Old Journal Logs

2/28/06 - One more day till I goto California. I have been down playing it pretty well. I don't
seem to excited about it. Although I really am. I just feel, this is a great opportunity to just mix
things up a bit. After work today I went straight to the VFW. With Joe bar tending, I ordered
food and drinks, trust me I was feeling it. For some odd reason it was really quiet tonight.
Maybe just over 20 people playing poker. I made it to the final table again, I have been on
fire lately. I think I finished 5th place, but I couldn't get any cards to really do anything. I
packed tonight, although I think I packed drunk, if that makes sense. Right now I am talking
to Ashley online, shes making fun of me for packing while I am drunking. I hope I can get up
early tomorrow I need to do a few things. Tonight I had alot of fun, for some reason, I am
really enjoying my self lately. I love it!!! I love the group I am hanging out with lately. I feel
pretty comfortable around them.

2/27/06 - Today started off pretty good. We had a staff meeting about body language. It was
fricking 2 hours long. I thought it was going to be lame the whole time, but I thought I would
give it a chance. It was pretty lame and it was all common sense stuff anyways. So I went to
bowling tonight. Thinking it was our last week. Well I guess our last week was, last week. If
that made sense. So they let us bowl for free all night. Which was pretty cool. There thinking
about extending it another 8 weeks. We shall see. So we went to the Bluefox to play some
poker tonight. I wasn't expecting too much. I was just there to spend time being around the
peeps tonight. Well I guess I ended up finishing 3rd place. Not bad. All I got to show for was a
silly card to play in a bigger tournament. I been doing great lately though. Thats 3 final tables
in a row. So to change things up, I decided that I will probably be trying new things in the
future. For some odd reason, I just want to do things I never have done before and thats just
exciting to me right now. Tonight, I am gonna sleep well, I just know it. I am quite content with
the way things are right now. Everybody knows a g/f would be a nice addition though. Haha.

2/26/06 - I dropped Chris off at his car. Today, I wanted to celebrate my winnings for some
good lunch, but everyone was either not moving or have already ate. So I went to Mcdonalds
by myself to celebrate. Me and Andy went to Best Buy and we also went looking for the
Magnolia Best buy in Oakdale. After that, Jenni met up with us and we ate at Pei Wei, some
asian diner. It was more like a chipotle, asian style. It was ok. After that, we went over to
Fridays for some drinks. I think I am slowly feeling alot better and not as sick. Pretty active
day today. This is how I want my Sundays to be like. Just going all over the place.

2/25/06 - Today started off a bit slow. I stayed home and lounged. I couldn't decide if I was
healthy enough to goto The VFW for poker or not. I took some meds and decided to go
anyways. What an interesting night this was. I mean, let me start with a fight broke out. we
were playing in the first session and John and some guy I don';t know got in a fight, and
tables were getting knocked over. I was at Ben's table and he got up, cause I think he knew
the guy. I got up, to get Ben's back. and the fight was cleared. 15 minutes later, they got it
going on again by the dart area and the popcorn machine. This time, we jumped in and I was
trying to push the guy off. The fight finally leaked outside and the other guy had brass
knuckles on. Luckilly the cops finally came and arrested somebody hopefully. Also, after that
whole fiasco, I ended up getting 3rd place in the first session. The 2nd session got under
way and I finished in 2nd place. Wow, final table twice in one night. I turned around to
celebrate, but Chris was gone. I couldn't find him, but I left and he called me and I came back
and he needed a ride home. So I picked him up at the VFW . Amazing, my night was
overshadowed by all the crazy things that happened. I must be a poker god again. Haha.

2/24/06 - Thank goodness its Friday. I am pretty sick and today, I actually stayed home all
evening. I turned off my phone and was settled on staying in. Its very odd for me since I
usually go out every Friday. I new I just needed to regroup and get better. So I did that and
just surfed the internet and played some video games. Tonight, I was pretty bored. Oh well, I
am sure I will make it up tomorrow. We all know I aint going to stay in both days.

2/23/06 - I had a hard time getting up today. I felt like crap. My nose was stuffy and my throat
was hurting alot. Anyways, I had lunch with Brie today, we went to Fridays, I don't remember
the last time it was just me and Brie eating out. But I had a great time. I learned alot about
horses and their collections. Kinda sounds gross, but either way, I was pretty amazed. After
work, I went to get my check from HR Block right after work and went to Cub Foods, so I
could ingredients make some home made chicken noodle soup. I lounged all night. Taking it
easy and just watching t.v. I watched Survivor and I realized its not as exciting as it used to
be. I flipped the channel and decided to just watch some other garbage on t.v. Just realized
tomorrow is Friday. How cool is that.

