2-28-2015 Recovery
I laid around all day. The culligan man came over and I was barely standing. But once he
left I felt a little better. I was hurting so bad. I gotta be a better drinker.

2-27-2015 Uptown
I had happy hour earlier in the night. So when I met up with Shawna, Mario and Andy in
uptown. I might have already been too far gone. But I had a good night. We ran into
Scout. He was our waiter tonight. I drove pretty drunk last night. It was probably my
2nd worst ever. I am not proud of it.

2-26-2015 Back at it
I decided to hit the gym after work today. I had a few days off. I was so sore. I
ppushed it pretty hard tonight. I really wanted to get the blood going. I am doing
weights again. We shall see how this goes.

2-25-2015 Buffet
I met up with Dan and Hannah at the buffet of 396. Super Moon. I never ate there for
dinner. It wasn't bad. I really liked the crawfish. It was fun catching up though. We
just always have good stories to tell.

2-24-2015 Taking it slow
I met up with Kristen at the Legion for happy hour drinks. I went to Shawnas after
and hung out. I was feeling pretty tired. But I had a good night. I just need to get
some good sleep.

2-23-2015 Bye
We had a bye at volleyball this week. So I went to the gym after work. I then went and
played dodgeball tonight. My body was so sore. I was cramping up. From dehydration.
But I sure felt good afterwards.

2-22-2015 Dog House
Went to the dog house to get some tacos. Its so cheap their for tacos on Sunday. I
was easily convinced to go. I was tired, but I wanted to take it easy. I had a long week
of fun.

2-21-2015 Work out
I didn't goto dodge ball today. I was feeling pretty sore. I have been working out quite
a bit. I decided to just take the easy route at the gym today. I spent a lot of time at
work just wasting time. I kinda missed my window for the movie at Rosedale. I met up
with Becky and we went to Cowboy Jacks downtown. Then we met up with Kristin and
Che at the Hogs.

2-20-2015 Lent
I struggled today to not eat meat. It was basically the first day for me. I went to
Mcdonalds to get the fish sandwich. I got two of them. I was so hungry. I couldn't
control it. When I got home I made a plain egg omelette. I wasn't too happy with it.

2-19-2015 Back at it
I went to work today. I felt so tired. I didn't want to do anything to be honest. I
think I might have still been in vacation mode. I was really just going through the

2-18-2015 Lazy
Today was a nice lazy day for me. I did nothing all day basically. I was tired and I just
got back from Vegas late last night. I needed to just relax for the moment.

2-17-2015 Going home
We met up with Jessica and Z today. I havn't seen Jessica in a long time. She always
seems so happy. I did more gambling on this trip ever. I probably spent about $120 on
gambling. I was happy to go home. I got what I needed from the trip.

2-16-2015 Late night
I got my buffet in today. We went to Treasure Islands buffet. Which I heard there
was pho there. I was pretty happy with it. A lot of walking today. The food at Gordon
Ramsay Steak was really good. I finally got my beef Wellington. I think me and Becky
stayed up till 3:30am.

2-15-2015 Vegas
I went over to my parents house for my nephews birthday today. I was feeling so tired.
Its been a crazy week so far.

I was off on my flight to Vegas. This should be the big trip I was waiting for. I was
feeling tired. But it was nice to decompress when I got there. It has been a hectic
past week for me.

2-14-2018 Anti vday
I went to the Ohgs breath tonight. Andy cme with me. We kinda started this anti vday
tradition. We went to the Uptown VFW after that/ We stayed till closing time. I was
so tired. But it was a fun night.

2-13-2015 Driving back
Emily and Rad got married today. This was the 2nd time I had to make food for a
wedding. This time it was tougher with the smaller window. But there was chicken
drummies, mac and cheese, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, chicken curry soup, bacon
wrapped weiners and fried rice.

2-12-2015 St Cloud day 2
Most of the day was pretty boring to me. I just kinda stood around. But once the
alcohol social came around. I was really having fun. I knew this was going to be a long
day of drinking. I had a good time though. I was feeling pretty happy thats for sure.
Closed down the press again. I was at the Red Carpet for awhile.

2-11-2015 To the Cloud
I have never been to this conference in St Cloud before. I never got to go. But this
year I was able to go. I got down there and I already closed off the Press for the
night. I was hurting real bad. I saw on my clock it was 3am. I had to get up at 7am the
next day.

2-10-2015 Snow
There was a lot of snow today. I was a little scared with my car. But I got home
safely. I got a lot of planning to do. Getting ready for St Cloud tomorrow night and
getting back to cater for the wedding Friday. Crazy.

2-09-2015 Vball
Tonight at volleyball we won 2 to 1. But it was against the worst team. I felt that was
a loss to us. But we had to subs that night. We didn't play our best. But we tend to
struggle against the older teams.

2-08-2015 Turkey
Taking a Uber cab in the morning after 2 hours of sleep was not the best feeling in the
world./ But Troy had to get back to his car. So he woke me up and I drove home. I
baked a turkey today. I wanted to eat left over turkey all week. With this week being
one of the busiest weeks of my life.

2-07-2015 Late night
I met up with every one at Grumpys down town. I had such a good time playing darts
and just hanging with everyone. Shawna's friend was cute and she kind of made my
evening to be honest. It was a late night. I went to bed at 5am. I was feeling pretty
good thats for sure.

2-06-2015 Friday
Today was Erik's last day with us at TIES. So we went to eat at Ruam Mit for thai.
It was good. I didn't eat all of it. I was planning to save some of it for this weekend.
I got a busy weekend this weekend. I wont have much time to cook.

2-05-2015 Catching up
I got a chance to take it easy tonight again. I wanted to go out. But with vegas
looming near. I was a bit broke anyways. I stayed in and decided to try to budget for
the next 10 days. I took my frozen turkey out of the freezer. I will be baking that
bird Sunday. Hopefully I can eat most of it for 3 days next week.

2-04-2015 Happy hour
I have been wanting to go to Willy McCoys for a long time. Its in Champlin near my
place. I had happy hour with Sarah there. It was pretty fun. Especially when the
bartenders know you. I had a good time though.

2-03-2015 Sober
It was snowing out pretty bad today. The drive home would have taken over an hour. I
had plans with Cass for burgers tonight. She was running behind with her moving. I
decide to help her move. To speed things up. I had nothing else better to do anyways.
No burgers tonight. But that was expected.

2-02-2015 Amys last game
before volleyball today. I went to see Project Almanac. It wasn't that bad of a movie.
I like any movie with time travel.

We lost all three games tonight at volleyball. They were competitive and fun. Which is
great. But we can't seem to finish games.

2-01-2015 Superbowl
I wanted to make some food. But I was told to make tacos. I made barbacoa beef tacos.
They turned out really well. Seems like another weekend. That I have to make tacos.
The Patriots won another Superbowl. That has to be exciting.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”