Old Journal

2-29-08 Well happy Leap day I guess. It was pay day so it was a good feeling. I had alot of stuff
going to bills this week. I went to go eat by my self today. I went and had my favorite thing to
eat lately. Fish tacos. After work today, I went home and tried to do my taxes. I was getting
stuck somewhere, so I think I am just going to have a tax professional do it. I am just very
stupid when it comes to taxes. I decided to skip on happy hour today. I was not in the mood,
plus I was feeling a bit tired. I bowled well tonight. I got a 150, 192, and a 188. I don't know if
we won or not. Dean and Kelleys team had two subs. We had a sub also. If I did my math right,
we either split or we won 3 to 1. All quick estimates that I could be very wrong at. Mario
couldn't bowl tonight. He got stuck late doing jury duty. Luckilly Brynn was able to sub for him.
We went to the Hoggsbreath for drinks. I only had one beer all night. I was just tired and I
drank alot of beer at bowling. It was fun though, I jsut don't have alot of fuel in my tank when I
have been getting up early all week for work.

2-28-08 I got up very early today. I was feeling so tired, but I promised Scott I would do some
microsoft training stuff. I am a man of my word unfortunately. I drove out to Osseo today
during my lunch. I had to pick up a box. I got back and ate at Bruegglers. I miss eating their
bagels. I don't know why I am always so in love with the jalapeno and cheese bagel. I went to
go meet up with Susan, but she cancelled. Shes never really been a snow driver, so I
understand. I was by the Corner Bar, so I stopped by there. Since driving home in the snow
would have taken a long time. I just chilled and talked to Keyla and Heather my two favorite
bartenders. It was fun catching up. Plus I just love it when guys are trying to be all flirty and
picking them up. I laugh at that. Anyways, I got home in time for LOST. Then Jenni called and
asked me to goto Brady's since there was some freakish old people trying to pick her up. I left
my favorite tv show to go there. These guys were gross. I kinda puked in my mouth when I
saw them basically. Jenni was hungry, so we went to Fridays, I like it there, because they always
give me a good deal. Becky met up with us up there, since she works right by there and got off
at that time.

2-27-08 Today I was focused and ready to go. i was basically in a very good mood all day to
tell you the truth. I got a phone call today, about something that happened to on of my friends
the night before. I was pretty angry when i got of the phone. I am just tired of all this drama. I
don't even want to listen to it anymore. I have decided I will hurt people who I don't seem fit as
good people. I will put them in their place. I went to target with Danielle today. It was just nice
to leave, since its been awkwardly busy as of late. I have been spilling the beans to Nancy today
about why I have been so quiet as of late. Girls girls girls, they just seem to make me go crazy.
atleast I am working harder. I got home today and I was just trying to figure things out. I was
going to order some food from the chinese restaurant that just opened across the street. I
decided to night even try it. Maybe another time, i had business to take care of tonight. We
played well at volleyball tonight. We won all three games and finally got a series win over
someone else. Maybe it will be enough to get the 7th seed, if we can do that. We can beat
anyone as long as we don't play the number one seed. I am just glad we are playing better
finally. I have a history of my teams always playing better at the end of the season. We went to
celebrate at Time out. I love two for ones, but I knew I had to drive home. I was hoping for a
fight to break out tonight. Chad's friend Donnie, had some guy go up to him, telling him to be
quiet. I took the Iphone out. Since it was my only prized possesion in my pocket. I was ready to
throw down. Nothing happened, but I really wanted to hit someone in the fucking cock sucker

2-26-08 The day was of to a busy start. It was quite busy today. For some odd reason I was so
hungry today. I made chicken and I brought it in today for lunch. I was still hungry so I went to
the gas station and got a lunchable and cheez-its. Yes I said lunchables. You know, parents
neglecting their childrens lunch type of food. I was still hungry, luckilly there was some left over
pizza from last week in th fridge. After work today I went to Fridays for some happy hour. I was
actually a bit down today. I was also in the mood for a nice meal. I went to go see "Definitely
Maybe" I liked it alot actually, it was a nice cute movie. I made my way home and I was just
exhausted. I wanted to be alone today. I guess I have really been staying on the down low. I
think its more of me just being a hermit. I need some time alone right now, away from
everyone else. I have been going through alot lately. I just need to take a deep breath right
now. I spent most of my night trying to figure out my taxes. I am so bad at it. Money stuff just
never make sense to me. I just know how to spend it.

