2-28-09 House warming
I am doing what I used to do every weekend about 5 years ago. Just sleep in till I feel I got enough rest.
Or basically laying there till I am ready to move. I went to play dodge ball today. I pushed a bit too hard
and reinjured my ankle. My achilles is in a lot of pain again. I got home and I just relaxed. I went over to
Matts housewarming party tonight. I had a lot of fun. Since there was a keg. You just knew that all the
fun drinking games would bust out. Quarters, flippy cup and of course beer pong. Well it was enough to
make me stay the night. I was exhausted, but it was worth it.

2-27-09 Break game
I have been tired all week. Today was no different. Since this is the first Friday of not eating meat. I
promised my self I would not screw it up this year. So Mario and I went to Arbys and got the fish
sandwiches. I think they have the best fish sandwiches out of any fast food chain. After work, I went to
Bradys for happy hour. It was fun cause our whole team was there. We all bowled great tonight. We got
the sweep and we really needed it. I got a 215 the first game, and I just slowed down after that. WE went
to the Bluefox for drinks after. I don't know why I bother with the wheel I never win.

2-26-09 Let it snow
I really thought I was going to be waking up to snow today. I was actually in a very good mood today at
work. Me and Mario went to go eat at Baja Sol today. I guess he was craving fish tacos. I love the fish
tacos there. Although today, was a bit too crunchy. On the drive home today. I took the back roads. I
stopped at the market and bought some dungenous crab. Figured I would treat my dad to some crab. He
loves it. I love it too. Gotta tend to my daddy issues. LOL. I actually changed my facebook picture to show
the crab. I met up with Jenny at Bradys for drinks. We ran into Mike and Heidi there too. Dan also
stopped by. It was kinda neat. I wasn't in the mood to go out, but I am glad I did. I had a lot of fun
tonight. I just have so much to say and I need people to release it too. I do have a lot going on these days.
Its just all part of the plan.

2-25-09 Volleyball wake up call
The weather was wonderful today. I can't say it wasn't. I didn't even want to where my jacket out to
lunch today. I had a hard time trying to figure out what I was going to eat. Since its ash wednesday. I was
not aloud to eat meat. Me and Scott went out to get some pho. We havn't gone out for lunch in a long time.  
actually. I don't remember the last time was. Anyways, I got the seafood version of it. I was so full.
After work today, I went to go play volleyball. No happy hour for me this week. We won 2 games and lost 1.
We went to time out so I could go flirt with the waitress.

2-24-09 Full and more full
I had a full day of intro to Excel 2007. It was nice polishing up on the old excel skills. I wish I didn't
have to take it though. I came back and I was full of work to do. Which makes me not happy. So I guess I
guess i anyone wants to take classes. Go through TIES. Anyways, I had a salad today for lunch. I havn't
done that in a long time. I realize I am gaining more weight. I need to really do a better job. I went to
Andover after work. I met up with Jamie and Chris at Tanners. There food was ok, not the best or the
worst. Just blah. We stopped over at POV's. It was so quiet, which is fine. A nice and quiet evening for
me. Nothing wrong with that.

2-23-09 Tired and sluggish
I felt so tired this morning. I got up at 6am today. I was very tired, but I needed to get to work early to
do a lot of different things. I had a big breakfast. I went to Mcdonalds, I figured I would grease up a bit.
I ate a light lunch, a cup of soup and yogurt. It wasn't too bad. I drove down to Park Tavern. I had happy
hour with Kate. I think its going to be a every Monday thing. We seem to get a lot of stress out. I bowled
horrible tonight. 115, 127, and 11 tonight. Yes I probably could have done better the last game. We got
swept. I blame it on arm fatigue. Sports has caught up to me.

2-22-09 Resting it
Since I had no plans what so ever today. I figured I would just watch my blockbuster movies. I hate
letting them sit there. I was tired so I laid down a lot. It was actually pretty nice. I did get bored, but
whats the point of leaving if there is nothing to do. I did some weights and online reading. I knew with my
new goal of November I had lots to do before I move back out. I am going to start buying things from this
point out till November. Tonight, I laid low. I had the urge to go out. At the same time I was feeling very
relaxed and at peace with my self. I guess it was a  good night to just take off. Even though I did nothing.

