02-29-2012 Dball chatter
Tonight was probably one of the most fun I have ever had. There was so much chatter
tonight. A lot of talking, but fun. It was like being at a live event. The atmosphere was

02-28-2012 Fogo de Chao
So when the waiter asked if I ever been here before. I sat there and counted. This will
be my 6th time there. Isn't that crazy. I didn't realize I have been here that much. It
was funny tonight. The wait assistant guy spilled the side dishes all over our table.I
felt bad for him and told the manager. Someone bumped into him.

02-27-2012 Work out
I really tried to push it today at the gym. It was just so hard to do it. I ate a lot for
lunch today and I couldn't seem to get over it. I did the best I could though. Note to
self, don't eat so heavy before the gym.

02-26-2012 Quiet day
I wanted to make sure I enjoyed my Sunday funday. So i decided to just do nothing.
What a good plan huh. Well it didn't work so well. I did a lot of cleaning and thats all
there is too it.

02-25-2012 Red Solo cup
There was a Red Solo Cup party at the Legion. So we went and it was pretty fun. The
wop was pretty strong and of course the drinks were just as strong. We just stayed
over at Andys. There was no way I was driving home in the condition I was in.

02-24-2012 Quiet evening
I went to whole foods tonight. I have never been there before. Me and Erika got some
shrimp from there. It was good. We were pretty bored tonight. So we tried to pretend
we were on chopped and mix in random ingredients. We both pretty well. We basically
had shrimp, wasabi nuts, onions and orange. We made it work though.

02-23-2012 Legion action
After a long slow day at work today. I got home and just lounged. I have been pretty
frustrated with work lately. But thats another conversation.

I went to the Legion with Erika tonight and we hung out with Mindy and Kelli. It is
always so much fun going down to the legion. Its just so far away. I do miss living

02-22-2012 3 Long Islands
I met up with Andy after work at Joe Sensers for some happy hour before dodgeball. I
had 3 long islands before dodgeball. Which probably wasn't the best idea. But it was
fun. I actually had a lot of fun tonight.

02-21-2012 Weirdness
I really wanted something different for dinner tonight. So I had Erika surprise me
with something for dinner. I wanted something light, since we were heading towards
the gym. She made some type of head cheese on bread with blood sausage. unique but it
wasn't bad at all.

02-20-2012 Day off
I sure loved sleeping in today. I didn't really do to much. I just basically took it
pretty easy. Cleaned the microwave and things like that. I have been really enjoying
the quiet life. I think I deserve it after all the craziness I been through all my life.

02-19-2012 Dodgeball
We went 20 and 1 last night. We were pretty upset we lost the last game. We should
have kept the clean sweep. I struggled again tonight. I just didn't have that fire I
used too.

02-18-2012 Kobe
I got home this morning. I had to stay at Joes, cause I was pretty drunk and didn't
want to risk it home.

Kobe came over and we played games and let him do his thing. I was pretty tired from
th weekend still. So I just rested up. I was pretty boring, but I deserve it.

02-17-2012 Slacker day
It was hard to work today. Everyone was literally gone. I had to just keep my self
from staring at the lock the whole time. It was tough, but I got through the day.
Which was the hard part.

02-16-2012 Fuji-ya
For lunch today. We went to Fuji in St Paul. Nina was working so we got a lot of cool
food. A lot of custom food that isn't even on the menu. Which was really cool. I was
pretty full after that.

02-15-2012 Dball
I struggled at league son Sunday and I wanted to redeem my self. I struggled once
again and had a hard time catching the balls. I was pretty pissy about it, but hopefully
I get out of my slump.

02-14-2012 Vday
Me and Erika went to Oceanaire for dinner tonight. It was really good. I got the steak
with crab meat on top. It was amazing. I really enjoyed it. We had a good time and we
loved being back with each other.

02-13-2012 Tired
I was pretty tired today. I didn't feel like doing much. When I got home I couldn't
even motivate my self to goto the gym. I just sat around and played video games. Not
to  mention my body was just really sore. I just needed that break.

02-12-2012 Devon bday diner
We celebrated Devons 17th bdaya t my parents house. I figure since hes 17 now. I
would just give him cash for a present. He doesn't need the clothes anymore. At that
age, they develop their own style.

02-11-2012 Saks outdoor vball tourney
Our first game was at 11am. We won and won our 2pm game. After that we won and
played at 4pm. There was significant gaps in between. Which caused us to drink a bit
more. We eon it all and it was fun. It was pretty cold out there. It was a high of 18
degrees today.

02-10-2012 Lazy
I didn't really want to do anything tonight. With the busy weekend ahead and the late
night spending. I needed to save. With Erika taking all of her stuff today. I had my
crappy bed. It was hard as a rock. My back is hurting and I need to buy a new bed.

02-09-2012 Cajun Bull frog
After work I went to happy hour downtown with some co workers. I got pretty drunk.
It was a lot later then I had hoped. It was fun though. I had a good time. I think it
was tough for me. Coping with the break up with Erika. But It was something I had to

02-08-2012 Dodgeball fun
I was a bit tired today, but I made the most of it. I was pretty active on the court
and tried to get some exercise in. With me working out at the gym 3 nights a week. I
have noticed my stamina is in better condition. It still isn't near where I need to be.

02-07-2012 Dinner party
I had the Jamies and Chad and Danielle over for dinner. I made asian glazed porkchops
with asparagus and rice. It was quite tasty. It was fun hanging out and talking with
everyone. i should do these more often.

02-06-2012 Lonely day
Every one called in sick today to work. It was just me and Karen running the show. I
got a lot done actually. I stayed in an ate my chili. I am trying really hard not to go
out to eat. I average about $200 a month on lunch alone. I better put an end to that. I
worked out pretty hard at the gym today. Slowly getting thinner.

02-05-2012 Superbowl
Andy and Guppy came over for the big game. The commericals were pretty bad this year.
The good was good though. It went all the way towards the end. I picked the Giants
going all the way anyways. It was a fun time, maybe next year I can have a full blown

02-04-2012 Ashleys back
I went to Gastofs to meet up with Ashley and her friends. We all came out for ashley.
She was very proud to bring her new boyfriend from NY here. I wanted to meet him and
see how he was. Gotta make sure my princess is treated like a queen. We went to
Stanleys after for some more drinks.

02-03-2012 Oceanaire
Tonight me and Dan went to happy hour down town. We went to Wonderous kitchen for
chicken wings. I told them they had really good wings. Then we went to meet up with
his sister at Oceanaire. It was raining free food there. We got everything. It was so

02-02-2012 Walmart
I went to Walmart right after work today. I knew I had to get a few different things.
I promised my self I wouldn't play FF13-2 until I got all my stuff done. I grabbed
some screws and anchors for the curtain rod holder that fell. I grabbed cottage cheese
and batteries. I also went to the gym. I had to fix my bad eating habits today. The 4
slices of Davanni's was not good for me.

02-01-2012 Eli's bar
It was closing time at work and I went to Eli's right across the street from Legends.
Its a nicer pub. I would say. Kinda like Stouts. I tried their steak bites. It was small,
but very good.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”