2-25-08 Since I got so much sleep last night. I was up bright and early today. I don't feel tired,
it has to have been over two months since I have drank pop now. To tell you the truth I feel
great. For some odd reason the past two weeks I have been more quiet then usual. I have just
been keeping to my self. I think all the girl issues have driven me insane. I have been told I am
girl crazy. I am a roller coaster, up and down I go. I got to work early today, I knew it was going
to be more of an action packed day. Danielle and I went to go eat at the St Paul Bagelry. I had
my favorite item. The pizza bagel. It was just delicious, I don't know why I love it so much. I
went to Walmart to get some blank cd's and other things. I know how much everyone hates
Walmart, but I give it a chance. Its cheaper then target, whether people like it or not. I chose to
stay in tonight. I have trying to take it easy lately. Tonight, I did something I havn't done in
awhile. I did some experimental cooking. Its fun to do, and I get to relax and enjoy my time
alone. I was trying to figure out what to watch late at night on tv. I was unable to find anything
exciting. So I just closed my eyes and went to bed.

2-24-08 I got up so early today. I was tired, but I knew I have been waiting for this day, since
well last week. I got to Erin's by 10am I think. Amanda and Jo came right afterwards. Jo made
breakfast for us. Pancakes to get the day going.we made our way to the Food and Wine show,
at th convention center. I was so excited to just try everything. I was basically a kid in a  candy
store. We got there around 11am. I think i might have been drunk by 12pm. I had so much
wine and food I was full right away. After awhile I couldn't really taste the wine anymore. I was
feeling fine though. Luckilly I had alot of food. My favorite was a piece of lettuce with some
veggies on it and it just had an amazing distinct taste. I spent alot of time flirting with the
vendors. They were cute girls behind them booths. I couldn't help bu tget attracted to those
booths. I had a great time and I had alot of junk and souvenirs. I filled my bag with everything I
could find. We got back to Erins, everyone was so tired. Jo fell asleep, Erin fell asleep. I fell
asleep. I was so tired I needed a quick nap. I got up and went to Fridays for some drinks. I
wasn't feeling to hungry, since I was so full from earlier. I did do alot of drinking though. The
bartenders there are always so friendly and fun. It makes me happy. So tonight, I decided its
time to cut some tree branches off in my life. I just can't stand some people anymore. I don't
care anymore.

2-23-08 Today got off to a quick start. I got up at 7am today. I am just trying really hard to
get up earlier. I suppose its supposed to help me with my sleeping and keep me stable. It just
kinda sucks, since it wears me out later at night. I went with Andy and Jenni to Burling coat
factory. They were looking for snow pants. I was looking or new kicks. I was unable to find any
new kicks though. We went to go eat at Jakes:City grill. It was ok food, I was disappointed in
my lobster and shrimp sandwich. Where was the lobster? I think I it was all shrimp to tell you
the truth. I took my dad to the mechanic shop. That was a boring time. Later on that day I
went to Annie's for dinner. Her friend from Texas was in town. i think her name was Misty. Since
she couldn't eat gluten food. I was forced to eat gluten free. Its kinda freaky how many people I
know that can't eat gluten these days. A year ago I didn't even know what that even was. W
went to the BlueFox for Boogiewonderland. I guess they are pretty popular band. The place
was packed. I have never seen it like that. I made the switch from vodka to beer. For once I
enjoyed the beer. Maybe its time to go back to the beer belly, or not! I am exciting for
tomorrow. The food and wine show, will for sure test my knowledge on gourmet foods. The
wine, I am still a noob at.

2-22-08 Today was a pretty slow day at work. Tim was just going so slow. It was like I was Lost
or something. haha. Me and Mario went to red Lobster today. I was not eating to much today.
My tummy just hasn't aloud me to eat. Unless I got my stomach stapled and didn't know it. I
was pretty tired today. Not sure why to tell you the truth. I had to pick up my dad, since his
car was having issues. I dropped him off and met up with Jessica for happy hour. We went to
Sweeneys, since thats where Lawrence was having his bday happy hour. That place sure was
packed. I don't know why it was packed, its not like the specials are knock amazing or anything.
vodka cranberrys were still 3.50. Geez I get those cheaper where I go, and they are like 3 times
stronger. Oh well, it was fun, I had deep fried pickles. They were just blah, nothing that would
make me gt them again. Bowling tonight was pretty exciting. We got a sweep this week. Katie
pre bowled, but she was no where near her average. I told the team we would have to pick it
up. I posted scores of 178, 191, and 188. Well over my 155 average. We went to Grumpys
afterwards, It was fun me and Marco took down the pool table. Nobody could hang, maybe its
cause I just get the best pool player I can find hahaha.

