12-31-2012 New Years
We all went to Jess's place for New years this year. It was nice, we had a good crowd
and it wasn't too full. I had a good time, except. I was having stomach issues all night.
It really made me kind of not drink too much.

12-30-2012 Vikes win
That was a great games the Vikings won. Adrian Peterson came 9 yards short of the
record. It was ok. They needed the win the most. Ponder played well. I havn't been that
excited since 2009.

12-29-2012 Jays house warming
We had people over for drinks and played games. It was a lot of fun. I was tired, but I
tried to stay up as long as I could. Its nice to know Jay is pretty clean.

12-28-2012 Smackdown
I got tickets to goto Smackdown at the Target Center. It was a lot of fun. It was
Erikas first time going. It was a fun time. We went to Sneeky petes for happy hour
ahead of time.

12-27-2012 Legion
I made my way tot he Legion tonight for some drinks. it was a lot of fun. I had a good
time, but I had to be a good sober cab. Plus the snow was freaking me out a little. I
just wanted to be safe.

12-26-2012 Mystic Lake
Me and Erika went to Mystic Lake for crab legs. We got there at 8pm and we didnt get
sat down till 1030pm. Thats a 2 and a half hour wait. We ate as much as we can. But we
will never wait there that long ever again.

12-25-2012 Christmas day
It was pretty low key today. I was having such a great time sitting at home and
relaxing. I was thinking of Christmas this year and it was good. I hope this continues
on with my family.

12-24-2012  Christmas Eve
I really didn't do much all day. I just laid low and cleaned. Tonight at my parents, my
mom made this awesome soup. We exchanged gifts. I got a button up shirt. It was fun
this year.

12-23-2012 Vikings win
With the big Vikings win over the Texans. They just need to beat green bay at home to
make it to the playoffs. I think they can do it. AP also needs 204 yards to break the
rushing record.

12-22-2012- Dball tourney
When I arrived to the gym in North Saint Paul. This place brought back memories. I
remember when I was in 8th grade. I made the game winning three point shot here. I
knew it was going to be magical. We ended up winning the tournament. We were the
under dog and we still won.

12-21-2-12 Night in/out
I really didn't want to spend too much money tonight. So I just had people. Planned on
getting drunk, and then head out to the bar. We accomplished that. It was a fun time
and we used up all those pork chops.

12-20-2012 Groceries
I went grocery shopping basically till I got paid next Friday. I was pretty strategic
with what I got. Hopefully with all the meat I have in my freezer I can just get
veggies and make food till then. There will be some left overs.

12-19-2012 Sweaty
The dodgeball gym was crowded tonight. I tried to do my best, but our side had too
many newbs and we got dominated all over the place. I got a good work out in. So that
was good.

12-18-2012 Snoozefest
With Xmas a bout a week away. I was trying to find ways to make things real cheap. I
had to cut back on things this year for the nephews. I hope they don't get too mad at

12-17-2012 Lazy
I was supposed to work out at the gym tonight with Erika. I talked my self out of
going. I just didn't want to go at all. I was just simply tired. Laying around watching
tv is something I really wanted to do. Since I have my house again.

12-16-2012 Legion game
I went to the Legion for the Vikes game. I hung out with the gang. Which is always a
good time. I was tired still and I couldn't hang all night. I needed rest fast.

12-15-2012 Steamermas
I used last nights gifts for Lunzers Christmas party. I didn't realize putting the
Selena dvd and a plastic gun was the worst idea. Since she died of gunshot in real life.
Oops my bad.

12-14-2012 Frustration
I was still pissy about last night. I was tired, but I knew i had a long day ahead.
After work today. I went to Target and picked up Kobe for tonights Christmas party
at Danielle and Chads. It was a fun time and I walked away with gifts for tomorro.

12-13-2012 Ashley
I met up with Ashley after work. We had a couple drinks at Billys. Which is weird
when its full of old people. We then went to the Everest on Grand. The indian food was
just bland. I was surprised.

I am pretty upset about tonights events, Catching Jillian and her boyfriend having sex
2 times once in the kitchen and on the couch. I tried to goto bed early. I was
exhausted. Then the yelling gets annoying. They were drunk but I had to leave my own
home. sad.

12-12-2012 Less eating
Today I tried to continue my ways when I was at the conference. I was eating in
controlled environments. So I basically couldn't over eat. So I tried to keep that up.
So far so good. With them building a Planet Fitness in Roseville I can go during my

12-11-2012 Conference part 3
Repeat from yesterday basically. A lot of standing around. Giving out water bottles.
But that concrete ground doesn't have much give. My feet and legs were now aching.
We had to tear everything down. I did my part. I am tired.

12-10-2012 Conference part 2
I got up at 6:30AM it was so hard for me. I got down to registration to help out. Then
I made my way to the TIES booth. I spent  a lot of time standing and my feet were
really hurting a lot.

12-09-2012 TIES Conference
When I left today. The roads were so bad. So much snow on the roads. Good thing I had
the new tires to help me get through it. I helped set up registration down at the
Hyatt today. My hotel room was so cool. They made the rooms nicer.

12-08-2012 Paulas party
Jello shots were pretty good. They turned out well for Paulas party. I also got new
tired for my car. $400 later. I am broke as a joke. Everyone from dodgeball came out
for her party. It was so much fun,. I had a good time.

12-07-2012 Quiet Friday evening
I just stayed at Erikas tonight. We really didn't do much of anything. We just took it
easy and stayed in. It felt so good. Saving money. Christmas is always so hard. But
sometimes you just need to relax.

12-06-2012 Tired
With a big weekend ahead. I really wanted to take it easy tonight. I wanted to eat
healthy. I been trying to eat salads but they are so hard for me. I just don't enjoy

12-05-2012 Dball baby
I wanted to try tonight. Just to see if I still had it. In case some day. I had to play
competitive dodgeball again. I did pretty darn good. I was happy with my performance.
It felt good.

12-04-2012 Legion fun
So tonight I knew I had a late night in me. My brother flight comes in around 1:30am. I
knew it would be a pain for me to wake up Wednesday. So I took Wednesday off. Which
means I could get some drinks at the Legion. Which was a fun time. Jeremy always
makes those drinks strong.

12-03-2012 Zero Gravity win
Tonight at volleyball. We were pretty confident going into this week. We struggled a
bit, but we crawled out with a 2 win victory tonight with a loss in the final game. We
were kinda goofing off a bit. We struggled to communicate this week. When we did so
well last week. Winning is winning though. So we will take it.

12-02-2012 Recovery
I got up around 11:30am. I made breakfast for everyone. But they were still sleeping.
We just watched the Vikes lose. The Vikes totally suck lately. The fact that Packer
fans are so annoying.

I was bored, so I decide to make pho today. It turned out pretty good. I had to take a
few shortcuts, since I started so late. Regardless it was tasty. I will have that for
lunch tomorrow.

12-01-2012 Sweat pants night
I woke up at 9am. Me and Jay drove back and he was ready to go play dodgeball. My
body was hurting from all the drinks and I didn't sleep well with that dog whining all
night in the kettle.

We all met up at my house tonight and we made Jess wear sweat pants. Jay and Andy
was still in dodge ball mode. So we went to Patricks and Teds. Then we went to the
Legion. It was a fun night. Half of the Little Canada/Roseville bar tour was done. We
will finish the other half another time.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
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