2-28-2017 Work
It was so hard tog et back to work today. I just wasn't really in the mood. But its
been slowing down a lot. Which makes things so much easier. I ate a lot today. So I
need to take it easy.

2-27-2017 Doing nothing
I really did nothing today. It was nice and I really enjoyed just sitting around. The
weather was really nice and I stayed in and eventually ran some chores. We won all 3
games tonight at volleyball.

2-26-2017 Cleaning
I cleaned for literally 5 hours straight. I am so worn out. I wanted to go out later
tonight. I met up with Joe at Vadnais inn. Then made my way to Cowboy Jacks and
closed it down.

2-25-2017 Peanuts
Its been a long time since I have been to the peanut bar at Williams. But I went out
and had a fun time with everyone. I forgot how much fun it is to go somewhere
different. My routine is so similar. It was very nice.

2-24-2017 Friday
I was planning on staying in tonight. But Rosie messaged me that her and her friends
were at cowboy jacks. So I came out. It was a fun time. I stayed later and hung out at
the bar.

2-23-2017 Dball
My arm was so sore. But I agreed to sub again for jays Monticello team. My arm hurts
from throwing yesterday, but I powered through it. This league kinda suits me. With
the 6 inch balls. i just throw my curve ball all day.

2-22-2017 Dball
I am so determined to lose weight. I went to dodgeball tonight. Its been a long time
since I have played. Probably Vegas to be honest. But I got my arm back in the swing of

2-21-2017 Xfinity
This morning. I got up on my day off. Cause the Xfinity guy came over and fixed my
Unit. Well he replaced my box and it was working again. I really didn't do anything

It was restaraunt week and Che, Kristen Lori and I went to haute dish my favorite
place. It was always yummy.

2-20-2017 Casino
Joe and Kelli went to hinkley and I came with. We met at a stacy sports bar first.
Then made our way to the casino. I lost about $80, but I was so mad. I was about $60

2-19-2017 Drinks
Kristen and Che wanted happy hour. So we went to Cowboy Jacks. We were catching up
and getting drinks.

Ashley and I went to Osaka to use my groupon. It was expiring soon. I had a good time.
It was so much fun. I had alot of sake.

2-18-2017 Fixing
I had to go to my parents house to fix my moms computer. It was just not working
right. She just watches vietnamese youtube videos all day.

Picked up Cameron and Mason and we went to go watch the Batman lego movie. It was
pretty good.

2-17-2017 Food
Ashley was having friends over tonight. So I made a bunch of food and at around 10pm
I walked over to Cowboy Jacks to just decompress. I got 6 drinks in and it felt great.
I walked home. i should walk more often. It was a 13 minute walk both ways.

2-16-2017 Dball
Jays monticello team needed a sub and I was willing to do it. I had fun, They had 6 inch
balls which were weird. But I threw my curve ball. Me and Ashley went to Taco Bell
for Mountain blast afterwards.

2-15-2017 HH
I learned a new term HH today. Which is happy hour. I hung out with Lori and her
friends for happy hour today at La Casita. It was lots of fun. We then went to Old
Chicago and ended up at Cowboy jacks.

2-14-2017 Drinks finally
It was vday and I bought co workers some cookies. I love this day. But I never have
anyone to share it with. I stayed home as long as I could. But nobody wanted to hang
out. They were anti vday. So I went to cowboy jacks. Since Mindy and mike were
playing bingo.

2-13-2017 Vball
We played a weaker team today. We almost lost a game to them. Which would not have
gone well. I tried to teach the team. We are the number one team. Everyone is gonna
bring it and take us down.

2-12-2017 Home again
I did a lot of things around the house. The weather is getting better for February. I
cleaned a lot of Zoomies dog poop. Hes such a little shit.  But things are going well.
I'm really content lately.

2-11-2017 Home
After some bad communication today I didn't end up going out. I stayed in and just
worked out. I started lifting weights today. It was tough my joints were not enjoying
it. Thats for sure.

2-10-2017 Dinner
I had friends over tonight for food and drinks. It was so much fun. I had a good time.
I made so much food it was crazy. But people like it and that makes me happy.

2-09-2017 Walking
The weather is gonna get better next week. So i am prepping my self for being able to
run outside. I been jogging on the treadmill. It is going pretty well. But I get tired
and start walking.

2-08-2017 Exercise
I have been very motivated. I really have been pushing my self lately. Today I learned
I needed to slow down on my drinking from the dr. I promised my self I would take care
of my self.

2-07-2017 Lazy day
After I got home from work. I just wanted to lay around and do nothing. I made dinner
tonight. Were gonna have fried rice for a few days.

2-06-2017 Busy
Colleen is gone at work all week. So i will be really busy with stuff this week. I was
taking on her tickets and they were confusing. But I got through sorta.

2-05-2017 Happy hour
I wasn't really in the mood to have happy hour today. It is so cheap. But I can't say
no. It was fun, but it gets way too busy.

2-04-2017 Shawna & Christine
Shawna and Christine came over today. I havn't seen Shawna in a long time. We hung at
my place and then we all went to Cowboy jacks for food. The girls were hungry. It was
fun. I miss them.

2-03-2017 Happy hour
I was feeling happy it was Friday. I just wanted to be home after a long week. Becky
wanted to have happy hour. So we went and had some. Its been so long since. I had it.
But I needed the drinks.

2-02-2017 Whiskers
Ashley caught me on a weak day. I caved and let her have her cat. After a bunch of
texts and phone calls. She was at the humane society. Literally in happy tears when I
said yes!

2-01-2017 Rest
There was a moment today. Were I was stressing out so much at work. But I just had
to just get through it. Today we went out for Ches birthday at the Exchange. Ashley
came with me. The food we got was ok. Usually their food is so much better.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”