2-21-08 My crappy stomach ache feeling still lingers this morning. I am not sure what it is. I was
in a pretty good mood all day today. I was thinking about a good time to take a nice vacation. I
am thinking mid march. Maybe April like last year. Who knows, I am always last minute
anyways. I had lunch at Macaroni grill. I had something light and easy. Chicken, with broccoli
and asparagus. I honestly have never seen broccoli so green before. Maybe they color it or
something haha. I drove Joe to work, since his car was there from the night before. Me and
Becky went to Fridays for happy hour. I tried to eat a house salad, but I barely ate any of it. I
went to the grocery store later that night to pick up some salmon. I figured I would prepare
something for tomorrow. Since I can't eat meat. I had a chance to rest tonight. I know
tomorrow is going to be action packed. I will probably be more tired then anything once its all
said and done. I dyed my hair tonight. I was kinda bored and I needed something to do. Its
kind of orange, but if I put enough gel in my hair. It will look slightly darker. I hope!

2-20-08 I did some stretching today. Not yoga or anything like that. I just wanted to do it to
keep me loose. I met up with Andy at the mall for lunch today. I got the worst chinese food I
have ever had. The gourmet chinese place in the food court was so bad I barely ate any of it. I
was in a crabby mood today at work. I just wanted to sit in the corner and pout all day. I don't
know why, there was no reason. I was just being a baby. Well, maybe I finally popped. Who
knows though. I picked up Andy and we made our way to Roosevelt middle school for another
edition of volleyball. We lost 2 games to one. We were short a person, but everyone was
hustling around. We won the last game, once again showing out true potential. Andy gave
some guy a cut on his nose. He just spiked it in his face. I am happy with the effort. As long as
we hustle and give it our all. I am fine and happy. I was so tired. I got home and I went right to
bed. I laid in bed and watched tv all night. I havn't been feeling good all day. My stomach has
been turning all day. Tonight is my night, to be lazy.

2-19-08 I got up early today. I am just trying to see more light during the day. So far, it hasn't
worked as well as I hoped. On my desk today I have an apple and a orange. i don't really eat
them or anything. I just have them there for looks. Plus, I like to throw them up and down
when I am thinking. Plus it makes me think I am eating healthy. With the weekend, I did not do
so well. I was thinking about how excited the next few weeks will be. Once March 1st hits, your
going to hear alot of Tony Cu bday this and Tony Cu bday that talk. I am sure everyone is sick
of hearing about it by now. I met up with chris at FRIDAYS in roseville. The bartenders there
always treat me well. I must just be the coolest guy or something. Anyways, we made our way
to Nicollet in uptown. the food was pretty good. I think I grossed Jamie out when I was eating
the fish eyes. I had oysters and other things. It was fun trying the two different types of
mexican beers. It was good and cheap. I liked it alot actually. Me and Chris went to the white
bear vfw. We played pull tabs and we hit the $200 right away. Thats always a nice feeling.
Especially since I never really play it. Thanks to Joe, he showed us the way.

2-18-08 No matter what I do, I can't shake off my stupid cough. I had lunch with Andy today
at Buffalo Wild Wings. I tried the "wild" wings. I never had it before. It was hot, but not as much
as the blazing. For some reason I love there black and bleu burger. I went over to Mikes house
to hook up his computer with the digital camera. The dogs attacked me, but thats ok it was a
friendly attack. I got home and I just wanted to stay in tonight. It just feels like I have been out
alot lately. I needed a break. I was catching up with my favorite tv shows. I guess I don't mind
watching it online. As long as my internet isn't being lame or anything. I watched Knight rider. I
didn't think it was too bad. I guess we will see how that show develops. Its all about developing
and story telling. I did some push ups, I am slowly starting to work on my muscles. Since I have
lost my weight. I figure I would atleast try to tone up a bit. I wrote some emails to friends that I
havn't  been into contact with much lately. I guess it was my effort to reach back out. I just
want it to be Friday already. I did enjoy my day off though.