2/22/06 - I woke up early today, so I could get some work done. I got stuck in traffic and was
barely early. That kinda made me angry. I went to H&R Block for my lunch and got my taxes
done. Just to let everyone know, they took $140 bucks from me. I was kinda sad. Now I have
extra spending money for California though. I am quite excited. I been feeling a little sick
today. After work, I went out with Brad for some happy hour at Chili's in Maplewood. He is still
having issues with his ex and seeing his daughter. For a 21 year old, he has 3 daughters,
Brooke(2), Ryann(2), Josephine(7 months). I told him if he wanted me to goto court with him I
would, since me and his ex all get along and they can't compromise. Went to dodgeball,
watched both my former teams fall in defeat. I had the urge to play again, I had trouble sitting
on the sidelines cheering them on. We went to Legends for some drinks, but I had a beer
and I didn't even finish it. I am feeling alittle under the weather.

2/21/06 - Lame morning today, thats all I got to say about that. Tonight I just wanted to stay
home and do absolutely nothing. I feel like I am in a room and I don't feel like leaving that
room. I feel friendly but I feel like I have alot of anger to just let out. So tonight, I feel bad but I
can't make it out for Kristin's b-day outting down at the Wild Onion. Hey I was able to say "no"
for once. I been working out alot, and I do mean alot. For some odd reason my appetite
keeps getting larger and larger. I think my body is out of funk. What the heck is wrong with
me. So I gave some peeps a call tonight. Just so I had some type of interaction, while I
somehow stayed home.

2/20/06 - Last night, I stayed up till 4am. For some odd reason, I wasn't feeling tired. I don't
know if its just because I have so much on my mind. Or if I am still just working things out in
my head. I think the problem is, I have been holding back and keeping quiet, maybe some
liquor will bring the real Tony out in the future. I didn't have to work today, so that was great
news. Me and Andy went to Bowling early to get my smiley face ball drilled. We went to meet
up with Lindsey and Jen for some late happy hour at Blondies. I think we beat them twice at
the trivia game. Hahaha. I had alittle to much to drink there I think, I was kinda feeling it when
we went bowling. I scored 114, 136, and 146. Average night, even with my new ball. My
average is now up to 127. I seem to be getting better. We got the 4 to 0 sweep over
Lindseys team. Which was huge cause now were all tied including Bens team. After bowling
we went to the Bluefox for some poker. Now that I am living at home again I can participate in
these activities. Marco, Ben, Lauren, Jen, Lindsey and Andy all went. I started off real
crappy, but I somehow hung around enough to last. But eventually my all-ins, ran out of luck.
I don't have to work tomorrow since I have jury duty. I hear its going to be a long boring

2/19/06 - I woke up early to prepare the eggrolls. I was so tired. I went Rich and Dana's
house, since thats where we were having the baby shower for Sara. Seems like everyone
liked the eggrolls. So that made me happy, since it was kinda costly to make and it took alot
of time and energy. I understand why guys normally don't go to these things. I mean the
games were just silly. Tasting baby foods game was disgusting. Although, it was nice to see
everyone again and I could tell Sara was really happy. Andy called, he wanted me to come
over for dinner. So I ate and drank and played some cards. Today I realized, I have been
feeling lonely. Everywhere I look I see couples and for some odd reason its been bugging me
alot lately.

2/18/06 - I got to spend some quality time with my mom today. I needed her to tell me what to
buy so I could make eggrolls for Sara's baby shower tomorrow. So we went to the grocery
store and it was kind of odd. I don't remember the last time I did such a thing with my mom.
Although it costed alot more to make the eggrolls then I thought. It was worth it I think. I mean
they do taste good. Anyways, tonight was my nephew Devon's bday party. Later on I was at
the VFW for some poker. For the first time in a long time. I got pretty upset. I mean, there
was such much anger and negativity at the table I was at. I wasn't having fun. I was doing
well, and I didn't care to win the money. So I kept going all in. I got really upset a few different
times at that table. Early on, some dude was talking about orientals, and Lindsey was
awesome enough to step and tell him he shouldn't be using it in that term. That made me
feel real good. I havn't had anybody step up for me like that in awhile.I was quite thankful. I
later went downtown for Kristin's bday at The Hard Rock Cafe. It was kinda slow, so I left.
Usually I stay out, but I was still in an very odd mood, I just didn't want to be there. I ended up
back at the VFW cause for some reason I didn't want to go home.

