Old Journals

02-28-10 Tropical adventure
So I got in my car and went somewhere warm and it was one of the best relaxing times
ever. Its nice to just disappear from life and just reboot. So thats what I did.  My
friends didn't know, nobody knew. I was gone.

02-27-10 Kelley and Deans
I went to play dodgeball today. I feel its just a good work out for me and it makes me
breathe real hard. I played well on my limited time there. It was fun and nobody really
got mad at each other. Things have been very tense at dodgeball lately.

Dean and Kelleys paty was a lot of fun tonight. I had a real good time catching up with
everyone and hanging out. I guess getting older its more fun to enjoy those types of

02-26-10 Sweep me
Tonight I had Andy sub for us. Jessica was unable to attend. We bowled pretty good.
Everyone did their part. I was near my average all night. We really needed a sweep to
catch back up and secure a playoff spot. With only over a few weeks left. Things should be
getting dicey. I had to take it easier last night, my fingers were hurting from so much

02-25-10 Flashback
Tonight was one of those, I didn't want to do anything nights. I ran into Erika and we
ended up just hanging out for awhile. It was nice to see her again. Old memories are
always fun to reminisce. Tonight I played some bowling. I hurt my fingers. I hope that
doesn't affect me tomorrow.

02-24-10 Volleyball playoffs week 1
Tonights game I thought was going to be a walk through. When we were playing our best,
we were still down by a few points. We lost the first game. There was a lot of questions
on whether we would be able to win the series or not. Luckily, we answered them. The 2nd
game we got behind again. We got through it and stole the 2nd game. The 3rd game we got
down again, but we turned it on and won the final game to advance in the playoffs. I
realized the difference between Dans team and my Zero gravity team. Even when we
were down, we never gave up. The heat was there. A tony cu established team understood
it. I was drained tonight, but we get to play the top seed next week. I fear nothing, bring
them on.

02-23-10 Healthy eaten
With my power struggle over my hunger for food. I think I might have found something to
help cure my problem. Soup seems to slow me down. Since it takes over 15 minutes for
your brain to feel full. I am usually done with my food in minutes. I just had a small
sandwich and soup last night an it helped control it. I am trying it again for lunch today.
Hoping it does work. If this does work. I can slim down again. I have been doing some light

02-22-10 Kickball destruction
Tonight at kickball. Was actually a lot o fun. We had pre bar at Obb's for a bit. I was
getting a little drunk at the bar. I have really been enjoying my drunkeness at games this
year.  We won 22 to 10 maybe. I honestly don't know what the score was. This team was
the 2nd best team in our league this year. They wanted to beat us and we were goofing
around. I admire their fire to win, but they don't got it.

02-21-10 Alone time
Today was my alone day. I was pretty tired all day. I have been sore from all the work
outs lately. I know that my occasional sit ups and pushups are not much. They are steps
forward though.

I have been trying to experiment with eating through out the day. Not big meals or
anything. Just eating when I am hungry and not a lot of it. So far so good I think. I was
starving tonight, but nothing a little wont handle. I did goto Walmart, my only highlight of
leaving the house today. Sad I know. I ought some healthy food like spam and Walmart
brand spam. I guess thats not healthy, but I don't mind the taste of it.

02-20-10 Quick recovery
I felt pretty good this morning. I was hung over, but not as bad as I thought I would be, I
ended up going to dodgeball. I had lunch with Lawrence before the game. The food tasted
great, but it didn't quite make my dodgeball experience the best. I played well though.
The new balls made me throw like a superstar again. I made good catches tonight.

Tonight was Olga's going away party at the Legion in Roseville. I was unsure if I was going
to head down there. I was pretty tired all day and wanted to take it pretty easy. I figure
it was a good night to go out and see friends. I have been distant as of late from people.

02-19-10 Bowling weakness
Tonight at bowling. I was bowling pretty drunk. A little bit more then I was used too. I
started of strong, but I got worse as the night went on. I didn't have the ire and
intensity like I used too. I don't know if I was distracted or what. The feeling feels
awfully familiar to 2 years ago.

