12-27-2017 Dball
I struggled breathing again tonight. I don't know what it is. I just tried pushing
through. I was doing two a days again with gym in the morning and Dball at night.
Which is probably not a good thing.

12-25-2017 Xmas
I got Zoomie a elk antler for Xmas this year. He seems to like it. Pretty low key this
year. I did goto the bar at night and had some drinks.

12-23-2017 Family Xmas
My family wanted to be a different this year and we all dressed up in pajamas or
onsies. Food was good this year. I got pretty drunk.

I drove to Osakas for Ashleys bday. I probably shouldnt have drove, but oh well.

12-20-2017 Bentlyville
Me and Ashley wnted to see what the lights were all about in Duluth this year. Her
friend Adrianna came with. We ate some food up there and had coffee and dinner. Then
the lights were so awesome at night. I would go next year.

12-18-2017 Gout
My gout flared up for the first time since about 9 months ago. I am not sure what
caused it. But I am pretty sure I know what the culprit was.

12-13-2017 Dball
I wore out my arm tonight. I need to get back into playing shape. But I pushed as hard
as I could. I just don't have the energy anymore and my strength in my throws are
weaker now.

12-04-2017 Vball loss finale
We played the worst team of the season and we lost all but 1 game. Which is how this
season went. We are simply just not good enough and it is frustrating against good

12-01-2017 Xmas tree
My favorite time of year. I usually put up my Christmas tree before Thanks giving, but
this year was different. I was just busy. But now that it is up. I am very thrilled.