2/17/06 - I realized one thing today. Since it was kind of slow at work. I think I am happy, but I
don't know how happy I am.I was looking at an old picture of Evelyn and I realized those were
the best days of my life. I really miss that alot. I miss being around someone. Oh well, I made
up for it by meeting so many people in the past 3 years. I figure someday I will be able to
balance both worlds. So tonight, I went to Joe Censors in Roseville for Mary's last day at her
job. I didn't know anybody except Rich and Lunzer and Matt. It was fun and I was having a
good time. After that I went to the Big Ten, I think its off of highway 10. It was fun there too, I
got there and I had a yag bomb with some person I didn't know. Everybody was there, I call
them the P-crew group. We went to Steve Palmers house and played more poker but I lost. I
don't do well at houses for some odd reason.

2/16/06 - I had to wake up at 4:30am to drive my dad to the airport, I was so tired. Scott
wasn't at work today. He was in St Cloud, for the TIES conference. I am glad I don't have to
goto such events. I like working behind the scenes without them noticing my beautiful face. It
was kind of a relaxing day today. It was quiet and that made me happy. Tonight, I stayed
home and watched wrestling. There was a special addition of RAW on Thursday night.

2/15/06 - Today was kind of a sad day. Today I gave Oscar away. Ok that wasn't meant to
rhyme. I posted my guinea pig on Craigslist and someone wanted it. So I drove to Eagan to
drop him off. I brought him to work, well I left him in my car. Actually before you all get mad, It
was a heated garage at work. The new owner seems nice and I am sure her and her family
of kids will take good care of him. I went to go watch some dodgeball and I never saw my
former team The TO's get dominated the way they did. We went to Legends for some drinks
and I ran into Mike Afa, and I also ran into Alysa later that night. We got to catch up since I
havn't seen her in so long. Kind of a fun night, I was happy to be out and about and flirting
with the waitress ofcourse.

2/14/06 - Valentines day!!! It really is my favorite holiday of the year. Too bay I don't have
anyone to go all out on. Anyways, I didn't want to stay home on my favorite holiday. So me
and Chris went to Champps to visit Brie on V-day. Then we went to the Mermaid to get more
drinks. I think Emily met up with us that night, but I can't remember.

2/13/06 - So the drive from my house to work was exactly 11 minutes total. That was pretty
awesome. I ended up going out to eat for lunch today. I really have to stop doing that. After
work, I went to Walmart and bought a long coaxial cable, so I could watch porn, haha j/k I
meant cable t.v.

2/12/06 - *I am updating my journal, but it wont be posted till I get online access.* What a
very odd way to start a Sunday. I picked up more stuff and walked away from my room, and I
basically had to say goodbye to my room also. I am going to sleep at my parents tonight.
How exciting will that be. I had no bed, so I had to sleep on my air mattress. I did alot of
cleaning in my new room. It feels really weird to be back home.

2/11/06 - I moved alot of boxes today. I don't know if my nephews new if I was moving out, my
nephew Kobe was like "why are you moving the t.v. and the boxes for?" I just smiled and kept
moving. I went to the VFW for some poker. I been on a horrible drought lately. I can't seem to
get back to the final table. Either way, I don't care about winning, I just like hanging out. After
I lost in the 2nd session, me and Chris went to my Mary's party, I was driving an I was kinda
buzzed pretty good, but I was able to find Hennipen ave, and we made it safely. This was the
loudest and fun party I been to in a long time. I talked to this blonde girl, but I forgot her
name already. Oh well. I wont be able to update my website for awhile since I wont have
internet access.

2/10/06 - As I prepare more and more for the move. I been kinda tired lately. Maybe I should
have asked for help when people offered it too me. For some reason I just want to do it my
self. Tonight was Laurens birthday outting. We all went to Flaherty's. I havn't been there
since I was in high school. I noticed there bar is bigger these days. Alot of teenie boppers,
which is expected at that place. I saw a old face. Sarah Burwell, havn't seen her since we
were in math class senior year, well the 5 year reunion too. After that we went to Jarros, but
we found out they were closing at 1am so we went to Stasiu's, I still can't pronounce this
place right.

2/9/06 - Wow, we actually got some snow today. I t was kinda nice, but I hear the commute
kinda sucked for every. Silly Minnesotans, they forgot how to drive in the snow. I was driving
my youngest nephew Cameron home from my parents after I finished another load of stuff.
He was crying the whole way. I am glad I got to spend some time with the 4 or 5 month year
old. I barely decided to play dodgeball. I just got home nd changed in time. I was doing o
tonight, but I had no energy left.