2-21-09 Lifes losers
I was laying in bed for a long time today. I just wanted to relax most of the day. I decided to go and try
to play dodgeball. I knew I would be limited on what I could do. I just wanted to get out and move around.
Get some exercise. I got home and took a long nap. I woke up around 6 pm sometime. I went tot he Vfw to
play cards. I havn't done that in forever. I figured I had time to waste till I went to Kristin's birthday. I
did fairly well at cards. I had a fun table actually. I was a big chip lead. I was trying to lose my money to
the right people. Its amazing how I pull it off. I went to pick up Cara and we went to the birthday party.
The band was loud, and I was having head aches all day. Then this ass hole beer sales men was giving e shit
for me drinking bud light. He was drinking miller lite. He wanted to push me, so I pushed back. I gave it to
him. I mean seriously, what fucking loser. Next time I will fucking stab him in front of his fucking
girlfriend and his friend too. I have no time for dip shits these days. Speaking of, I have decided I can't
stand some people now. From what I found out at the vfw tonight. That story about the super bowl party is
all wrong. Lies, lies, lies... One side story BS. Pathetic. Fucking pathetic. Honestly, I hope some people die
and I wont have any remorse. I would just smile actually. The other side of me is finally coming out. Wish
it would have came out 6 years ago.

2-20-09 Just enough
Today was one of those days. Things were crazy, people were nuts. Me and Danielle went to National
Camera Exchange. She needed a usb cable for her camera. We asked them how much her camera was worth.
They were offering her $90 bucks for it. Then they said they would have resold it for $180. Jackasses. I
went to Sweeneys for Lawrences bday happy hour. I stayed a bit longer this year. I was prime and ready
for bowling. We won the first game and just lost the 2nd game by a few pins. The 3rd game we were down,
but we got a good gut check and made it through. We won 3 games and lost one. It was a good bounce back
game from last week. We went to Bradys after, I was feeling sick. So i couldn't stay too long.

2-19-09 Running out of time
I had some really painful headaches this morning. It was bad enough, where I couldn't even move my head at
all. It was enough to make me call in today. I just didn't want to deal with it. I took my anxiety pills to
knock me out so I could sleep. I realized today. I needed to get back on my path. What I wanted to do the
past 4 years. I felt side tracked for so long. I need to get back to it. Also, I felt the point of me being
back at the house. i wanted to spend more time with my dad. I figured my mom was a lost cause. I promised
my self I would make more of an effort. i guess it kinda hit me that my dad is turning 70 this summer.
Times a ticking. I had a drink with Annie tonight. I needed someone to help me clear my thoughts. I had so
much on my mind.

2-18-09 Playing it through
I remember when i was little. I always used to make forts and things like that our of the sofa cushions.
Not really sure why I had to say it, but that was the first thing on my mind right now. For food today, we
all brought food upstairs for lunch. It sure is helping with the funding. I had to run to Walgreens to get
my first ever refill on prescriptions. It wasn't really too exciting. The pharmacist people there looked
kinda grouchy. After work today I went to happy hour at Fridays. I was sad to find out my favorite
bartender got fired. Well they had him come in and fire him. What a bunch of cocks. He's been their 20
years and they can't show him any respect. Plus his fiance was there still working and watching her cry was
tough. I knew I was going to be worthless at volleyball today. I thought I played well for not being mobile.
Well, I did better then I thought I would. We had drinks at Biff's. I never really like to play pull abs but
when I do. I seem to hit those magically serial numbers. Twice!! We split it 3 ways.

2-17-09 Tv show catchup
I had a hard time moving around this morning. Not cause of the foot, just super tired. I am not sure why I
feel so groggy now. More then ever I would say. I had left over taco bell from last night. I thought it was
pretty disgusting. I had three different burritos. They all tasted like gross mush. Dare I say, baby food.
Then I realized some baby food was ok. Not that I would know it. I went to Cub to get some groceries. I
caught up on my tv shows I missed on Mondays. I started with Heroes and then off to 24. Good thing for
online replays. I know most people complain the quality isn't good. I think its just fine.

2-16-09 Too close to call
I was a bit confused this morning. I kinda forgot I had today off. I woke up and went to the bathroom.
Then I realized it was my day off. Of course I ran back into bed. I spent most of the day just relaxing. I
have been so worn out from this past weekend. I have been a bit of a busy boy. I went to bowling a bit early
today. I saw a pretty cool car fire on 394. I actually have a video of it on my camera. I had happy hour
with Kate at Park Tavern. I havn't seen her in so long. It was fun catching up regardless. I bowled decent
tonight. I rolled a 153 and a 170. I am still hobbling. I took the 3rd game off. This 5 or 6 person system is
kinda great. I don't get tired this way. I think we won 5 out of the 7 points. It was very close , I don't
know if we won or not. I stopped at the Vadnais inn. Wow that place is a dump.

2-15-09 Sunday fun day
Since this was technically my Saturday still. I really took it easy today. I tried to once again sleep in. I
went through some movies at home to just relax. My gout hasn't really gotten much better lately. I am
still limping around. Usually this only last 4 days. I am on day 5, with no signs of it going away. I don't
know, maybe its getting better. Or else I could be getting used to the pain. I had brunch with Annie at The
Local today. We tried to go to Hells Kitchen, but they were a bit busy. I don't feel like waiting an hour for
brunch. I feel like I have been bloating up all weekend. I need to eat less this week. I met up with Joe at
Old Chicago for late night happy hour. It was service industry night.

