2-24-2018 Dball
I wasn't planning on going today, but I needed to get my body moving and the cruise
isn't too far away. I need to get in good shape. So far so good. I have been exercising
every day and eating better.

2-23-2018 Keto diet
Since this is the new hot thing. i figure I would give it a try. Since I should still be
able to eat whatever I want still just less carbs. I also wanted to try a intermittent
fast. We shall see how this works out.

2-18-2018 Sober day
Once I woke up today, I figured I needed a break. It has been really weird lately.
When I drink. I just get sick. It has been like this for over a month. Maybe my body
finally gave out or my liver for that matter.

2-14-2018 Vday
I really didn't want to hang out with other singles this year or couples for the
matter. I decided to hang out at Cowboys and just buy friends drinks. I had a lot of
fun. Probably stayed more than I should have, but Lucy just wouldnt give me my tab.

2-12-2018 The end
I had a good run, but my unemployment ended finally. I figure this was a good time to
start looking for a job.. My plan is to still get a nights and weekend job with a current
day time job. At this point, I am willing to start over.

2-09-2018 Drinks
I met up with Joe to get some drinks for happy hour. It has been awhile, but we needed
to catch up on things. Plus we had to prep for the trip and I paid him the remainder of
the money I owed him for the cruise.

2-05-2018 Moving forward
This has been an interesting year. But I have been the happiest I have ever been. I
usually tell my self I am, but I am so bored and really need to get back to doing things.