2/8/06 - I didn't realize how much I did stuff. I mean, it seems like I have done alot of things
lately. I guess I am truely amazing. Ok enough of the ego trip. Lately I been wanting to get a
cat. To tell you the truth I don't really know why. I am MR. Spur of the moment. If that makes
sense. After work I went to my parents house to clean up my brothers room. I had a hard
time, cause my allergies was acting up due to the dust. After what I went to Dodge-it. Too
watch my friends play, yes both teams. We then went to the VFW, and then I went to
Legends. It was a pretty cheap night so I was excited I had lots of fun. Today was a pretty
good day.

2/7/06 - After work I went over to my parents and I couldn't quite fix my dads laptop. It was
kinda pissing me off. I went to the VFW early so I could get in a few drinks before happy hour
ended. I did pretty well tonight. I didn't make it to the final table or anything. I just went all in
on a crappy hand. Why, I don't know. Looks like I am back to my old unpatient self again.

2/6/06 - Me and Lindsey made a bet today. Who would have most improved pins in bowling
this week. I guess I won but Lindsey says shes closer to the top of the list. I have no clue
whats going on. We lost pretty bad tonight. We actually got swept. I had scores of 122, 125
and 143. Not too bad, but it was quite boring compared to what I did last week. I went home
and went to bed. I was kind of tired tonight.

2/5/06 - Today I woke up kinda early, my nephew Kobe was crying about something. I don't
remember what it was, but it was kinda making me angry. I was trying to decide if I wanted to
go out and watch the Superbowl at a friends house or not. I had a few parties to decide to go
too. I ended up just staying home and cleaning up and getting things ready for the move. I
watched the game, and the commercials didn't really get me excited this year, like in years
past. I was kinda looking forward to the Godaddy girl this year, but it was kinda censored out.
I was totally wrong when I told everyone the Seahawks would blow the Steelers out of the
water. Well I was pretty wrong.

2/4/06 - I got up sometime after noon today. I was so out of it, I havn't had a real hang over
in a long time. I had the whole horrible headache thing which I havn't had in a long time. I
kinda did some laundry to just get ready for towards the end of next week. I think I decided I
am just going to slowly drop loads of my stuff at my parents every day this week. Tonight, I
went to the VFW for some poker. Brian came along too, he's never played in any bar
tournaments before. Chris came and all three of us sucked it up. I don't think it was our night.
My streak of 3 final tables in a row ended I was pretty bummed about that. I stuck around for
the 2nd session of poker, something I don't normally do. I was getting pretty drunk again.
Somehow I got eliminated in this one too. I couldn't get any cards at all. Oh well I had fun
tonight. I think everyone else did too.

2/3/06 - Today was an odd day. I knew I was going to have a pretty exciting weekend. After
work, I went to Dan Kelley's downtown for Johns going away outting from TCF. It took him
forever to get there, but it was still fun seeing everyone at TCF again. After that, Chris and I
made our way to Stasiu's for Jen's bday outting. We got there and all we saw was Brad, Mark
and his girlfriend. After we all got there. We made our way to the Lyons Pub. I have never
been there, but it was alot of fun. I thought this one girl named Katie was kinda cute, but I
found out she had a boyfriend so that kinda sucks. Everyone that knows me, I always like the
ones I can't have haha. I guess its always fun watching Jen just be in her own little world. I
was getting tired early though. I guess drinking since 4:30pm kinda takes it's toll on you.

2/2/06 - I really didn't not want to be at work today. I was very frustrated with everyone today.
I was fine when I had lunch with Mary, but after that all hell broke loose. People were pissing
me off. All because things float around, I look like the bad guy. I am getting sick of all this
negativity.  I have always done what ever I can to make others happy. After awhile, I get tired
of trying and things gets blown up on me. I was going to unleash my fury tonight at
dodgeball. Then I realized, there was no dodgeball tonight. So I am at home just working out
and still pissed off. Tomorrow will be a new day, so don't fucking piss me off.

2/1/06 - Wow today was an odd day. There was alot of snow on the ground, but all the snow
melted away on the streets. Today I ended up pigging out at Wendys I over ate again. So
much for my diet. I tested out Internet Explorer 7 and I liked it alot. Its still in beta right now.
After work, I went to The Mermaid and visited Heather. Everyone else came and  we all
chatted for a bit. Chris sat at the bar with me while we drank. Emily ended up coming up
there later that evening.
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