Old Journals

2/28/07 So today was pretty exciting. I got to go to work today. Why was it exciting, well I
don't know. I been kinda running out of things to say to start of my journal. I went home for
lunch today. First time I have ever done that. It was weird. I stayed late at work and ended up
being here till 6:30pm. I was feeling tired and I didn't know what I was supposesd to do
tonight. Ofcourse it was poker night so I had to go. I lost in the real session and played in the
2nd consolation table. I beat Lindsey to win a whopping 10 bucks. But I spent all 10 bucks
there haha. I got home and I went right to bed. Tomorrow starts the Tony Cu b-day tour.

2/27/07 I was a bit late this morning to work, I feel so tired today. I wanted to roll over and
die. Ok, not really. I luckilly brought in food today, so I wouldn't go out to eat. Its just
sometimes, I can't bring in certain foods, cause they smell kinda funky. I was drinking alot of
water today, and diet pop again. Yes I am slowly getting back on the diet coke. I been very
lazy and I should goto the gym tonight, but we decided to got Maynards for poker. I guess I
am a gambl-holic, but except the fact I don't spend anything to play. I have been playing alot
of poker lately, and usually I play to get my mind off of things. I must have alot of things
occupying my mind. I think I am overloading on memory and worry aura.

2/26/07 Today I got up early and got in pretty early. I forgot what it was like coming in with
the lights still off. Must be that 8 hours of sleep I got last night. I havn't done that in a long
time. I didn't have to spend any money today on lunch since we got a free lunch meeting.
Meeting was boring, but I got through it. Me and Mario, went to the VFW to get some $1.75
burgers. I didn't know they came with chips so I was a bit full. So Me and Mary went to Majors
tonight.  I made it to the final table, but I got knocked out. We hung out there for a bit, since I
ran into Ryan from high school. We then went to the vfw for some drinks. I was looking at
condos last night. I saw one I really liked, but do to poor spending and drinking habits for the
past 6 years. I can't afford it. I wish I could reverse the past. Oh, how can I forget, Mary
punched some guy in the nose and gave him a bloody nose. Kind of an odd night, but

2/25/07 I woke up around 1pm this morning. I helped my dad shovel the snow outside and it
sure did suck with the heavy snow. Me and Mary went to the Legion to play poker. There was
barely anyone there. So we played a game of 9 people. I still lost though. We went to go
bowling and we played about 7 games. I was working on my hook again, and it sure was in
high gear. I was doing great all night. I Even had a new career high of 189. i was pretty
excited. I was pretty tired though, I think all that shoveling wore me out. I guess I need to go
nappy and rest up for this week.

2/24/07 I laid around this morning and I didn't want to move much at all. I was so tired, for
some reason I feel really tired lately. I made my way to the VFW to play some poker tonight.
The first session I sucked pretty bad and got eliminated pretty early. The 2nd session I
actually won it. I was feeling it that night. The snow started to fall tonight. Oh boy did it fall. I
drove Lindsey home, in the blizzard like conditions. I havn't seen snow this bad since I was in
St Cloud years ago. I made it back to the VFW and we went to Perkins for our victory

2/23/07 I think today went by kinda fast. It was pretty busy for me at work today. After work,
ofcourse I made an appearance to Ol mexico. Lately thats been the trend for the past few
weeks. I did ok at bowling tonight. This week, I started off slow with a 103 and ended with a
152. I gave up on my hook this week. I lost all confidence in it. Afterwards, I drove to Maple
Grove, only to find out my sister didn't need me to baby sit. So I went to The Chalet where
the rest of the bowlers went that evening. It was Lawrences birthday so I made sure to give
him a birthday shot. We ended closing the place down.

2/22/07 I woke up today and I was not feeling well in my tummy. No its not because of
alcohol. I can't seem to shake this thing out of me. So I had to come in a bit late today. So
ofcourse I got in trouble since I let my mouth start talking like crazy. I somehow got my self
into a bet about eating double cheese burgers. The bet was to have 5 double cheese
burgers in one sitting. Ofcourse I took the challenge and lost. I was able to eat 3 of them, but
I think I ate a little to fast. It was so gross and oily. Especially since I been eating less. It was
funny though, we recorded it and we are going to throw it on youtube. I got home and I was
doing laundry and catching up on other things. I made a short appearance to the Legion, but
I should have just stayed home. I did get home nice and early though.

