12-31-2013 New Years Eve
Me and becky went to the Tavern on France for dinner. It was pretty good. Since it
was free for me. She had $80 in gift cards there, Which was awesome.
We went to Shawn and Lauras. For some pre drinking. We didn't make it to Cowboy
Jacks as I hoped. We went to Tailgate instead. I was smart and knew the risk was too
high if I went to Cowboy Jacks. I was safe for once. Thanks TCF Bank teller girl. You
got it in my head to be safe.

12-30-2013 Happy hour
I picked Shawna from the airport today. I left work and went right to the airport. The
roads were getting slick. It was just a dusting of snow, but it turned out dangerous.
Glad there wasn't more accidents out there,

I went to happy hour with Andy, Sarah and Kristen. I like good ol Mad Jacks. Seems
like I spend way too much money there.

12-29-2013 Vikes win
I was really hoping we were going to lose today. But we won. Which was unfortunate. I
assume We will have a coach firing tomorrow.

New Years Eve is coming. I am trying to figure out what to do this year. I think I will
figure something out. I want to be around lots of people this year.

12-28-2013 Legion
It was a good night to head down to the Legion to see good friends. I had such a fun
time. I knew I wasn't going to be able to drink much. I have done enough of that lately.
But I am glad every one was there. What a good night.

12-27-2013 Ashley
I met up with Ashley at dinner. Shes leaving Sunday so today was the only day it would
work for our schedules. We went to go see Walter Mitty. I thought it was a pretty
good movie. It was fun catching up with her. I thinks shes seen me grown a lot int he
past few years.

12-26-2013 Cloud
Me and Erika were supposed to have our crab legs buffet at TI tonight. It got
cancelled since she was stuck in St Cloud. With her car int he shop. I figured I was
going an hour to Treasure Island anyways. I decided to just goto St Cloud. It was a
lot of fun actually. The fog on the way home was not fun.

12-25-2013 Xmas
It was a nice low key day today. I was pretty tired. So I needed to just relax all day.
With my gout in full effect. I was hobbling around still today. Which really sucks. Not
how I like to have my holidays.

12-24-2013 Christmas Eve
I went over to my parents house tonight at 9:30pm for Xmas. My mom gave me a big
bag of rice and I also got a cast iron pan from my brother for secret santa. It was a
good year. Even watching the kids open the gifts is one of the best joys in the world.
Maybe all those late night dreams I have been having lately has made sense.

12-23-2013 Gout
I seem to be struggling walking around today. I hope its not what I think it is. Its
just so painful. I don't know whats as painful as this is.

12-22-2013 Calm day
I have had Kobe since Friday night. Kid just eats like crazy. I have been feeding him
everything, even left overs. I wasn't planning for him to eat so much. I had to go back
to the grocery store to get more things.

12-21-2013 Tired
I was still exhausted by this week. I didn't have the energy to do anything. To be
honest. I have been freaking out about my left eye. Its been blood shot for 4 days now.
Someone told me there was even a little bump> Which freaked me out.

12-20-2013 Xmas party
This was our 4th annual Christmas party. It was at Marios this year. I got a scent
cube thingy. Kobe made out better then last year. It was a lot of fun though. I was
pretty tired from this whole week.

12-19-2013 Early morning
I got to TIES pretty early today to help Ceil bake the turkeys for the TIES holiday
party. We got them in the oven around 6:45am. Which made me really tired all day. It
was fun though. They turned out extra juicy this year. Everyone was pleased.

12-18-2013 Vball
We won 2 out of 3 this week. We finally had our full team which was nice. We let one
of the games slip away. We knew better, but we are still figuring things out with this

12-17-2013 Day 2
My knee was really in a lot of pain when I woke up this morning. I don't know what it
was. As the day went on I was in obvious pain. I had trouble getting up and sitting
down. I am just glad the conference is over. I was sick all weekend and the last few
days. I just couldn't really recover. It took a lot of energy out of me.

12-16-2013 TIES Conference
I got up at 6:15am. Which is way too early for me. I was literally falling asleep. I was
awake enough to get things done today though. Handing out water bottles to customers.
I can feel my feet really hurting though.