2-14-09 Valentines day
I was so tired this morning. I tried to sleep in as much as possible. I went to Costco to help pick out food
for tonight. I was excited to get rib eye. Everyone knows thats my favorite steak. We got 4 nice slabs of
meat for $26. Which is a pretty sweet deal. I got over to Andy's around 6pm. We played catchphrase, with
me and Andy against the girls. After dinner we went to Senor Wongs for some drinks. We hopped around
for some drinks at Eagle street and then to Alarys. It has been a pretty exciting Valentines day. I seem
to have forgotten what this holiday was like.

2-13-09 Pondering thoughts
Since work was slow for once. I was able to let my mind wander a bit. I dug deep and realized I had many
more goals then I thought I had before. Just random thoughts to my self I guess. I feel I am 3 years
behind. I need to catch up. I am still in a lot of pain from left foot. I knew it was going to be hard on me
today. I walked all over the mall today to help Mario pick out gifts for his girlfriend. That seriously wore
me out. Once I got back to work. I was exhausted. At bowling tonight. I think we got swept. I think I was
the only one that bowled over my average. I didn't do too great either. Its ok, we were supposed to lose
some gets ever now and then. We went to the Hoggsbreathe for drinks after.

2-12-09 Achilles pain
When I woke up today. I was having a lot of pain in my achilles area of my foot. It is so bad I can barely
put any pressure on it. I didn't do anything to make it bad. Just woke up with it. I hope it goes away. I
don't want it to affect my activities. After work today. I went to Grumpys to meet up with Shannon for
happy hour. We havn't seen each other for a bit so it was nice to catch up and all. I got home tonight and I
was just so tired. I didn't even have a chance to watch some of the movies I wanted to tonight. Thats ok, I
will just take care of it all tomorrow.

2-11-09 Volleyball race to the playoffs
Since I was having nightmares last night. Well I guess it wasn't really that bad of a dream. It just felt
like a real life closure type of dream. I was looking up cameras late. So today for lunch I decided to goto
Circuit City to buy my camera. I knew ahead of time my camera at best buy was going to be $120 bucks. At
circuit city, It was 30 percent off and it was marked down to $140? What a rip off, whats the point if
they mark it up and put a big percent off percentage. I think its dumb. So i went to Best Buy to make my  
purchase. When I was walking out. I saw a  big dent on my vehicle. I was so upset and happy that I bought
a new camera. I went to happy hour after work. Then it was off to volleyball. We lost the first two games.
We won the 3rd game. This was the team that smoked us in the beginning of the season. They were clearly
better. Even though I feel personel-wise we are equal. They just played as a team. I went and had food at
Time out. I was so tired. My achilles was starting to bother me.

2-10-09 Feeling beefy
Feels like I have been running around all day at work today. Just been so busy lately. Luckily I have been
keeping track of things really well. Thank goodness for post its. I hate using "Tasks" in outlook. I find it
heavily annoying. The weather has been so nice lately. Well its dreary and rainy out. I can't complain about
the temps. It is about 40 degrees out. In February, which is the weird part. February is our coldest month.
Also, what has happened to our snow. Its melting away. You aren't supposed to see the grass in February.
Kinda reminds me of Spring. Scott made me try his chili. I never had such good chili since. Well, I don't
really remember. I got home and I was preparing my steaks. I gotta continue the atkins diet. I have lost 3
lbs so far in 4 days. I just gotta keep it up. I never really tried "No name steaks" before. I think its
pretty good and the portion is just right.

2-09-09 Monday bowling begins
I sure had a case of the Mondays. Well it wasn't too bad actually. The only thing that got me irritated was
someone cut me off on the on ramp. I had my steak for lunch today. It was nice and small. It filled me up.
Although, I had the urge to eat more. I was able to control it. Work has been really busy. I have been in
good spirits for now. I can feel my temper tantrums wanting to get worse. I wonder how long I should be
taking my prescribed meds. I drove out to Park Tavern. I was unsure how I was supposed to bowl tonight. I
bowled a 127, 151. My numbers might be off by a bit. I wasn't paying too much attention. I took the 3rd
game off. I wanted to go chatter with our other team. It was fun though. I think it will be lots of fun
actually. Now that we will have our averages. It should be fun to just get back in the swing of things.

2-08-09 He's just not that into you
So I went to go see "He's just not that into you". I thought it was a pretty good movie. A lot of
celebrities, well A and B actors I should say. I thought it was pretty funny. It was kinda of the story of
my life. I recommend every one to see it. I had dinner tonight at the Bluefox. I was starving, and I am on
this steak diet thing. Me and Becky went to O'garas to visit with Annie. I was feeling so tired. I just
ended up going home eventually. I just can't keep up anymore. So far so good, I am going home at a pretty
good time.