2-17-08 I was pretty tired today. I tried my hardest to get out of bed. I just didn't want to ruin
my sleeping habit. I went to the mall to do some shopping. Mall of America ofcourse. I get bored
of the malls around here. I was trying to find some new shoes. I walked into DSW, but was
unable to find anything that stood out. I went and bought some cologne, I tried so many smells
I was kind of out of whack. The girl behind the counter made fun of me. I just couldn't tell what
was what anymore. So me being goofy I sprayed 3 colognes on my jacket sleeve. I told her I
would probably try to ask girls which one they like better haha. I am just really picky when it
comes to cologne. I don't like having something a girl would recognize. I had lunch with Joe at
Green Mill. We had the taco chicken pizza. Basically a mexican pizza with crunchy stuff on top.
We then had a couple drinks at FRIDAYS. Later that night I went to the Blue fox with everyone.
I wasn't really in the mood to go out. I was tired, but it was cool. We met someone named
Jennifer. She was very cool and sweet. It was fun we got some dart action in and pool action. If
only I had someone to play Silverstrike with. We could have completed the whole triathlon. It
was fun, I was smiling, I was glad I went out. I needed too see a new girly face to remind me of
certain things.

2-16-08 I spent alot of time in bed this morning. I did not exactly feel like moving at all. I must
have had a pretty rough night last night. I havn't felt like this in a long time. I knew I had a busy
day ahead. I went to Best Buy, to buy my nephew a ps3 game for his bday. I wasn't exactly
sure what to get, since I was unsure what games he had. I just bought him Medal of Honor:
Airborn. It looked good enough in the commercials, well atleast its a shooter game. Can't go
wrong on that. Well theres 60 bucks down the drain. I went cheap on him for Christmas, so
hopefully this makes up for it. I made a stop to the VFW for a quick drink. Then I made my way
to Brooklyn Park for Devons bday party. It was fun, the food was good. I tried to not eat
anything in sight, but I could not help it. The pit bull was all over me. I think he almost tore my
shirt. We played alot of Rock band, which is the alternative to basically guitar hero. I liked it
better. The karoake and drums is a nice new touch to the game. I met up with Chris at the
VFW and we made our way to Katies. It was nice and kind of quiet there. I actually enjoyed
that. I played "What the F*ck" with Nicole, Greg and Chris for awhile. Heidi would have been
proud. I know she loves that game. It was a late night, but thats ok. I got the reality check I
really needed.

2-15-08 Today was Friday, which meant it was pay day. For once I didn't even care to check it,
since I knew I had plenty of money in there. I guess, saving money does make the world go
round. I went to Red Lobster today. With the whole lent thing. I am unable to eat meat on
Fridays. I had snow crab and salmon there. It wasn't too bad I was craving snow crab for like
months now. It definitely hit the spot. I actually ate it real slow so I could enjoy it. I went to
happy hour at Bradys. Lunzer was our special guest tonight. I was pumped for bowling tonight.
I knew I had a big challenge ahead. I didn't know what games we won since we had two subs. I
scored a 212, 187, and a 138 I think. We all went to the hoggsbreath afterwards. I was feeling
it right about now. We played darts, bs'ed it was fun. I am and old man now. I can't stay out
super late anymore. I got home, I went right to bed. Its ben a long week and I have been very
tired and worn out.

2-14-08 There was an all staff customer service meeting today. I purposely tried to skip it. Its
not the fact I think I am to good for it. Its just, I know all of the things presenters would say. It
didn't matter if it was supposed to be a pretty funny person or anything. I just didn't care for it.
We went to the Panda Garden buffet today. We intended to goto the bagel place. Since me
and Mario can't eat meat tomorrow. We figured we would pig out. My headaches have finally
gone away. So thats a good sign. i was actually going to call for a dr's appointment. Good thing
I didn't need to. I was tired today. I went home and got cleaned up. I went to go play cards at
the Legion. I tried to lose my chips, since I had a pretty nice stack. I finally got rid of them all. I
picked up Becky and we went to the Turf Club. I met up with Dean and Kelley. It was kind of an
interesting place. It felt like I was in a mix between uptown and NE Minneapolis people.
Regardless, I thought it was pretty cool. I got home and I was just so tired. I guess its time to
let go of my favorite holiday. Which is valentines day. I wish I had someone to splurge on.
Another year down I guess.

