12-31-2016 New Years eve
I made dinner before we all went out. Steak and lobster. Turned out pretty good. We
went to Cowboy jacks for New years. I had a good time. We had a cheap tab for being
out almost 5 hours. I was happy with how it all ended.

12-30-2016 Movie
I went to see Rogue One with scott today. It was pretty good. I didn't have high
expectations. I met up with Sarah and Andy for drinks. We had a good time. I ate a lot
of food. Thats for sure.

12-29-2016 Drinks
I have tomorrow off. Which means I was going to the bar tonight to get drinks. I was
so tired from a long week of little sleep. That it took its toll on me. But I powered
through. I will sleep in tomorrow thats for sure.

12-28-2016 Hibachi
I made hibachi for Ashley tonight. It was my first attempt at doing so. I didn't really
have a big flat surface to do it. But I made the best of it. She thought it was ok. But
I gave it my all.

12-27-2016 Short week
I been taking it pretty easy this week on my legs. I have been so tired from jogging on
the tread mill. I needed a break from it. But I am glad I did. I just don't have any lift
in my legs. Vball starts next week.

12-26-2016 Casino
I was off today. But it really didn't feel like it. I caught up with people and just laid
low at home. I just wasn't ready to be back at work yet. Ashley convinced me to goto
the casino late at night. I went and I had a good time. We both won money.

12-25-2016 Xmas
It was a low key day for me today. I took it easy and just hung out all  day. Had drinks
later at night. Just needed to get outside the house.

12-24-2016 Christmas Eve
I went over to Emilys house with Becky for Chistmas eve. They were nice enough to
have me over. Since I already did Xmas with my family on Thursday. I got some gifts.
So I am happy with that. I got home later and took it easy. I was tired after a long
day the day before.

12-23-2016 Day off
There was so much to do around the house. It has been messy with us wrapping stuff
non stop. I finally was able to see the bottom of the dining table. I vaccuumed and
cleaned. I didn't want to do too much. I got Christmas day to do stuff too.

12-22-2016 Fambam Xmas
Went to my brothers house to drop off gifts and we all celebrated Xmas. I was so
happy to see my nephews open their gifts. It was fun to see. Plus the pho and lobster
and crab were good too. It was a good year. I got more pans. Which is what I wanted
for my secret santa.

12-21-2016 Migraine
I stayed home today. I wasn't feeling the best. So I just took it easy. It was  a nice
day off to relax and just sleep in as well. I really needed it.

12-20-2016 Work
Work has been slower lately. Which makes things very easy. I have been able to focus
better as of late. Its nice there isn't the crazy amount of tickets to wear you down.

12-19-2016 Dball at a church
The space wasn't bad. I like the size. Games were fast. But the place was really dusty
and gross. I had a hard time breathing when I left the gym. Other then that. Not bad.

12-18-2016 Vikes
The Vikings got creamed today. A game they really needed to stay in the play off race.
The play off hopes were dashed today. Not eliminated yet. But damn near.

12-17-2016 Dinner
I had dinner with Jenna tonight at the Red Lantern sushi. It wasn't as good as I
hoped. But I did enjoy the company. I never really get to talk to Jenna outside of the
circle. But it was nice to tonight.

12-16-2016 Friday
With snow coming today. Every body was taking it very easy. I went home early as well.
Even though everyone else left pretty early. It was freezing and I just can't handle
the cold anymore.

12-15-2016 Back at work
I really struggled today. I just wasn't in the mood to do any work. I couldn't focus. i
was catching up on emails all day today. I just wanted to get home. With the snow and
cold weather coming. It was going to be a long weekend.

12-14-2016 Crave
I had Crave today at the mall of America with Becky. She has been meaning to use this
gift card for ever. So had to use it before it expired at the end of the month.

12-13-2016 TIES conference finale
The last day was really slow. I once again got up very slowly. Late nights with alcohol
really slows you down. We got our booth cleaned up pretty easy this year. There
wasn't much to take down.

12-12-2016 TIES conference
I didn't get a lot of sleep from last night. But I got up and got ready. I was moving
pretty slow today. I probably moved a lot slower than previous years. We went to eat
at Union Depot for dinner.

12-11-2016 TIES conference
I got to the conference today and helped set up. It was pretty low key and I had a lot
of fun so far. The conference technically starts tomorrow through Tuesday. we had
dinner at Brits tonight.

12-10-2016 Drinks
I jogged in the morning and then went to dodge ball. i got a lot  of steps in today. i am
very pleased with my self. I am a bit tired. I went to happy hour and was pretty drunk.
I got home and made leg of lamb. It turned out good.

12-09-2016 Easy
Went over to kristen and Ches for drinks. I brought Zoomie. He was having a good time
I think as well. Which makes it a really cheap night.

12-08-2016 Jogging
I usually just walk on the treadmill. But today I went for a nice little jog. I am trying
really hard to push my self further. So far so good. But My joints are very sore.

12-07-2016 TV
I wasn't happy with the quality of the tv I got from walmart.,com. So i went and
returned it and got a better tv. I am offcially broke now. But I am happy with the

12-06-2016 Baking
Wednesday is the cookie exchange. So Ashley basked the special K bars for me. I can
cook. But can't bake unfortunately. They turned out real good. We used pringle boxes
wrapped with wrapping paper and they turned out great.

12-05-2016 Lunch
We went to a vietnamese restaurant for lunch today. My brother made it happen and I
havn't had pho in awhile. It was good. But I was craving more. It was a bummer I
didn't enjoy like I hoped.

12-04-2016 Sunday fun
Ashleys dad and step mom came over. Ashley asked me to make food. So i went all out
and got filet mignons from Bobs produce. I thought it was good. But I have been a bit
rusty on my cooking skills.

12-03-2016 Rosie and Crystal Bday
I got lucky and it was Rosie and Crystals bday parties at the same place. Insight
Brewery. I was very careful of what to drink. I didn't want a gout outbreak. I had a
fun night though. I was planning to take it easy.

12-02-2016 Lazy
I got home from work and just relaxed. I really didn't want to do anything at all.
Tonight was a much needed low key night.

12-01-2016 Thursday
Everyday I wonder what it would be like to be rich. Right now. My finances are good. I
am quite content. With pay day coming tomorrow. I feel like splurging some more.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”