2-07-09 Alone time alone
I woke up in rough shape today. I was feeling sick all day. All I did today was errands and basically playing
video games. Trust me it was nice to just stay in. I have been so tired all week. I was doing some checking
of flights and what not. I really want to go somewhere last minute. The price had to be right and the
timing had to be right. I just didn't know if it was going to work out. I think will all the activities I do.
It was just going to catch up to me.

2-06-09 Bowling madness
The weather outside was pretty good today. You really couldn't ask for anything more. It felt like spring
was coming in early February. I knew with all the cold weather we have been having. It was bound to warm
up at some point. I am a big believer in things balancing out. We went to happy hour after work.  We lost
our first game of bowling. I bowled a 127. 2nd and 3rd game we won. I did a bit better, 151, 191. We also
came back and won the total score. So 3 wins and 1 loss for us. Then it was off to Grumpys for deans
birthday. I got a bit intoxicated. I ended up staying at Andy and Jenny's.

2-05-09 Quiet time
I can feel the weather getting warmer. Well atleast I think it is getting warmer. Today we got to eat out.
We have been doing so well eating in at work lately. We went to the pizza hut across th street. I don't
know why we keep coming back. The service is bad like 90% of the time. No joke at all. The past few days
have really taken its toll on me. I am tired and just out of it. I am glad that crab legs got cancelled for
tonight. I just wanted to go home and relax. Ofcourse that means catching up on LOST, Heroes, and 24. It
looks like another busy weekend. Well not as bad as last weekend. I am just glad its right around the

2-04-09 Identity crisis
Today was pretty busy at work. I was multi tasking to the best of my abilities. I think I got to tell Scott
that I was being overwhelmed. I had a decent lunch today. I made some pork chops. It was a step forward.
I havn't ate fast food at all this week yet. Thats got to be some sort of record. I went to happy hour at
Fridays. Becky came and had a drink with me.  I was very upset after last Wednesdays volleyball game. I
was hoping this week would be better. We won all three games, against a team that didn't really put up a
fight. We almost lost two of the games. I thought we played poorly. We played some fun games  after and
thats when I lost my cool. I was just asking for a fight. Not sure whats going on with me. I just had
enough, maybe it was carry over from last week or what ever the reason it was. I decided it was time to be
a dick about it. I decided to not play hard and stand around. I wanted to show what it looked like from
another perspective. I got yelled at for it. Therefor I said, "now you know how I feel". I am sick and tired
of it. I honestly don't even want to play anymore. I am not having fun anymore. At the same time, I know
the pills I have been taking has controlled me in a different way. I speak my mind more and I have a short
temper. I really don't know who I am right now. I am different thats for sure. I decided to dig deep and
started to wonder if this is who I really was.

2-03-09 Dodgeball exercise
Another cold morning. You think you would get used to this by now. I don't think its possible. Even the
great Brett Favre says he not got used to the cold. I had two lean cuisines for lunch yesterday. They are
small and each one is around 300 calories or less. I went to dodgeball after work. I figured I would get my
work out in. I have been really lazy when it came to doing anything lately. It has been really hard on me the
past few weeks. I have so much to do and so little time. I know I can't do everything. I think this whole
part time job thing is out of question. With spring sports coming. I don't know how I will manage my time.
I guess its all about being a robot.

2-02-09 Emotionally drained
I was so tired this morning. I think I only had about 3 hours of sleep. I got home and went back to bed.
Luckily I had today off. I went to go see a movie with Heidi. We went to go see "Taken" which was pretty
good. Chris called and needed help with his car. He has good timing. I was just dropping Heidi off and his
work is 1 minute away. We couldn't get it started. We went to the Blue fox for a quick one while he waited
for his brother to pick him up. I drove to St Paul to meet up with Annie, she loves going to Salut on Grand
ave, especially on Mondays. Since its $10 bottle of wine night. Also we had duck pizza and snails for
appetizers. We talked about a lot of things. I realized I have changed a lot so far in 2009. Just gotta
keep it up.

2-01-09 Super bowl Sunday!
I was real tired this morning. Not sure what was going on. I got up and had brunch with Erin at Grand
Cafe. I will have to say their breakfast was very delicious. I had the omelet, it had spinach and asparagus
in it. I think we will definitely come back. I went to Cub Foods to get some chicken wings and lots of oil. I
figured I had two hours to deep fry the wings. I had to take short cuts since I ran short on time.
Everyone seemed to enjoy by sticky wings at the party. It was lots of fun at Cy's party, like it is every
year. Too bad there was so much drama towards 4 or 5am in the morning. I was disappointed in some people.
Pathetic, but oh well. Nothing I have to worry about anymore.