2-28-2014 La Cuca Racha
Heidi really loves this place. che had a free night out so we all went down to eat and
drink here. I think I spent like $50. So much money for it. But they sure love Heidi

2-27-2014 Retirement party
Today was Rick and Barbs retirement party at work. It was a lot of fun. It was odd
with the speakers but it was good. Food was good. I was feeling pretty tired. So I
went home after.

2-26-2014 ZG playoffs
We snuck by the first team to advance to the semi finals. We played the 1 seed after
that and we got beat pretty good. I took a nice shot to the eye. The other team was
just better.

2-25-2014 Fogo
I originally was supposed to go to Fogo de Chao with Erika. But her grand pa is in
hospice in PA. So she had to fly out Monday. I asked Dan to go. Cause I know how much
he loves it. It was really filling. This is like the 9th time I have been there. The best
part of the night. Was my $13 parking ticket was free. Since the machine was broken
and the attendant let me through.

2-24-2014 ZG Vball
We won all three games tonight. We played very well. We were determined to win all 3
games. We kept the pressure on them. Proud of the team tonight. We weren't perfect,
but we are playing much better.

2-23-2014 Dreams
I had a dream about letting go of Evelyn go. Maybe all this time. I was holding on to
Evelyn all this time. I dunno. But we shall see how things go. I just found it a bit

2-22-2014 Saturday fun
The roads were still pretty bad today. So I was driving very slow to dodge ball. I was
just trying to keep my skills up. I was a bit rusty. But I got back on track pretty
fast. Its just hard for me to get used to dodge ball game speed. We went to the
Driftwood after. The food was not so great. But it was some where to go.

2-21-2014 Snowy day
It was our big snowy day. I was the only one that got into my work from my dept.
Bunch of slackers. I had lunch with Erika and went to the gym. Back to work. Then I
went home and helped Becky out of the snow.  We had drinks after. Its been a long

2-20-2014 Sore
With me working out. I have been pretty sore all over my body. My arms especially. I
think its more wear and tear from sports. I use my right arm for all my sports and it
takes its toll on me.

2-19-2014 ZG loss
We had a bye this week. Next week is playoffs. So we shall see how that goes. I
needed to rest my body. I was pretty sore from the gym yesterday. I will keep pushing
it hard at the gym.

2-18-2014 Amy bday
We went to Tom Rup thai. I have been here a few times now. its okay. We then made
our way to the Cafeteria. I gotta admit. I am trying to beat the system with the
meters. But I had to go outside 3 times to keep filling it up. Dumb. I will just park in
the ramp next time.

2-17-2014 ZG win
We played the 2nd best team int he league tonight. I installed a new defense for us. A
shifting zone defense. If we all buy into it. It will work, but it will take time. We won
2 out of the 3 games. I wasn't happy with how we finished. I just hope we can stay

2-16-2014 Family late new year
My brother got a box of crab legs. Which was really yummy. I was really enjoying it.
We also had crawfish, which was pretty good also. I ate like a king tonight thats for

2-15-2014 Kobe
I have Kobe for the weekend. We made goulash today. Which was pretty good. I feel
bad I don't do much with him anymore. Hes on the internet more then anything now. But
maybe we will go watch a movie tomorrow.

2-14-2014 V-day
Andy wanted to go get drinks. So we went to the Red Dragon and Mortimers for drinks.
I was feeling pretty good. Those wondereous punches, sure do punch ya good haha.

2-13-2014 Itchy
With all this dry air. it has made my skin very itchy. Which is really annoying. This has
to be one of the worst winters I have ever been a part of. Not sure why we are
getting hammered with so much cold air and snow. Maybe we will get the best summer

2-12-2014 Zg loss
We lost 2 to 1 tonight. Matt went down with a big knee injury. I think its a career
ender for him. It didn't look good when he was walking.

2-11-2014 Push
I wasn't feeling the best today. So I stayed and worked from home today. Its nice
getting things done that way. No distractions at work or anything.

2-10-2014 ZG
We lost all 3 games tonight. We played an older team. Who just played basics and good
Defense. They exposed us on defense. Made me realize we need to change things up. We
need a set D. I got to get everyone to buy into our system. I will have to sell them on
the idea. But it will only work if everyone buys into it.

2-09-2014 Gold medal
Woke up pretty early today. I was pretty tired. We played pool play and then the
tournament. We won, it was a tough one. But we got the win. We earned it for sure.
We had to work as a team. my arm was pretty shot afterwards. I will need to ice it
for sure.

2-08-2014 Off to Iowa
We were on our way to Iowa. I picked up Tanja and Marjan and we drove the 4 long
hours to Cedar Rapids. We were getting there early for the Iowa games. We went to a
couple bars. Cedar pub was pretty cool. With good wings.

2-07-2014 ZG night out
So the volleyball team wanted a night out. We all met up at The republic in uptown. It
was a lot of fun actually. I was feeling it pretty good. I was at happy hour for awhile.
We made our way down to the Cafeteria. It was a fun night.

2-06-2014 Laundry
I needed a night off. I have been just so busy lately. I bought a new laundry detergent
brand. It was for sensitive skin. Figured I would give it a shot. I have been so itchy
with this cold air. Just makes my skin way too dry.

2-05-2014 Zg loss
I had lunch with Crystal today. I was so excited for her to try pho. She liked it I
think. It was so much fun watching her eat it. I was like a creep staring at her eat. I
love it when people enjoy eating food. Its the best feeling ever. Shes always so
positive. I like that. I don't get enough positive people in my life.

Tonight I went to dodgeball since we had an early game. Then I went to volleyball. We
lost all 3 games.

2-04-2014 Dinner
Nicole wanted to try something authentic. So I was trying to figure out something in
the Mounds View area. We went to Pink Flower. She seemed to like it. It was pretty
good. It was better then the last time I was there.

2-03-2014 ZG sweep
We won all 3 games tonight. I wanted to win all 3. We needed to get this killer
instinct. Which was a good feeling. We played well. Despite it being a easy team.

2-02-2014 Super bowl
Nobody predicted a blow out. But damn it was a blow out. The Seahawks won the first
super bowl. The game was kinda boring with boring commercials this year. Seems like
they just don't know what to do anymore.

2-01-2014 Dball
With next weekends tournament. I needed to get back into dodgeball shape. I just
needed to get back in the swing of things. It felt good, but I wanted to take it easy.

Tonight we all went to Tin Cups to have a few drinks. It was nice and low key. I was
feeling pretty tired anyways.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”