12-31-2015 New years eve
I had lunch with Ashley today. We stopped at some diner in Hopkins. I think it was
called Hoagies. It was alright. Just a simple place.

I had to get my car since it dies. Terrible timing. But that stuff happens to me. I have
really bad luck. After that. I went to the Hogsbreath and had a really good New years
eve. Andy and Sarah were there too. Crazy night with people arguing and stuff and a
crazy lady.

12-30-2015 Dball
My foot has taken a step back. It was hurting. I wanted to play dodgeball anyways. I
tried a bit harder than I wanted too. I def
initely took a step back again. I will take it
easy off my feet. But league starts for dball and vball on Sunday and Monday.

12-29-2015 Push
I was so tired from the lack of sleep. I shoveled this morning. It wasn't fun at all. My
foot was hurting from trying to do too much. All the walking kinda added up. I was
tired I needed sleep. But I was out late again tonight.

12-28-2015 TI Blizzard
Ashley still wanted to goto Treasure Island even with the snow storm coming. I didn't
care. Snow never scared me. I have driven through many snow storms. She won money
which was cool. I was freaking out. Cause I didn't know if we were gonna make it home.
We just stayed out late and let the snow settle.

12-27-2015 Giants
I had a date today. My first date in a very very long time. We went to Khans. It was
pretty good. I had a good time.

The Vikes blew out the Giants tonight at TCF bank stadium. Which was a great feeling.
We never blow anyone out

12-26-2015 Dodge
I went to dodgeball to test out the ankle again. I took it really easy. I am still 4
weeks away from where I should be. But i want to work on my catching. I was barely
doing a good job of that today. I went with Becky to this part near her house. We met
this Caje girl that was pretty entertaining.

12-25-2015 Xmas
I woke up today and tried to do some cleaning. I was pretty bored all day. I didn't have
anything to do. So I just chilled at home. I went to work to use the gym to at least do
something. I went to the Hoggs and tipped heavily to all my friends there.

12-24-2015 Xmas eve
I met up with Ashley for breakfast and exchanged gifts. It was also her bday today. I
am glad she seemed to like the aveda shampoo. I liked my gift. Haha. I don't remember
the last time I got a cd. The shirt was funny.

I had a busy day of driving. Whether it was driving my sister and her husband to the
airport or driving to Treasure Island casino. I was feeling pretty good at the casino.
I was up $40 which was nice. Its amazing how much time goes by when you are at the
casino though.

12-23-2015 Feeling blue
With Xmas early. I felt kinda lonely for Christmas this year. Not sure what I will be
doing, but I kind of felt it. I went to dodge ball tonight. Just to be around people. My
ankle hurt after. But it was worth it. I needed to be out and about playing. I took it
easy though. I went to the bar and closed it down.

12-22-2015 Early Xmas
It didn't quite have that Xmas feeling. But it was nice to be around family for Xmas.
I was kinda sad we are doing it early. But with every ones schedule. It was the only
way we could all be together.

12-21-2015 Shopping
I had some much needed shopping done today. So I went to the mall of america to get a
few things. With my Xmas early tomorrow. I needed to get stuff done.

They had a Roseville union for the Roseville TGIF at the Bloomington location. It was
fun to see all the old regulars there.

12-20-2015 Vikes game
I wanted to have a Sunday funday. So Sarah and Andy met up with me at The Doghouse.
I had about 8 beers. But I was feeling pretty good. I ate quite a bit. I have been
eating a lot lately. I am trying to keep the calories down.

12-19-2015 Early worm
For some odd reason I got up pretty early today. I just couldn't get back to sleep so i
got up and did all my errands for the day.

I went to Keilani's bday downtown for a bit. Then I went to Christinas bday. It was a
fun night overall. I am pretty tired.

12-18-2015 Drinks
I was in one of those moods tonight. I wanted to go out and have fun. I sure did that.
I got a lot of shopping done right after work. Met up at Station 280 with Becky. Then
We got Joe and went to Hoggs. I was feeling pretty good. I was feeling really happy.

12-17-2015 Feeling better
My foot feels like its actually getting better now I think. Also, I wasn't feeling so
sick. I think all the ibuprofen and drinking the last 5 days did not help me at all. Add in
the lack of sleep. I'm all caught up now. I will have a couple late night drinks at the
Hogs. Tonight is the opener for the new Star wars movie.

12-16-2015 Zombie mode
I really felt like I was a zombie all day and night. I knew I needed a break. I was tired
and you can tell by the way I was just not interested in anything. I got my car back
tonight and I was just tired. I stopped at the grocery store and mode food. I was
tired of eating out. It was a redbox night with Pixels and Trainwreck.