2-13-08 I had sushi for lunch with Joe today. I think this was probably the weirdest tasting sushi
ever. For what ever reason my body just did not like it today. It was at a Korean restaurant. It
is definitely not one of my favorites. Even with going into the place with an open mind. I was
unable to enjoy it. I told Joe I would take him to eat some dim sum next time. With all the girls
making me so angry in my head. I am starting to get angry. I guess I was told this is good for
me. Makes me more of a man, someone said. I tried to argue, but I was told the dick headed
Tony needs to come out more. After work today. Jenni, Andy and I went to Fridley crab house
for happy hour. It was kind of a sweet deal. $2 drinks  for like everything. Plus $2 appetizers.
That was kind of bad ass to tell you th truth. Anyways, we saw our good buddy Teddy behind
the bar. Stopped to say "hi". Still same old with him. Still hurt his foot and hes still in a brace.
Tonight at volleyball we lost 2 games to one. I re-injured my right elbow again, when I hit the
floor multiple times again. I don't feel it so much right now, but I am sure I will feel it tomorrow. I
am not sure what to think about volleyball anymore. No matter what Tony cu will give it 100%.
With valentines day tomorrow we shall see what happens.

2-12-08 There was meetings today. I skipped the first one. I was not in the mood. The 2nd
meeting was more meaningful. Especially since I get to eat lunch. I am starting to get more
focused at work. As long as I am feeling a bit down, I seem to put work first over everything.
Today, I was told that I talk down to people and I am not good at having social skills. That kinda
hurt my feelings since it was said it was the reason why I am still single. I was so confused, but I
am sure I was right and I am the nicest and sweetest guy in the world. I had to call a few people
to get confirmation. Sometimes I do let people tell me things and I just believe it. Ofcourse I just
let it go. I was in a weird mood today. I got home and watched tv. Becky convinced me to go
out. She said she wanted to go to different bars tonight. I was intrigued, we went to 5 different
bars we didn't normally goto. I was so excited. Its just nice to have change, especially when I
was told I am a douche bag, when I am not. Im a bit confused tonight, but it all made sense.
Everyone wants to knock me down. Why? I don't know.

2-11-08 Today i was feeling a bit tired. The weekend definitely wore me out. I had lunch with
Ceil and Mario today. We went to Baja Sol. I don't really like places like these, but my favorite
thing on the menu is fish tacos. Everyone loves the chips. I can't complain they have  a wide
range of salsas. I like to mix the mango peach salsa with the hottest salsa they have. Try it
sometime. I left work early today. I had to pick up Cy, Heidi, Mike and Dan today. There flight
came in a bit late. I made a stop to TGIF in Bloomington by the mall of america. I met the
coolest bartender int he whole world. She was kinda cute actually. I was quite flirtatious and so
was she. It made me remember what girls I should go for. Instead of the, well you know.
Anyways I picked up everyone and dropped them of from the airport. I was in such a giddy
mood from earlier today. Girls do always have a spell over me for some odd reason. I have just
been a bit tired lately. Maybe I am just not fully over that flu yet. I was thinking about joining a
health club again as of late. Right now, the answer is "no", but I change my mind so fast.
Anything can always happen with me. Tonight, I am just happy. FRIDAYS, really made me
change my perspective on life.

2-10-08 I tried to sleep in today. Then I changed my mind and got up. I just don't want to ruin
my sleep habit right now. I was pretty cold this morning. It was just ridiculously cold out too
though. I spent alot of time catching up on tv shows. Even though I was home all week. I was
busy sleeping. I was torn from going to a dinner at a friends house or going to bingo. I decided
to goto bingo, and I am glad I did. I finally won at bingo and I was just happy I was able to get
over my virginity when it comes to bingo ofcourse. I am still having headaches for some
reason. My head is spinning. I went to the Blue Fox. I wasn't ready to go home yet. I guess
having the extra cash just makes me want to stay out. Then it finally caught up to m that it
was time to go home. I went to Cub Foods to get some food for the week. It just relaxes me to
go shopping at the grocery store. I have been down as of late. Not sure why to tell you the

2-9-08 I had to get up a bit earlier today. I had a pretty eventful day ahead and I just ran out
of sleep time. I made my way to my brothers house to celebrate Vietnamese new years. There
was alot of food all around. Alot of booze too. Drinking began alot earlier then I would have
hoped, but thats ok. I went to the liquor store with my brother later on that night. It was kind
of odd. I guess its just something I have never done before. It was good enough to be in my
memory bank now though. I left and went towards the VFW. I was supposed to goto another
party, but I chose to just lay back. I needed to just a break from the party craze. I didn't really
try a cards either. I don't think I won a hand all night. I just wanted to chill around friends to tell
you the truth. I have been a bit down lately. I went to Katies party later that night and it was
pretty fun. I met alot of  people and that is something that always intrigues me. All I know is me
and this Greg guy, are beer pong champs. Out of the 8 team bracket. We cleared the way. I
got to play tippy cup, which is one of my favorites. Won at that too. What an exhausting day
full of drinking.

