2-28-2011 Career low
Tonight at bowling. I had a career low in bowling. i bowled a 133, 125 and a 98. I had a
Dr's appointment that day. They did take 3 vials of blood from me. Regardless, my arm
felt tired and I was having troubles holding my ball.

2-27-2011 Day of recovery
I had lists of things to do. I drove Andy back to his car this morning. It was such a
drunken time last night. Today I went shopping and bought some groceries. I was a
little cheap about it tonight. I just have a little less money this month. Thats ok. I
just gotta eat light. i need to lose weight anyways.

With  my birthday month around the corner. I am pretty excited. I think this year. I
will make the big 30 very memorable. Not sure what I am going to do, but its going to
be pretty fun.

2-26-2011 Bar Olympics
I went to go watch bar olympics. I didn't join a team. Since, this was the weekend I
was supposed to not be drinking per doctors orders. It was hard to not drink. When
everyone else was. Watching all the stuff they had to do. i felt I was born for this.
Sad, but I found it hard to just watch. Maybe next time I can chip in. For now, I gotta
take care of my body first. It was fun though. It was a day long fun of drinking.

2-25-2011 Bowling sub
Tonight at bowling I bowled a 162, 164 and 159. I was pretty intoxicated and I did the
best I could. I had a blast though. I just enjoy being around everyone and catching up
and goofing around.

Tonight I realized that things just don't go your way when you want it too. I tried to
be more human and be real. Its not enough sometimes.

2-24-2011 Best thing I ever ate
I have officially decided that crab legs are my favorite thing to eat on this earth. I
love it and crave it all the time. I once again went to Treasure Island with Jen and
Annie. It was so good. I am glad those girls finally got to experience it. It was quite
delicious. I eaten 8 clusters.

2-23-2011 Vball playoffs
Tonight we played another rival team. We finished our business last week against the
Aardvarks. Now we played a "Solid", who aren't as good as they used to be. We lost the
first game, we looked down. We fought and won the 2nd game. The 3rd game we just
blew them out. I was sweating up a storm. I played great. We lost in the semi finals
against the number one seed "Mad hot". They were just too good all around. We
couldn't match blow for blow. There girls were too talented. We just can't send it
over against a team like that. Especially the best team in our league. We fought tough.
It was a good end to a hectic season that started in turmoil.

2-22-2011 Dreams
Do you ever have those dreams that just make you wonder about what might have been.
I dreamt of my ex last night. We were drinking coffee at the coffee shop. Funny, I
don't like coffee. Maybe its telling me Evelyn is drinking coffee now. It was nice to
see her. I miss that loving happy feeling.

2-21-2011 Day off
It was so nice to have a day off today. I needed that extra day. I feel my body is just
shutting down lately. With some extra rest. I should be ready to get through the week.
Its been a little stressful lately. I am great spirits though.

2-20-2011 Sunday fun
With the snow falling pretty heavily. I was pretty excited. We havn't had snow in
awhile it seems. I enjoy driving through it. Except the part where I almost wiped out.
I am on day 8 of taking my antibiotics. I hope this really works.

2-19-2011 Lots of pho
I made a lot of pho for this weekend. I think I got enough to last through Tuesday.

Me and Erika  decided to goto Shamrocks. Everyone was there tonight. It was a lot of
fun. I drove the peeps home safely. Although I had a lot to drink/

2-18-2011 Staying in
I just wanted to stay in tonight. I needed to save some cash. It has been such a big
change over time. How much I craved to be out on a Friday night. Nowadays I tend to
want to stay in.

2-17-2011 Time
My sudden panic to make good with friends and to catch up with everyone. I have had a
lot on my mind. Things have been tough for me. I just always remember I was never
this strong before.

2-16-2011 Vball dreams
Tonights game was against the Aardvarks. I have had a history of wanting to beat
them. They owned us last year. Which was really frustrating to me. This year they
beat us 2 games to one. We beat them two game sand we lost one. So we tied them in
the season. Our goal this year was to beat them. I take it as a win. I was not their
for our first meeting.

2-15-2011 Meds
I have been taking a lot of medication lately. For various things. I worry about my
blood pressure being high still. In two weeks I will find out if I need to be on
medication for that too. Lets hope I don't have too.