12-15-2013 Millenium
I had volleyball practice tonight. We all looked pretty good getting our practice hits
in. I was feeling pretty confident. I got some goo control down.

I went tot he Millenium. Its the start of the TIES conference tomorrow and I got a
busy two days ahead.

12-14-2013 Nicole grad party
I met up with Chris at Perkins. He really wanted to go there for some odd reason. So
after we just went over to Jimmys for drinks for Nicoles grad party. I was trying to
get her more drinks. But she had a good time overall.

12-13-2013 Dinner
I went out to dinner with Jodi. We went to Pho 79 near her place. I needed some pho.
Since my throat has been very sore lately. Today I had troubles talking. It hit the
spot thats for sure.

12-12-2013 Pad thai
I havn't had good Pad Thai in awhile. I have been trying to get Crystal to go with me
to Ruam Mit Thai in St paul. Cause I was craving it. Finally we got to. Since we had
some vball business to take care of. It was great. I am glad she liked it.

I also have been having car problems as of late. I got my starter replaced today.
Hopefully thats what was wrong with it in the first place.

12-11-2013 ZG Fridley
So half our team was basically missing today. So we had to get subs. We won all three
games. Which was so nice. I missed that having fun feeling again. This is lower
competition then we are used too.

12-10-2013 Eating light
I have done such a good job eating lighter. It seems like I have always been day and
night. Black and white. Its all or nothing with me. Right now I've been doing so good. I
just gotta keep it up.

12-9-2013 Cold
The last five days has been pretty cold. Luckily I have made plenty of soup to keep
warm. Even my man cave down stairs is so cold.  I am forced to wear a sweatshirt down
here. I usually suck it up. But I can't do it like I used too. Brr.

12-8-2013 Relaxing
After last nights night of fun. I figured I would be lame today. I didn't even leave the
house. I just cleaned and did some laundry. I guess my exciting life is getting pretty
boring lately. I am just saving it for the right one I guess. Since, I'm on the verge as
it seems.

12-7-2013 Paulas white elephant party
I spent most of the day making egg rolls. After all the rolling and deep frying. It was
time to party at Paulas. It was actually a lot of fun. Every one had a pretty good time.
I was a good kid that night. I wanted to drink more.

12-6-2013 Steamermas
So every winter, The Cleveland Steamers kickball team has our annual white elephant
party at Lunzers house. This year was actually a lot more fun the then previous. The
gifts were so dumb. I couldn't help but laugh. We all went out to the 1029 bar after.
It was so busy, but I had a good time. We shut that place down, My car didn't start at
first, but it did eventually. It was really cold out. Negative degrees I think.

12-5-2013 Car
My car seems to be working fine for the moment. But it seems like it was going to
happen again. I feel like it could not start at the worst times. I hope that never
happens. For now, I will just pray to the car Gods.

12-4-2013 Late night
I had a late night of dball tonight. We got done early, I tried to take it easy, but
eventually I was having so much fun. I literally closed Pats tap down. There was this
girl I liked who really doesn't drink that much. I tried better my self, drank less. But
once she was taken. I went back to my old ways.

12-3-2013 Bad one
We got stomped this week at volleyball. I tried to keep my cool. But eventually I gave
in. It took the 3rd game for me. The games were even close. We were schooled this
week. I just don't know what to do. I know the guys need to get better. We need to
have guys hit all the time. Thats what other teams do. I just don't know if this
captain has the heart to do it. I have given up 3 weeks ago. I think my team knows it
and down goes the ship with the captain. My attitude needs to change. I need to be who
they need me to be.

12-2-2013 Battery
Looks like my car had a bad battery. Which is a sigh of relief. Which costed me $160. I
don't care I got ripped off. I am just glad my car is working again. I had to work from
home today.

Its snowing pretty good out. I really love looking at it. I wish I could take a picture
of it.

12-1-2013 Car
I drove my car to the Firestone auto near Mad Jacks. I didn't have much for options
on a Sunday. So they had to be the place. I trust it in there hands. I hope it wasn't
anything really expensive.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”