2/21/07 I feel pretty good today, its warm out a nice 45 degrees. I wanted to go home, I kept
staring out the window. Wondering, when spring would come. Wow that sounded like a fairy
tale book of some sort. After work today I went home, I was a bit hungry, since I only had a
orange for lunch. Yes, just one simple little orange. I went to the VFW tonight and had some
fun playing tonight. I was trying again. I got to the final table and lost though. Me and Chris
decided to go to Stasius so he can see his lover. Definately not the band. Wow they are bad.
I talked to Becky, I guess I am trying to fix all the bridges I have burned from everyone. I got
home and laid in bed, I was tired, but I had so much on my mind.

2/20/07 I was feeling pretty good today. I wasn't feeling any effects at all. I even ate out today
and I didn't feel like crap afterwards. This is a good thing, for now. With March approaching
and all. That means its my birthday and everyone knows how important that is to me. I take it
back, my tummy hurts again. Hmm, maybe I should eat some more tums. After work I went to
go pick Mary up and we drove to Chanhassen for dinner at Mindy's. Afterwards, we took our
poker skillz on the road. This time we were playing at Maynards. Basically like a champs and
a majors type of atmosphere. I did well I got 4th place and I should have won it all, but I got
screwed over by mis deals and some dummy calling with 7/3 when I had to pair and he nails
a straight, fucking dick. Especially since it was all pre flop.

2/19/07 Presidents day, its nice because I don't have to work today. I sure did alot of things
today. First I went to the mall to check some things out. Bought a couple shirts I always
wanted to get, but never did. Then I went to get my taxes done. I am not getting that much
back this year. I am a bit upset by that. I went to the V to pick Mary up and we went to The
Hoggsbreath for Heathers Bday. It was fun times, as usual I see old faces from high school
there. Tonight I was pretty upset at the end of the night though. Now that I think about it, I am
really pissed.

2/18/07 I woke up pretty early today. I went to the gym and shot some hoops. I basically was
missing everything non stop. It was angering me, so I went to hit the tread mill and some
weights. I went home for lunch, since its Vietnamese new year. So the family came over. After
wards I laid in bed cause I could feel the diarrhea coming again. I went out with Mary to
dinner and Bowling. I bowled like crap, but only because there was no oil on the lanes at
saxon for once. We went to the Bluefox since we were betting drinks. I lost a few of them
games. Then we were hungry so we went to perkins. I don't think I got home till 4am. Thank
goodness for Presidents day.

2/17/07 I woke up pretty early today. I ran some errands and made my way to the VFW for
the meat raffle. Ofcourse I always lose. I am starting to hate it. I sucked at poker twice
tonight, the first session I was the 3rd person out. I lost interest right away and I lost. It was
nice though, I had a chance to talk to some people I never talked to before. It was really
weird getting a call from Jackie. I used to like her a while ago. 2nd session I got screwed
cause some guy decided to count wrong and gave the guy I should have knocked out chips.
I wasn't paying attention I should have. Chris came and we stayed till closing time.

2/16/07 Friday was going so slow. I wanted it to go faster, but I was still starting to feel the
effects of my tummy. I went to chili's today for lunch and I had soup and salad. I also didn't
get a pop once again. I am quite proud of myself for being pop free for over a week now. I
went to Ol mexico and had a margarita, it was quite yummy. we went to bowling and I did well
my first game with a 152, then it got worse from there. I got a 112 and a 102 after that. I was
feeling sicky again, so I had to hit the bathroom in between games. I made it through though.
It was getting bad, so I had to go home after bowling.

2/15/07 Sorry for posting so slow lately, just been to worn down and tired from my stomach
like flu thing I have been dealing with. It has really made me tired and worn out. I been
alcohol and pop free so far since Sunday, maybe longer for pop. Not sure how I am doing it,
but its working so far. I was home sick today, I feel like crap in my tummy area, i don't feel
hungry at all. Thats really weird for me. Later that night, I got food with Mary. My Chicken
tender melt barely went down. I had to try to force it. I been really trying to save money, but it
never works. I just got too much to do and too many bills. I have been watching alot of web
episodes of my favorite television shows. It helps keep me at home.

2/14/07 I knew today was going to be a busy day. I had alot of things to do at work. Plus I
was going to be able to leave the office and drive around to pick something up and drop it
off. So I made my way out to Edina to pick up a fan. Then I went to South St Paul, not for
King of Diamonds, but for picking up a big power supply for a server. I got back and I went
out to a friends to cook dinner. Starting around 1pm I was having stomach pains again. I was
having diarrhea every 15 minutes. It sucked really bad. I knew it wasn't food poisoning this
time, because I wasn't puking. I got home and just tried to fight it off. What a weird way to end
valentines day. Oh by the way, I have been alcohol free since Sunday. Amazing huh.