After bowling, I went home and tried to drink more, but I was too far gone. I threw up
and passed out. It was only midnight. I realized I didn't eat anything that night and that
was my failure on my part. Better luck next time.

02-18-10 Race with time
After work today. I went home and made my self two filet mignon steaks. They were so
yummy. I tried to push my self in my work outs tonight. I am pretty determined to get
into amazing shape. I don't have all the technical equipment, but I am doing the best with
what I got. So far, things are going good. I have gained weight, but I believe that is
muscle weight. I could be very wrong. Pushups and crunches can only take you so far. I
hope it shows prgress.

02-17-10 Tired and getting old
I knew I lost a step tonight. Not when it comes to volleyball. I feel my awareness is at a
all time high. We did lose all three games. We would have a chance with the original team.
Were going to have to get ready for playoffs next week.

Me and Chad went to Mad Jacks after. Chris and Emily showed up too. I just wanted to
get out of the house. We ended up back at my place. With some drinking and drinking card
games ofcourse. We had the olympics int he background. As I was drinking, Emily passed
out. I realized, I used to be that person. I wish I was the one passing out early now.

02-16-10 I forgot about LOST
I was pretty tired through out the day today. I was just not feeling good, with my hang
over. Also, the lack of sleep last night didn't help. For lunch, Ceil convinced me to goto
lunch. I figured Wendy's was good for me. It actually made me feel better.

Tonight, I laid pretty low. Watching my online tv shows and basically doing nothing. I did
do some exercising. I have been experimenting on certain ways I work out. Hopefully I am
onto something and it works fast.

02-15-10 Busy nights
On my day off today. I had lunch with Erin at Highland grill. I have never eaten there
before. It is exactly like Longfellow I guess. I had a turkey burger. It could have been

Tonight, me and Jessica went to get sushi. Shes never had it before. Ofcourse I am a
food critic. So I know the places to go. We went to Nami. Which is my favorite place for
sushi. We went with the tiger roll. She liked it thank goodness. Some people don't like it.
We decided to hit uptown and I went to my other favorite place to eat. Azia, has the best
chicken wings in town. I would bet the farm on it. We had another roll of sushi there. Then
it was off to the Red Dragon. Just a fun night for us to get out and deal with our
stressful lives.

02-14-10 Valentines day/New years
I wanted to keep my self pretty busy today. Its one of my favorite holidays. Even though
I have been alone the past 7 years. I went to the mall to get some shopping done.  I had
lunch with Andy and Jenny at Buffalo Wild Wings.

I realized I was late. So I booked it towards my brothers house, where we were having
Vietnamese  New years. Drinking and eating that was the theme for tonight.

02-13-10 Outdoor vball tourney
I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. I was hung over from the night before.
We played our first game around 9:30am. We lost 18 to 20. I was quite disappointed with
the way we played. That was an easy game we let slip away with out serving errors. We
bounced back to win 3 straight in the losers bracket. Before losing to a team that was
better then us. We had them in the finish. It was hard to swallow. Its always the same
pattern. I got tired of it.

02-12-10 Fantastic 4
I was unsure how we would bowl tonight. We are just not geling this year. Sure I have
injected poison through our veins this year. I hope this next injection works out good. For
how long I don't know. We got the sweep tonight. So we are now 14 and 10.

I went to the Legion after and I was a been intoxicated. I am not sure how it happened. I
took it pretty easy tonight. So maybe I got ruffied who knows.

02-11-10 Ladies night. Hosted by the cu
It was a entertaining night tonight. I made my lasagna. Holding back on the way I
d=normally make it. I had less sauce and less cheese. I should have just gone all out. I was
scared it would be too much. Well now I have learned my lesson and wont go less. More is
always better I guess. It was a fun night anyways. I had a good time. I will make it normal
next time. I can gurantee that.

