It was our Cleveland Steamer Christmas party at Lunzers house. We did the gift
exchange game there. It was nice to see all the kickballers once again. I fried a turkey
for that event also. It was so good. I had a good time.

12-16-2011  Xmas party
Last years party was such a success at Marios house. That this year it was my turn to
host. I deep fried a turkey and we had plenty of food. We played the gift game and we
decided to have a ginger bread house contest this year. Erika was planning on winning
it, but her house fell apart.

12-15-2011 Numbers are no good
My Cholesterol and blood pressure numbers weren't where they were supposed to be. I
need to get that corrected pretty soon. I figure maybe next Monday I can start eating
better and getting back into shape.

12-14-2011 Mad Jacks
Me and Erika decided to go get some late night drinks. We went right at late night
happy hour to save on money. Erika didn't have to work the next two days. So it was
basically her weekend.

12-13-2011 Marathon
I always wanted to run a marathon, but I felt too lazy to do it. I figure maybe this
winter. I can get in shape at the gym and do it. But with my stamina. Its just a poor
mans dream. Hopefully I can get into better shape.

12-12-2011 TIES conference
I woke up at 6am today to get ready for todays festivities. I was all over the place.
From morning registration to the Ties booth making pop corn and back to the TIES
booth. Sunday I helped out with equipment. I was pretty tired tonight.

Erika, Mario and I went to Barrio to check it out. It was fun tasting the expensive
tequila, but it sure hurt my account.

12-11-2011 Viking Webb
Christian Ponder was benched after a 4 turnover appearance bythe Vikes. Joe Webb
emerged from the 3rd quarter and nearly wiped ait all away with the ball on the 1 yard
line and 9 seconds to go. Unfortunately there season was so bad. It resulted in a
fumble for a loss.

12-10-2011 Legion
I was out at the Legion last night. It was so much fun hanging out with the gang.
Nothing like doing grape apes with them. Not sure why that was the shot selected. The
new bartender might have made stronger drinks then Jeremy. We played darts and
tippy cup. Ahh what a night.

12-09-2011 End Zone
Tonight we decided to go out to the End Zone. Over in Ramsey. It was for Erics bday.
Or so we were told. It was free beer. I guess I couldn't complain. It was ok though.
But sometimes company just isn't the best.

12-08-2011 The Flame
I have only eaten here a few times, but I felt this place should have been out of
business awhile ago. I was just not satisfied with their food. I was reading that their
happy hour has improved, but it doesn't seem like I place I would want to goto.

12-07-2011 No dodgeball
With my sinus infection. I decided to not even bother with dodgeball today. I was
pretty tired anyways. I just wanted to take it easy.

12-06-2011 Nothing working
My eye still hurts today and I tried to buy some sinus medicine. It doesn't seem to do
anything. I still feel sick and its not getting better. I feel chest pains today. It feels
like everything is falling apart.  I decided to call for a Dr's appointment. Best they
can do is Thursday. I will have to wait and see then.

12-05-2011 Mysterious pain
It was towards the evening hours and I noticed I had pain near my left eye. It felt
like pressure shooting up and down he sockets. It was painful enough to make feel liek
it was a head for me to goto bed early.

12-04-2011 Sunday
I got up early today. Seems like everything is loosening up in my system. I am still
coughing a lot, but I am hoping it will go away.

The Vikings once again had a chance to win a game and let it slip away. It shows they
are just that bad.

12-03-2011 Enough
I have had a lot going on as of late. It has totally effected me. I realized I have been
struggling at work and in my personal matters. Its time for me to get my head on
straight again and move forward.

12-02-2011 Another day
I tried to be productive at work. It seems like I was over doing it again. I tried to
help out but I was just making things worse. So much for working at home. I felt tired
in the evening hours. I took a nap.

12-01-2011 Tried
I tried to give it a go today for work. It didn't happen. I was driving to work and I
knew I was over my head. I just couldn't beat it. I grabbed my lap top and went
straight home. I slept and it felt good, but I woke up feeling terrible.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”