2-8-08 I am feeling about 85% I would say. During lunch I needed to do some shopping at the
mall. My nephews birthday is on Valentines day. Since hes turning into a teenager, a whopping
13. Gosh I remember when I was 13. Anyways, I was looking for a couple jerseys. I was going
to get him a LT jersey. I failed in my efforts. I tried to goto Macys to the deli in the basement. I
wanted to get broccoli cheese soup. Since its Lent season. I am unable to eat meat on Fridays.
The stupid person behind the counter said they were out. She went to the back to look for
more and never came back. I waited like 5 minutes. I got tired of waiting so I left. The most odd
thing of all. Someone waived to me and I didn't even recognize them. 10 minutes later, another
girl waives to me with a big smile. I was just confused. I think it was the meds taking control of
my mind again. Girls never waive to me. So sad, so sad. I went to th bowling alley early to meet
up with Katie for happy hour. She got off work early for once. Well kinda. We bowled pretty
bad tonight. We got swept again. Its ok though, we all tried our best. I wasn't 100%, but I still
got a 126, a 126, and a 188. I love how I show signs of greatness. I went to Grumpys for
Deans bday outting. It was fun, I just didn't have enough energy left to party. Stupid sickness.

2-7-08 I made an attempt to goto work today. I spent most of the day holding my head up. I
was all drugged up. I think I was hallucinating when I was walking down the hallway at work. I
saw shadows, I was thinking maybe I am seeing the smoke monster from LOST. Then I realized
I am too caught up in LOST right now. I can't wait to watch it tonight. I left work and I was just
feeling like ass still. Never have I been this sick for so long. I laid down and was flipping through
channels. I spend alot of time in between, food network and sci-fi channel. Don't ask, I know its
a odd combo. With a little ESPN in between. I have always said I do have a wide range of things
I like. Anyways, I was flipping again, and I was watching Hanna Montana. I guess I would try to
figure out what all the hype was all about. It was ok, but I never seen such bad acting in my life.
Will I watch it again, probably. I get hooked on those girly shows pretty easilly. I watched LOST.
I was expecting more out of this episode, but it was good enough. My body is sore all over right
now. I think its the sickness causing it, but I just gotta deal with it. My head aches are still
lingering. Its in the back of my head. Like my brain is being unplugged in the back or
something. Bad example, I know.

2-6-08 I didn't know being sick, could be such a blessing. As I was laying in bed today. I did
some thinking. My mind wanders anyways, but today I hit something huge. I decided next girl
that shows interest in me I will settle. I am tired of waiting. Maybe its the drugs talking, but who
knows. So anyways, I wrote a few things I loved to do about 5 or 6 years ago. It was watching
movies, eating at perkins, drink beer, being in a warm state, drink smoothies, cuddling, playing
basketball with the brothas at the park, going for walks by the river, and my favorite... staying
home on a weekend with the girlfriend. Which is not me now at all. Now if you go to current
day. I don't do any of those anymore. I don't drink beer, I get other alcoholic beverages
ofcourse. I got out of the house today. It was quite the amazing rush from the door to the mail
box, and back inside the house. So I was outside for a measly 20 seconds. I was going to eat
my chicken noodle soup. Then I was reminded I was unable to eat meat today. Damn you
religion!!! Our volleyball team forfeited tonights game. So I guess you can say we lost 3 to 0.
Danielle and Christine, are off attending there very sick grandmother. Jen wasn't feeling well. I
was sick with  the flu. Plus we have two girls that show up maybe 1/4 of the time. Looks like its
time to take some night flu relief meds. That means I am going to be able to go night night.
Since my tummy hurts so much too.