2/13/07 I had some weird pain near my left eye today. It wasn't my eyeball but it was the
outer edges of it. It was quite irritating. I was told it was a sign of me slowly getting sick. I
hope not, well atleast not now. After work today I finally made my return to the gym. I couldn't
quite run yet, but I did some light jogging, until it started to hurt again. I am definately out of
shape. I was checking out some of my friends myspaces today. I don't normally get a chance
to check their blogs but today I caught up on everything. I guess its really nice to not be
going out so much. I am poor anyways, so I am glad I am stuck at home. I went to Cub to
grab some food for tomorrow Valentines day dinner. I am quite excited. I am quite excited to
do something for v-day. I have be alone for the past 4 years on V-day.

2/12/07 I got in pretty early today. I am on a no pop fix. So I brought in gatorade for me to
drink, since it always feel like I am dehydrated anyways. I was thinking today how I never
seem to get a chance to catch up with old friends that much anymore. So starting next week.
I am going t try to freshen things up again. I got home today and I was too tired to goto
Majors, even though tonight was the last night of poker for it. I stayed home and watched my
Heroes. I even caught up with my other favorite show "What about Brian". I really like that
show. It helps me learn more about relationships. For my studies ocourse.

2/11/07 I slept in a bit today. I made a run to Target to grab a few things. I went to C-1 buffet  
for my nephews bday dinner. His birthday is actually on Valentines day. We would have done
it next Sunday, but its Vietnamiese New Year. I went to the VFW for some happy hour drinks,
sicne its happy hour all day Sunday. I got home and started to just watch some t.v. I need to
start running again. I think I am slowly getting healthy enough to do it. I been eating way to
much, this week I am going to make a big change to my diet. I guess you will have to wait and
see what I do. I don't even think I know what I am doing right now.

2/10/07 I tried to sleep in Saturday, but I kept waking up early. I tried to work out, but my ribs
were not allowing me to do that exactly. I hope this gets better soon. I scheduled a dr's
appointment for Wednesday. But usually when I schedule a dr's appoint, I don't usually go.
Me and Chris went to go to Roseville 4 to watch a cheap movie. Since we both havn't seen
borat yet, we went before poker. I went to poker and I was not in the mood to play tonight. I
was talking shit to this fat guy, he has a special tube coming out of him. I wasn't nice to him,
since he made remarks about certain races. So I told him its like me saying "fat people
deserve to be sitting only in casino's". Dumb fuck shut the hell up after that. I didn't even feel
bad about saying it. I was all in when I was arguing with him. So I didn't even know if I won or
lost. I purposely knew I lost, so I didn't bother. Heidi got me all drunk before the 2nd session.
I got out right away and went home and called it an early night.

2/09/07 Friday went by pretty slow today. I had lunch with Tim today. I havn't seen Tim in
over 4 years. Maybe more. It was awkward for me at first, since I didn't know what to say or
ask. I guess lately I been stuck on holding to my self when it came to conversations. I went to
happy hour at ol mexico. I think we drank a little too much. We did well against the first place
team tonight. We won 3 to 1. Somehow we did well. I got a turkey, I was a bit excited about
that. We went to Bradys for drinks. The other half went to The Hoggsbreath. It was an
interesting night. I tried to take it easy, but drinks kept coming. Why do they keep coming?

2/08/07 I woke up really early today so I could watch LOST Online. I got into work and I was
so awake, but then eventually I got tired later in the day. I got home and just did some
laundry. I went to The American Legion in roseville. I havn't played poker there in a long
time. I lost in the normal tournament, but then I played in the side table. Ofcourse I won the
side table. I was actually very low in chips and I came back and won. I guess I like the
challenge of that. I went to uptown for Tim/Thom's bday. Well technically Tim's for tonight. It
was good times. I was already drunk, from the Legion, but I made a short appearance and
went home to sleep since I was very tired.

2/07/07 So it was a pretty busy day at work for me. I thought it was going to be a cake walk,
since the boss was gone. I did bring in lunch today, but it still didn't stop me from going out
and getting food. I really need to work on that. I went over to Jamie's house and we all had
dinner there. I love lasanga, and its my favorite food in the whole world. Jamie's was one of
the best ones I have ever had. Tonight I been feeling a bit out of it. I made a stop to Walmart
and I seem to be hallucinating about having a little girl again. Its getting kinda creepy, even
for my standards. Maybe I finally have lost my mind and I can't control things. I guess Jamie's
got a little baby. Hes cute actually according to the pictures. That was the big news of the
evening. I wasn't sure how to react, since I was kinda shocked by it. I am very protective of
my friends. I guess I will have to let it sink in a bit.