12-15-2015 day 2
Another 4 hours of sleep and I was really not feeling good today. I felt sick all day. I
had trouble eating my lunch today. I was afraid it was going to come back up. Im tired
and coffee didn't help. Luckily we were finally done with the conference at 5pm. I got
a uber to JD Hoyts. My friends were there and we wanted to do a Xmas dinner there. I
got the pork chop. But I was not a fan of it. We ubered it to the Unofficial bar in
New Brighton. I was running on fumes and drunk again. I just needed to get home. we
made it to the Legion and I was a zombie.

12-14-2015 Day 1
I didn't sleep well last night. I got up at 6am and was running on 4 hours of sleep. I
stood as best as I could in the TIES booth. But my foot was bothering me badly. We
had drinks and dinner at Haute Dish downtown. It was really good. I really enjoyed it
again. We had drinks at the Lobby bar and I wandered into one of the rooms where
people were drinking. I was pretty hammered.

12-13-2015 TIES conference
I went downtown and got all checked in. I helped out, but there wasn't really much to
do. We had drinks at the Local tonight. I was here the night before. It was a pretty
low key night. But I was happy about it.

12-12-2015 Drinks
I wanted to be out and about. So I had drinks with friends and then i went downtown
to have more drinks. I been in that mode lately.

12-11-2015 Moving around
I had my dr appointment today. I had xrays done. They came back negative. I have a
strained tendon. I am out 6 to 7 weeks with injury and no sports.

I went out tonight. I had happy hour with becky and Che and Kristin, Then I went
downtown to visit, With everyone at the conference. Then I made my way to the
Hoggsbreath to meet up with Jeff. So I was moving around quite a bit.

12-10-2015 Quiet
I wanted a quiet night. But eventually I got sucked into going out. Only cause the
Vikings were playing tonight. So I had to go out. I met up with Jay and we watched the
football game at the Hoggs. It was fun, But the Vikes screwed it up again.

12-9-2015 Nephew
I was going to have a movie night tonight. But my sister wanted me to talk to my
nephew Kobe. So I went and had dinner with him at the chinese buffet. I talked to him.
But I knew he was missing his dad.

12-8-2015 Lazy
I didn't feel like doing much today. My ankle was hurting pretty bad today. Not sure if
I should goto urgent are or not. I just went home and laid low. I needed a break.

12-7-2015 Jingle Ball
After growing up most of my life. I never went to Jingleball. Even though I heard it on
the radio. I picked up Ashley and we went to downtown St paul. We had dinner at St
Paul Grill. Which I have been meaning to try for a long time. It was so good. We made
our way to the concert and I had such a good time. Even with my ankle hurting. I stood
quite a bit.

12-6-2015 Sucky Vikes
The Vikings were so bad today. It was hard to watch. There wasn't really much to
cheer about. But it was an ugly game. I am glad I wasn't drinking too much.

I went to Beckys work banquet holiday party. We got free wine and food. The food was
really good too. I was feeling pretty good.

12-5-2015 Doing stuff
i popped up early this morning. Since I was a good boy last night. I went to Walmart to
return the wipers I got yesterday. Actually got the right ones. Installed it. Went to
the mall had dinner with Ashley. Did some shopping.

I met up with kristen and Che and becky for drinks at station 280. Then I picked
Jesse up and we went to Cowboy Slims in uptown for Rosies bday. It was a fun time. I
did get beer spilled on me by accident.

12-4-2015 Tired
Today was Friday and I was feeling so hung over today. I was tired and wanted sleep. I
got home and went to Walmart and got some new wiper blades. I also, decided to make
garlic chicken. Which takes about 2 hours. So, that kept me in and now I have left
overs. It is rare for me to stay in on a Friday night.

12-3-2015 Happy hour
Che wanted to go to happy hour. So I picked the Hogsbreath. Becky met up with us also.
We had so much fun. Then we realized it was happy hour all night. We were feeling
pretty good. I decided to goto the Legion to get pizza. I left, cause Ash needed help.
So i drove all the way to Richfield. I realized I probably shouldn't have been driving
after 5 hours of drinking and shots.

12-2-2015 Dball
It was a major mistake today to try to play through my foot injury. I think I made it
worse. I am starting 5to believe I have a fractured hairline in my foot. I am sure its
not gout. Cause its not getting any better

12-1-2015 Spaghetti
I was trying to find ways to use what I had in the pantry and freezer today. I had
basically the basics for spaghetti. i need to eat more carbs. My body is just so weak
with out it. I made a lot of it. Hopefully Joe eats it all.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”