2-05-08 I felt like ass this morning. I had a horrible stomach feeling, headaches that wont go
away, and I was very weak. I havn't felt like this in a long time. Maybe when I was a kid. I feel so
powerless. I slept all day, I didn't even move to my computer or watch any tv. I was just
motionless in bed. Luckilly for the Iphone I was able to check emails in bed. My stomach pain is
very similar to the time I had the enlarged spleen. I hope I don't have anything like that. That
was pain I never want to have again. I didn't eat anything at all today. I just want hungry. I
know thats a bit odd for me. I am upset I had to cancel on Katie tonight. She was pretty
excited for me to take her out to The old spaghetti factory. I don't think she believed me that I
was sick. Might as well add another strike under my belt. I took some night time medicine
hoping it would put me out, cause I was hurting so much.

2-04-08 On my way to the car today. I slipped and lost my balance and fell right into the new
fresh snow. I said to my self. "Hi snow, its nice to see you again." Then it made me realize how
much I liked snow. Thats why I play with my snow globe at work. When I get sad in the
summer time. I just give it a shake and bam. "snow". Ok I am sure you guys thinking I am on
drugs or something. I am just in a really weird mood today. I had alot going on in my head
today. Like, I can't wait to make fillet mignon tonight or why do those annoying chinese
restaurants always want you to eat a sample of something you have tasted probably a 100
times. I was driving home tonight an I just felt real weak. I pulled into cub foods and I was going
to make chicken noodle soup for my self. It actually was my best tasting chicken noodle soup. I
am glad i was finally able to perfect it. I took some pills and passed out around 8pm.

2-03-08 I woke up early today. My brother needed me to do some baby sitting this morning.
Him and his wife and her friends wanted to go tubing at Afton. So I got there at 9:30am and
just got stuff ready for the super bowl party. I basically went with bbq sauce for chicken,
weiners, and meatballs. All in a crock pot. I had all day to get it right. I had to deal with the kids
running around. I was able to figure it out after awhile. Between playing with them and cooking.
Chris came over and we went to drop stuff off at Cy's. We had a couple drinks at the VFW to
just get a head start. We went to Cy's again and just hung out at the party. I can't believe the
Giants beat the Patriots, but just like how the Rams were the big dawg in town, the Patriots
beat them years ago. Upsets happen. We played poker afterwards. $20 buy ins. I got 2nd
place while Joe got first place. I was happy to bring home some cash. I was so tired and it was
getting late, well pat my bed time. It was a fun day. Actually this weekend was great. I enjoyed
it alot actually.

2-02-08 Everything went real fast today. I went to the super meat raffle at the VFW. Yes I said
"super", which means they are selling seafood too. Like lobster tails. I wanted to win so bad. I
lost though, I wanted to cook lobster for my friends. I failed though. I helped Danielle move a
pretty big box out of her truck today. Its her boyfriend Chads valentines day present and that
sucker was heavy. I went out with Andy, Jenni's and Amy to downtown St Paul to go ice
skating. I was surprised how hard it is. Its like roller blading to me. Except I am not good at roller
blading either. I had lots of fun though. I kinda like it alot actually and I want to go again. I just
wish i looked more graceful when I move on the ice. We went to Tom Reids bar. It was ok, but
it was just a ordinary sports bar. With more of a  hockey emphasis on it. We went to
Mcgoverns and I had a nice rib eye steak. It was so good, it was the special for the night. I was
craving steak so bad. So it just hit the spot. Went back to Andy's place and watched a movie. I
just wanted to relax. I was tired from moving around all day. Plus skating kicked my butt. I am
glad I didn't fall though. Oh and I am supposed to make a shout out for Amy Limmer, who ever
you are.

2-01-08 I got up real early today. I figured since this whole week has been pretty busy I would
get up earlier to get some things done. Lunch was a little different today. I was supposed to
have sushi today. Looks like thats going to happen next week instead. Me and Danielle went to
the Rosedale looking for gifts for Liz. I was unable to find anything. After work I went to
Maplewood mall hoping maybe I can find something. I forgot what its like to buy a girl a gift by
my self in the girl department. It was still a little nerve racking to me. I met up with some peeps
at Bradys for happy hour. I got pretty hammed then. Our whole team did not bowl well this
week. My mind was not on owling at all this week. Haha. I think we got swept. If we are lucky we
might have won one game. I went over to The dive bar in Maplewood. That was our
rendezvous point after bowling. Two for ones always makes me happy. It was lots of fun, I think
Liz liked our presents. I never normally leave the gift receipt in there, but I was so uncertain this
time. I got up way to early today. I had no gas left for tonight. Maybe it was cause of the long
week too. Just wore out the Cu.
Daily Journal