2/06/07 It took me over 45 minutes to get to work this morning. This is ridiculous when you
live about 8 miles away from work. I was so angry. It was so hard for me today to stay in for
lunch. I fought it the best I could. But I somehow made it. After work today I went to Blaine to
meet up with Chris and we went to this guy he knows place. I was getting an awesome tire
deal. Three tires, $75 bucks. I had 3 bad tires according to tires plus and they were all
warped. I am glad I got it taken care of and it doesn't shake or wobble anymore. I went to NE
minneapolis for Dean's bday. Funny how much I been to the 331. I never heard of it 5
months ago and it seems like I am there every week. I went home early. I been tired and I
need rest. Especially for my ribs.

2/05/07 I took my car in for an oil change this morning. It took me 11 minutes to eat my lunch
today. I actually timed my self and that is actually a very long time for me. Usually its more
like 3 minutes. I went to Ol Mexico with Mario after work for some happy hour. There was this
creepy guy who kept talking to us and interrupting us in the middle of a conversation. It was
fricking annoying. I met up with Ashley and we went to Red Dragon and got a couple
Wonderous Punch. Shes never had one, so I figured I would get it. Then we went to Bar
abilene for more drinks there. I was pretty sad, since this would be our last hurrah for now.

2/04/07 I was so tired from last night. I actually woke up and my nephews were being loud.
We kinda had a family lunch since my nephews and my sister were over at the house. I went
to the VFW to meet up with Chris before we went to Cy's. This was the first time I ever been
to Cy's, I really liked his house. I ate so much food, I was very very full.  I picked the Colts to
win it all in the playoffs. I actually picked every playoff game right this year. Its amazing how I
did it. It was fun at Cy's, I just wasn't in the mood to play poker that night, but I am glad I
didn't play. I needed a break from it. It was so cold tonight, I actually wore my scarf. I am
starting to not like this cold weather at all. I better bust out my heater tonight.

2/03/07 I woke up and had some lunch. I spent some time with the nephews all day today. I
brought them to Mcdonalds and they insisted I rent "Open Season" from the Redbox from
Mcdonalds. I felt retarded doing it, and I finally just went up and did it. It was such an easy
process actually. I went to the VFW tonight and did fairly well in the first session. I got 4th
place, just outside of the money. The 2nd session. I wasn't in the mood to play. So I
purposely lost in the 2nd hand. I was almost the first out, but I guess someone else beat me
to it. Chris and Brian did well though. They made it to the final table. I was selfish and let my
personal reasons take me out of the tournament though. I figured we were going to The Bird
anyways alter tonight, but we ended up staying somehow. Me, Chris, Katie and Brian went to
Perkins afterwards to just fill up.

2/02/07 After the rough night last night. I was prepped and ready for today. I was actually
feeling a bit angry. I really wanted to get my car in for a oil change but I was just running
behind schedule. My mind has been clouded as of late. I even talked with an old ex today.
Seems like those were the only good memories I had. I went to Ol Mexico for happy hour. It
was amazing how much of a deal it is to get free buffet food when you drink. I sucked at
bowlng today. I knew when I was bringing in my bowling bag from the car, I was hurting. I
average about a 131. Today I was averaging around 119. Everytime I went down to bowl, I
was in pain. Plus there was other distractions of course. Tonight, for once I did something my
friends and coworkers have been preaching to me. Do nothing and spend more time alone.
So I went to my sisters house to baby sit the kids while they go out. I volunteered 3 days ago
actually. The point is, I am trying to be a better person.

2/01/07  My left knee was bugging me this morning. I figured I could get through the pain
though. I went to have lunch with Lawrence at Taco Johns. We call it power food for out
tournament tonight. I got home and I was trying to do some laundry, funny thing was. I
realized we had no detergent left. Went to dodgeball. I knew there was some good teams
and I knew we were going to have to earn it. I played very well, I was a little amped up before
and all my throws went high by accident. I hurt my ribs when I collided with rolly. It was nice to
just win it and now I can say I am done. I am glad it was us and the Brickshots, it was a fitting
way to walk away for me. We went to the VFW for drinks afterwards.
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