2-14-2011 Vday
Tonight I was excited about eating dinner. Ribeye steaks and jumbo shrimp. I waited
for Erika to get off school and we made one of the most delicious meals I have ever
had. vday was a good one this year for me.

2-13-2011 Costco
Me and Erika went to go see Harry Potter at the cheap theater. These kids were
talking so much behind us. i wanted to say something, but I didn't. I let them go. When
I saw them in the lobby. They were a bunch of nerds who thought they were cool. I
would beat both there punk asses.

We went to Costco afterwards. i wanted to get king crab for our valentines day dinner
tomorrow. I decided we wouldn't have been satisfied with the amount. So we just got
ribeyes and giant sized jumbo shrimp. Which I felt would be awesome.

2-12-2011 Devon bday
Today was my nephews birthday. I wasn't sure what to give to a 16 year old. I figure I
would just give cold hard cash. He's at that age where hes going out with friends and I
remember being poor when I did that with my friends. I didn't want him to feel that
way at all.

2-11-2011 Dr's visit
Today was Kristins last day. She is super nice, but I never really got to know her. I
guess the lesson here is. Life changes quickly and you should take advantage of the
people you know. Well, I am really not that spiritual today. Just didn't have much to
write about.

I went to the dr and I have a few different things wrong. I have to go back in two
weeks and get a blood test and get my high blood pressure issue taken care of. One
stone hitting 3 birds. yeah I know.

2-10-2011 A new health
I have never had the benefit of good health my life. I have always had something hold
me down. Whether it was something small or big.

Tomorrow i goto my new doctor at fairview NE. I hope it goes well. i am quite nervous.

2-09-2011 Vball loss
We lost to the best team tonight. All 3 games to be exact. It was disappointing but I
am unable to do anything to help the team.

2-08-2011 Mikes bday
I had dinner with Erika at a place called Thanh Vi in brooklyn Park. With most
vietnamese places closed. We went here and I was dieing to try it anyways, I liked it.
Pho was less then average, but it was pho. Fried rice could use more soy sauce. I didn't
mind the place.

We went to the Legion for Mikes 36th birthday. It was fun hanging out with everyone.
it was nice to just hang. I had a good time.

2-07-2011 Recovery
I was struggling to get through the day. I was super tired and hung over. I decided to
goto Erikas tonight and make a fabolous spaghetti dinner. I made the sauce from
scratch. It was wonderful. I will have to do that more often.

2-06-2011 Superbowl sunday
The Packers ended up winning it all and I was quite sad. I made it through the day.
That is all i will say.

2-05-2011 Dodgeball push
With my injuries as of late. I kept trying to play dodgeball to keep in shape. I
struggled heavily until I played a game were I dominated, butthat was really it. I tied
to force every thing. I was out of control. I had fun, but I am just not mobile enoough
to do anything. It was pretty frustrating.

2-04-2011 Getting the band back together
Tonight I bowled for my old bowling team. We swept and won all the games. I bowled a
169, 179 and a 162. I obviously let the 3rd game get away. We were ahead by a lot. The
team has better bowlers then me now. Real bowlers actually.  They are in good hands. I
am glad I could help them though. So far my record is 7 and 1 in my return for Friday

2-03-2011 Music career
I remember 7 years ago. I had a friend that told me I should get into the music
business. I remember them telling me I was an excellent singer and natural personality
would get me over in the business. I had the IT factor. I of course never followed
those dreams, but I wonder what it would have been like.

2-02-2011 Ankle woes
With my ankle continuing to be an issue. I had troubles walking around work today. I
was noticeably limping again. I told everyone I had no clue what was going on. I didn't
do anything to aggravate it. I missed volleyball again this week. I have really been
annoyed about this the most. I feel like my Achilles is going to rupture. I have been
doing more research on gout. I have strong feeling this is it. I just can't understand
why this happens at the worst times.

2-01-2011 Binge eating
I have been eating so much food lately. i have had lots on my mind and the only thing I
love to do is eat. I try to fight it, but I feel like I can eat for days on end. There
just seems to be no end in sight. The only time I don't feel hungry is when I am sick
with some thing.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”