2-28-2013 Recharge
I feel like I have been under a lot of stress lately. Even though I havn't. I guess I
got a lot on my mind these days. Its tough, but I just move forward like I always do.
Right now, I am just trying to eat healthy. Well as healthy as I can be, while trying to
save money from eating out.

2-27-2013 Dinner
I went over to Angela's to make dinner today. I have been craving stir fry for a long
time. I cut up so many vegetables. That I had way too much. I guess I tried to make
extra, but I didn't realize I was making my sauce weaker. Thats ok. It was good. It
could have been a bit better. I was off my game.

2-26-2013 Steak Diane
I made steak Diane tonight. It was really good. You add a little hennesey to it. Some
cream and lemon. Best steak ever. It sure was tasty. I think I will make it again thats
for sure.

2-25-2013 Vball
We lost 2 out of the 3 games tonight. It was a tough team. We played well. We fought,
but they were just a bit better. I had fun though. I like to stay positive like that.
Better luck next week.

2-24-2013 Date night
I was excited for my date today. I wasn't sure how it was going to go. I really havn't
dated much at all really. We had a lot of fun though. It was a late night. I need to
stop staying up so late.

2-23-2013 Wrasslin
I went over to my parents house today. It was Devons 18th birthday. Well his bday
was Vday, but we finally got around to celebrating it now. We had this awesome soup
with french bread and dungenous crab. Yummo!

Jeff thought it would be fun to go watch some local wrestling. I was pretty excited.
It went to a good cause. It was at Elk River high school. It was fun to watch, but I am
glad it was good for the kids. Sure, it was a bit cheesy, but thats the fun part.

2-22-2013 Gym
I hit it pretty hard at the gym today. I knew I was being a slacker as of late. I had to
push my self. I lifted weights pretty hard. I am still trying to shrink my stomach a bit.

I went out for drinks tonight and it was nice to get away. I was trying to be a bit
frugal with my money. But I love going out.

2-21-2013 Night off
I was feeling really lazy today. I didn't want to go to the gym at all. I was tired and
wanted to just go home and relax. I have been feeling really lazy lately. Its been hard
to sleep.

2-20-2013 Day off
I sat at home watching wife swap all day. Don't ask why, but I was glued to the
television all day. I eventually made my way to Minneapolis to play dodgeball. I wasn't
my amazing self tonight. I really struggled. After drinks at Pats Tap. I got home and
passed out. I was so tired. It was a late night.

2-19-2013 Treasure Island
we all went to Treasure Island. It was a free nights stay. So it was nice to go. Plus I
had the next day off from work. Which was really nice. We ate at the crappy buffet.
Which is pretty crappy. Since it wasn't crab leg Thursdays. We bowled and it was a  
lot of fun. My bottle of vodka is slowly getting empty. I walked away $3 ahead. Can't

2-18-2013 Presidents day
We were closed today at work. Which was nice. I really didn't feel like going to work
anyways. I seem to have been on a drinking binge as of late. i really need to slow it
down a little.

2-17-2013 Lazy day
I was pretty tired from the night before. I just hung out all day and played video
games and cleaned my room. Nothing wrong with that. I have been feeling chest pains
again lately. Its close to my heart, but I can't tell if its that or not. Or maybe I have
been eating so bad lately.

2-16-2013 Hinkley
I loved the fact. That they had special crab legs for tonight. There was  an asian
concert going on, but I didn't care. We were there just strictly for the crab legs
alone and some drinks. It was a fun night. I was quite pooped. If you know what I mean.

2-15-2013 Friday fun
I played dodgeball for Tanjas league tonight. I wasn't really prepared for it, but I did
pretty well. My arm was tired. I been working out so much lately. That my arm just
can't heal properly. It was a fun time. Going out later was the best part.

We all went out to Crooked pint. Jake and Gordon were pretty drunk and Dave was on
good behavior. Jake got kicked out of the gay dance club place. I talked to this Angela
girl. I got her phone number. So that was exciting.

2-14-2013 Anti Vday
After work today. I decided to got bakers Square, where Tanja and Sarah were working
to visit them. Melissa joined me, and we went back to my place. We were having a anti
vday party there. It was fun hanging out with everyone.

2-13-2013 Vball/Dball
I subbed tonight on Michelles team. It wasn't as fun as I hoped. I forgot what not
bump set spike used to be. After wards, I drove to dodgeball and play for 45 minutes.
It was fun. My arm felt fresh.

2-12-2013 Fat Tuesday
I worked out tonight. I tried to push my self at the gym. It seems to be working real
well. I ran a bit farther then normal on the tread mill. The little things I guess. I
went to the Legion to get some drinks tonight. Had one too many shots.

2-11-2013 Vball
We only won one game of vball tonight. We struggled against an older team. That just
made less mistakes. It was tough to lose to them. But I think it will make us better in
the long run. I wanted to win, but they were just a step ahead of us all night.

2-10-2013 Vietnamese New Year
I went over to my parents house. My mom made this awesome soup. Which had fresh
greens in it and chicken. I ate a lot more then I was planning on. It was actually good
hung over food for me.

2-09-2013 Saks outdoor tournament
It was a long day tonight. We won our first few games. We lost to a non drinking team
in the finals. We got 2nd place. But I felt the other team should have had to drink
also. It was a fun time regardless though. We did play well.

2-08-2013 Drinks
We were supposed to take it easy tonight. Everyone had tournaments tomorrow. We
didn't hold back tonight. A lot of drinking going on around here.

2-07-2013 Airport craziness
I was pretty frustrated today. My dad wanted me to pick him up at the airport at 7pm.
I waited and waited and waited. Hear nothing and I waited an hour . I left another
voice message and said I was going home. Find a taxi. But eventually I turned round
cause he was at his terminal all ready to go. Hes just never organized or prepared. Its

2-06-2013 Dball blunder
I struggled tonight at dodgeball. I just was all over the place. I didn't know if it was
the drinks before. Or if the bruised ribs from the past two weeks have taken its toll
on me. But tonight it just wasn't my night. I accept that.

2-05-2013 Dinner
I went over to Erikas place for dinner tonight. We went to Byerlys to pick up fish. I
wanted sword fish and she wanted tuna steaks. So we decided to get both as a
compromise. They turned out pretty good. We went with green beans as a side.

2-04-2013 Monday fun
Tonight at vball we won 2 out of 3 again. We played real good tonight. Once of our
best nights in a long time. We dug and fought our way through points. It was a lot of
fun tonight.

2-03-2013 Super Bowl
I got up early and went to the asian store to get stuff for chicken wings. I felt the
price of wings were a bit much and decided to just make egg rolls instead. I slaved
away all day making them. I even deep fried the egg rolls in the house. There is a bit of
a deep fry smell in the house. But it turned out good for the party.

2-02-2013 Wasting a day
I was worthless today. I could barely do anything. I felt like I was going to throw up
all day. I tried playing Black Ops 2 with Kobe today. But the more I ran in circles I
got sick and was gonna throw up. I knew I had to sleep and try to sleep it off. It was
a nice quiet night in

2-01-2013 Party
I was feeling the urge to go out tonight. Everyone came over and we went to Mad
Jacks after we had drinks at my place. It was a fun time. Expensive, but a fun time.
We got back and drank a bit more. It was a good night overall.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”