2-29-2016 Bye
We didn't have to play volleyball tonight. We had a bye, so me and Courtney took it as
a night to spend some time together. Ive been so focused with the house. I really havnt
had a chance to relax.

2-28-2016 Sunday funday
Me and Courtney went to brunch at Unofficial with everyone. We then went to Hoggs
for a drink or two. Since my garage broke that day. I couldn't get out. She drove me to
dodgeball. We won , it wasn't pretty. But we won the championship. So much arguing. I
am done with dball leagues for now.

2-27-2016 Eau Claire
We got 2nd place on our tournament today. We almost had the twins. But they were
just too much. We battled though. Didn't matter if we had a girl or not. Just glad we
got home. Since Marjan had a flat tired. Glad it all worked out.

2-26-2016 Friday
We stopped and got some cleaning products. I have been so tired. That I havn't really
caught up on much sleep. I am testing everything out. Making sure everything works
oround here. Starting to feel at home.

2-25-2016 Back and forth
I have been going back and forth from Joes. I thought I didn't have too much stuff.
But I didn't exactly prep for everything. I just grabbed clothes and chucked it in my
car. So far so good.

2-24-2016 Still cleaning
My bed arrived today. It came out of a box. I didn't know what to expect. But the bed
is pretty awesome. I am not going to lie. I wasn't expecting much. But man what a hige

2-23-2016 Moving
The close went through today. So I started to move stuff in. The place is pretty
empty and needed to be clean. I can't wait for my bed to arrive tomorrow. But there is
so much to do.

2-22-2016 Closing.
I went to the closing today. We did our part. But the bank and the title company had
issues. So the closing was not complete today.

We lost all 3 games at volleyball tonight. Once again. We made too many mistakes. We
let game 3 slip once again. With serving errors. They were a good team. But we need to
win some. Mental mistakes are killing us.

2-21-2016 Finally
After giving up yesterday. We went back to where we started at Dock 86. We saw two
couches that we liked. We finally picked a couch. So it worked out finally. I was really
happy about that.

2-20-2016 U of M Dball tourney
Today was the "Protect them balls" tournament. We won today. I was supposed to have
it off. But my sub Tyler couldn't play. So basically I just winged it.

I went with Courtney to go couch shopping. We stopped at Slumberland and Ashley
furniture. They are so expensive.

2-19-2016 Screwed up
Its lent right now. I ate meat for lunch. I couldn't fight the urge. So I ate meat
anyways. Multiple times. I did bake my self some salmon. But I still ate meat later on
in the night. When I met up with Scott and Amanda.

2-18-2016 Chris last day
We went over to happy at Stouts for Chris's last day. I stayed there way longer than
I wanted too. My tab was $80. With tip close to $100. i was kinda angry at my self.
But hey, it was just one of those nights.

2-17-2016 Furniture shopping
Me and Courtney went to look at furniture tonight. We went to Dock 86. There wasn't
much there I wanted. I looked but nothing really stood out. It seemed expensive for
me. We will continue shopping at another time.

2-16-2016 Pain
After our volleyball destruction last night. I was pissed off and went to play
dodgeball. Some guy fell on the back of my ankle and it messed up my ankle. I was so
pissed. But I am hurting today. I can barely walk.

2-15-2016 Defeat
We were supposed to be the better team at volleyball tonight. We struggling badly. We
lost 2 to 1. We didn't deserve to win at all. We made 5 serving errors in the final
game. Were not going to beat anyone that way.

2-14-2016 Devon bday
We went to Devon's bday party at my brothers house. It was fun. I had a lot of food
and it was fun drinking. I may have had too much to drink. Cause i was not feeling good
at all. I felt pretty good. But I past out really early.

2-13-2016 Busy night
I got some errands done today. But I had a lot of stuff to get at Costco. When I say a
lot. I mean a couple things. Me and Courtney went to Jeff and Leslie's Wine and girl
scout cooking pairing party.

2-12-2016 Home
i got home and pretty much relaxed. I stopped at a mom and pop breakfast place. I
can't remember the name. But it was right off highway 10. I did some things at home
and watched Deadpool.

2-11-2016 Leadership conference
I woke up early today. I got down tot he conference area. I was kind of just going
through the motions. I got my drink on a bit. It was kind of a down year. So i took it
fairly easy. My body was killing me.

2-10-2016 Work
I was kinda coasting at work today. I just got back from LA. But tonight I am off to
St Cloud for work. I will be gone through Friday. I was just so tired. This is also a big
drinking event. So I will have to try to stay awake for it..

2-09-2016 Going home
My uber cab took so long. I almost didn't make my flight. They were literally getting
ready to close the doors. But I made it in time. I upgraded to first class also. I felt
so cool. It was a nice flight home. I was tired.

2-08-2016 Hung over
I was hurting so bad today. I took an uber to hollywood blvd. I went to a pho place. i
didn't eat it. I was gonna puke. I left and went to another place and did the same
thing. I puke din the bathroom though. That really helped alot. We went to a couple
bars at night once I was feeling better. Met up with Michael who was on my Vegas
team for dodge ball. He knew Linsey too. Small world.

2-07-2016 Superbowl
We went to Jameson and irish pub. Met her friends there. We went next door to a
different bar to watch the game. We all had a big tab there. We bar hopped a bit. We
were pretty drunk. I had so much fun tonight. I know I am going to be hurting

2-06-2016 Off to LA
Its been 11 years but I finally made it back to LA. I wasn't sure what to expec.t I
didn't really have a plan. Linsey picked me up. We had dinner at a local place. Cause
traffic was so bad. We went to a local joint near her house after. i forgot the names
of the places.

2-05-2016 Dinner
I went to dinner at Crazy Cajun. i never been there. But my family goes there often.
Courtney ordered the crawfish and I got the shrimp. The wings were spicy too. i had a
hard time with medium.

2-04-2016 Laundry
I went to happy hour but that was really it. Now I get to relax and enjoy the night. I
havn't packed at all. I drank more than I planned on. But I needed to. I havnt had it
for awhile and I had this desire for it.

2-03-2016 Dball
I sucked pretty bad tonight. I was just not playing well at all. I don't know whats
wrong with me. I got caught like 9 times. It just wasn't my night. No matter how hard
I tried. But I may have been a bit distracted.

2-02-2016 Struggling
I've been in the best moods as of late. I am almost waiting for something to bring me
down. I just don't have good luck usually. So i am waiting for it. But I am riding it out.
I have been eating healthy all week.

2-01-2016 Vball
I went to happy hour for Che's bday today. Courtney came too. So she could meet
everyone. Which was nice.

I went to volleyball tonight. We won 2 out of 3 games. Which I was happy with. We
need all the wins we can get. But we just havn't had a chance to gel much this year.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”