02-10-10 5 girls and 1 dude
We needed to win some volleyball games tonight. We had 3 subs tonight and we got the
job done against a team that was pretty good I thought. I came to volleyball a little
liquored up. I was loud and talkative the whole time. I didn't care if we won or not. I have
really been lost this year. I think I am already looking into spring sports. We won all 3
games tonight convincingly and the other team was actually a lot of fun for once.

02-09-10 LOST
Lost is considered one of the most watched and even well written tv shows of all time. I
am sure there are a lot of people who agree with me on this. This is the first show in my
life that I would probably kill someone so I can see the next few episodes before
someone else. All I have to say is, even though tonights episode was a filler. It was still
good enough to beat any other show out there. That is something very special.

02-08-10 Bills bills bills
My funds are starting to shrink more and more every week. Those bills are starting to
add up. I am not in panic mode or anything. I just will be trying to figure it all out soon.
Whether I have to be a hermit or what. I don't know, but I am just starting to be more
of a home body. I have been not liking the outside world as much lately. Time for me to
just lay low for awhile. Lift weights and eat healthy. I still eat like garbage.

02-07-10 Super bowl
I am sad to say it. The Vikes should have won the superbowl. They were the better team.
They beat the Colts. I barely watched the game. I was playing beer pong. I did shots. I
drank and drank like I didn't care that I had to work tomorrow. It was a fun night. I was
a little too intoxicated. I knew I had to be at work though. I got home a bit later then I

02-06-10 Gameworks and TGIF
I wasn't really int he mood to drink at all. I was pretty worn out from the night before.
It took some convincing, but I eventually made it out. I had a good time at Gameworks. It
was so much fun.

I went over to TGIF Fridays in roseville to get a couple drinks I was just int he mood to
be out, but with less drinking. We made our way to Station 280 and played darts and had
a drink or two. Just taking easy tonight.

02-05-10 Bowling struggles
Me and Jessica got to happy hour with the intention of getting pretty drunk. We had 4
drinks in a short span. I knew it was going to be a rough night for bowling.

Tonight I knew we wern't going to win. Jessica was going to bowl her game so we would
have her average and handicap for next week. The other team bowled pretty well also. So
we didn't have chance. I took it easy. No need to push my self.

We went to the Bulldog after to meet up with her friends. I didn't really know anyone. I
mingled. I was pretty intoxicated though. Bad tony, I drove home.

02-04-10 Quiet night
With the snow falling. Well it was more rain, slush then snow. I didn't want to stay in
Roseville too long. I had to get the heck out of there. Before traffic was going to be a
real pain in the ass.

I was watching tv tonight. My body was tired and I am starting to feel closer to 100% all
over my body. Its not like my body went through a grueling 16 game NFL schedule or
anything. Its just my body never really healed. I was going sports crazy a year straight. I
feel like a broken down wrestler to be honest. I was battered and bruised mentally. I
know how Brett Favre feels.

02-03-10 Late night happy hour
I met up with Jessica at our only happy hour spot in Maple Grove. TGIF. We had a lot of
fun, it was weird. It was like a club atmosphere in there. The music was super loud and
thumping. I guess there new concept is late night partying at Fridays. It was fun, we
havn't had a chance to talk in awhile and we were just catching up. I was so tired. I havn't
closed a Fridays down in awhile.

02-02-10 LOST
I made it home in time from happy hour by a full 12 seconds. I was driving so fast to beat
cars in traffic. I was going to be upset if I missed the first few seconds of the show.
That is how obsessed i am with that show. This year they are doing something new.
Instead of flashbacks or flash forwards. They are doing flash sidewawys. Basically
alternate time line. crazy I know.

02-01-10 Still sick
I was sent home from work today. I was still sick and everyone was a bit worried they
may get what ever I may have. So, I grabbed my monitor from work and brought it home
with me so I could work from home. I usually am pretty warm. I have felt pretty cold
lately. Which is hard for me to realize. I hope I get better soon. I like to get sick, it
builds the immune system right.