12-31-2014 New Years Eve
I really wanted to go out tonight. I have been very good lately. I made dinner and met
up at the Hogsbreath. I had a such a good time tonight. It was nice to be safe for once
and take Uber back with friends. Safety first. New Years off to a good start.

12-30-2014 Calm
With New Years Eve tomorrow. I knew I had to take it easy tonight. I havn't been
this excited to go out in a long time.

12-29-2014 Happy hour
With Melissa in town. We had happy hour. It was nice catching up. I would love to goto
Hawaii some day. But I don't think I would ever go alone. Learning lesson for me. I
already have my alone trip in vegas.

12-28-2014 Sunday Funday
I didn't take my pill for my blood pressure today. So I was feeling a bit horny if you
know what I mean. I was flirting with every waitress. it was kinda funny. I was having
a good time though.

12-27-2014 Dodgeball
I played some dodgeball today. My arm was hurting pretty bad when I was driving home.
Thats what 3 hours of it will do to you.

I had dinner with Ashley at Senor Wongs. It was so nice to catch up with her. We had
a good time. I think this was one of our really good nights out. I will have to visit her
in NY.

12-26-2014 Sleep
I must have spent so much time sleeping. I was all confused what day it was. When i
woke up. But I had lunch with Mikayla today. I always enjoy vietnamese food where

I made my way down to the Pourhouse. To get free beers. They were emptying their
taps. So I was getting beer for free.

12-25-2014 Xmas
I spent most of the day cleaning. I even baked a ham this morning. Later on in the day
I went to Treasure Island with Joe and Becky. We were meeting Kelli and her kids
down there. It was a lot of fun. Especially when I win and I spent the money on drinks
and activities.

12-24-2014 Xmas Eve
I took Kobe to the Olc Country buffet today. I felt bad. I didn't get a chance to talk
to him much the past few days. But hes at that age its hard to communicate with them.
But it seems I have broken through.

12-23-2014 Happy hour
I was in drinking mode. I had happy hour at the Hoggsbreath and then we made our way
to the Legion and I was really feeling it. It was a good time. Its the Holidays.

12-22-2014 White Bear
I was helping Danielle and Mario with their extreme install all day today. I was pretty
tired. but Glad we got a big chunk of it done.

I went to meet up with Erika and we made some fun seafood. Crab, lamb, and shrimp.

12-21-2014 Vikings
Another lead for the Vikings and another game they should have won in the end. Just
not enough mental toughness.

12-20-2014 Christina Bday
I made eggrolls tonight for her party. I got to use my new deep fryer. I was rushing
to get them all done. I was running so far behind schedule. The party was a lot of fun.
I was tired though.

12-19-2014 Holiday potluck
Went to famous Daves to get food for the holiday potluck. It was good. My weiners
were all gone.

I went and played volleyball tonight. It was nice to get back in the swing of things. I
felt so rusty.

12-18-2014 Laundry
I have gotten pretty far behind in laundry. I got a lot of it done. I don't like doing
this much laundry at all.

I pre made the bacon wrapped weiners tonight. Hopefully thy ywill be ready tomorrow

12-17-2014 Happy hour
I wasn't planning on much today. After the long commute this morning. i was crabby all
day. I went to happy hour at willys in Coon Rapids. I had a good time. I got home and
went right to bed. Thats how tired I was.

12-16-2014 Sushi
After work today. Me and Shawna went to wakame. It was our 2nd time there. I
actually like the sushi there. It was happy hour. But our bill was still pricey
afterwards. Oh well.

12-15-2014 Grind
Back to the daily grind. I have been very tired lately. I went to the gym again today. I
am so sore all over. It makes me very tired and everything. I stayed out at the Legion
a bit later then I wanted too. But I had a good time.

12-14-2014 Xmas early
Today was my Xmas with my family. we had to celebrate early. Cause both of my
brothers were going on separate trips during Xmas eve. It is always so great to see
my nephews open gifts.

12-13-2014 Drinking
I was in a pretty good mood today. I went and played dodge ball. I got home and relaxed
for awhile. Made my way out for drinks tonight. I was just a happy peach.

12-12-2014 Xmas Party
After work I needed to get gifts for the party. I went to Walgreens and got
everything. They had a online coupon I used to save 20 percent. Everything was nice. I
t sure felt like Xmas.

12-11-2014 Costco
After work I went to Costco with Che and Kristen. We needed to get filet mignon for
the Xmas party tomorrow. I forget how much I love costco. I got my $1.50 hot dog and
pop. My favorite deal of all time.

12-10-2014 Water softner
I stayed home from work today. Culligan was installing the water softner. This was a
long time coming. But I needed it. I was so tired from the last 4 days. I really wanted
to sleep all day.

12-09-2014 Conference Day 2
Same routine as last night. Same blood shot eyes. Same amount of sleep. I was really
tired once again. The concrete floor hurts my feet. Even though we stand on the nice
carpet. It takes its toll on me. I was relieved to pack up and get out.

12-08-2014 Conference Day 1
I was pretty hung over. I got about 5 hours of sleep. My eyes were blood shot and
everything. I got my butt down there. Barely at 7am. I was feeling pretty gross. But I
made it through the day. I was tired. Very tired. We went out to Zelo tonight for
dinner then Brits. It was a good time.

12-07-2014 TIES conference
I got  packed and made my way downtown. I will be there from Sunday to Tuesday down
there. For the annual TIES conference. I never really like going to the conference.
But I have a better head about going in this time. Bringing booze.

12-06-2014 Dball
I went over to Nina's parents estate sale today. I got some nice derss shirts for 6
bucks total. Not bad for 3 shirts.

I went to dodgeball today. I didn't want to goto the gym. So I figured I can run
around at dball and get a good work out in.

12-05-2014 Gym
I was feeling pretty good today. Another trip to the gym. I was taking it pretty easy
tonight. My body is sore from being there basically all week. I just wanted to get back
into the swing of things. But I'm pushing my self harder then ever before.

12-04-2014 Dinner
I had dinner with Nicole tonight at her place. She had this stuffed pepper recipe she
wanted to try out. It was nice just to catch up. I had a good time. We have so much in
common. More then I thought we did. Glad shes doing well though.

12-03-2014 Hogs
After work I went to the gym and got my work out in. The gym was busy today. So I
just stuck with the treadmill.

I went to get drinks after and it hit me pretty hard. I went over to Kristen and Che's
for pizza. I was worn out. I just passed out at their place. Really early too.

12-02-2014 Download
I finally had a chance to play Madden 15. I downloaded it during the black friday sales
for the xbox. It was fun. I wish I had more time to play it. I played online right away
and got my first win.

12-01-2014 Hard
It was hard getting back to work. I was on a nice little 5 day weekend. But it was
slow. So that really helped things.

It was our last night of the fall season for volleyball. We won 2 out of 3 for 2nd
place in the division. Winter season starts in a few weeks.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”